50 Best Fast Food Restaurants in Chicago

Mr D's Shish-Kabobs Fast Food
6656 W Diversey Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Pork Shish Kabob Sandwich & Fresh Cut Fries
Shish Kebab Sandwich & Fresh Cut Fries
Steak Sandwich and Fresh Cut Fries
Steak Sandwich with Fries
Fresh Cut French Fries
Ribeye Steak Sandwich
Double Cheeseburger
Double Hamburger
Polish Sausage
Double Burger

“I feel like a committed a crime by not having come here before.I have lived in nearby neighborhoods all my life. I would often drive by and think “I’ll stop by some day” but haven’t. That all changed a few weeks ago.I tried the shish-kabob and fries. Fantastic. Can’t wait to go back and try more.“

4.8 Superb286 Reviews
Red Light Chicken Chicken
2147 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Hot and Honey Fried Chicken Sandwich Xtra Hot Add Pickles
Fried Chicken Sandwich Hot & Honey Style
Truffle Fries Nuggets Chicken Sandwich
French Fries with Chicken Nuggets
Plain Hot Honey Hot & Honey
Chicken Nuggets with Fries
Shoe String Fries
Add Cheese Slice
Mayo & Pickle
Regular Fries

“absolutely AMAZING place in the heart of Lincoln park and the DePaul area. The menu is short and sweet and the folks here are also fantastic!I’ve been here a few times and my personal favorites are the truffle friends and the hot honey chicken sandwich with everything on it!For a small place, it’s quick, efficient, and most of all delicious!“

4.9 Superb158 Reviews
Budacki's Drive In Hot Dogs
4739 N Damen Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Hot Dog Combo with 2 Dogs Fries and a Can of Soda
Hot Dog with Free Fries
Cheeseburger and Fries
Chicago Style Hot Dog
Chicago Dogs w Fries
Korean Steak Bowl
French Fries
Italian Beef
Cheese Fries

“I grew up in the neighborhood and go back to Budacki’s any time I have a hankering for a hot dog (which, to be honest, isn’t that often). A relative of mine who went there EVERY DAY after school when they were younger was back in town after three decades away. This relative would always mention Budacki’s when reminiscing about their time here. Well, he finally returned to Chicago last week and his first restaurant request was Budacki’s ? Not only was it as good as he remembered but the employees there were so hospitable and aware of his excitement that they gave him a platter of hot dogs and fries on the house. Thanks for serving consistently tasting fast food for decades and for your extra special hospitality!“

4.7 Superb220 Reviews
Ruby's Fast Food Filipino
4551 N Pulaski Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

BBQ Pork BBQ Chicken - 1 Skewer
Karekare Oxtail
Lumpia Shanghai
Bihon Pancit
Pancit Bihon
Lechon Kawali
Garlic Rice
Crispy Pata

“Great authentic Filipino food on the Northside. Have been coming here since they opened and it's my first time in their new location. It's the same great taste and prices appropriately. Will be coming back. Wish they still had their buffet !“

4.6 Superb240 Reviews
Pockets Restaurant Fast Food
3001 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Buffalo Chicken Calzone
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Green Kale Pocket
Asian Quinoa Bowl
Southwest Pocket
Gobbler Calzone
Original Pocket
Meaty Calzone
Baked Potato
Greek Salad

“We finally had an opportunity to enjoy eating here while vacationing. Surprisingly, there's only 2 locations only. We traveled an hour to eat here and we didn't regret it. The food quality is still very good and the service was good too. Hopefully there are plans to open more locations. The buffalo chicken calzone is tasty, the potatoes are superb, and pizza is very good. I highly recommend eating here.“

4.7 Superb175 Reviews
Nicky's Carry Outs Fast Food
3501 S Western Blvd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Double Bacon Cheeseburger Combo with Cheese Fries
I Ordered Italian Beef and Onion Rings
Super Taco on Pita Bread
Italian Beef Combo
Grilled Chicken
Chicken Wings
Polish Sausage
Fish Sandwich
Pizza Puff
Big Baby

“Great neighborhood lunch spot. Love everything about this place. Family business, they treat you like family. Great cook, fresh, delicious food. Neighborhood spot, only a couple of booths. Take out normally.Parking: Parking on the street, small lot in the rear.“

