17 Best Coffee Shops in Goodyear

Enroute Coffee & Tea Coffee Shops • $
15605 W Roosevelt St Ste 107, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Iced Latte

“Always a cute coffee shop to grab a sweet or unsweetened green or black tea. Clean space to work inside while waiting for the great smelling drinks/pastries! Love the fact they have a section where local businesses can display their products etc.“

4.7 Superb64 Reviews
Colados Coffee & Crepes (Goodyear) Coffee Shops • $
15479 W McDowell Rd Suite #109, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Custom Crepe Whole Wheat Nutella and Peach
Chipotle and Chicken Crepe
Mango Pineappl Kiwi Crepe
Chipotle Spinach Crepe
Cookie Butter Crepe
Mini Nutella Crepe
Whole Wheat Crepe
Crepes de Chorizo
Tropical Crepe
Iced Macchiato

“breakfast dates are a thing and this is a perfect place for them. great food with great company could not have asked for a better morning“

4.5 Superb90 Reviews
Bikini Beans Coffee Coffee Shops • $$
1690 Pebble Creek Pkwy, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Turkey and Swiss Croissant
Raspberry Lemonade Frozen
Ham and Cheese Croissant
Sausage Egg and Sandwich
PB and J Protein Shake
Kiwi Watermelon Palmer
Chocolate Bikini Buzz
Vanilla Protein Shake
Monkey Bikini Buzz
Blondie Frappe

“Went here for the first time today. They are awesome. I regular Dutch Bros and I must say after this trip they might have a difficult time keeping my business with DB ? BB really does have great drinks. My husband got a fruity one that was like gummy bears and I had a coffee which actually had crunchy pieces throughout which is totally up my ally! All jokes aside(as I know they might get a lot) their business model really balances well, however I'm a female, i could see everyone tugging at their outfit , making sure they were covered (especially when I'm driving through with my 13 yr old son in the back I'm sure) I totally understand how it can be a difficult balance but they do a great job, anything between their attitudes and making sure your drink tastes right before you drive off... They really do rock and they make the drinks really good!!!“

4.4 Superb75 Reviews
Express Donuts Donut Shops • $
13824 W McDowell Rd #103, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Bacon Covered Maple Bar
Saturday Morning Donuts
Apple Fritter

“best in the Valley! We've been going for years.“

4.9 Superb75 Reviews
Dutch Bros Coffee Coffee Shops • $
580 N Estrella Pkwy, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Poppin’ Boba Fire Lizard Rebel
Picture Perfect
Snickers Freeze
Coffee Cake Loaf
White Chocolate
Electric Berry
Mango Smoothie
Og Gummy Bear
Golden Eagle

“I absolutely love this location, I only go here. I’ve never experienced waiting in line super long, the staff are extremely nice and welcoming. I enjoy this location and the staff for much. I’ll go out of my way just to come here. Keep up the amazing work everyone you’re crushing it!!“

4.1 Good87 Reviews
Dutch Bros Coffee Coffee Shops • $
14160 W Indian School Rd, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Strawberry Lavender Frost
Iced German Chocolate
Snickerdoodle Frost
Picture Perfect
Og Gummy Bear
Golden Eagle
Candy Cane
Palm Beach

“Friendly staff with a great attitude! Always a positive experience!“

4.1 Good74 Reviews
Starbucks Coffee Shops • $$
1690 North Dysart Road, Cornerstone Blvd, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Pumpkin Spice Crème Frappuccino Blended Beverage
Featured Decaf Roast Decaf Pike Place Roast
Chocolate Cookie Crumble Crème Frappuccino
Grande Caramel Ribbon Crunch
Cranberry Bliss Bar Tray
Chai Crème Frappuccino
Ham & Swiss Croissant
Birthday Cake Pop
Everything Bagel
White Chocolate

“I went there yesterday and everyone was very nice. I went there in the morning, and all the staff were very fast. A lady on the drive thru with curly hair she had a great smile and asked how my day was. everyone in there looked like they were working very hard!. I like this starbucks! I would 100% recommend this starbucks.“

3.9 Good58 Reviews
Cafe Bebida Cafe • $
8175 Hillside Dr #200, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Breakfast Sandwich
Pretzel Croissant
Turkey Pesto

“Love this cute cafe! The views of Estrella are gorgeous... it's clean & spacious...a great plane to meet & chat for a while. Wish it were open in the afternoons a bit longer though.

