McDonald's in Fresno

McDonald's - 4898 E Kings Canyon Rd

Rating: 4.5

4898 E Kings Canyon Rd, Fresno CA 93727
(559) 251-7500

✨💃#1🍔🍟Mcdonalds is My favorite restaurant and Always will be 🍔🍟Mcdonalds#1😋🍔🍟

McDonald's - 4505 E Kings Canyon Rd

Rating: 4.3

4505 E Kings Canyon Rd, Fresno CA 93702
(559) 255-7110

Met here for an early morning meeting with a couple of friends. Eventhough they were extremely busy we were able to have our conversation at normal volume. Our customer service was great with a nice smile. (It's great to see people smile😁)

McDonald's - 3798 W Shields Ave

Rating: 4.2

3798 W Shields Ave, Fresno CA 93722
(559) 274-1284

Like there 2 for $5 deal, with a choice of either big macs, classic chicken, fillet-o-fish, or 10pc chicken mcnugget. Will see how long this last, currently it is 2.11.19 as of today 😉😎

McDonald's - 5645 E Kings Canyon Rd

Rating: 4

5645 E Kings Canyon Rd, Fresno CA 93727
(559) 251-1364

I recommend the coffees their awesome 😉 almost as good as Starbucks but cheaper😀

McDonald's - 7065 N Ingram Ave

Rating: 4

7065 N Ingram Ave, Fresno CA 93650
(559) 440-9206

Staff is really good here. Food is always good here.

McDonald's - 3110 E Jensen Ave

Rating: 4

3110 E Jensen Ave, Fresno CA 93706
(559) 266-8382

Mickee D's has always been a staple of mine for breakfast and this store rocks! Besides the excellent coffee, I've never seen a service crew move so fast and are so committed to great customer service!!

McDonald's - 4803 E McKinley Ave

Rating: 4

4803 E McKinley Ave, Fresno CA 93703
(559) 453-9128

Ok so I don't come here very often. But when I do the line is always super long because I come on my lunch hour it is across the street from where I work. Thankfully the staff here is always trying to get people in and out. So they work really fast never get my order wrong and are very friendly. They all have more

McDonald's - 1248 N Blackstone Ave

Rating: 4

1248 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno CA 93703
(559) 498-8435

Some of their food is good I'm not a fan of theirs

McDonald's - 5608 E Ashlan Ave

Rating: 4

5608 E Ashlan Ave, Fresno CA 93727
(559) 291-8381

Definitely the friendliest McDonald's we've even been too! Very thoughtful to bring or offer to bring anything we needed. Play area was very clean. Love that there's a bathroom in the play area, very convenient when you have more than one child. We will definitely visit more often.

McDonald's - 3115 N Blackstone Ave

Rating: 3.8

3115 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno CA 93703
(559) 229-0539

It was a great experience and I am he waitress even let me order fries Frome he table and they were freshly cooked, which means they were hooooot! Loved it! Ty McDonald's for such great service today! 😀!pass!on

McDonald's - 3237 W Shaw Ave

Rating: 3.8

3237 W Shaw Ave, Fresno CA 93711
(559) 225-2870

Fresh bun, hot patty(burger) with crunchy pickle slices. Nicely done. Service was prompt and courteous

McDonald's - 5666 N Blackstone Ave

Rating: 3.8

5666 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno CA 93710
(559) 432-2500

It was great. Very nice staff. Food was terrific.

McDonald's - 6741 N Riverside Dr

Rating: 3.7

6741 N Riverside Dr, Fresno CA 93722
(559) 271-4613

Brand spanking you restaurant location and it is absolutely clean and very modern. great staff and it's hardly busy due to the big shopping center area it is in where other people have other options to eat other types of food but it is a great McDonald's location. It is very conveniently located off of the 99 they are more

McDonald's - 1718 W Olive Ave

Rating: 3.7

1718 W Olive Ave, Fresno CA 93728
(559) 268-5522

Its in the HOOD HOOD. But other than that theres never a dull moment !!! Foods ok

McDonald's - 6768 N Cedar Ave

Rating: 3.6

6768 N Cedar Ave, Fresno CA 93710
(559) 324-7168

Rolled through the drive-thru before work and it was a quick and painless exchange. Was in and out in a heartbeat.

McDonald's - 368 E Shaw Ave

Rating: 3.6

368 E Shaw Ave, Fresno CA 93710
(559) 224-1169

It's not always clean, the bathroom is always a hot mess! But the staff do be trying to keep up with it. The staff are amazing but can be a little rude but I can't blame them either... it depends on the customers before you! I always find myself wanting McDonald's!!!

McDonald's - 5125 E Kings Canyon Rd

Rating: 3.6

5125 E Kings Canyon Rd, Fresno CA 93727
(559) 456-4505

Go there all the time, good service. Good deals and good food.

McDonald's - 7035 N Marks Ave

Rating: 3.5

7035 N Marks Ave, Fresno CA 93711
(559) 438-8485

Anai had great customer service and knows how to make it right for a customer thank you so much I really appreciate your level of professionalism thank you again

McDonald's - 1739 Divisadero St

Rating: 3.5

1739 Divisadero St, Fresno CA 93701
(559) 268-4962

It was clean. The employees were courteous, and my food was fast and good. All-around good meal & good service.

McDonald's - 1695 E Shaw Ave

Rating: 3.5

1695 E Shaw Ave, Fresno CA 93710
(559) 226-6668

A top scene for tasty Cheap food. visited on a thursday. i will be back with my coworkers. it has a great feel to it. food is similar to a cafe in portland i liked.


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