4.7 Superb164 Reviews
Al-Diar Restaurant Fast Food •
939 N Orleans St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Assalam Aleikum Rahmatulahi WA Barakatuhu Ahi Food Was Yami Yami
zurbian lamb زريبان لحم
Lamb Haneeth and Chicken Mandi
Haneeth Chicken ܒܪܕܕܕ
Mandi Chicken ܩܖܒܕ
Fava Beans فول
Tandoori Chicken
Lamb Mandi
House Soup

“I was very sad not coming here earlier, heard so many great things and went today, the food quality is incredible, coming from saudi arabia, hand down, best yemeni chef in the mid west! Been to a lot of places all across, this will be my new favorite “

4.9 Superb110 Reviews
Mr. Beef Sandwich Shop
666 N Orleans St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Italian Beef Sausage Combo Sandwich
Italian Beef Sandwich Dipped Hot
BBQ Beef Sandwich
Cheese Fries
Beef Dipped
French Fries
Italian Sub
Onion Rings
Hot Dogs

“I had the privilege of visiting Chicago for work.I went to Mr Beef because it was highly recommended by all the guys at the work site, and they were not wrongBesides the food being awesome and at a great price, the best part about this place was the people who worked there. They make you immediately feel welcome ,and part of the experienceof not only the restaurant but Chicago itselfThe pride in their food and the pride and their city shows.“

4.7 Superb150 Reviews
Sila's mediterranean Restaurant Fast Food •
3112 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Bowl with Veggies
Eggplant Falafel Pita
Eggplant and Chicken
Hangover Sandwich
Jerusalem Salad
Mixed Baklava
Chicken Pita
Lentil Soup
Spicy Rice
Steak Bowl

“We ordered for the first time from Sila's - a meal for 10 off the catering menu. The food was delicious, the staff was friendly (offered us a ride to our home when they realized we walked). This is our new go-to mediterranean restaurant in Chicago!“

4.7 Superb149 Reviews
MiMi's Tacos & French Fries Tacos
1155 S Jefferson St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Steak Taco Quick Pick 2 Tacos w Side
Shredded Beef Queso-Birria
Og Rice Arroz Con Gandules
Loaded Fries with Cheese
Walking Tacos and Fries
Jerk Chicken Birria
Jerk Chicken Taco
Mimi's O G Fries
Loaded Taco Fries
Broccoli Bowl

“My first time ordering here and This place is absolutely worth your time and hard earned money…I ordered the jerk fries and it did not disappoint. Huge portions enough for two people but i was being fat and ate the whole thing lol i feel the itis kicking in. Thanks for the great food!“

4.7 Superb144 Reviews
Portillo's & Barnelli's Chicago Fast Food
100 W Ontario St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Hot Dog Con Salchicha Polaca Y Cebolla Caramelizada
Portillo's Chicago Style Hot Dog and Beef Sandwich
Portillo's Chocolate Cake
Italian Beef Sandwich
Chocolate Cake Shake
Chili Cheese Dog
Chicken Sandwich
Chicago Hot Dog
Chopped Salad
Cheese Sauce

“What happened to Portillo’s hotdogs? They used to have crunchy skins, bigger and better tasting filling. Seems like since a corporate brought them over the food had gotten less like the good old Portillo I used to love.Even the Italian beef flavor wasn’t what I remembered. I know few of my friends told me the same.“

4.2 Good816 Reviews
Choppers Fast Food
1659 N Ashland Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Italian Beef Sandwich
Char - Broiled Burger
Double Cheeseburger
Mozzarella Sticks
Onion Rings
The Choppak

“First time here and they didn't disappoint the burgers was great the milk shakes are some of the best I've had in a long time the French fries nice thick cuts and fresh out the grease the only think that could be worked on is not so heavy on the ketchup on the burgers but overall awesome and great experience will be back.“

4.4 Superb255 Reviews
Two wheel tacos Tacos
3650 N Recreation Dr, Chicago

“5/5 Best Tacos in Chicago. Hands down! The salsas they have are incredible, they really compliment the flavors of each taco. Quality meat. Fresh tortillas. The only downfall is that they aren't open year round! 10/10 service, amazing owners and people.“

