37 Best Mexican Restaurants in Chicago

Restaurantji's guide to Chicago's top Mexican dining experiences. Discover the city's culinary gems, featuring Tacos, Chips and Salsa, Carne Asada, and a variety of other dishes.

Mi Tocaya Antojería Mexican • $$$
2800 W Logan Blvd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Guacamole with Chile Ash
Kristoffers Tres Leches
Sonoran Shrimp Ceviche
Pollo Con Mole Negro
Salpicon De Mariscos
Broccolini En Nogada
Fried Oyster Taco
Tres Leches Cake
Chips Y Salsa
Duck Carnitas

“Outstanding! Highly recommended Knowledgeable, friendly staff and incredible experience“

4.4 Superb102 Reviews


Tzuco Mexican • $$$
720 N State St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Snowman Tangerine Mousse Cardamon Yoghurt Streusel White Chocolate & Rosemary Ice Cream
French Onion Soup with Mexican Twist
Pulpo Enamorado Octopus
Tinga De Pollo Tetela
Carne Asada Huarache
Guacamole and Chips
Avocado Flatbread
Mole Old Fashioned
Ceviche Tatemado
Costillas De Res

“Amazing flavors…inspired cocktails and great recommendations from our waiter! We shared many plates and loved the covered outdoor seating. Magical evening“

4.4 Superb272 Reviews
Birrieria Zaragoza Mexican • $
4852 S Pulaski Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Quesabirria Taco with Consume
Oven Roasted Goat Meat
Large Plate of Birria
Quesadillas de Birria
Quesabirria Dorada
Salsa de Molcajete
Combo w Consomé
Flan oaxaqueÑo
Combo w Consom
Taco De Birria

“The best birria I have ever eaten in my entire life. I've just been there for the first time and it's simply incredible. From the first place, I was involved in something difficult to explain, so many years passing and never having given them a chance or knowing the goodness of their food.“

4.6 Superb112 Reviews
5 Rabanitos Restaurante & Taqueria Mexican • $
1758 W 18th St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Chicken Rabanitos Style
Mexican Cinnamon Bread Pudding
Chicken Enchiladas De Mole
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Crispy Chicken Taquitos
Crispy Chicken Milanesa
Roasted Veg Huarache
Shrimp Pozole Rojo
Milanese de Pollo
Homemade Guacamole

“Very impressive drinks and menu. A modern twist to Mexican food definitely 5 stars. Waiter was amazing at guiding me what to choose based on my traditional Mexican entrees I enjoy. Margaritas were AMAZING!!!!“

4.4 Superb153 Reviews
Rubi’s Tacos Tacos • $
1316 W 18th St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Steak Taco and Quesadilla on Blue Corn Tortilla
Tacos De Asada and Tacos Al Pastor
Elote - Corn on the Cobb Salad
Quesadilla De Huitlacoche
Quesadilla De Chicharron
Strawberry Horchata
Coffee and Horchata
Tacos Al Pastor a F
Taco a Pastor Taco
Guacamole Chips

“Riquísima la comida y los dueños súper amables, me fascinó“

4.5 Superb108 Reviews
Cantón Regio Mexican • $$
1510 W 18th St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Viernes Bistec Con Queso Panela Y Frijoles
Frijoles Charros Refrescos Mexicanos
Queso Fundido Con Chorizo
Streak and Shrimp Skewers
Chicken and Carne Asada
Fajitas De Carne Asada
Medio Kilo de Arrachera
Arrachera Skirt Steak
Bring Your Own Beer
Chilaquiles Verdes

“Great family place and delicious food highly recommend“

4.3 Superb218 Reviews


Solazo Mexican • $$
5600 S Pulaski Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Trio Salsas & Homemade Chips - Trio
Guacamole Tradicional
Cochinita Pibil Taco
Granada Guacamole
Asada Tampiquena
Rice and Beans
Fajitas Solazo
Chicken Tacos
Shrimp Tacos
Chips & Salsa

“Cannot say enough wonderful things about this place. Beautiful atmosphere, excellent service and delicious food and drinks. Beber, Comer, Querer is on the wall and truly a motto for this place. The drinks are on point, the Al Pastor is legit and the Choclate Tres leche is a must.“

4.5 Superb93 Reviews
Leña Brava Mexican • $$$
900 W Randolph St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Braised Shortrib Oaxacan Pasilla Salsa
Smoke Alley Mushroom Platter
Cochinita Pibil Empanadas
Butterflied Striped Bass
Guacamole De La Casa
Octopus Carnitas
Leña Ceviche
Tomahawk Steak
Skirt Steak
Cured Salmon

“Thoroughly enjoyed the meal! The volcanes starter was delicious. We shared the Chilean Bass and the Turf Platter among three people and feasted. Washed down with a pitcher of Mezcal margaritas. The Molé Enchiladas was a great side dish as well.“

4.3 Superb154 Reviews
Chilam Balam Mexican • $$
3023 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Plato Placero with Beef Brisket Salsa Queso Oaxaca Roasted Plantains Tostadas and Lettuce Cups
Grilled Pork Ribs Honey-Pasilla Sauce Radishes Crema and Queso Fresco
Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake
Plantain Creme Brulee
Guacamole and Chips
Roasted Pork Belly
Shredded Carnitas
Brussels Sprouts
Mahi Mahi Ceviche
Root Vegetables

