Coffee Shops near Sun City West

Starbucks Coffee Shops • $$
13503 W Camino Del Sol, Sun City West

“I give props to this store, management & employees. This is definitely a retirement community- so expect that the busy hours are early in the day- and with busy hours comes the community that needs to take their time, DOES take their time, and it will always be a bit "slow" in pace. But, it doesn't change that this store is still a great one. And they treat ALL of their customers like they matter! The manager here is really friendly- and actually remembers/recognizes regular customers! Always kind in acknowledging your presence and asking how you are doing or making sure you are finding all you are seeking with your shopping. The downfall is that because this is a retirement community location, there are usually only 2 employees working in the evenings after 7pm to close, which is quite early at 11pm when others are open much later or 24 hours. And believe it or not- some in this area prefer to go late! So, it can sometimes be a bit of a wait to get through checking out if you have the random "surge" of later than 8pm mature shoppers with their coupons & such. (I admit, I always feel a bit rude & awkward when later hours there is a cow bell on the counter to ring for service... lol). There really is not much to bring up that is less than positive. The store is extremely clean, organized, always fully stocked. All departments are excellent & the sales are WAY good! Plus, their employees really are the best I have ever encountered. Helpful, kind & friendly. You can totally tell they are content & not unhappy. I really love that this is the nearest grocer & I always have a pleasant time shopping here. I do suggest maybe getting another register open during the more popular hours, earlier in the day to deal with some common delays at checkout... they do need to take into consideration that a lot of those who work in the area stop in on their way after work, so having more than 1-2 registers open between 3-7pm would be appreciated. Otherwise- there really is nothing but good things to say about this store & all involved. One of the better locations I have been to, and grateful it is the one closest & most convenient!“

3.3 Good8 Reviews
Starbucks Coffee Shops • $$
14551 W Grand Ave, Sun City West

“The Safeway there is awesome. The first Wednesday you get a senior discount of 10% off. Then there's five dollar Fridays almost every week, and the sales are unbelievable, like 2 for 3 bucks and other sales that are great to have in this economy. They really try to help us out financially.“

2.8 Average14 Reviews
Starbucks Coffee Shops • $
19403 N R H Johnson Blvd, Sun City West

“This was supposed to be a mango dragons fruit but was so watery and had no flavor this time !): but usually the people who work there are friendly, just need 3 workers working instead of two, they get full and start to rush and wont make the drinks the best.“

2.6 Average14 Reviews
The Valley Buzz Coffee Shops • $
9069 W Olive Ave UNIT 107, Peoria - 8.37 miles

Customers` Favorites

Coconut Blueberry
Build Your Own
Avocado Bagel
Drip Coffee
The Sparky
The Haboob
The Valley
Slide Rock

“Stopped by today and a lady named Mikaela took my order. She was super patient and you could tell she was interested in every customer. Even though she was the only one on shift she had a positive attitude. Thanks Mikaela for a great experience today :)“

4.9 Superb133 Reviews
Gathered Grounds Coffee & Tea • $
15800 N Litchfield Rd, Surprise - 2.62 miles

Customers` Favorites

Peanut Butter Mocha
Natural Boost
Italian Soda
Latte Mocha
Energy Boost

“This place is AMAZING! We're from up north and love small coffee stands and local businesses so when this came up on my feed I had to try it. Their burritos are made locally along with everything else and they have Lotus! Definitely will be coming back!“

4.8 Superb105 Reviews
Spencer's Place Coffee Shops • $
15341 W Waddell Rd B101, Surprise - 4.7 miles

Customers` Favorites

Rice Crispy Bar
Coffee Flight
Pop Tart

“Service is always excellent. My go to for coffee nearby, I always go for the Cinnamon dolce latte personally, their brown sugar lattes are very good too. They have a list where they organized their syrups from less sweet to most sweet which I love, I always try to go for less sweet. Normally have a wide enough selection of pastries to choose from and all are pretty delicious, plus their bagels and sandwiches they can serve too.“

4.8 Superb92 Reviews
The Boyer Cafe Bakery • $
10001 W Bell Rd #101, Sun City - 4.08 miles

Customers` Favorites

Spinach and Feta Croissant
Ham and Cheese Croissant
Heirloom Tomato Tartine
Chicken Salad Croissant
Cream Cheese Danish
Carrot Cake Muffin
Almond Croissant
Raspberry Muffin
Crustless Quiche
Blueberry Muffin

