36 Best Mexican Restaurants near Running Springs

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El Toto's Restaurant Mexican • $
31927 Hilltop Blvd, Running Springs

Customers` Favorites

El Gordo Carne Asada Burrito
Carne Asada Ala Mexicana
Cheese Enchilada Dinner
Chile Verde Plate
Fish Tacos
Soft Taco

“Such a good spot- The vibe was immaculate and it was the perfect spot to take a break and recharge after a long day. The pozole was absolutely delicious and the desert was just fantastic (I would drive all the way back just for the churros!) and our waitress was amazing- so friendly and helpful! Definitely a 10/10 spot ?“

4.4 Superb43 Reviews
Deep Creek Drive-In American • $
32890 Hilltop Blvd, Running Springs

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Enchiladas
Chips and Salsa
Salsa and Chips
Club Sandwich
Carne Asada

“Wonderful food, awesome service, and fantastic prices.Right down the street from Victorias were I received the worst experience of my life.I'm pretty sure Victorias has a deal with the local hotels to recommend them, and probably paid reviews. Don't buy it! Go to Deep Creek instead.I had the country fried steak and my wife had the Chilaquilles.Fed all 9 of our family members for a hundred bucks.Perfect for breakfast, enjoy!Parking: Right in front, about 10 spaces..Kid-friendliness: Such nice people, great kids menu, large portions.“

4.2 Good42 Reviews
Pancho’s Kitchen Mexican • $
27141 Base Line St, Highland - 8.41 miles

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Taco and Beef Enchilada Combination
Chile Relleno and Enchiladas Plate
Beef Fajitas with Beans and Rice
Menudo Saturday and Sunday Only
Two Asada Taco Combination
Huevos Rancheros Plate
Panchos' Chilaquiles
Carne Asada Plate
One Crispy Taco
Chips and Salsa

“Food was really good. I had the chilaquiles and my husband had the combination plate w the chicken and cheese enchiladas rancheras. I was going to take pictures of our food but it was too late. Our plates were empty ! Limited seating, but the ambiance was good. We were seated right away. They also had piña, Jamaica, and horchata. We will be back for sure. I'm going to try the albondigas next time...“

4.7 Superb98 Reviews
El Pájaro Azul Mexican Grill Mexican • $
27159 CA-189, Blue Jay - 6.36 miles

Customers` Favorites

Huarache Chips and Salsa and a Chicken Enchilada Lunch Plate
Fajita Trio Plate with Chicken Steak and Shrimp
Kids Carne Asada Taco with French Fries
Quesadillas De Mole De Pollo
Chicken Mole Enchiladas
Wet Carne Asada Burrito
Chicken Enchiladas
Camarones Rancheros
Chile Relleno
Mexican Taco

“Absolutely 5-Star! Everything was on point. We were in Lake Arrowhead for several meals and this one was definitely the best. They also serve breakfast, so we're coming back for that as well next time. All four people in my dining party were very happy with their food. Cali Burrito. Shrimp Burrito, Chimi-style bean & cheese. They even had a chicken sandwich for our picky eater. Highly recommend!“

4.5 Superb98 Reviews
Mariscos Espinoza Highland Seafood • $$
25755 E Baseline St, San Bernardino - 9.69 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Enchiladas with Beans and Rice
Coctel De Camaron L 2× 20
Ord Camarones Empanizados
Mojarra Huachinango Solo
Botana Salsa Aguachile
Ord Brochetas Bistek
Botana Salsa Diabla
Tostada de Pezcado
Carne Asada Plate
Street Mangoneada

“We had our waitress running ragged with that margarita special doing laundry next door and found a new margarita spot 2 for 15$ and it came with boneless wings for free *Tues-fri great deal very very happy we were the only ones in there but it was very busy and she kept them coming I ordered the strawberry blend my mom had the lime on rocks bomb ? if your looking for a spot here it is but don't blow it up cuz I wanna go back :)“

4.4 Superb55 Reviews
Juanito's Tacos Mexican • $
7750 Palm Ave suite i, Highland - 8.74 miles

Customers` Favorites

Nachos French Fries with Nacho Cheese
Rolled Taco Combo Plate Special
Wet Burrito Supreme
Chicken Enchiladas
California Burrito
Nacho Cheese Fries
Hamburger Special
Breakfast Burrito
Tripas Soft Taco
Chicharron Tacos

