18 Best Asian Restaurants in Denver

Q House Asian • $$
3421 E Colfax Ave, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Duck Lo Mein & Chong Qing Chicken
Crispy Fried Chicken Wings
Double Braised Short Ribs
Shrimp and Chicken Wontons
Bang Bang Chicken Salad
Salt and Pepper Shrimp
Chinese Fried Chicken
Fried Chinese Eggplant
Braised Pork Rice
Oreo Cheesecake

“Duck lo mein and Cheung Fun noodles are the best Asian dishes in Denver!! The wings are cannot miss as well. Q house has been serving the best Asian food in Denver consistently for the past 5 years and is unfortunately one of the most slept on restaurants in the “

4.5 Superb108 Reviews
Chopstickers Asian • $
1617a California St, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Soup Dumplings Steamed Bao Seaweed Salad Vegan Rainbow Fried Rice
牛肉麵 Beef Noddle Soup
Fried Bao Pork Potstickers
Pork Belly Noodle Soup
Shrimp and Chive Water
Rice with Pork Belly
Chicken Potstickers
Woodear Mushrooms
Steamed Vegan Bao
Steamed Pork Bao

“Literally felt I transcended eating the soup dumplings, we had split 3 different meals- the dumplings, the potstickers, and some pork buns. Of the 3? Number 1 was soup dumplings for sure. Then the pork buns. Then the potstickers. Everything was DELICIOUS!“

4.5 Superb185 Reviews
Pepper Asian Bistro Asian • $
2831 E Colfax Ave, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Sesame Chicken Lunch Special with Fried Rice
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Crab Cheese Wontons
Mongolian Eggplant
Hot and Sour Soup
Singapore Noodles
Kung Pao Chicken
Basil Fried Rice
Chicken Coconut
Drunken Noodles

“really great food, good prices“

4.5 Superb178 Reviews
Dumpling Kitchen Pan Asian • $
4045 N Pecos St #130, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Shrimp Dumplings with Japanese Curry Sauce
Pork Dumplings with Momo Sauce
Pork Dumpling 10 Pieces
Xiao Long Bao 8 Pieces
Tomato Egg Noodle Bowl
Wontons in Chili Oil
Beef Noodle Soup Bowl
Chashu Bao 2 Pieces
Wonton in Chili Oil
Rouzao Noodle Bowl

“More dumpling selection for Denver! We ordered soup dumplings (Xiao Long bao), chashu bao, animal buns (sweet custard bun) and Rouzao noodle bowl. The 4 pieces of soup dumplings I had didn’t have much soup. It’s cute quick place to get variety of buns. Street parking.“

4.6 Superb115 Reviews
Pan Gu Asian Bistro Asian • $
16221 East 40th Avenue D, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Singapore Rice Noodles
Crab Cheese Wontons 6
Dancing Eel Roll
Chicken Pad Thai
Teriyaki Chicken
Sesame Chicken
California Roll
Orange Chicken
Egg Drop Soup
Rainbow Roll

“every thing was delicious, service was great, if you go you must have the calamari!!!“

4.5 Superb111 Reviews
Yuan Wonton Asian • $$
2878 Fairfax St, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Mom and Dad's Egg Rolls 2 2
Szechuan Eggplant Dumplings
Sichuan Eggplant Dumplings
Tom Kha Chicken Wontons
Pad Krapao Potstickers
Crispy Garlic Noodles
Khao Soi

“Flavors are on point and service was quick. Their spicy dumplings walks a nice tightrope; just enough spice for me to feel it but not overwhelming.“

4.6 Superb75 Reviews
Nana’s Dim Sum & Dumplings Asian • $$$
3316 Tejon St #102, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Nana's Specialty Beef Noodle Soup
Beef & Cheese Dumplings
Truffle Soup Dumplings
Stir Fried Green Beans
Red Sea Chili Wontons
Spicy Cucumber Salad
Vegetable Dumplings
Pan Fried Pork Buns
Xiao Long Soup Buns
Jumbo Crab Ragoons

“The service was amazing! Just remember to get on the Yelp wait-list before you leave your home if you're going for dinner. The wait can be hour plus, and you don't want to wait at the restaurant. We were seated immediately after we arrived as we had gotten on the wait-list before we arrived.The atmosphere was nice, tho I didn't like how there wasn't much space between tables.The food was good, tho not outstanding for the price. XLB was okay. the "Signature Bao" was my favorite (I love baozi), chinese broccoli was good (oyster sauce?). We ordered 6 dishes across 2 people, and nothing really stood out.I prefer Star Kitchen and Mason's Dumpling to this place price-wise and taste-wise.If you've never had dimsum before, this place is great to go to. If you've had dimsum before, maybe pass on this place for other places in Denver.“

4.3 Superb217 Reviews
Phở Hong Asian • $
375 S Federal Blvd #109, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Large Pho Combination Rare Steak on Side
Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce 4
Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumplings
Deep Fried Shrimp Ball
Baked BBQ Pork Bun
Combo Fried Rice
Roasted Duck
Spring Rolls
Rice Plate
Dim Sum

“Customer service and owners are kind and friendly. Food brought out quick. Delicious duck and Pho is exceptional.“