“When the older woman is there (possible owner) service is quick. When she is not there there is much talking and standing around (sometimes) by most employees.....giggling, having fun and the line ends up out the door.....the wait is up to 20 minutes.“

4.7 Superb109 Reviews
808 Social AZ Coffee Shops • $
8435 W Peoria Ave, Peoria - 8.03 miles

Customers` Favorites

Dark Chocolate & Coconut Mocha
Avocado Toast with Boiled Egg
Iced Caramel Macchiato
Spam Musubi
Iced Latte
Pour Over

“My favorite thing to do is try new coffee shops! I was in the area recently and decided to stop in. Ordered the Lola's Latte 1/2 sweet and it was really good. I don't live super far so I will definitely make the drive to try more of their menu. They also had some sweets like mini tres leches cakes that I want to try.“

4.9 Superb70 Reviews
Star Donuts Donut Shops • $
14155 W Bell Rd, Surprise - 2.14 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Twist and Long John
Dozen Assorted Donuts
Apple Fritters
Raised Donuts
Boston Cream
Donut Holes

“Star Donuts in Surprise, Arizona, is truly a gem! The warm and friendly atmosphere created by the lovely family who runs the place enhances the entire experience. Not only are they welcoming, but the donuts are also a delightful treat that easily secures the title of "the best." From classic favorites to innovative creations, each bite is a testament to their dedication to quality. A visit to Star Donuts is not just about savoring delicious treats; it's about being embraced by a wonderful community. Five stars without a doubt!Kid-friendliness: They are so friendly and patient. Always letting my son who is autistic, pick out his drink, and his doughnut and paying himself.“

4.7 Superb74 Reviews
Daily Donuts & Smoothies boba Donut Shops • $
9133 W Thunderbird Rd # 107, Peoria - 6.13 miles

Customers` Favorites

Bagel with Cream Cheese
1 Dozen Whole Donut
Croissant Sandwich

“Very friendly and helpful. They know their product and make suggestions. We tried three local donut shops (including the chain) while we visited friends and not one had never been to your shop. They couldn't stop thinking about how much better they were than the donut shop that's everywhere in Phoenix. So we stopped another day for more. Thai tea was yummy too.“

4.8 Superb62 Reviews
Union Coffee Co Coffee Shops • $
6750 W Thunderbird Rd b109, Peoria - 8.66 miles

Customers` Favorites

Cappucino and Chocolate Croissant
Iced Latte

“Lovely cafe with some really creative drinks! Lots of holiday selections but I went for the cold brew float drink— gelato with cold brew concentrate. It was a huge scoop of gelato and tasted amazing and got a nice caffeine kick. And the place is very spacious and quiet and relaxing with large windows and high ceilings. Great place to chill for a bit in the afternoon or work out of here as they have big tables and wifi.“

4.6 Superb71 Reviews
Well Coffee Co. Coffee & Tea • $
27035 Black Rock Blvd, Peoria - 6.94 miles

Customers` Favorites

Gingerbread Latte
Drip Coffee

“My favorite little coffee shop. Their coffee is delicious, prices are fair for such high quality. I love the vibe, the employees and the owner. I’ve been popping over a few times per week since they opened in 2019 and I’m so delighted we have such a wonderful locally owned, operated coffee shop in our community. They’re really committed to relationships and community and it shows in everything they do!“

4.6 Superb68 Reviews
Bully Brew Co. Coffee Shops • $
9828 W Northern Ave #1720, Peoria - 8.53 miles

Customers` Favorites

Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich Lunch
Chorizo Breakfast Burrito
Biscuits and Gravy
Big Breakfast blt
Day Starter Sammy
Bully Burrito

“Every Friday I work from a new coffee shopI remember attending the farmers market and they had a pop upI was pretty excited for them to finish their building as I was on the hunt for mushroom coffeeSo far this has been the best mushroom coffee I’ve ever had and I added cold foam to really give it a pop upThe breakfast menu is good and the sandwich was yummyMy only feedback would be I ordered a sandwich with bacon and different peppers but it was mostly just eggThe staff is friendly and assisted with any questionsThey even provided a pup cup for my doodleGreat vibe and I enjoyed working from thereI would definitely return“

