23 Best Mexican Restaurants in Grand Junction

Grand Junction's best places for Mexican cuisine are in our list.

Pollo Asado Mexican • $
304 North Ave, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Whole Chicken with Beans and Rice
Cheese Enchiladas
Enchilada Meal
Chicken Plate
Medio Pollo
Pollo Asado

“Good food at a good price. Kid behind the counter during quarantine always has the best shirts.“

4.5 Superb78 Reviews
El Charro Loco Mexican • $
2886 North Ave, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Chimichanga Dinner
Chips and Salsa

“This was our first visit to this newly established restaurant. I ordered the Enchilada Nortena (5) with 3 smaller sized enchiladas that were very filling: steak, grilled chicken, and a potato/chorizo filling - each have their own sauces. Exceptional & unique flavors with fresh ingredients. My husband ordered the #3 Combo: ground beef crunchy taco (4), ground beef enchilada (4), and a chili relleno (5) - large, meaty poblano, cheese filled, battered and fried with just right amount of sauce. Both platters are a served with puréed beans (5) and rice (4). I normally prefer chunky beans (personal preference) but these were delicious. Also, do not enjoy Spanish rice, typically underwhelming but these were very flavorful with smidge of melted cheese on top. Plates came out piping hot. Table served with freshly made warm tortilla chips and homemade salsa, puréed (5), very tasty. Service was good, attended to our needs at just the right time. Interior presented their culture and was exceptionally clean. Prices were very reasonable. I highly recommend this new restaurant, we will definitely return. They have unique flavor profiles that is a step above.“

4.5 Superb58 Reviews
Mary's Restaurant American • $
230 East Lynwood Street G & H, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Fried Steak Omelette
Biscuits and Gravy
Breakfast Burrito
Mexican Hamburger
Biscuits & Gravy
Huevos Rancheros
French Toast
Hash Browns

“Great service great food. A favorite“

4.4 Superb59 Reviews
La Milpa Tortilla Factory Mexican •
514 30 Rd, Grand Junction

“So glad we chose La Milpa Tortilla Factory for our tortillas for The Buttered Biscuit food truck! Very friendly staff and management! Look forward to doing more business! Tamales are delicious!“

4.6 Superb28 Reviews
Aztecas Family Mexican Restaurant Mexican • $
603 US-50, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Taco Enchilada Combination
Deep Fried Ice Cream
Pork Carnitas Plate
Stuffed Sopapillas
Chips and Salsa
Azteca Burrito
Chile Relleno
Tacos De Asada
Shrimp Tacos

“Just when you thought that you have found a great Mexican restaurant,along comes another great restaurant that is equal or better than the last one, such a restaurant is the Azteca Mexican Restaurant, located at 603 hwy 50 is such a restaurant and like this one there is another one more like this on Horizon Dr.the menus are similar so both of these restaurants are own by the same chain of Mexican foods located throughout the country. The menu is out of this world,if you love Mexican food like I do, you will like this restaurant, the menu is full of delicious favorites, from tacos , enchiladas burritos, that are served with large portions of rice and beans , but there is more goodness in the menu too numerous to mention, so you have to treat yourself to a favolous lunch or dinner, prices are right too, go ahead and checkout the restaurant and while you wait have a great flavor Mexican beer or a margarita of your choice or if you prefer a fountain drink you will be happy that the wait was worth it, meanwhile enjoy chips and salsa to built the appetite, after that you wii came out the restaurant happy as can be and will recommend this restaurant to your friends and family. Guaranteed so if you love Mexican food you will love this restaurant. I will give this restaurant 10 out 10 for great service,great choices of food, and great Mexican flavour foods, go ahead and visit this restaurant your palate will appreciate it,and so your satisfaction.Vegetarian options: Vegetarians can build their own dishes wit items on the menuDietary restrictions: Most of the foods are almost dietarian,there are little calories on the dishes,but you can order the items that you feel ate good for your diet.Parking: On the premises parking is plentyfull.Kid-friendliness: There is a menu for kids with smaller portions they will enjoy the food and atmosphere of the restaurantWheelchair accessibility: No problem.“

4.3 Superb79 Reviews
Loncheria Rubi Mexican • $
2515 US-50 & U.S. 6, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Chorizo Breakfast Burrito with Salsa
Bean and Cheese Burrito
Chorizo Taco

“We have been coming here since I was a little girl. Always have loved the breakfast burritos as well as the lunch burritos. I really can't say if anything else is great. But I'm 100% certain that it is amazing. It is an only Cash place, but the gas station right next to it has an atm so that's convenient. I'm so happy this place is blowing up. It is such a good authentic Mexican food truck at cheep!!!!!Parking: Parking is out front. Small strip of gravel, sprouts is right next door. Plenty of parking there if notKid-friendliness: There's not much to say besides if your kid isn't picky. This is a great place to eat.“

