Taco Bell in Chicago

Taco Bell - 4614 S Damen Ave

Rating: 4 - 24 Votes

4614 S Damen Ave, Chicago IL 60609
(312) 550-8345

It was good we had the chalupa tray we eat some great hot sauce and the guy that was attending us he was very kind and recommended us the trey with the chalupa,burrito, and the hard shell taco.

Taco Bell Cantina - 2407 N Clark St

Rating: 4 - 34 Votes

2407 N Clark St, Chicago IL 60614
(773) 698-6555

A girl worker named Jasmine was very nice and prompt. She explained the menu in detail and was extremely professional. The entire store is clean and so well kept. The workers are very pleasant.

Taco Bell - 1439 N Milwaukee Ave

Rating: 3.7 - 58 Votes

1439 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL 60622
(773) 661-2607

Taco Bell Cantina, first of it's kind locally and I have to say, it's pretty great! Look, its Taco freaking Bell, if you come in here expecting Alinea well you'll be disappointed but for a fast food chain this site is great! Clean, well maintained, foods reliable, and hell they've got dranks if you somehow managed to walk...read more

Taco Bell - 100 W Randolph St

Rating: 3.6 - 48 Votes

100 W Randolph St, Chicago IL 60601
(312) 443-2197

Although it took a long time, the staff worked hard to get all of those idiotic drunk yuppies their food on time. Everything tasted awesome and it was worth the wait! But my doctor is angry now. ð??? WORTH IT ð??¸

Taco Bell - 3350 W Roosevelt Rd

Rating: 3.5 - 55 Votes

3350 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago IL 60624
(773) 826-9324

The staff is wonderful, food was decent. Not good but not awful. This was the closest Tb by my house until a new one on western just open. Because the area is shady, I dont see myself going here anymore. Otherwise, not too shabby.

Taco Bell - 6944 S Archer Ave

Rating: 3.5 - 41 Votes

6944 S Archer Ave, Chicago IL 60638
(773) 586-5455

Service & food is either right on or totally off. Horrible drive thru when snow &/ icy out. Workers are all usually happy & pleasant. Tacos always seem like less & less beef. Beefy frito burritos seem to be alot of rice lately. Where's the beef lol

Taco Bell Cantina - 178 N Wabash Ave

Rating: 3.4 - 77 Votes

178 N Wabash Ave, Chicago IL 60601
(312) 578-8751

As expected on a weekend night it gets pretty crowded when the varied waves of bar/concert/theater goers leave the nearby venues and stop in before heading home. Orders fall a bit behind as the skeletal staff on duty try their best to keep up.

Taco Bell - 3143 N Milwaukee Ave

Rating: 3.3 - 60 Votes

3143 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL 60618
(773) 539-2762

The lady in the window taking orders. I don't know her name . She is so amazing and nice. She is super friendly. Always make our order right. When she is not there my order comes wrong and the other employees are not friendly as she does. We always order in the night veggie food for my wife. Thanks girl you are the best.

Taco Bell - 7856 S Stony Island Ave

Rating: 3.3 - 65 Votes

7856 S Stony Island Ave, Chicago IL 60649
(773) 221-5182

I know people experience is what decide a good or bad review. I went to the Bell on 79th Western Chicago yesterday and my order was incorrect I called and spoke with Melody who told me to come back when I got the chance with my receipt ask for her she had recalled my order from the drive thru so I went in and everything...read more

Taco Bell - 3509 N Harlem Ave

Rating: 3.3 - 59 Votes

3509 N Harlem Ave, Chicago IL 60634
(773) 685-7066

Excellent customer service. I love their delicious meals every time I go. It is never a disappointment. The food is always cooked perfectly. I am a loyal fan of Taco Bell. The prices are perfect for my budget too.

Taco Bell - 500 W Madison St

Rating: 3.2 - 62 Votes

500 W Madison St, Chicago IL 60661
(312) 454-1672

One of my favorite place where i often visits to have nachos and taco. Really superb stuff. The food was super delicious and the fresh too. I also like the presentation. The price was also decent.

Taco Bell - 3511 W Devon Ave

Rating: 3.2 - 65 Votes

3511 W Devon Ave, Chicago IL 60659
(773) 588-9712

First time at this Taco Bell on Devon. Pretty basic as fast food places go. For some reason the place is noisy even though the music is not playing loudly . Have no idea why. I see there's A popular ice cream place across the street, so maybe you could eat here and then cross the street for dessert!

Taco Bell - 1644 W 95th St

Rating: 3.2 - 65 Votes

1644 W 95th St, Chicago IL 60643
(773) 779-5600

It had been years since I had been to a Taco Bell. I don't know what the wait was for. I truly enjoyed it! I got a couple of quesadillas and a couple soft shell tacos. I will be back

Taco Bell - 6622 W Fullerton Ave

Rating: 3.1 - 53 Votes

6622 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago IL 60639
(773) 237-4661

Place isn't to bad. I only come here if I'm in the area and I was. Needs to be cleaned better. Not to dirty but a quick check every now and then would help. Staff wasn't very attentive. Service was a little slow. No one at the counter to greet customers and no one came up until I peaked around the corner for some help....read more

Taco Bell Cantina - 205 E Ohio St

Rating: 3.1 - 68 Votes

205 E Ohio St, Chicago IL 60611
(312) 846-6614

This experience was so amazing. I ordered food and not 5 min later my name was called. Dynisha and Megan were so quick in making sure my order was ready and that was so helpful. Will definitely come back!!

Taco Bell - 3365 S Martin Luther King Dr

Rating: 3.1 - 45 Votes

3365 S Martin Luther King Dr, Chicago IL 60653
(312) 796-5602

So let me start here, Iâ??ve been coming for a while. This location has its ups and downs. Sometimes get very busy and honestly you may wait 20-30 mins sometimes. There was one time I waited 25mins in lobby, got my order wrong then had to wait another 10mins. None of the workers didnâ??t even apologize. I asked to speak...read more

Taco Bell Cantina - 407 S Dearborn St

Rating: 3.1 - 70 Votes

407 S Dearborn St, Chicago IL 60605
(773) 904-2737

Every once in a while, I just have to have a Mexican pizza or burrito or soft taco from Taco Bell. Brings back my after drinking days, when Taco Bell had the perfect munchies. It still satisfies my need for Mexican fast food, and the servers are really helpful. I watched them serve a blind man, and they were tremendous....read more

Taco Bell - 2575 N Clybourn Ave

Rating: 3.1 - 76 Votes

2575 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago IL 60614
(773) 281-5156

Decent taco Bell location. Has a drive through, which is why I keep stopping here. Usually at a taco Bell 4-5 times a week. Love eating there while driving for Uber and Lyft. This location is quick with service which is why I like stopping here during my work hours. Everyone there is pretty much professional and nice as...read more

Taco Bell - 6460 N Sheridan Rd

Rating: 2.9 - 72 Votes

6460 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago IL 60626
(773) 892-2032

For Taco Bell this place is clean. The staff is nice even when you come in right before closing. But they do run out of things late into the night so your munchies might be a little disappointed if you're going super late at night.

Taco Bell - 2807 W Irving Park Rd

Rating: 1.9 - 62 Votes

2807 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago IL 60618
(773) 267-0071

I think the owner or manager don't care much. They run out of items sometimes. The people behind the counter are pretty courteous, but it seems like they might be overwhelmed. Their focus is on their drive-thru, so if you go inside expect to wait maybe 5-10 mins. I think they need new management that can balance things...read more
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