“Juanito's is a most welcome discovery for delicious Mexican food in the Inland Empire! I live in Redlands and have not been able to find a place that excites me and my wife to get tasty Mexican food! Not only is it yummy, but the prices are very affordable compared to most in the surrounding areas, like Redlands. The street tacos are excellent, the meat burritos are more than satisfying, and the potato tacos are worth the extra food you'll eat by ordering one! Their green salsa is not disappointing, very spicy, and flavorful!“

4.3 Superb67 Reviews
Rosalva’s Skyforest Mexican • $
28575 CA-18, Skyforest - 4.47 miles

Customers` Favorites

Shredded Beef Tacos
Carnitas Burrito
Lunch Taco Plate
Chicken Fajitas
Shrimp Cocktail
Carne Asada
Chili Reyeno
Wet Burrito
Shrimp Taco

“Note: I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of our food. Take that as a sign...it was good. We got there early, so the restaurant was just starting to get busy for breakfast. The smells of the kitchen really hit the appetite. Very small dining area, but warm and cozy. Decor was classically Mexicano. The menu was classic. They do have adult beverages if you are dining a little later in the day, but for me - I decided on a Mexican coke to go with my meal. I had the Chorizzo con Juevo plate and my wife had the Machaca plate. Both meals were delicious and filling. The beef in the Machaca was well seasoned. The refried beans were not your canned refried beans, or at least they did not taste like it. Maybe I was that hungry. The surprise was the salsa. Homemade and delicious. They must have a lot of people asking for it as they do sell it to go. If your on your way up to Arrowhead or Big bear, this little gem is right on the highway where you decide to go left to Arrowhead or straight to Big Bear. If you're hungry it is worth the stop. Hasta Luego!“

4.3 Superb67 Reviews
Mi Cocina Restaurant Mexican • $
27961 Highland Ave Suite A, Highland - 7.01 miles

Customers` Favorites

Combination Plate Shredded Beef Taco and Chile Relleno
Huevos Rancheros with Chili Verde Rice and Beans
Super Fajitas Dinner Plate
Carne Asada Dinner Plate
Chips N Hot Salsa
Fried Ice Cream
Shrimp Cocktail
Mexican Pizza
Super Nachos
Fish Tacos

“Stuck in Highlands because Big Bear is off limits? Forget about buying snow chains for your wheels, get on down to Mi Cocina for some top notch Mexican meals.The moment you walk through the doors of this beige palace you'll know you're home. I have a feeling Mi Cocina means "my kitchen" in Spanish, but if I had a second guess, I say it for sure means happiness.This place is a gem. The vibes? Stunning. The margaritas sizes? Stunningly large. The live band? Playing a Spanish rendition of Margaritaville, yes that's right, stunning. If you think you've experienced happiness in your life then just stop lying to yourself and get on down here.Show me a place where they hand make the hot sauce upon request and I'll let name my first born. Luiz is known to please.So, if you've been out in the cold for a while, this Mexican kitchen will put a smile on your dial. Mi Cocina, I've never been keener.10/10“

4.2 Good80 Reviews
Tacos Arandas Mexican • $
2075 E Highland Ave k, San Bernardino - 9.07 miles

Customers` Favorites

2 Carne Asada Tacos and 2 Carnitas Tacos
Lengua Tacos and Shrimp Tacos
Combination Asada Burrito
Three Carnitas Tacos
Pollo Chicken Taco
Cheese Quesadillas
Combination Plate
Carne Asada Fries
Horchata- Medium
All Meat Burrito

“Stopped here with my daughter after soccer tournament in search of some carne asada fries! We ordered some tacos, fries, and horchata. Fries were DELICIOUS! They do not use nacho cheese, which is important to us, and they also load em up with beans and rice + all the trimmings. Meat was flavored amazing! Horchata must've been freshly made because it was soooo tasty. Authenticity at its finest here, plus the staff was so kind and friendly. Highly, highly recommend to stop here if you are in the area.“

4.7 Superb26 Reviews
Birrieria La Vacona Mexican • $
3694 E Highland Ave suite 28-29, Highland - 7.45 miles

Customers` Favorites

Birria De Res Tacos
Consome De Birria
Flautas De Pollo
Potato Tacos
Queso Pizza

“Food taste so AMAZING both times I visited. I had the Cali fries 1st the portion was big. 2nd time he had the Birria tacos we also tried grilled shell hard steak and chicken tacos. Everything was flavored perfect also nice portions. Service was great. Nice and clean place. I already shared our experience with a few people. Me and my honey will return. I highly recommend this place if you are tired of skimpy portions and tasteless food.. THIS PLACE IS A MUST TRY...“