4.5 Superb31 Reviews
EL ASADERO Mexican • $
2931 North Ave, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Tacos De Asada Y Adobada
Roasted Beef Taco
Corn Burrito

“This is the best Mexican food in town!We ordered the birria, rice and beans.Our hostess also brought out a sampling of sauces. Each was unique and delicious. This place is incredibly authentic.Our hostess, who may have been the owner, was lovely and made sure we enjoyed the food. She was very attentive and fun to talk with.We will definitely be frequenting El Asadero.“

4.5 Superb30 Reviews
Las Marias Mexican • $
118 S 7th St, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Chile Relleno & Tamale Combo
Shrimp & Crab Enchiladas
Pork Green Chili Burrito
Pollo a La Plancha
Breakfast Burrito
Stuffed Sopapilla
Chips and Salsa
Shrimp Fajitas
Super Burrito

“Love Las Marias, the service is awesome. The food is great and the margaritas are amazing.“

4.2 Good107 Reviews
Taqueria Guadalajara Mexican • $
719 Pitkin Ave # 0, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Birria Estilo Jalisco México Muy Rica
Green Chile Burrito and Barbacoa Taco
Carne Asada Burrito and Side of Rice
Tortillas Hechas A Mano En El Momento
Naked Carne Asada Burrito
Barbacoa Beef Cheek
Smothered Burrito
Carne Asada Torta
Enchiladas Plate
Carne Asada Tacos

“I arrived half an hour before they closed, and they gave me incredible service, I ate tacos de asada which was not the best, the carnitas taste good but very dry, the birria quesadillas are delicious, I'm going to come back to try more of the menu, it's A very nice place, I felt like I was in Mexico with the music and the atmosphere and of course with the food.Kid-friendliness: A family placeWheelchair accessibility: Easy and comfortable for a person in a wheelchair“

4.3 Superb47 Reviews
Jalapeños Tacos Mexican • $
2977 North Ave, Grand Junction
5 Superb9 Reviews
El Tapatio Mexican • $
1145 North Ave, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Chili Relleno Combo with a Cantarito Cocktail
Chips and Salsa and Curtido
Bean and Cheese Burrito
Chilaquiles Con Huevo
Tacos De Carne Asada
Carne Asada Burrito
Tostada De Ceviche
Chicken Quesadilla
5 De Mayo Chicken
Fajita Burrito

“Tapatio is by far the best authentic Mexican food I have had in Colorado, not over or under seasoned, server was on point and everything was just right, what can I say, it was the way it was supposed to be which is hard to come by nowadays.“

4.2 Good78 Reviews
Mi Mexico Mexican • $
624 Rae Lynn St, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Wild Mushroom Salsa Spicy Tomato Salsa and Chips
Enchiladas Divorciadas Divorced Enchiladas
Enchilada Tamale and Crispy Chile Relleno
Quesadilla Ranchera Lunch Menu
Pollo A la Parilla Ensalada
MI Mexico Shrimp Platter
Shredded Beef Chimichanga
Carne Asada Lunch Plate
Camarones Mojo de Ajo
Burrito Mi México

“We stopped in for a quick snack, craving queso and chips. The chips were great and the Mushroom Ceviche served with the house salsa was good though it needed more liquid. But the Queso was pretty bad, runny like soup and oddly bland. I did have a delicious Irish Coffee however and the service was perfect. We’ll be back to sample some entrees to see what Mi Mexico actually can do.“

4.1 Good115 Reviews
El Mescal Family Mexican Restaurant & Bar Mexican • $
2210 Hwy 6 And 50, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada Plate
Fried Ice Cream
Homemade Salsa
Pork Carnitas
Steak Fajitas
Chips Salsa
Taco Salad

“The carnitas and azada was excellent. They take pride in their dishes. It was topped with a grilled jalapeño. The chimichanga was fried like it suppose to be.Two companions ordered drinks. The one said its on her go back list because her Sangria was excellent and the other had a margarita, it was served in a dressed and cute pottery glass. She said a very excellent margaritas.We finished off the meal with fried icecream. The server was gracious, making sure we were filled with liquids and all was well. We appreciated his attention. Professional, friendly and attentive.It's now on our go to list.“

4.1 Good109 Reviews
Fiesta Guadalajara Mexican • $
710 North Ave, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

One Taco One Enchilada and One Bean Tostada
Fiesta Enchilada Carne Asada
Two Carne Asada Tacos
Deep Fried Ice Cream
Chicken Fajitas
Chips and Salsa
Veggie Fajitas
Chile Relleno

“La atención y dedicación de sus empleados“

4.1 Good100 Reviews
705 Horizon Dr, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Chilly Rellano Shredded Beef Enchilada with Rice and Beans
Stuffed Sopapilla
Chicken Fajitas
Salsa and Chips
Chips and Salsa
Tortilla Soup
Chile Relleno
Super Nachos