4.4 Superb129 Reviews


YumCha Asian Fusion • $$
1520 16th St Mall, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Wagyu Beef & Asparagus Chow Fun
General TSO's Soup Dumplings
French Onion Soup Dumplings
Crab & Cheese Rangoon Purses
Steamed Pork Dumplings
Fried Pork Dumplings
Mushroom Dumplings
Crab Rangoon

“All the food was incredible, so unique, and happy hour was great!“

4.2 Good126 Reviews
TaWan Asian Cafe Asian • $
5380 W 44th Ave, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Lo Mein and Orange Chicken
Combination Rice Platters
Mongolian Triple Delight
General Tao's Chicken
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken
Mongolian Beef
Sesame Chicken
Cashew Chicken
Egg Drop Soup

“I think this’ll be our new Asian take-out spot! Food not only tasted delicious (hit the craving we were searching for) but portions were LARGE. We ordered the family dinner for 3 (even though there were only 2 of us lol) and we took home 4 to-go boxes… ? The Szechuan beef was our favorite, but the orange chicken was super crispy and veggies were freshly stir fried. In addition to the 3 entrees, you get cups of soup, egg rolls and crab cheese wonton. Finished with a honeydew boba (it was blended like a smoothie). Altogether, with tip, we spent $60 but for 2 people you definitely could still get a lot food for even cheaper!“

4.4 Superb54 Reviews
East Tao Ramen Asian • $
955 Lincoln St I, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Pork Belly Ramen
Crispy Chicken
Fried Rice

“Their beef lo mein was the best I’ve ever had! The noodles were perfect and the beef was a good size and tender. The crab wontons were good but barely had any filling inside them mostly just the breading. Other than that I loved the food!“

4.4 Superb50 Reviews
Chubby Cattle Denver Asian • $$
2 N Broadway, Denver

Customers` Favorites

All You Can Eat Sushi
Live Seafood Platter
Sushi Nigiri Combo
Seafood Hot Pot
All Day Special
Sashimi Deluxe
Seaweed Salad
Hot Pot Combo
Ramen Add-On
Beef Brisket

“Super delicious food and good service. I'll definitely eat here again!!!“

4.1 Good145 Reviews
Mile High Hibachi Food Truck & Catering Asian • $$
2751 Larimer St, Denver

Customers` Favorites

New York Steak Chicken and Shrimp
Filet Mignon and Shrimp
Chicken Fried Rice
Steak & Chicken
Ginger Sauce
Diablo Sauce

“Great private experience. Jorge is a phenomenal chef.“

4.2 Good63 Reviews
Dragonfly Noodle Asian •
1350 16th St Mall, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Mandarin Chicken Salad
Black Tonkotsu Ramen
Spicy Bulgogi Bao
Yaki Udon Noodles
Pork Belly Bao
Roast Duck Bao
Lobster Roll
Miso Spicy

“I came in for a hot bowl of noodles on a cold day and was rewarded with this wonderful shop that makes their noodles in front of you and provides you with homemade quality you can taste. The personnel are super friendly and make you feel right at home.Got the black tonkotsu and I could taste the distinct love and care that went into every aspect from the hand sliced pork to the mushrooms to the complexity of the broth.An absolute gem on 16th Street approved by someone who was instantly reminded of Japan after finishing a bowl at the bar.“

4.1 Good98 Reviews
Ninja Ramen Mobile Asian •
3600 E 40th Ave, Denver

“Soooo sooo good! One of the absolute yummiest ramen I have had the pleasure of eating. What's also special about this food truck is the attention to the presentation of their scrumptious dishes. The service was friendly and fast too. I downloaded their app so I can go get their ramen anytime!“

4.8 Superb16 Reviews
Healthy Asian Garden Chinese • $
284 S Logan St, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Honey Walnut Shrimp Fried
Fried Rice

“I got the beef chow mein and the chicken fried rice and they were both amazing. I wish I had discovered this spot sooner. I got the chow mein "hot" which was great because it was hot but not so crazy. It was the perfect balance so you could taste the other flavors while enjoying the heat. Will definitely be back.“

3.8 Good32 Reviews
Umami Express Asian •
810 Vallejo St, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Organic Tofu Rice Bowl
Wagyu Beef Greens Bowl
Wagyu Beef Rice

“This place is great! The flavors are not super "Asian" but everything is very flavorful with huge portion sizes and generous amounts of meat. They don't skimp on the nicer ingredients by adding tons of rice/cabbage as filler, I felt the box was perfectly proportioned so you get the best amount of everything. Both bowls I ordered came in pretty large takeout boxes that were completely filled and lasted over 2 meals. Will definitely order again!“

3.7 Good10 Reviews
Sidewok cafe Asian • $
4930 W Colfax Ave, Denver

Customers` Favorites

Vegetable Egg Roll
Chicken Fried Rice
Shrimp Fried Rice
Chicken Chow Mein
Singapore Noodle
Chicken Lo Mein
Orange Chicken
Sesame Chicken
Wonton Soup
Pad Thai

“I highly recommend this place. They don't have done-in, so it's great if you're just looking for take-out. They're very pleasant, and it's tasty food when you're looking to satisfy a craving, like me today! I didn't rate atmosphere because there is no dine-in and it's cold in here.“

3.7 Good45 Reviews