16 Best Pizza Restaurants in Lawrenceville

La piragua pizzeria Pizza •
875 Oak Rd SW suite #108, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

Pizza de Jamón Y Queso
Steak Sandwich Cubano
Espaguetti De Jam
Pizza Napolitana
Pan C Bistec

“Today was my first time trying this restaurant. I took my first bite and it was so good that I had to stop what I was doing to write a review! This place is awesome! The food was fantastic and the service was excellent; that is a potent combination! I love their selection of Cuban products! Needless to say, I will be back for more!P.S. I saw some reviews complaining about the prices; remember you are paying for quality. Not to sound pretentious, but if you want cheap food then go to a national chain. If you want high quality food made with high quality ingredients then try La Piragua Pizza!“

4.8 Superb60 Reviews
Magazzino Delle Pizza Pizza • $
137 S Perry St, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

Empanadas and Chili Cheese Fries
Pizza with Pepperoni
Margherita Pizza
Caprese Empanada
Nutella Brownie
Pepperoni Pizza
Marinara Sauce
E Bella Pizza
Caesar Salad
Beef Empanada

“The pizza is amazing. Delicious wood fired/brick oven pizza. Super fresh ingredients and the best crispy, yet fluffy crust. Order at the counter and you have your pizza very shortly afterwards. Super fast and efficient. We love this gem in Lawrenceville. Kudos to doing pizza very well! We appreciate you and your pleasant staff!“

4.5 Superb89 Reviews
Fini’s Pizzeria Pizza • $
1032 Old Peachtree Rd NW, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

Extra Cheese Pizza Pepperoni and Black Olive Pizza
Slice of NY Thin Crust
NY Thin Cheese Slice
Homemade Garlic Knots
Specialty Pizza

“We did take out, we are from out of town and were so tired from traveling. I called, placed my order, the man who helped me was very patient and helpful. I arrived to get my order, and everyone I came across from the side walk to the counter and back out the door was so kind and inviting. The food, CHEFS KISS, I always get voted in my group of friends for being the groups 'food snob', im just very particular about my food! We got a Stromboli, hubs loved it. And the kids had alfredo. I also had alfredo but added spinach and mushrooms. It was a HUGE portion, i could only eat half. Another thing, I dread leftovers... but I looked forward to getting to have this the next day. It was hands down THE BEST alfredo I've had. The fresh noodles I think is what really makes the difference here. If I'm coming back through this part of GA I will for sure be stopping in again! I should have snapped some photos before we gobbled it all up, but it was spectacular.“

4.7 Superb61 Reviews
Arditi Pizzeria Pizza • $$
2948 Five Forks Trickum Rd SW, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

Sausage and Mushrooms Pizza
Meatballs and Cheese Sticks
Mozzarella Sticks
Pepperoni Pizza
Americano Pizza
Crispy Brussels
Diavola Pizza
Caesar Salad
House Salad

“We are picky pizza eaters, and the brick oven/wood fired pizzas here are absolutely ?. Fresh ingredients and unique artisanal meats. The Diavola is one of our faves with the perfect amount of spice. We also love the Caesar salad. Nice friendly neighborhood atmosphere, and a nice local beer selection as well. We can tell they are passionate about their craft and hoping they are around for a long while. Definitely worthy of a trip to Lawrenceville. Thanks, guys!“

4.5 Superb64 Reviews
Grandma's N.Y. Pizza Pizza • $
911 Duluth Hwy 120 Suite E3, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

1 Slice of Pizza 1 Topping w Salad
1-Topping Small Pizza Lunch
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Lemmon Pepper Wings
Meat Lover's Pizza
Fried Calamari
Cuban Sandwich
Chicken Wings
Grandma's Pie
Fried Ravioli