4.8 Superb107 Reviews
Tony's Italian Beef Italian
7007 S Pulaski Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Double Roadhouse Burger with Fries
Italian Beef Dipped Well
Sicilian Steak Sandwich
Sweet and Hot Peppers
Italian Beef Sandwich
Italian Breaded Steak
Peppers on the Side
Meatball Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich
Sweet Peppers

“The service was very nice and their food was really good. Tonight was the first night my family and I went there and they got sandwiches and I got chicken. From my experience the chicken was great and I knew the beef had to have been good because it smelled amazing. They cook the the food right in front of you so you won't have to worry about them doing something to the food. For six people to eat it was 70 dollars for everyone. I highly recommend you go here and eat.“

4.7 Superb117 Reviews
Bombay Eats / Bombay Wraps Fast Food
3149 1/2 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Bombay Sweet Potato Fries with Seasoned Shake & Served with a Hot & Sweet Ketchup
Chickpea Chana Bowl
Chicken Tikka Wrap
Lentil Dal Soup
Sandwich Roll
Samosa Wrap
Rice Bowl

“W O W!! A wonderful place to eat Indian food. It’s my first time coming here. The service is beyond amazing, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the wraps? They were so delicious! They had the right amount of spice and flavors in their wraps. I ordered a chicken tikka wrap and I got to recommend trying it with the sweet tamarind chutney sauce. A match made in heaven! 11/10, would definitely dine in here again ❤️“

4.5 Superb170 Reviews
Jimmy's Gyros & Grill Fast Food
20 E Adams St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chicago Style Hot Dog
Maxwell Street Polish
Double Cheeseburger
Mozzarella Sticks
Gyros Sandwich
Cheese Fries
Gyro Platter
Italian Beef
Chicken Pita
French Fries

“The burgers are delicious and big!!Its definitely worth checking this place out. The fries are hot and crispy. The service was great and the staff is chill and quick. The atmosphere is unbeatable and feels like a proper diner.And I got a free drink :P“

4.4 Superb204 Reviews
Carm's Beef and Italian Ice Sandwich Shop
1057 W Polk St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Italian Beef with Hot Peppers
Two Dogs and Fries
Veggie Burger
Italian Ice
Hot Dog

“Never enough great things to say! Super good food and I love their green salsa. Super close to UIC and they recently started selling burrito bowls. Definitely worth checking out. Main lady who answers the phone and takes orders is always super nice and kind.“

4.5 Superb153 Reviews
Sub Brothers Sandwich Shop
1417 W Morse Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Double Cheese Burger
Philly Cheese Steak
Gyro Cheese Burger
Chicken Tenders
Cheese Sticks
Italian Beef
Cheese Fries
Sub Brother
Gyro Dinner

“Very good place, however, kind of in a "tough part" of Rogers Park. With that said, the service is very fast and kind and the food is very good. The prices that are shown in the images on Google are way out of date and everything is basically double the cost these days. A good place to get an Italian Beef in Rogers Park and there are not a lot of places to get an Italian Beef in Rogers Park.“

4.6 Superb125 Reviews
Devil Dawgs on State Fast Food
767 S State St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Original Cheese Slider
Authentic Chicago Dog
Chicken Sandwich
Peppermint Shake
The Elvis Slider
Awesome Sauce
The Clucker
Devil Sauce
Bag O Fries
Devil Dawg

“Chicago dog dragged thru the garden, with that special green color not seen easily in nature, but stil alll deliciou with Vienna beef frank. Bag of tater tots is warming to soul (happy hour special for tots too). Cherry soda from North Carolina even though it's not "wine". Devil Dawg is heavenly treat.“

4.2 Good399 Reviews
Skyway Doghouse Hot Dogs
9480 S Ewing Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chicago Style Hot Dog with Fries
Classic Chicago Dog
Chili Dog & Fries
Italian Beef
French Fries
Onion Rings
Pizza Puff

“One of the best places for that old fashion Chicago style hot dog, polish, and beefs sandwiches ever..... its far east but I came all the way from 61st n Racine just to get that good old school dog....yummy yum yum... hot and fresh ever time....“