4.5 Superb83 Reviews
Bikini Beans Coffee Coffee Shops • $
12315 N 75th Ave, Peoria - 8.32 miles

Customers` Favorites

Cookie Monster Size dd 24oz
Ham and Cheese Croissant
Chocolate Protein Shake
Peanut Butter Cup 24oz
Twisted Bikini
Extra Shot

“I was literally speechless when I walked in and saw the hottest blonde barista, I didn't know what to order so she made me a drink from her own recommendation. It was so good that I left and came back to get the name of the drink. Large nude with two extra shots. You made my day better!!!“

4.5 Superb73 Reviews
Cabin Coffee Cafe Coffee Shops • $
6525 W Happy Valley Rd, Glendale - 8.8 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Salad Croissant
Breakfast Burrito
Avocado Toast
Cabin Burrito

“Cabin Coffee is always a great place! It has a unique atmosphere unlike any other coffee shop. The food, and coffee is always on point! And if not, the staff never hesitates to fix it. It is my new go to place! You will not be disappointed!“

4.4 Superb94 Reviews
Rapha Tea Boba Tea House Bubble Tea • $
8411 W Thunderbird Rd STE A - 105, Peoria - 6.9 miles

Customers` Favorites

Garlic Noodles Shrimp Entree
Passion Fruit Butterfly
Popcorn Chicken
Mango Star Jelly
Rapha Signature
Aloha Sunshine
Honey Milk Tea
Rainbow Jelly
Sea Cream

“10/5. Amazing! Took my daughter here today, she dropped her drink outside the door and the drink cracked and spilled all over. The staff was so nice and the drinks are amazing, worth the extra 5 minutes drive. Go here once and I guarantee you’ll be back!“

4.6 Superb56 Reviews
Dutch Bros Coffee Coffee Shops • $
8387 W Thunderbird Rd, Peoria - 6.86 miles

Customers` Favorites

Wallaby Dutch Freeze with Whipped Cream
Chocolate Crunch Freeze
Snickerdoodle Frost
German Chocolate
White Chocolate
Double Rainbow
Double Torture
Electric Berry
Passion Fruit
Hazelnut Loaf

“I love all Dutch Bros, but I can say this location specifically is my favorite!! No matter who is working that day, they always consistently have great customer service and energetic atmosphere!Kid-friendliness: My kids love coming to Dutch Bros, because the employees interact with them. And of course they love their frost kids drinks!“

4.3 Superb105 Reviews
Driftwood Coffee Co. Coffee Shops • $
8295 W Jefferson St #6514, Peoria - 8.27 miles

Customers` Favorites

Butter Cookie Latte
Filter Iced Coffee
Hot Vanilla Latte
Iced Mocha Latte
Hot Mocha Latte
Tyler Special
Drip Coffee
Pop Tart
V 60

“I ordered an iced matcha latte, with vanilla syrup. It was so delicious. Matcha can be a hit or miss at some coffee shops. The aesthetic is pleasing & I love the high sealing plus the outdoor seating. The service was pleasant and quick, I will be returning.“

4.1 Good93 Reviews
GroundShaker Coffee Bar Coffee Shops • $
15643 N Reems Rd, Surprise - 3.88 miles

Customers` Favorites

The Mega Breakfast Sandwich
Large Italian Cream Soda
Bagel with Cream Cheese
Orange Cranberry Muffin
Flavored Mocha Medium
Bagel with Butter
Asian Style

“I love a good theme throughout a shop...and this place delivers. The cowboy decor starts from the building sign and continues through the shop and even into the bathroom (I give extra points for that!). There are many breakfast options, and I really liked that they had four different wraps for lunch. It's nice to have lighter options, and my turkey bacon ranch wrap was very good, along with my Arnold Palmer. My only complaint is that the owner or manager was sitting at the bar working on a laptop and talking loud on a phone call and then talking about other employees, who weren't there, with the employers who were working... it wasn't anything really rude but was unprofessional, in my opinion.“

4.3 Superb81 Reviews
Sweet Tea & Coffee Cafe Coffee Shops • $
15278 W Bell Rd suite 102, Surprise - 3.18 miles

Customers` Favorites

White Mocha Peppermint Bark Peanut Butter Mocha
Grilled Cheese
Ice Coffe

“First visit there and I was pleased. I'm not a fan of overpriced, trendy, coffee shops. However, here they served a gluton free breakfast sandwich, on specialty bread, that was so good, we called our fiends to join us. The cappachinos were so delicious, we ordered more. There were also homemade bake goods at reasonable prices. The owner actually worked the counter, cooks, and bakes, in addition to making coffee. The dining room is small but quaint.Dietary restrictions: Glutton freeParking: Adequate parking for bruch crowd.Kid-friendliness: Not a good place for kids. It's a small room with decorations and knick knacks, etc. that would be tempting to touch.“