Vegetarian options: There was a vegan pastry option

Kid-friendliness: Kids can run around & play in the area.“

4.7 Superb53 Reviews
Waffletto Coffee & Waffles Coffee Shops • $
406 N Litchfield Rd # 208, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Waffletto Breakfast Sandwich
Berries & Cream Waffle
Peach & Caramel Waffle
Big Breakfast Plate
Cream Cheese Waffle
Chicken Sandwich
The Big Breakfast
Chorizo Waffle
Avocado Waffle
Nutella Waffle

“Love those waffle. Nice dining setting and friendly people“

3.7 Good120 Reviews
Henry’s Hawaiian Grill Hawaiian • $
560 N Estrella Pkwy b13, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Kalua Pork Chop Grilled Garlic Shrimp
Sweet Chili Chicken
Mini Sesame Chicken
Hawaiian Mix Combo
Mix from Honolulu
Teriyaki Chicken
Whitefish Fillet
Chicken Lo Mein
Hawaiian Shrimp
Macaroni Salad

“I grew up in Hawaii - Henry's has captured the spirit of Aloha in their well prepared hearty meals. Eat where the locals go!“

4.3 Superb90 Reviews
Starbucks in Target Coffee Shops • $
Target, 1515 N Litchfield Rd, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Berry Trio Parfait

“It’s a great place to hang out or stop in and grab a cup of coffee or a quick snack. The baristas are friendly and lively as well. It is not a drive thru location but that is what makes it cozy and friendlier.“

4.1 Good15 Reviews
Bobazona Bubble Tea • $$
15591 W Roosevelt St #110, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Honey Dew Snow with Tapioca
Chocolate Coconut Snow
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Watermelon Patch
Fruity Pebbles
Mango Coconut
Bourbon Apple

“Gelato was delish! Tried Maui Green Tea. Also very tasty. We will be back!“

4.2 Good100 Reviews
Starbucks Coffee Coffee Shops • $
13860 W Test Dr, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Veranda Blend Whole Bean Coffee Double Shot with Oatmilk Extra Hot
Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino Blended Beverage
Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast

“I am writing this review today because of an experience I had this morning. I frequent this location regularly and always have amazing service. Jackie and her team always deliver the best service when it comes to preparing my drinks with a positive attitude and a smile on their face. Today however while I was waiting in line the elder lady behind me was harassing me because I have my dog with me. She was ranting and raving getting in my space telling me my dog is not allowed in the store. I asked her not to speak to me as I do not have time for her negativity. Nor do I have to disclose to her that my dog is in fact a registered service animal for my PTSD. She was so bothered that my dog sniffed a bag of packaged coffee beans. Once I got to the counter she proceeded to get in my space again before I can even say hello to Jackie at the register she proceeded to talk over me asking for the manager. She proceeds to complain about my existence and my dog being in the store. My dog jumps up, this is what she is trained to do when she senses I am about to have a panic attack. This sends the lady over the top. Saying my dog is trying to jump on the counter. Jackie kindly asks me if I plan on staying or ordering in but the angry lady named Deborah persistently decided to talk over the both of us causing a huge scene in the lobby that was completely unnecessary. Threatening to report Jackie for allowing me to be there with my dog. Jackie kindly asks me to step outside to calm down the situation. Legally I did not have to step out but this was causing a huge trigger for my disability so I agreed. My dog was not wearing her vest but by law is not required. My main purpose of posting this review is due to the fact this angry lady kept threatening to report Jackie and her location and there is literally was not issue other than this lady having a stick up her you know what. It is the people like this who feel entitled that cause issues to good people doing their best job. It is not fair to the team at this location to be brought down by people like this. Nor is it ok for them to assume I do not have a disability or my dogs role. So for all of the amazing service at this location 5 stars to Jackie and her team for always remaining professional and delivering great service, and a venti cup of positivity for Deborah because she definitely needs it!“

3.6 Good56 Reviews
Black Rock Coffee Bar Coffee Shops • $
17171 W Yuma Rd, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Iced Caramel Blondie
Matcha Chiller
Hot I V

“This location opened around the corner from my house and I have found myself to be a regular. Their Fuel drinks are actually a great pick me up and the refreshers are also very delicious. I’m looking forward to trying their breakfast next“

3.6 Good29 Reviews
Starbucks Coffee Shops • $
1375 North Litchfield Road, Palm Valley Pavilions, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast

“It’s a great place to hang out or stop in and grab a cup of coffee or a quick snack. The baristas are friendly and lively as well. It is not a drive thru location but that is what makes it cozy and friendlier.“

3.5 Good43 Reviews
Starbucks Coffee Shops • $
440 N Estrella Pkwy, Goodyear

“My favorite starbucks is this one probably because my favorite barista works here lol. Anissa is the best, she knows her drinks including exact amounts and portions. I like all starbucks but this one definitely stands out by far. I would highly recommend this location to any one looking to try starbucks for their first time or to anyone who already enjoys starbucks to give this location a try. 5 star rating plus 2 thumbs up.“

3.5 Good13 Reviews
Sugar & Spice Bakery • $
14970 W Indian School Rd # 260, Goodyear

Customers` Favorites

Vanilla Donuts with Rainbow Sprinkles
Assorted Doughnuts
Breakfast Burrito
Oreo Donut

“This little shop is AMAZING!!! They have the best bagels, sandwiches, donuts, coffees, teas, and lemonades!!! I highly recommend everything they have to offer!! The customer service is outstanding as well!! Great group of people and great tasty treats!! ❤️“

4.1 Good53 Reviews