4.3 Superb243 Reviews
Dragon Gate Chinese
6528 N Clark St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Combination Fried Rice
Sweet and Sour Chicken
BBQ Pork Fried Rice
Kung Bao Shrimp
Cashew Chicken
Beef Chop Suey
Mongolian Beef
Orange Chicken
Curry Chicken
Pot Stickers

“Always been a good go to never disappoint in 23 yrs I've been eating here. Food is always freshly prepared n service to pick is really quick. Small hidden gem in rogers park in which has only been 1 of few very few Chinese food I've eaten.“

4.4 Superb156 Reviews
JJ Fish & Chicken Fast Food
2025 E 75th St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Large Jumbo Shrimp 14 Piece
Cheese Sticks with Fries
Large Catfish Nuggets
Strawberry Cheesecake
2 pcs Catfish Fillet
2 pcs Tilapia Fillet
Chicken and Fries
Perch with Fries
Full Pan Fries
9 Wing Dinner

“Moe is great! The store is very well kept and he has great customer service! His food is also top tier, I really appreciate his buisness in our community. If you’re ever in the city on the East side, go to this location. You won’t be disappointed!“

4.4 Superb153 Reviews
Papa Chris’ Place Fast Food
6235 W Touhy Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Big Stan Polish Sausage and Fries
Big Stan Footlong Polish Sausage
Half Rotisserie Chicken Dinner
Italian Sausage Sandwich
Cheeseburger Special
Hot Dog and Fries
Chicken Sandwich
Large Chef Salad
Fried Mushrooms
Club Sandwich

“So today I went to Papa Chris place to give it a try and let me tell you I was blown away at the fantastic service and delicious meals they were serving. I could hear the lambs mowing in the back as they were slaughtered for fresh sandwiches the sour cream was so delicious that the cows must’ve been slaughtered in the back as well. They put a touch of mint in the sour cream too. The burger was at least 2 1/2 pounds, and at least 40 pounds parking wasn’t an issue I was able to pull in my whole 63 foot semi trailer in the parking lot and it fit perfectly between two Prius. They also provided valet parking I even saw Jeff Bezos come by and park his helicopter on the roof and they validated and flew it over to the leaning tower of Pisa next across the street the chocolate shake was made out of Ghirardelli chocolate, I saw the chef whipping the whip cream hand and they picked the cherry off the marsh cherry tree in the back overall very good experience definitely would be eating breakfast lunch and dinner here every day from now on they also invited me family Christmas party and gave me thousands of dollars worth of gifts. That’s perfect.“

4.8 Superb76 Reviews
Jim's Original Sandwich Shop
1250 S Union Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Maxwell Street Polish Sausage
Polish with Grilled Onions
Bone in Pork Chop Sandwich
Polish Sausagewith Fries
Polish Sausage Sandwich
Cheeseburger and Fries
Chicago Style Hot Dog
Double Cheeseburger
Beef Polish Sausage

“I've actually never been there until about 2 months ago and I have clients in the area and myself in my contractor go we've now been about four or five maybe six times and the chopped sandwiches are delicious only once do they put way too many onions on it so it was uncomfortable later in the day but some people would call that a benefit I support their business and I think they do a very good job of it simple cleaning and clear nice guys at the counter.Parking: Parking does have posted street parking with the Chicago app yet people are just hopping over paying for their meal and getting it so there's a constant circulation of cars in front both at the street and at the other side“

4.4 Superb142 Reviews


Wolfy's Hot Dogs
2734 W Peterson Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Italian Beef Sandwich with Hot Peppers
Double Cheeseburger Combo
Philly Cheese Stea
Double Hot Dog
Gyros Sandwich
Litalian Beef
Onion Rings

“I love this place. Everytime I'm in town and in the area, I hit this place up. Great value for a Chicago Institution!Parking: Plenty of parking, lot is tight for any really large vehicle, but adequate parking for regular sized vehicles. Also some street parking available if needed.“

4.6 Superb96 Reviews
Jacky's Hot Dogs Hot Dogs
5415 S Pulaski Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Special 2 Maxwell Polish Sausage
Spicy Sausage with Peppers
Deep Fried Polish Sausage
Gyros Sandwich with Fries
Two Hot Dog with Fries
Large French Fries
Gyro Plate to Go
Shrimp Basket
Cheese Fries