4.6 Superb37 Reviews
BoSa Donuts Donut Shops • $
17061 Ave of the Arts Ste 102, Surprise - 2.61 miles

Customers` Favorites

Dozen Assorted Donuts
Chocolate Frosting
Boston Cream

“All BoSa are good as we know but this BoSa has some of the best customer service. They are so friendly and personable here, it makes you feel like family. Every time I see Solina ,she is so awesome and sweet we love going here for not only the food but also the friendly faces! You should definitely stop by for a sweet treat or something to drink!!“

4.4 Superb51 Reviews
K-May Donuts & Bagels Donut Shops • $
8495 Grand Ave, Peoria - 7.84 miles

Customers` Favorites

Ham and Cheese Croissant
Apple Fritter

“Granted it's small but it's ?! No dinning! That's ok by me! Anyways just to let y'all know way way way better than crispy cream and way way better than bosa doughnuts! I stand by that! They are up there with Lousies bakery in Marshall mi!“

4.3 Superb63 Reviews
Aloha Tea & Coffee Coffee & Tea • $
6766 W Glendale Ave #140, Glendale - 11.56 miles

Customers` Favorites

Brown Sugar Milk Tea Boba Included Y Yogur Con Arroz Morado
Hawaiian Fever
Coffee Jelly
Mocha Latte
Cheese Foam
Fresh Pearls
Tea House

“Hands down best boba drinks I've ever had!!! I highly recommend the Aloha milk tea and Vietnamese iced coffee. They are absolute perfection. The owner gave us a sample of his milk tea before ordering and we were hooked. No wonder he won the award for best boba tea in AZ. His smoothies are also the best. There is no other place that can compete with these delightful drinks. 100 out of 10 stars!“

4.3 Superb54 Reviews
Tea-riffic Churro Cafe • $
9340 W Northern Ave #100, Glendale - 8.89 miles

Customers` Favorites

Strawberry Mango Yogurt Combo
Sea Salt Vietnamese Coffee
Chocolate & Almonds Churro
Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken
Chocolate Coconut Churro
Strawberry Smoothie
Original Churro
Fruity Churro
Egg Roll

“Boba was good!! The smoothies are fresh and the boba is warm & fresh as well as appropriately flavored.I did not love the churros. I guess they’re made fresh but just weren’t very good. Kinda weirdly stale like very firm? Idk. Just didn’t love it.Service wasn’t very friendly but meh typical.“

4.2 Good57 Reviews
Black Rock Coffee Bar Coffee Shops • $
7451 W Glendale Ave, Glendale - 11.11 miles

Customers` Favorites

Mexican Mocha Chiller
Irish Coffee Chiller
Iced Caramel Blondie
Iced Caramel Truffle
Hot Caramel Truffle
Strawberry Blondie
Mint Chip Chiller
Matcha Chiller
Latte Chiller
Oreo Chiller

“HECKS TO THE YA! This place KILLS IT! Star.... wha... huh.... nooooo ! Customer service.... NAILED IT! Drinks..... OVER THE TOP! Prices.......FABULOUS! An let's not forget the REWARDS PROGRAM! My new go to for my coffee fix! keep up the greatness Black Rock! YOU Rock!“

4.1 Good74 Reviews
BoSa Donuts Donut Shops • $
15261 N Reems Rd #104, Surprise - 4.03 miles

Customers` Favorites

Donuts Waiting for You to Take Them Home
Chocolate Raspberry Filled
Ham and Cheese Croissant
Boston Cream Donut
Chocolate Donut
Bear Claw Donut
Blueberry Cake
12 Donut Holes
Lemon Filled
Crumb Donut

“The best donuts around. I usually get the ham and cheese stuffed croissant with jalapeños after work.My friend from work couldn't choose between the apple fritter or bear claw. He went with an old-fashioned and a bear claw.We both had never tried it thinking it was just a chunky AF donuts it was actually stuffed with apple chunks. It was ? awesome. It's like my new favorite for this cold weather.“