“We love Grandma's NY pizza. We're from NJ and transplanted to Georgia. This isthe best pizza that we found in this area. Definitely the closest to NJ/ NY pizza that we have come to love. They have many items on the menu and are rarely disappointed by anything we've gotten there. Love the hot wings, garlic bread, vodka rigatoni, chicken parmesaum and many others. Its the best bang for the buck! We will always come back to Grandma's NY pizza“

4.3 Superb80 Reviews
Nancy's Chicago Pizzeria Lawrenceville Pizza •
1064 Old Peachtree Rd NW, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

Meat Pizza Don't Remember What They Call It
Classic Thin Crust Rocco's Party Pizza
Roasted Italian Beef Sandwich
Stuffed Pizza Chicago
Waffle Fries
Onion Rings

“Ive ordered here thru Uber eats twice food is soo good and fresh! The Cesar salad was sooo good!! Highly recommended thin crust pizza was perfect too glad to have a decent place for pizza close by. They have deep dish too that looks amazing might be my next order.“

4 Good78 Reviews
Cosmo's Pizza + Social Pizza • $
144 E Crogan St, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

Slices with Italian Sausage
NY Style Cheese Pizza
Sicilian Thick Crust
Stuffed Mushrooms
Meat White Pizza
Margarita Pizza
Sausage Pizza
Zucchini Fries
Cheesy Bread
Italian Sub

“Laid back and chill modern atmosphere. Courteous service with just the right amount of attentiveness. Oh, and the food... it's like the whole point, right? The awesomeness of the pizza (which you have to experience to truly comprehend) is nonchalantly complemented by the atmosphere and music. Cosmo's has this formula dialed in. Need a spot to impress your friends from out of town? You won't be disappointed.“

3.9 Good108 Reviews
BiBa's Italian Restaurant Italian • $
4850 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

Fettuccine Alfredo Lunch
Tortellini Gabrielle
Biba's Garlic Rolls
Spaghetti Carbonara
Chicken Parmigiana
Four Cheese Pizza
Mozzarella Sticks
Blackened Chicken
Veal Parmigiana
Chicken Marsala

“This spot has great authentic Italian food. They have the best pasta and lasagna in Georgia. And the Chicken picata is also a great must have. I really enjoyed the bread that the staff kept full on our table. The staff makes this place even better. My go to Italian “

3.9 Good99 Reviews
Johnny's New York Style Pizza Pizza • $
3157 Sugarloaf Pkwy Suite 100, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

Johnny's New York Style Pizza
Lemon Pepper Wings
Mini Garlic Knots
Meat Lovers Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
Cinnamon Knots
Chicken Wings
Caesar Salad

“Always a good time. The service is casual and friendly. The pizza and salads are good and they have a small selection of craft beer. Love the gourmet veggie and the chicken florentine pizza. Their wings are good too and they let you mix flavors. ?“

3.8 Good59 Reviews
Dogwood Pizza Pizza • $
850 Dogwood Rd Suite D300, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

Fresh Ingredients
Pepperoni Pizza
Cheese Pizza

“The owners were very nice and welcoming. I needed pizza quickly for an event at Code Ninjas and they were the perfect fit. The children enjoyed the food and I look forward to sharing with more of our parents to visit soon.Vegetarian options: Veggie pizza and sandwiches“

3.8 Good48 Reviews
Bellagio's NY Pizzeria Pizza • $
860 Duluth Hwy Ste 270, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

Large Meat Lovers Pizza
Double Supreme Slices
Pizza by the Slice
Pepperoni Pizza
Marinara Sauce
Garlic Knots