“Came here one night on accident with my girlfriend. The service was really nice and simple and we had a simple hotdog. It had been so amazing we thought it was us just being tired so we came back to try it again. Its a very small diner and relaxing in here and once again the food was just as good if not better. Would 100% recommend to anyone who wants hotdogs and smash burgers in the area.“

4.7 Superb82 Reviews
Devil Dawgs Rush St Hot Dogs
804 N Rush St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Maxwell Street Polish
Fries and Hot Dog
Chicken Sandwich
Blue Demon Dawg
Big Chicago Dawg
Chicago Hot Dog
Fresh Cut Fries
Not a Corn Dog
The Classic
Chili Cheese

“We were in Chicago could not decide which hot dog place to go to as there were just to many to choose from. We ended up near downtown Chicago and after finding a place close to Devil Dawg to park, we really enjoyed to 2 block walk from our parking structure to here. It was only 38 degrees and a bit drizzling out but very enjoyable and good to see some old style buildings. The Devil Dawg did not disappoint as it was a small place embedded in one of the buildings along the street. They only had room for standing eating on a counter that fits maybe 5-6 people at the most. The man that took our order was super nice and answered all our questions as we waited for our orders. Each of us got something different as my New Navy grandson ordered the Chicago Dog. All of our dogs were great as well as the fries that came with our order. We were able to walk across the street to a corner coffee & donut shop (Stan’s Donuts & Coffee) to sit down and enjoy our hot dogs inside (I will write a review on them too). We may try to come here sometime during the summer to enjoy their outdoor life around town. What a great experience going here and I truly recommend trying this at least once.“

4.7 Superb81 Reviews
Captain Hooks Fish & Chicken Seafood
8554 S Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Catfish Nuggets
Chicken Philly
Chicken Tenders
Catfish Fillet
Chicken Wings
Jumbo Shrimp
Ocean Perch
Pizza Puff
Gyro Plate

“The fish and food is soooo good! I live in Atlanta but was able to pull up when I was in Chicago last year. I love that they are opened late for those late night cravings. They only had one woman taking orders and she was working like an ox all with the best attitude! She definitely could have used some help. Nevertheless, it was a good experience and I can't wait to go back!“

4.3 Superb172 Reviews
Maxwell Street Depot Fast Food
411 W 31st St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Pork Chop Sandwich & Fries
Eggs and Bacon with Cheese
Bacon and Egg Sandwich
Double Cheeseburger
Hot Dog

“Cash only, open 24/7, and the finest polish sausage in the city. This Maxwell street saves lives. Fries are mediocre but the sandwiches are fire every time.Get the onions on your order oh my god they have been cooking forever and are so damn good.On site ATM and big parking lot but they prefer if you get your food and hit the bricks- no loitering! ?Most stuff is like $6, make sure to tip the guys!“

4.2 Good239 Reviews
Griddle 24 Diner
334 W Chicago Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Corned Beef Hash & Eggs with Toast or Pancakes No Additional Potato Choice
Old-Fashioned French Toast
Chicken Shish Kabob Platter
Blueberry Pancakes
Breakfast Burrito
French Onion Soup
Texas Omelette
Scrambled Eggs
Eggs Benedict
Avocado Toast

“Late night stop after a long day in Chicago.Great 24 hour diner! Really good classic diner food, clean & excellent service. *Ask for Daren he was the best!We had French onion & cream of potato soups. Steak nachos, California burger, hot roast beef & mickey mouse pancake. We loved it all! ? Wanted dessert but we were to full.Kid-friendliness: Had our granddaughter with she enjoyed the diner atmosphere & really good kids menu options, breakfast all day & dinner choices. Mickey Mouse pancake with a side of bacon was her choice.“

4.1 Good369 Reviews
Franksville Chicago American
3550 N Harlem Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Burgers Dogs and Tacos
Foot Long Hot Dog
Chili Cheese Dog
Steak Sandwich
Chicken Kabob
Italian Beef
Greek Salad
Cheez Fries
Onion Rings

“Been coming here for 30+ years, service and food is always too notch. The corn dog is dipped in-house, the gyro is always juicy with sauce as thick as ice cream and the taco/super taco are always worth trying. Chez whiz in everything— they do it best. Keep up the good work!“