4.1 Good72 Reviews
Black Rock Coffee Bar Coffee & Tea • $
6805 W Bell Rd, Glendale - 7.99 miles

Customers` Favorites

Iced Caramel Truffle Sugarfree Almond Milk Plus Extra Shots
Caramel Blondie Chiller and Mocha Chiller
Hot Caramel Blondie
Matcha Chiller
Salted Caramel
Drip Coffee
Iced Latte

“I e heard really excellent things about this location so I thought I'd give it a shot. EXCELLENT. FAST. I wasn't yelling to be overheard the music and the barista was so pleasant (I wish I had gotten her name). I ordered the Sugar Free Fuel, which is their energy drink, and had them add some Sugar Free Strawberry with it. The medium size is 20 oz and the drink is under $10, so I splurged on some of their donut holes glazed with vanilla. Oh my word!!! So good! I'll be returning.“

4.1 Good67 Reviews
Over Easy Breakfast • $
6728 W Deer Valley Rd E-101, Glendale - 8.04 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Fried Steak with Hash Browns
Basil Melt Breakfast -Amazing
Build Your Own Omelette
Banana Nut French Toast
Og Wolfpack with Gravy
California Omelette
Blueberry Pancakes
Hatch 505 Benedict
Breakfast Burrito
Southwest Skillet

“Over easy was a pleasant experience on a weekday during Spring Break. Service was just ok but that was because we were seated outside. Our fault, we requested to sit there. The inside was pleasant and mellow yellow.They have a bar for all kinds of drinks. The food was top notch. I had the Count of Monte Cristo sandwich. Sort of a French toast waffle with ham. My wife had biscuits and gravy. We shared the protein pancakes which were beyond delicious. We also shared iced tea, iced coffee with sweet vanilla and fresh squeezed orange juice. All to die for.“

4 Good97 Reviews
Bubble Cups Bubble Tea • $
6661 W Bell Rd #108b, Glendale - 8.24 miles

Customers` Favorites

Bubble Lava Sparkling Orange Mojito
Green Apple Jelly Mango Popper
Taiyaki Fish Cone Ice Cream
Shaved Snow Topping
Lychee Sensation
Lychee Pineapple
Mochi Ice Cream

“If you’ve never tried Hokkaido boba, you’ve got to have it here! I visited with my daughter on Thursday and it’s a great place for a mother-daughter or family trip.They’ve got board games (Jenga, Pop the Pirate, and Connect Four) in addition to a couple of cool arcade games (Rampage).The boba was AMAZING and it was hard not to steal some from my kid. (I gave her the bigger cup and had immediate regrets.)The boba is a bit expensive - boba is charged separately from drinks - but if you have the money, it’s a great trip!Kid-friendliness: Lots of games for kids!“

4.1 Good58 Reviews
Lola Coffee Coffee Shops • $
8385 W Deer Valley Rd #111, Peoria - 5.99 miles

Customers` Favorites

Espresso Whipped Cream
Iced Hazelnut Latte

“This little coffee shop if far north Peoria's best kept secret! It's tucked away in the strip mall across the street from Culvers. Best coffee, fabulous pasteries and calm atmosphere with plenty of seating. Try it and you will love it- plus cheaper than that other coffee place on every cornor.“

4.2 Good43 Reviews
Dapper & Stout Coffee Company Coffee Shops • $
6409 W Glendale Ave, Glendale - 11.89 miles

Customers` Favorites

Gourmet Muffins & Pastries
Iced Coffee with Cream
Ham & American Panini
The Breakfast Bagel
Mixed Berry Protein
Dapper Morn Bagel
The Best Cookies
Belgian Waffle
Iced Macchiato
Cold Brewed

“Everything from here is delicious! I can't stop raving about this place. I love the small details that make it extra special. Even just a plain bagel and cream cheese comes with a side of sour cherry spread that is soooo good! The chips that come with the bagel sammies taste homemade. Definitely recommend.“

4.1 Good53 Reviews
Sip Fresh Juice •
7700 W Arrowhead Towne Center, Glendale - 6.81 miles

Customers` Favorites

Pineapple Mango Lemonade
Strawberry Milk Sip

“Tried for the first time today and Alex displayed excellent service. What caught my attention was the offering of free samples and wow was the strawberry milk delicious! I was recommend what I believe was called the strawberry swirl which is essentially the strawberry milk with whip cream and a vanilla caramel. Tasted exactly like an iced strawberries and cream frappé. A sweet and refreshing beverage that I’ll definitely come back for“