4.4 Superb32 Reviews
Guadalajaras Mexican Restaurant Mexican • $
1679 E Baseline St, San Bernardino - 10.06 miles

Customers` Favorites

Birria De Chivo Y Tortillas Hechas a Mano

“Parking: Good parking availableKid-friendliness: Best birria place I’ve tasted so far the birria de Chivo was delicious ! They played a kids movie for my son so he could calm down which was amazing and thoughtful ! Totally recommend this place 10/10“

4.8 Superb18 Reviews
Jose's Mexican Food Mexican • $
2094 W Redlands Blvd, Redlands - 11.97 miles

Customers` Favorites

Shrimp Cocktail or Campechana
Mega Wet Burrito Serves 3-5
Chicken Fajita Burrito
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Chips and Salsa Bar
Cheese Quesadilla
Carne Asada Plate
Carne Asada Fries
California Fries
Shrimp Cocktails

“Been there for breakfast and lunch. Food is great (love the chips and salsa bar), and the service is fast. The seating is comfortable, the ambiance is nice - family oriented, and even with the various sports tv's you can still hear each other speak without yelling. Oh and don't forget that you can get adult beverages if that suits your fancy.“

4 Good116 Reviews
Taco tia Tacos • $
1004 Orange St, Redlands - 10.67 miles

Customers` Favorites

Bean and Cheese Burrito
Cheese Quesadilla
Ground Beef Taco
Grilled Cheese
Green Burrito
French Fries
Combo Burrito
Taco Burger

“I've been going here everyday on my lunch, work like a block away. I'm highly picky about Mexican food, hit up all the local joints, Amapola, Alberto's, Angeles that type of sort of stuff. With how those spots operate they're always hit or miss. This place has not disappointed one bit, the food is fresh and extremely flavorful. Not once has it been a miss. I'm very big into traditional Mexican burrito with rice and beans, cilantro and cebolla, honestly one of my favorite foods. This spot (although smaller than others), has that best kind of burrito from any spot. Don't mind shelling out the extra $ for it, as again, the flavor is astounding. Chili cheese fries are also solid. Heard about the spot from my coworker and I haven't taken my lunch elsewhere for a couple of months now. Also the staff is extremely kind and always nice to talk to ?“

4.1 Good67 Reviews
Mariscos El Korita Mexican • $
25570 E Baseline St, San Bernardino - 9.86 miles

Customers` Favorites

Camarones Costa Azul Birria De Chivo
Tostada De Ceviche De Camaron
Torta De Milanesa De Res
Ostiones Preparadas
Empanada De Camaro
Carne Asada Tacos
Sopa De Mondongo
Chips and Salsa
Rice and Beans
Modelo Especial

“We came to San Bernardino for a soccer tournament and we came to eat here, we called in advance to see if they would accommodate 20 people and they said yes. When we got there they were setting up tables outside so we can eat all together! Despite being 20 of us they got our drinks and food out in a timely manner. We were all very satisfied with the meals we chose. Not only were they super accommodating they also gave us free appetizers!“

4.2 Good43 Reviews
Pepito's Drive In Mexican • $
26543 Base Line St, Highland - 8.94 miles

Customers` Favorites

Taquitos with Guacamole
Asada Burrito and Fries
Cheese Enchilada Plate
Chile Verde Enchilada
Shredded Beef Taco
Relleno Burrito
Chicken Taco

“The girls can be more greeting when u walk in instead of stuck up the guys are always nice when they work the front the girls today really act like they don't want to be their or their better then you ..also I got mozzarella sticks asked if I can trade my sauce for ranch she said no really I always gone their. For being owned by someone high up you think their workers they pick would be allot better at least all the girls. Maybe their related and feel like they don't have to worrie about losing a job because their privileges..but maybe next time I go in will be a better experience...hopefully because they have good food .“

4 Good68 Reviews
Johnny's Tacos & Sports Tacos • $
1756 E Lugonia Ave #108, Redlands - 9.77 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chips and Salsa
Nacho Cheese