4.2 Good214 Reviews
Modern Relish Fast Food
636 N Ashland Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

dbl Cheseeburger with Fries
Double Bacon Cheeseburger
Italian Beef with Fries
Italian Beef Sandwich
All Above with Fries
Cheese Fries
Pizza Puff
Hot Dog

“Modern Relish AKA DUKS, was great fast food! If your from Chicago you'll know Duks, they had several locations back in the 80's. They had one on Kimball and North ave which is the one I grow up on. Loved eating there, and loved the arcade games they had there. Great food then, great food now!“

4.4 Superb124 Reviews
Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Fast Food
3700 N Clark St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Box Combo 4 Chicken Fingers Cole Slaw Fries Sauce Drink
Chicken Finger Basket of French Fries
Fried Chicken
Cane's Sauce
Texas Toast
The Sandwich

“So let me put this out there first, this is fast food and don't have any other expectations of this as anything else. Yes they take a little long but that's because they're usually cooking their tenders in smaller batches. If you don't have 10-15mins to wait go somewhere else. With this being said their tenders are good, never really dry and the sauce is good.“

4.3 Superb154 Reviews
SALT burgers + fries Hamburger •
1920 W North Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Double Cheeseburger with Peppers
Burgers Fries Onion Rings
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
Impossible Cheeseburger
Jr Cheeseburger Single
Fries & Onion Rings
Ghost Pepper Fries
Fuego Onion Rings
French Fries
Cheese Sauce

“You order through the touch screen kiosk very fast and easy! It is combined with Beard Papa's. Both restaurants are in the same place. There is a boba machine inside, and if you order one, you can get free boba. Prices are decent, and they have a good section to dine in. Burgers are SO delicious and flavorful. My favorite vegan burgers to eat. I love this place!Vegetarian options: They have impossible burgers“

4.3 Superb152 Reviews
Devil Dawgs Belmont Fast Food
937 W Belmont Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Vegan Chicago Dog with Bag of Fries
Oreo Shake and Marshmallow Shakes
Bucket of Fries and Cheese Sauce
Chicago Style Polish Sausage
Clucker Sandwich
Bag O Fries
Hot Dog

“Seriously not for the faint at heart! While in Chicago, it seems necessary to consume a hot dog or two.....so I found this place......whoa! The place is just a small little shop....decorated to look graffiti'd and plastered w/ pictures, posters, etc........while there I ordered something called a "Bulldawg".....what's that? How about a deep fried Chicago dog piled with chili coleslaw, & cheese! It was a mess of a hot dog (intended) it definitely was not health food, but it was tasty.....and yes, dogs are defiantly better in Chicago.....it was definitely a Vienna beef dog. No fancy presentation here....the dog is wrapped in paper. I also ordered a Milkshake while I was here......it was really one of the better milkshakes that I have had in a while.....extremely tasty. Check them out“

4.2 Good199 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop
1449 E 57th St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Meatball Marinara Footlong Pro Double Protein

“This subway location has become my absolute favorite. Despite living closer to the 47th street location, I willingly make the extra effort to visit this specific one due to its outstanding service. While every staff member here offers great customer service, Sajal stands out as truly exceptional. Her kindness, personable nature, and willingness to go above and beyond make me proud to be a new regular at this Subway.“

4.4 Superb115 Reviews
South Side Shrimp Fast Food
10410 S Kedzie Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Tenders
Fried Shrimp
Jumbo Shrimp
Onion Rings
Fish Chips


4.3 Superb143 Reviews
burger bite Burgers
1500 W Devon Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Mushroom and Swiss Burger
Baconcheese Burger
Buenos Dias Burger
Mushroom Swiss
Cowboy Burger
B&B Burger

“This little place may seem a bit questionable being attached to a gas station, but don't let that fool you! The food is fast, and delicious with large portions. This is truly one of the best burgers around, and the onion rings and fries are crisp and cooked to perfection. The owner is a wonderfully pleasant man who remembers you when you come in and always greets you with a smile! The shakes and desserts are also great if you're in the mood and not afraid of some calories. This place is really not to be missed!“

4.6 Superb79 Reviews
Fulla Bologna Deli
2101 W Touhy Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Fulla Bologna Sandwich
Gorgonzola Salad
Beefer Sandwich
Cheese Pizza