4.2 Good37 Reviews
Zero Degrees Fast Food • $
7480 W Bell Rd #108, Glendale - 7.16 miles

Customers` Favorites

Strawberry Horchata
Hot Cheeto Elote
Ube Milkshake
Xxtra Flamin

“I was pretty shocked to see a zero degrees in Arizona especially since I moved from California so this was a nice surprise. It's in a busy plaza with other restaurants but there's plenty of parking. I usually get the jasmine milk tea which is my drink of choice but I saw that they had a new rising Phoenix oolong milk tea so I sampled it and loved it! I've been ordering it ever since. Oolong can be bitter but it is not too sweet or too bitter it's just right! They also sell food here and I've tried the popcorn chicken with rice and corn and you get to choose the sides depending on the entree and it's really good. Their popcorn chicken is bomb - chicken is moist and good seasoning. There's a bunch of other things on the menu like elote and slushee drinks that I see other people order so I might have to try that next time!“

4.1 Good48 Reviews
Starbucks Coffee Shops • $
17049 W Bell Rd, Surprise - 5.11 miles

“Nice small Starbucks inside the Safeway. Service was quick and the staff was friendly. Its a nice spot to grab a coffee on the go or when you are shopping.Parking: It's inside the Safeway so no problem with parking.Wheelchair accessibility: Very open“

4 Good40 Reviews
Dutch Bros Coffee Coffee Shops • $
13855 W Bell Rd, Surprise - 1.91 miles

Customers` Favorites

Sugar N Spice Oat Milk Latte
Strawberry Lavender Frost
Caramelizer Freeze
White Chocolate
Picture Perfect
Double Torture
Shark Attack
Golden Eagle
Palm Beach

“Fast and efficient drive thru experience. The staff members taking and delivering our order were extremely friendly and did their job with a smile on their face. I love supporting local coffee shops with friendly staff members. We had a large order of multiple iced coffees which were all super delicious! Give this place a try for outstanding coffee and friendly service!“

3.8 Good107 Reviews
Chaos Coffee Coffee & Tea • $
183rd and, W Bell Rd, Surprise - 6.67 miles

“I love this little coffee stand, just wish it was more consistent with that days that it says it's open. We have gone so many time during the "open" times and it's never open. We even attempted to call the number to see if they were and no answer. Other than that if you can catch them open it's a great place for coffee and the owners are really nice.“

4.3 Superb16 Reviews
Scooter's Coffee Coffee Shops • $
12675 W Bell Rd, Surprise - 1.72 miles

Customers` Favorites

Cinnamon Rolls
Maple Waffle
Turtle Latte
Candy Bar

“I was driving through this sode of town and needed coffee! I got a small black coffee and it is delecious! They are giving away free black coffee for the mo th of September. Today would be the last day. If you have a tried to place come check it out!“

3.9 Good45 Reviews
Yummy Yummy (Crepe house cafe) Creperies • $
6770 N Sunrise Blvd suit G121, Glendale - 9.98 miles

Customers` Favorites

Very Berry Sweet Crepes
Kinder Chocolate
Chocolate Dream
Strawberry Love
Pesto Mushroom
Tropical Crepe
House Crepe

“Best crepes I've tried in Phoenix, I was just disappointed when I recently went and the fruit was going bad like the strawberry and bananas were soggy but besides that everything good! The workers are always nice and the place is really clean!“

3.8 Good60 Reviews
Dutch Bros Coffee Coffee Shops • $
13929 N 83rd Ave, Peoria - 6.95 miles

Customers` Favorites

Poppin’ Boba Fire Lizard Rebel
Caramel Pumpkin Brûlée Freeze
Electric Berry Lemonade w Shine
Sugar N Spice Oat Milk Latte
Energize Now with Dutch Bros
Chocolate Crunch Freeze
Snickerdoodle Frost
Tropical Lemonade
White Chocolate
Og Gummy Bear

“I've been going to this location for several years now. The overnight staff are some of the nicest people around. I work early mornings, so to have such an amazing crew like that is a blessing. They are kind to me every morning and makes my coffee perfect every time. I never have a complaint about any of them. Samara is one of the sweetest people. Big shout out to the overnight crew for keeping the coffee cold and my heart warm and full of love!“