“***Updated review***Been here a few times to watch the football games and they do have a very small simple breakfast menu which I like and for me after 1/2 time a nice beer on tap. The service I received was awesome and definitely will return especially for the 10am games.Went here with friends to watch the Green Bay Packers & This place deserves 5 stars for their great service and lots of TVs to watch your favorite teams. Their food and drinks menu is very reasonably priced and even have a good breakfast burrito !GO PACK GO !!“

4.1 Good33 Reviews
Rosa Maria's Mexican Food Mexican • $
7275 Boulder Ave #3d, Highland - 7.66 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chile Verde Nachos Chips with Cheese and Meat
Extra Large Garbage Burrito
Meat Beans Rice and Cheese
Chile Relleno Burrito
Enchilada and Taco
Chicken Enchiladas
Breakfast Burrito
Quesadilla Lol
Bean and Cheese
Beef Taco

“Their beans are the best anywhere. I had the relleno burrito which is also stuffed with the most sumptuous juicy and flavorful pork I have ever eaten. The staff was very quick and very friendly. There is nothing about the place not to love. I rated the atmosphere as a 5 mostly due to the fact it reminded me of many places I ate in Mexico.“

3.9 Good77 Reviews
Tacos Nico Tacos • $
2600 Highland Ave, Highland - 8.54 miles

Customers` Favorites

Al Pastor
4 Good44 Reviews
Tacos Los Hermanos Hugo's Tacos Mexican •
2333 Sterling Ave, San Bernardino - 9.07 miles

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada Tacos

“We bought carne asada tacos, very delicious. The sauces are very rich and they give you additional roasted chives and chili. The horchata very rich.First class attention. On Tuesdays they sell roast beef tacos for 1.50We will be back very often to buy because we loved the food and the service.“

5 Superb8 Reviews
Santiago's Taco Shop Mexican • $
27226 CA-189 #2028, Blue Jay - 6.36 miles

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada Nachos
Carnitas Burrito
Chips and Guac
Burrito Bowl
Taco Plate
Great Tacos
Vegan Rice

“Wound up here by accident and happy that we did. The food was fresh and came out fast. The ingredients were made in house and the margaritas were YUMMY! The staff checked on us and the restaurant was clean! We’ll come back on our next trip to Lake Arrowhead!“

3.9 Good56 Reviews
Taco Joe's Mexican Restaurant Mexican • $
26659 Highland Ave, Highland - 8.2 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chilaquiles Divorciados
Frida Nachos or Fries
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Hard Shell Tacos
Albondigas Soup
Burrito Supreme
Shrimp Cocktail
Rice and Beans
Chicken Tacos
Chips & Salsa

“For a small Mexican food spot. Its pretty good, as in everything the prices are going up but its well worth it to eat here. Enjoy.Parking: Parking in front and on side of taco joes also a lower parking lot with a long wheelchair accessible rampKid-friendliness: High chairs, kids menu, my 6yr old daughter enjoys this placeWheelchair accessibility: Ramp in the front of the building and ramp from lower parking lot aswell“

3.8 Good82 Reviews
JJ's sports bar and grill Bar & Grill • $
7955 Webster St, Highland - 8.12 miles

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada Tacos
Hamburger Deluxe
Chicken Wings
Fish Taco

“Customer service is A1 - not a single worker will walk passed you without making sure you're good or if you need something else Food is delicious! So filling and well prepared I had the wet burrito with green sauce ? The overall ambiance is super chill - came here on Sunday to watch the 49ers game. Pretty much all NFL games were playing. A special shout-out to Jasmine and Bella for taking great care of us.Bang Bang.“

3.9 Good35 Reviews
Alberto's Mexican Food Mexican • $
1124 Orange St #3219, Redlands - 10.58 miles

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada Nachos with Cheese
Chorizo Breakfast Burrito
Rolled Tacos Supreme
Carne Asada Burrito
Carne Asada Plate
Chile Relleno
Supreme Fries
Chicken Taco
French Fries

“Love this albertos, it's my go to for my lunch break during the week, a simple bean and cheese holds me over with 4 of their salsa Verde. The lady who works the ordering system remembers me everytime I come through. 10/10 would recommend.“

3.8 Good55 Reviews
Albaro's Mexican Kitchen Mexican • $
7955 Webster St, Highland - 8.13 miles

Customers` Favorites

Bacon Egg and Cheese Burrito
Carne Asada Fries
Chile Relleno
Super Nachos

“Pretty average place. Nothing noteworthy or standout just an average Mexican restaurant. The only thing that I can say is that they close very late. I don't know what their current operating hours are but last time i was there they closed at 2:30am on the “