“Thought I was stopping at bacci with 2 kids but it changed to fulla bologna.. I was not excited and hoping for at least average... I was surprised that the food was outstanding / delicious.. pizza and a sandwich.. and my kid is asking if we can go there more often... the food here is “

4.3 Superb136 Reviews
Seoul Stick Fast Food •
1571 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Seoul Fries with Hot Cheetos Crumbs and Parmesan Cheese over Drizzled Spicy Mayo
Corn Dog Hot Cheeto with Hot Cheetos Crumbs and Spicy Mayo Glaze
Corn Dog Injeolmi with Injeolmi Powder and Sweet Milk Glaze
Corn Dog Gamja with Crispy Fried Potatoes
Stick Bokki Original
Mozzarella Corn Dog
Sausage Stickbokki
Cup Bokki Original
Cheese Stick Bokki
Fried Dumplings

“This place is exactly what I would expect when someone says “Korean Street Food”. The food here is amazing and really captures what I remember from going to Korea. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone who is even remotely interested in trying new food!“

4.7 Superb69 Reviews
Cafe El Meson Fast Food
4631 S Kedzie Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

El Jibarito Chicken Sandwich with Arroz Con Gandules
Jibarito Sandwich Con Arroz
Sándwich De Pollo
El Meson Sandwich
Cuban Sandwiches
Homemade Cookies
Nutella Latte

“I be doing doordash n uber eats, I've been getting orders from there for a while, today I decided to order me some food got me the steak jibarito that comes with arroz con gandules and some sauce on the side n let me sayyy it was delicious, I even got me the chicken empanada n I used the sauce from the jibarito on it n omgggg sooo good. I even got a Pina colada n omg heaven. And the service was awesome everyone so nice and also lots of things to look at while u wait they have a lil boutique. Totally recommend will be coming back“

4.7 Superb68 Reviews
Marco's Beef in Chicago Italian
6008 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Italian Beef Sandwich and Cheese Fries
Italian Beef Sandwich Jardineras
Homemade Italian Beef Sandwich
Broasted Chicken Wings Dinner
Cheese Burger with Fries
Italian Beef and Fries
Chicken Sandwich
Cup of Cheese
Buffalo Wings
Sweet Peppers

“Wings and pizza take the cake here. The place is quite honestly a cozy place to hang out with friends , not so much family ,but they have plenty of tables and parkingParking: The parking is large enough to engulf the building. There are at least 30 parking spots, and they have handicap spots too“

4.1 Good248 Reviews
The Art of Chicken Chicken • $$$$$$
2041 N Western Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Crazy Chico and French Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Grilled Broccoli
Mashed Potatoes
Grilled Chicken
Mexican Elote
Mac and Cheese
Whole Chicken

“Incredible grilled chicken! The flavor was outstanding, and the sides were equally fantastic with generous portions—particularly loved the sweet potato, mashed potatoes, and the elote. The chicken order also included warm pita bread.The service is very friendly, and the restaurant has a lively and colorful vibe.“

4.4 Superb106 Reviews
Steve's Bite American
80 E Cermak Rd unit E, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Italian Beef Sandwich
Grilled Chicken
Chicken Philly
Philly Chicken
Philly Steak
Gyro Bowl

“Walked over from McCormick Place for a quick lunch. I ordered the gyro rice bowl and it was delicious! The meat was really good and everything tasted really fresh. There was some sauce that came on the side that was so yummy- it was white and garlicky. My husband got the beef sandwich, which he enjoyed also.“

4.2 Good169 Reviews
Hound Dog's Burgers & Teriyaki Fast Food
2257 W Grand Ave, Chicago

“I love this neighborhood mom and pop shop - you get such affordable food of many variety. I especially love their asian foods, like the spicy chicken rice and bibimbap. The breakfast is also solid, like the croissant sandos! To top it all off, the workers are all incredibly sweet, so its no surprise I always run into regulars.“