“I don't know what is or is not authentic NY Pizza, but I presume I will never have the authentic NY pizza experience unless I'm in danger of being mugged on the way to the pizza place and back while wading through throngs of impersonal, angry people against a sound track of blaring horns, the murmur of voices, and cell phone chimes.Inappropriate political commentary aside, this pizza is delicious, without any regard for its similarities to pizza from another region. I'm no connoisseur but I believe the mushrooms are sautéed and the veggies seem fresh. Subjectively, the crust is crispy, thin, and light, the sauce is of the sweet variety, and the meatballs and sausage are more flavorful compared to the more conservative selections used by many pizza places. On the Supreme, I generally could not sense the cheese, which might speak more about me than the pizza, but isolating it reveals a good mozzarella. The pricing of the pies is on par with chain pizza like Dominos and Papa Johns, so, let's say it's average.Any gripes I have are minor matters of preference, so, they do not influence the rating. For example, I prefer doughy garlic knots but these more closely resemble baked bread. Feel free to disregard my tastes based on pizzas I think stand out: I consider Mellow Mushroom to be the very best chain pizza. The BBQ chicken from Papa Johns is a 9/10. My favorite sauce is, somehow, Little Caesars, despite (or maybe because of) the abundance of garlic powder in the recipe.“

3.8 Good48 Reviews
Jet's Pizza Pizza • $
2695 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Bacon Ranch
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Italian Deli Boat
Lalapelio Peppers
Chicken Parmesan
Antipasto Salad
Pepperoni Pizza
Garden Salad
NY Style

“This is hands down my favorite pizza spot since Cooley closed. The service here is horrible. They don't even acknowledge you. They make you wait. While waiting you see your order seating in the warmer. You want this pizza to be hot, fresh out the oven. They need to pay the staff more. The pizza is incredible though. It's hard to stop eating. Do yourself a favor and get the 8 corners vs 12 or look forward to more pounds being added to your weight. Horrible service, excellent pizza, so 4 stars from me. It is expensive though but I'll leave at 4 stars for now. Staff do better. Without customers the employer can't employ. Customers service is everything. We need more of it these days. The customer service needs improvement forsure.“

3.7 Good61 Reviews
Italian Pie ( in neighborhood Walmart grocery store) Italian • $
3059 Lawrenceville Hwy, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

18 Meat Lover's Pizza
Philly Steak & Cheese
Meatball Parmesan
Pepperoni Pizza
Hawaiian Pizza
Cheese Pizza
Greek Salad
Hot Wings

“Had a Philly last week and all I can say is that it was the best Philly I had since I moved to Georgia me and my family are from up north and we’ve been looking for pizza and food that reminds us of home needless to say Italian pie has the best pizza slices, Phyllis steaks and overall food 10/10 and the staff was very friendly!“

3.8 Good37 Reviews
Gaetano's NY Kitchen Italian •
1128 Fort Marcy Park, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

Amaretto Cheesecake

“We have been wanting to try Gaetano's Kitchen for awhile now and finally had the opportunity. G's didn't disappoint at all. We went with the lasagna, penne catatonic, spaghetti, crab cakes, The Big Paul, shrimp, chicken, and desert. The wife said "Top Notch Cuisine"! I can't argue. If you want great and authentic Italian food to go or delivered to your door, then Gaetano's is a great choice.Would have added pics but it's already half eaten!“

4.1 Good16 Reviews
Italian Pie Pizza • $
1195 Scenic Hwy S, Lawrenceville

Customers` Favorites

Pizza and Garlic Knots
Cheese Pizza 18 Large
Cheesy Cheesy Bread
Margherita Pizza
Chicken Alfredo
Veggie Pizza
Cheese Pizza
Steak Calzone
Greek Salad

“food is 10/10 and the price is average. the staff is kind and welcoming and the pizza is so so good like litterly everything here is so good it dosnt matter what. the pictures on yelp are not accurate and I don't know why it's a 2.5 rating this is the best pizza I have had.“

3.6 Good34 Reviews
Italian Pizza Pie Catering Pizza • $
3059 Lawrenceville Hwy, Lawrenceville

“Have only ordered the basic Italian Pizza Pie each time so I can only speak to that, and not the place itself. But it is a very good pizza, and really excellent for the price (around 20 for a large). Thin crust, good ingredients, delivered promptly every one or my four or five orders. Highly recommended.“

4 Good9 Reviews
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