28 Best Coffee Shops in Marietta

“Most important. The owner is a genuinely nice and caring person. He is appreciative of his customers, and he gets to know them as a community.The coffee is great. Every drink made is lovely but I’m partial to their cortados. I’m usually a cappuccino drinker but the espresso is smooth and flavorful so I prefer less milk and sugar.I’ve worked entire days there before too. It’s a great atmosphere.”

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“Each Starbucks is as good as the quality of their team members, and this Starbucks has some great people working. I had an issue with an order getting “oat milk” vs the “whole milk” that I wanted. They were very responsive and kind to fix the issue and I left with a great drink and feeling like I was a valued customer.”

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“Delicious! Stopped by this shop early on a Sunday afternoon. They still had an array of fresh options available. The prices are comparable or less to a large donut chain. The donuts were fresh, lightweight, and flavorful. I purchased a 1/2 dozen for $6.99. I would recommend this place to a friend & will be returning.”

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“Great coffee, great breakfast snacks. I miss the gyros this place used to serve back in the day....but now that it's a coffee shop it's great. Needs a smidge more seating....perhaps convert a park spot or two in front into seating on weekends?”

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“First, the woman working there is amazing. She is warm and very friendly. That alone was a treat. We bought a coffee and a box of doughnuts. The coffee was fresh and I enjoyed it. The doughnuts are excellent. The blueberry doughnut absolutely stands out at the best I have ever had. The chocolate icing is homemade, thick she delicious.”

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“Pulled into the drive-thru for lunch and promptly had my order taken (and made sure it was correct). Got two delicious and hot Chicago-style Vienna hot dogs and the best dirty frappuccino of my life. Definitely coming back to try their other offerings. Thanks! ?”

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“The barista checking my boyfriend and me out was very sweet and helpful. She answered all my questions pertaining to my dietary restriction and made finding a delicious drink easy!Dietary restrictions: Alternative kinds of milk and dairy-free flavor options!”

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“Good custom doughnuts. Ordered glazed. Doughnuts were super moist, like cake, I could have used some flatware. Instead, I used lots of napkins. Ordered an sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on an English muffin. This was also excellent.”

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“This is a great local coffee cafe, with some interesting flavors and creations. The pastries are all delicious. As good as the coffee is, I recommend the chai. The environment is usually relaxed and quiet, with lots of seating. When the weather is nice there is also a balcony out back is comfortable.”

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“Amazing! Go here if you like food that is real!!! It’s one of my all time favorites! All diets accommodated as they serve meat/eggs/dairy dishes but are also Vegetarian, vegan and Gluten free friendly!I eat a gluten free - dairy free plant based diet and this place is perfect!If you are looking for grease, preservatives, manufacturered mass produced food, go somewhere else because you will not find any bad food here.Vegetarian options: They have an entire menu dedicated to Vegan and Vegetarian dishes!!Dietary restrictions: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free”

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“We came in at around 8:30 and got seated quickly. Even though it looked like it was starting to get busy, service was prompt and the food arrived in good time. Everything was delicious and we can't wait to go back and try out other things from the menu”

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“And the 3rd post for Roli's Bites of the Week goes to... @mariettadonuts in Marietta, Georgia! Hands down THE best BLUEBERRY donut of any shop I know of.... there is something special about theirs that makes it better than the other places. They also have a solid glazed but the glazed winner went to yesterday's post. Check them out and let me know what you think!! In the box: Blueberry, chocolate glazed, croissant glazed donutyoutube.com/shorts/2m3Vz…#Rolieats #rolisbitesoftheweek #donutweek #mariettadonuts #marietta #donuts #blueberrydonuts #bestblueberry #dontfightme”

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“Since I have relocated to this area I have been struggling to find a good local coffee shop. Well I am happy to report my search ends here! The coffee was great and the atmosphere was really cool! We also ordered a couple of breakfast items which were solid. I will definitely be returning!”

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“My father and I tried the sugar free turtle ice cream and papaya milkshake. Both were amazing!!Also want to say the owner, Lolita is super kind and wonderful. We were running UberEats orders and she let us keep the order from her shop in her cooler while we had to wait 20 minutes for a restaurant 2 doors down to finished the order we were picking up from them. No melted ice cream was delivered today!”

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“I've visited this ice cream shop before and again recently. Service is friendly and the ice cream is good. The atmosphere could use a bit of work though. It looks fun from the outside with the painted glass. But once you're inside, it's rather drab. No bright and welcoming colors on the wall. No music. Just ice cream. If that's all you want, great. If you're treating yourself and/or the family, it lacks in overall experience. If come back for ice cream, but would take it outside and enjoy it on the square.”

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“The best gelato cafe I have been to! The prices are very decent, you can get a affogato that has three scoop of vanilla gelato for only $6.99! And you can try different flavors for free before u decide which one you gonna get, and you can do a half/half for the gelato! Definitely recommending this place!”