4.6 Superb76 Reviews
VN Tofu & Fast Food Vietnamese
1024 W Argyle St, Chicago

“Truly a hidden gem! I never would have found this place if it wasn’t for google maps :). They had so much good stuff in here. I got the banh bao (still warm), banh gio (freshly steamed), banh tieu, some eggrolls & some flan! I loved that the banh bao was full of hard boiled egg & sausage & they didn’t skimp on those fillings. The banh gio was still super warm when I got home and hour later. And OMG the flan was the bomb!!! It was so silky & smooth. I think it’s cash only but totally worth it & the cashier was super nice. I didn’t try any of the tofu & soy products this time but they looked good. Everything was fresh. Will definitely be back to get my viet snacks & sweets fix. Come early to get more of a selection.“

4.6 Superb75 Reviews
Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Fast Food
6568 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

The Sandwich Combo - 3 Chicken Fingers
The Box Combo - 4 Chicken Fingers
Chicken Fingers and Fries
Crinkle-Cut Fries
Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Tenders
Fries and Toast
3 Finger Combo
Fried Chicken
Cane's Sauce

“This is the place for chicken!! Best fried chicken, texas toast, coleslaw, and fries this side of the Mississippi. I use this location for caterings almost weekly and they have never made a mistake, always have it ready on time or early, and make sure everything is done right. Great place to get food for business meetings, parties, etc. Highly recommend.Dietary restrictions: I asked for some non-breaded chicken fingers for a gluten intolerant co-worker and he said they were delicious!“

4.4 Superb103 Reviews
Nick's Drive-In Fast Food
7216 N Harlem Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Gyro and Cheese Fries
Double Polish Sausage
Double Cheeseburger
Gyros Sandwich
Chedar Burger
Italian Beef
French Fries
Onion Rings
Spinach Pie
Gyros Plate

“LOVE NICKS! Great service, family owned, upbeat & inviting staff ? good energy all around, you can feel the mutual respect amongst the ranks & I love that. Happy employees = happy customers WHO COME BACK. *Nicks drive in* is the perfect example of this & my family always runs it back?NOW... FOOD? Nick's is known for their HOME-MADE GYROS & they are delicious by ALL accounts!! If you like gyros, you will LOVE theirs! Nicks makes burgers, hotdogs, mozzarella sticks, chili, popcorn shrimp, shakes & many more options, kids meals etc. Sit down & stay a while or drive-inn & drive out.I've been coming to nicks since I was a little girl getting lunch with my grandpa or grandma. Saturday night dinner out with dad. I think I may have even had a birthday party at Nick's in the mid 90s. Nick's is family. Iykyk & if you don't know.. GO FIND OUT.Yesterday I called in a pick up order& forgot my brother's milkshake on the counter. & instead of getting all the way home & changed out of my 'heavy snow storm--triple layered clothing' only to realize my mistake.. "NICKS" was calling me. AMAZING SERVICE !! Many wouldn't do that over a milkshake, thank you ?Anyway, TLDR..? Go to >> nicks drive -in chicago. You're welome ✨️?Parking: Alot of space to park unnless it's busy. NBut it's quickKid-friendliness: Alot of space for kids to be kids“

4.6 Superb73 Reviews
Patio Beef Fast Food
6022 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Italian Beef Sandwich Hotdog & Fries Fried Veggies
Chicken Kabob and a Greek Salad
Hot Dog Plate with Fries
Corned Beef Sandwich
Fried Mushrooms
Steak Sandwich
Gyros Sandwich
Chicken Pita
Onion Rings
Gyros Plate

“They season the grilled chicken so deliciously, the gyros are great, and I love the beef hamburger with white onion. The staff are saints who handle messy regulars like me with kindness and professional hospitality. Order fries and a Pibb and watch Jeopardy around 3:30 :)“

4.6 Superb70 Reviews
Burger boy express Fast Food •
5019 N Western Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Half Pound Double Cheeseburger
Cheesy Sriracha Burger
Humpty Dumpty Burger
Fries with Cheese
Chicken Burger
Zinger Burger
Cheese Fries
Onion Rings

“I came here with my friends one time. They all ordered food but I didn't have much money on me so my friend shared a large fry with me. When they brought the food out they saw I didn't get anything so they gave me a whole plate of delicious chicken strips and fries on the house I tried to tip him with the few dollars I had and he declined and told me to bless somebody else with it! Good hearted people make the best food!“

4.4 Superb95 Reviews
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