3.7 Good115 Reviews
Black Rock Coffee Bar Coffee Shops • $
13725 N Prasada Pkwy, Surprise - 5.53 miles

Customers` Favorites

Caramel Truffle Chiller
Caramel Blondie Chiller
White Mocha Chiller
Iced Blackout
Drip Coffee
Frozen Fuel

“So far I've only been once, but it was great. Was on break in the middle of an eight hour shift and went by to get fuel for a coworker and I. The drinks were ready fast and I still had plenty of time to relax on break. They tasted amazing and were refreshing. Lady at the register repeated my order, was real polite and friendly, and wasn't condescending in the slightest when I accidentally asked for something they didn't have ?? Will absolutely be going again!“

3.7 Good113 Reviews
Starbucks Coffee Shops • $
8160 W Thunderbird Rd, Peoria - 7.08 miles

Customers` Favorites

Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino Blended Crème
Sandwich & Egg White Sandwich Egg Sandwich
Iced Caramel Macchiato with Skim Milk
Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese
Bacon & Gruyère Egg Bites
Double Chocolate Brownie
Iced Caramel Macchiato
Mango Dragon Fruit
White Chocolate Cr
Butter Croissant

“Came early to occupy your work station! Plenty of spaces for remote workers if you come on the weekends. Very stable and fast internet. Super busy yet friendly employees. A busy work stations during the weekdays but not loud or annoying. It reminds me why Starbucks will exist forever unless no one needs to work remotely. ?“

3.7 Good79 Reviews
Starbucks Coffee Shops • $$
15510 W Bell Rd, Surprise - 3.44 miles

“You always know what to expect in the quality and consistency with Starbucks drinks. If it's not how you like it, they'll remake it. At this location, the people are nice and friendly... almost like Dutch Bros. They have a drive-thru as well as sit-in. Nice location.“

4 Good15 Reviews
Chef Panda Chinese • $
15557 W Bell Rd #402, Surprise - 3.59 miles

Customers` Favorites

Sweet and Sour Chicken
Chicken Egg Foo Young
Chicken Fried Rice
Chinese Doughnuts
Vegetable Lo Mein
House Fried Rice
Teriyaki Chicken
Egg Flower Soup
Chicken Lo Mein
Sesame Chicken

“Vegetarian options: My husband ordered several tofu dishes for take out tonight and everything was fresh and DELICIOUS! He ordered salt and pepper tofu, sesame tofu, lemon tofu, and orange tofu. We will definitely be returning and I am excited to try different items next time. Thank you for the delicious dinner!“

3.7 Good70 Reviews
NW COFFEE Coffee Shops • $
28615 N El Mirage Rd #101, Peoria - 5.63 miles

Customers` Favorites

Peanut Butter Bowl
Avocado Toast
Berry Bowl

“Seasonal drinks, menu person or custom coffee connoisseur?! Which one are you? Well it doesn't really matter when you visit NW Coffee because they offer it all. I did pop into NW Coffee to try their seasonal menu though because it was just too cute not to try. And discovered Strawberry coldfoam is a thing... and SHOULD be The Thing! It's sweet, fruity and PINK! As a Vistancia resident, it's so lovely having a spot like this close to home. Truly. It has great coworking space, fast service and wifi and just a chill vibe. Whether you live in North Peoria or not, it's worth the little trek off Loop 303 and Happy Valley to try! Their breakfast sandwiches are pretty tasty too but truly a fan and frequent orderer of their PB acai bowl!“

3.7 Good65 Reviews
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Coffee Shops • $
7407 W Bell Rd #2, Peoria - 7.27 miles

Customers` Favorites

Retail Coffee cbtl Espresso Premium Capsules
Iced Cappuccinos Caramel Iced Cappuccino
Original Mocha Ice Blended Drink
Blended Mocha
Iced Latte

“Omg! This is now my absolute favorite coffee shop! I had the cookie butter latte and it was amazing! I am normally a Starbucks girl but the taste has just gone down and I found this gem! The coffee is really good I normally am a dark coffee person I don’t enjoy sweet drinks. The cookie butter was perfectly sweetened for a nice mid day pick me up. The horchata coffee was more of a dessert coffee it’s sweet. My 9 year old loved the cookie shake they have. Overall I’d give this 10/10! I’m going back!Dietary restrictions: They had an oatmilk option which is amazing because dairy products make my stomach hurt.Kid-friendliness: The staff was patient with my 9 year old not knowing what she wanted and suggested the cookie drink which she loooved“

3.7 Good62 Reviews