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“This little coffee shop is about as charming as it gets in the downtown of a small Southern town. It’s literally located on Church Street! It is quant, very well decorated and serves up delicious coffee from some gold standard local roasters. Their cold brew is fantastic and I would highly recommend the lemon poppy seed muffin. Also a great spot for a daddy/daughter date! We had a blast!”

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“Great customer service! I took an Uber here and did not realize that the inside Cafe was closed and that they were only doing drive-thru orders. The staff here was kind enough to allow me to sit outside and work and order from there. I know that I did not have to do this but I was greatly appreciative.”

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“This place makes such good coffee! The young man that served me was friendly and helpful. This was my first visit and he made suggestions after asking me a few questions. I could see myself frequenting this location. I actually preferred this Caramelicious over my usual drink at the “other” coffee house. In fact, I learned that a Frappuccino at the other establishment is made with powder…haven’t ordered sinceThe coffee at Scooters has a nice roast and depth.I’m a Cuban native and we like our cafes. Give Scooters a try. You won’t be disappointed and if you’re near Canton Road this drive thru only location is worth the extra mile.”

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“First of all, I love that the sandwiches are priced appropriately!! Where people get off charging $12 for a BLT I have no idea. ? That alone is worth a return trip. But there is more to this place than inexpensive lunch. It's a small, family-owned and operated business, and if you frequent enough, it really could be a place that knows your name. The people are very nice (both employees and customers!). I went during lunchtime so it was quite busy, but according to a customer it's always like that because the location is so small. I ordered a soup and they forgot to give it me. But it's all good. I'll still come back soon.”

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“Wow!!! This is one of my new favorite Boba places to go to. Some of my friends brought me here, and I definitely don't regret attending. This place is so inviting and amazing! The employees are so kind and generous, I wanted my drink sweeter and they were quick to fix it up and told me if I needed anything else to let them know. My drink was so good!!! I loved it. Definitely attend this Bubble Tea Bar if you are around the area. I will for sure will be coming back!!”

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“We arrived at 1:15pm and did not realize they close at 2pm. The food was great, but we definitely felt rushed. We were finishing up our meal and at 2:13 pm we were told we’re closed now and essentially felt pushed out the door. I can understand not serving past 2pm, but customers should be allowed a few extra minutes to finish their meal once it is served. They have some outdoor seating available, but we are inside because it was raining. There is no parking available with the restaurant. You need to park anywhere along the square or in a paid parking garage or lot. The place was only half full, but it was still quite loud because of how sound bounces off the hard surfaces. I would recommend for the food, but caution on parking snd timing considerations.”

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“I love Perks Coffee and Nom Station. I like to come here semi-frequently to get the turkey croissant or teriyaki chicken power bowl. The turkey croissant comes with pesto, tomatoes, and Swiss cheese. It’s a classic and delicious combo and the croissant is always fresh and flaky. The power bowl is also fresh and very refreshing, a great summertime option. The drinks are delicious as well. I love the strawberry limeade. It’s a great spot for a quick lunch or even a weekend brunch. The staff is very friendly and one time when I was there the owners were in and they personally thanked us for supporting their small business. If you are thinking about stopping in you definitely should, it’s worth the trip!”

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“Customer service! Remember when that mattered? It sure does with Aroma Ridge. Super friendly and informative. Oh yeah, and their coffee is fresh and delicious! Beans from all over the world, roasted to perfection. Truly a great company with great coffee. Need I say more??”

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“Fantastic place to meet friends for coffee, breakfast, or lunch. Kid-friendly, plus there's a playground right outside if you want to grab and go and let the kids run around. Staff is friendly and helpful, and the pastries are delicious! Try the chai latte...one of the best around. Plenty of parking and seating, lots of places to plug in a laptop, plus a great little bookstore.”

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“What a great shop! The food and drinks were delicious! A lot of space, and a lot of seats. I was just visiting from out of town, but if I lived there, I would be there all the time. It feels like a community type of space, I really enjoyed it. I have friends that live in the area so I will be back. My mom and dad liked it as well.As a note to Management on one or two of my visits there was only one person working there, and a ton of food and drink orders coming from the counter, and from outside... It's totally overwhelming for one person, and the employee working there was trying to do everything by himself. It took a while, but we weren't in a rush.”

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“Some days on my way home from work I like to stop at this tiny bubbles for a nice treat to end the day. Today after a long day they welcomed me with outstanding service and produced such a great atmosphere! A nice worker helped me out with some of her coworkers who always end up talking to me and who I appreciate taking pride in the work that gets put in. Thank you Tiny Bubbles for always giving me such a heartwarming experience!!!Kid-friendliness: Always feel welcomed and when there is kids around they are extra kind and make each and every one feel special.”

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“Great little coffee shop, but doesn't always have the flavors of coffee or tea. Recently went 3 different times and they were out of Chia Tea. I try to support the small businesses but when my wife likes their tea and they don't have it I have to go to multiple places.”

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