“It's an old pizza hut....I don't go for the atmosphere, it's comfortable...and..its good food. There is plenty of it for the price. Easy and relaxed eating.Recommend it for simple family dining, no fuss, a great answer to "what do you want?" , "I don't know ...what do you want?"Let's just go to Aztecas....“

4.1 Good92 Reviews
Los Alazanes Mexican • $
2301 North Ave, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada Plate
Cheese Quesadilla
Carne Asada Tacos
3 Rolled Tacos
With Guacamole
Pastor Taco
Super Nachos
Al Pastor

“I've been there twice, and I was very impressed! the food was good both times, and the people are so friendly and helpful. the green hot sauce is great!“

4.1 Good66 Reviews
VIP Tacos Tacos • $
2850 North Ave, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Adobada Tacos and Chorizo Tacos
Adobada Tacos and Cactus Tacos
Queso Birria Tacos
Carne Asada Taco
Chiles Rellenos
Street Tacos
Steak Torta

“Absolutely love VIP Tacos.Super fast and efficient street food.Friendly staff is always helpful explaining what some of these items on the menu are.We have tried several different dishes that we couldn't even pronounce, lol but recommended. And they never fail us. Delicious fast Mexican food.The chili relleno is bar far the best in the valley!Atmosphere? North Ave. The Hollywood if Grand Junction. Love it!Highly Recommended“

4.1 Good56 Reviews
Costa Vida Mexican • $
2430 Patterson Rd Unit A, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Steak Nachos and Shredded Beef Tacos
Sweet Cinnamon Tortilla
Chips & Queso
Key Lime Pie
Side Chips
2 Tacos

“All associates displayed friendly attitudes and professionalism except one associate. She came over to ask the gentleman directly in front of me if he qas helped. He responded, "Yes," then she turned away from me to work toward the kitchen. Someone spoke with her and she returned to help me. I'll never guess if it was because I was a minority or not. The food was excellent and my military service recognition smoothed things over at the cashier's station.“

4.1 Good46 Reviews
El M7 Mariscos y Mas Mexican • $
2956 North Ave, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Taco De Chorizo
Torta De Asada

“After driving past the restaurant hundreds of times, I decided to come in to satisfy my needs for a good taco. M7 does not disappoint. Freshly made to order corn tortillas, incredible tacos, clean, and wonderful service. These are by FAR better tacos than I have ever eaten in the state of Colorado and would hold their own on the Texas taco scene. I am very impressed and will be back!“

4.2 Good17 Reviews
2591 Legacy Way, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

El Taco Power

“I will literally chase this truck to the ends of the earth. I tried them for the first time at an event and have been hooked ever since. You’ll probably catch me at any event they will be posted up at. Everything on the menu is incredible, and I can’t help but order one of every taco when I go, because I simply cannot decide on just one item. You guys are the GOAT, keep doing what you’re doing!“

4.1 Good29 Reviews
Los Jilbertos Mexican • $
2812 North Ave, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Ground Beef Taco and Chicken Enchilada with Beans and Rice and Beans
Rellano Speical and Super Nachos
Monster Breakfast Burrito
Burrito and Enchiladas
Super Fries with Pico
Carne Asada Fries
Tacos Carne Asada
Steak Burrito
Choice Tacos
Beef Burritos

“I was here for a week and visited 3 times it was so good! Especially for the price! It's one of the only places where you feel that you get what you pay for! And not overpaying. The food is phenomenal!!! Anytime I'm in Grand Junction, I ll be back!!!“

4 Good138 Reviews
Tequila's Mexican Restaurant Mexican • $
2560 North Ave, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Green Cheese Enchilada Rice and Beans
Cheese Enchiladas Beans and Rice
Shrimp Fajita Plate
Chimichanga Dinner
Carne Asada Plate
Chips and Salsa
Mole Enchilada
Cheese Dip

“Love the staff here. Always friendly and attentive service. Food is always amazing.“

4 Good66 Reviews
QDOBA Mexican Eats Mexican • $
2510 N 12th St Unit A, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Family Meals Come with All of the Fixings to Make Flavorful Tacos or Bowls for 4-5 People
Burrito Bowl Topped with Freshly Grilled Adobo Chicken Brings the Flavor
Cholula Hot & Sweet Chicken Bowl
Create Your Own 3-Cheese Nachos
Create Your Own Bowl
Side of Black Beans
Chicken Quesadilla
Chips and Queso
Chips and Salsa
3-Cheese Queso

“As ll I can say is that they should put out limes like they used to, or at the very least add it to the item ordered or even one better, ask the customer if they would like some. I love those with my food. It does not taste the same without.“

4 Good51 Reviews