3.8 Good39 Reviews
Papagayos Mexican • $
28200 CA-189, Lake Arrowhead - 5.47 miles

Customers` Favorites

Cheese Enchilada Rice and Beans
Taco with Rice & Beans
Enchilada with Rice
Carne Asada Torta
Carne Asada Plate
Chips and Salsa
Albondigas Soup
Chicken Fajitas
Carnitas Plate
Nachos Grande

“We went to Papagayos on Valentine's Day. We both enjoyed our meal. I had the most delicious shredded beef enchiladas I have ever had. My husband had carnitas taco plate and he said they were full of meat and very tasty. Our server did a good job and we enjoyed the atmosphere. We will definitely come back.“

3.7 Good109 Reviews
Miguel's Jr. Mexican • $
27521 San Bernardino Ave, Redlands - 10.54 miles

Customers` Favorites

BRC Burrito and B & C Burrito with Salsa
Chile Relleno Combination 4
Miguel's Jr Nachos Supreme
Chile Relleno Burrito
Bean & Cheese Burrito
Chili Rellano Burrito
Homemade Horchata
Chicken Taquitos
Garbage Burrito
Chicken Burrito

“Today my beautiful wife and I visited Miguel's Jr. in Redlands, CA. We ordered the shredded tacos with rice and beans plate and a couple of tacos and other items on the side. To drink we ordered lemonade and horchata. For a fast food restaurant, the food and service were average or above. I would recommend that in the near future, the restaurant offer their meals with low sodium. Because their food and service were acceptable, I will focus on the cleanliness of the men's restroom, which I used. Out of five stars, I would give it 4. Everything was in order and adequately stocked. However, of the two faucets, the water ran too slowly on one. The facilities were clean but ventilation could have been better and smelling fresh.“

3.7 Good106 Reviews
Cuca's Mexican Food Mexican • $$
1752 E Lugonia Ave #121, Redlands - 9.73 miles

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada Wet Burrito
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Shredded Beef Burrito
Free Chips and Salsa
Machaca & Egg Plate
Carnitas Burrito
Albondigas Soup
Chips & Salsa
Steak Fajitas
Chile Verde

“We order takeout from Cuca's 2-3 times per month. When I went on February 19, Jessica W. was working the front desk. She was super friendly, got my special order exactly correct, and was fast and effiecient. I wish she was there all the time! She will make a great server if that's what she wants to be.The food is great at Cuca's, but recently has been inconsistent, especially in portion size. Once in February my enchilada had barely any sauce and dinky portions of rice and beans, while my wife's taquitos had a very small portion of guacamole and again, tiny portions of rice and beans. Normally I can get two meals out of my order, but this time barely got one satisfying meal.“

3.7 Good99 Reviews
Mariscos El Chapo Mexican • $$
2035 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino - 9.12 miles

Customers` Favorites

Beer Battered Shrimp Taco
Molcajete Mexicano
Michelada Time

“Probably the best mariscos place for miles. Very clean restaurant, good food. Started out with the chips and salsa. Salsa is very tasty but you are warned it is spicy. I then had the filet in garlic sauce. "Filete al mojo de ajo" definitly a 8.5 out of 10 for the garlic lovers.Not a cheap place but solid good food!!!“

3.8 Good26 Reviews
Tacos Tigre Tacos • $
1700 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino - 9.44 miles

“Came here on a recommendation from a family member. Here is what we ordered:3 tacos de tripa- $3 each2 tacos de asada- $3 eachCarne asada fries- $12+ $2 credit card chargeAsada was alright. The tripa was perfect for me because it was more on the crispy side rather than chewy. The asada fries were very basic (nacho cheese, onion, cilantro and salsa), I would have wished to have some sour cream and pico de galló but for that price I guess this is decent. Unfortunately, for us, the fries were over salty (still editable) but not our preference.The salsas- you have 3 options. The green ones are mild and the red one was a tad bit spicy. We ordered 5 tacos and only got a tiny container of each salsa. I am a saucy person so I used up one container on a single taco.Personally, this is not a place we would openly recommended but we would say to give it a try if you are in the area. They have some interested item on the menu like birria pizza, and birria ramen.“

3.9 Good12 Reviews
Tacos tadeo Mexican •
1029 Orange St, Redlands - 10.68 miles

“My favorite spot in Redlands for asada fries and a Michelada. They hook the fries up with all the sauces and fixings. The cashier is very friendly and made this Michelada with love. I've been here plenty of times the food is always great. The ceviche and tacos are also something I've enjoyed here. Menudo doesn't come with hominy for some reason and isn't one of my favorite items but that's the only negative thing I can say.“

3.7 Good9 Reviews
Frijolitos Mexican Food Fast Food • $
26599 Pine Ave, Rimforest - 6.65 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chile Relleno & Pork Plate
Huevos Rancheros Platter
Al Pastor Burger
Meat Quesadilla
Breakfast Torta
Shrimp Burrito
Fish Taco

“Great food for a spot in the gas station. Only concern is the website says closes at 9p, but the lady says they close at 8p for orders...little confusing as she said they have to stop cooking at 8p so they can close by 9p. I would recommend changing the time as that is misleading to those that may want a meal coming in after 8p.“

3.6 Good29 Reviews
Jojo's tacos mexican food San Bernardino California Mexican • $
6885 Del Rosa Ave, San Bernardino - 9.71 miles

Customers` Favorites


“I just had this restaurant cater my party this past weekend. I can't say enough about what an AMAZING job they did with my order! The employees were extremely polite and very helpful. The food was so delicious! My guests kept raving about the quality of the food and they are making it a point to go and visit this restaurant in the future. They did a wonderful job in packaging the items to keep all food items warm. The food made my party a true success and I will definitely be using them again. I highly recommend this restaurant!!!! You will not be disappointed!!!“

3.6 Good21 Reviews
El Potrero Tacos •
7318-7368 Victoria Ave, Highland - 9.02 miles

“Clean (Restaurant/Meat Market)and had everything I needed hamburger cook out.The ground beef was excellent, the same crowd of people and same recipe, the only difference was the ground beef.. everyone complemented on the quality and juiciness of the meat.The Chorizo seco is also better quality and better tasting than other local carnicerías.Good Service.Good Prices.Clean.Quality meats, poultry and pork.Can’t give it five stars only because I haven’t tried their seafood or restaurant.“

3.5 Good11 Reviews
Tacos Carnitas Lindo Michoacan Mexican • $
26498 Base Line St Suite “F, Highland - 8.96 miles

Customers` Favorites

Asada Nachos

“After a long day at the Yaamava Casino, the delicious lunch we enjoyed at this little family owned restaurant really HIT THE SPOT! We had Carnitas and Asada Nachos, Carnitas Wet Burrito and aguas frescas (Horchata and Jamaica) EVERYTHING was authentic! Servings are generous, too. The red salsa was so good I asked for some to take home with our leftovers! The customer service was warm and welcoming. We felt like family! We will definitely be back when we head to the casino again! It will be our SPOT!“

3.5 Good19 Reviews
2990 Del Rosa Ave N ste f, San Bernardino - 9.28 miles

Customers` Favorites

Birria De Res Riquisimo SE Los Recomiendo
Tacos De Birria De Res
Pupusa Frijol Queso
Carne Asada Fríes
Asada Burrito
Birria Tacos
Birria Ramen

“okay , hear me out. i got some pupusas yesterday, they were pretty good. one of the best i’ve had (in san bernardino..so far) & they have a deal on the pupusas on thursdays. i paid less than 15 for 8 pupusas. now here is the only thing i noticed , they have a little kid as the cashier. he looks to be around 10-12 maybe . & that’s so cool that he’s helping his family, however , since he’s a child. he doesn’t really have that customer service. which i don’t blame him for. he’s a child. he should be doing his homework or watching movies while settling down & getting ready for bed. again, im not hating on them. i understand that family helps out family, because my family is family over everything as well. all i’m saying is, i feel bad for the kid. other than that, this place seems great. i will possibly be returning(specially on thursday’s ?)“

3.5 Good58 Reviews
Dos Amigos Tortas Mexican • $
27224 Base Line St, Highland - 8.3 miles

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada Fries
Horchata Shake

“My gf & I had dinner there today. I've never been there but she has & recommended I try the micheladas. We both ordered Quesabirria tacos, with consome. (Birria juice). Super delicious ! Unlike other places where the consome is greasy, not st all! The prices arent nad either. I will be going back for sure!“

3.5 Good63 Reviews
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