“Chilam Balam - A Culinary GemNestled in the heart of Lakeview East, Chilam Balam stands as a beacon of authentic Mexican cuisine, offering a delightful blend of tradition and innovation. This charming and intimate restaurant may be small in size, but it boasts an undeniable sophistication that permeates every aspect of the dining experience.From the moment you step through the door, you're greeted by the warm smile of owner Soraya Rendón and a cozy ambiance that instantly transports you to the streets of Mexico. The décor is tastefully understated, allowing the vibrant flavors of the food to take center stage.Chilam Balam's menu is a testament to the culinary prowess of executive chef Natalie Oswald, featuring a tantalizing array of dishes that pay homage to Mexico's rich gastronomic heritage. One standout feature of their menu is the tapas-style presentation, allowing patrons to sample an assortment of small plates and share the experience with friends and family.Among the myriad of options, the enchiladas potosinas steal the spotlight with their bold flavors and comforting textures. Each bite is a symphony of savory goodness, with tender masa enveloping a filling of cheese and peppers, all bathed in a rich and aromatic sauce that leaves a lingering warmth on the palate.The flautas are another must-try dish, offering a delightful contrast of crispy and tender elements that dance harmoniously on the tongue. These golden-brown cylinders of joy are filled with succulent shredded chicken and served with a vibrant salsa that adds a refreshing kick to every bite.For something a little more unconventional, the peneques are a revelation. These delightful pockets of masa are stuffed with a medley of savory ingredients, ranging from duck confit to pico de gallo, before being fried to perfection. The result is a crispy exterior giving way to a meltingly tender center that's bursting with flavor.No visit to Chilam Balam would be complete without indulging in their exquisite ceviche. Served in small, shareable portions, this refreshing dish is a true celebration of fresh seafood, marinated in a zesty blend of citrus juices and spices that invigorate the senses and leave you craving more.In addition to the stellar food, the service at Chilam Balam is nothing short of exceptional. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable, always ready to offer recommendations or answer any questions you may have about the menu or their homeland! Owner Soraya and our waiter gave us wonderful recommendations on Mexico City, and we hope to visit soon.Chilam Balam is a hidden Chicago gem. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado of Mexican cuisine or simply looking to expand your culinary horizons, this charming restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you coming back for more.“

4.1 Good154 Reviews
Carnitas Uruapan Restaurant Mexican • $
1725 W 18th St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Ensalada De Napoles Chicharron Guisado and Carnitas
Tacos Dorados Sesos Pork Brain
Tacos Dorados De Papá Y Cesos
Carnitas Tacos with Toppings
Chicharron Crujiente
Tacos Dorados De Pap
Carnitas Michoacanas
Las Mejores Carnitas
Carnitas Chicharron
Ensalada De Nopales

“Carnitas and condiments are so perfect. They weigh your meat for your taco. Salsa was way too salty and no place to sit. I'd definitely recommended this place. Hours are very limited too. I'll take the pink subway line for this again.“

4.6 Superb139 Reviews
Aloha Wagon Hawaiian • $
2023 S Western Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Hawaiian Grilled BBQ Chicken Plate
Pineapple Coconut Cheesecake
Chicken Katsu Plate
Grilled Fish Tacos
Kalua Pork Plate
Potato Mac Salad
Kalua Pork Taco
Chicken Adobo
Aloha Burger
Grilled Fish

“As Islanders living here, this place is a piece of of home. Onolicious grinds!“

4.8 Superb83 Reviews


Diego Seafood • $$
459 N Ogden Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

TJ Burger 1 2lb Patty
Extra Arbol Salsa
Side Salsa Verde
Taco Gobenador
Chips Y Salsa
Steak Burrito
Mixta Tostada
Diego Burrito
Tuna Tostada
Beef Burger

“The food and staff were amazing! Such a friendly staff who were extremely welcoming and attentive. I have never ordered ‘seconds’ at a restaurant until today! The tostadas were out of this world and the shrimp taco was delicious. A must try!“

4.6 Superb105 Reviews
Taco El Jalisciense Mexican • $
2859 W Chicago Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Torta De Carne Asada
Carne Asada Burrito
Ground Beef Taco
Marinated Steak
Veggie Burrito
Tacos Al Pastor
Rice and Beans
Stake Burrito
Chicken Taco
Steak Tacos

“I used to come here with my dad geno I moved to Cali just got back and it was a definite go to! If you are ever in the area definitely stop by you won’t be disappointed one of the best tacos I have ever had!! And the owner is as nice as can be ❤️can’t wait to go back!!“

4.8 Superb67 Reviews
La Josie Mexican • $$
740 W Randolph St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Tradicional Guacamole
Pomegranate Guacamole
Dulce De Leche Toast
Chips & Salsa Trio
Trio Huitlacoche
Baja Fish Tacos
Mezcal Margarita
Cochinita Pibil
Tacos Al Pastor
Elote Mexicano

“Excelente food and great service“

4.4 Superb176 Reviews
Frontera Grill Mexican • $$
445 N Clark St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Frontera's Chocolate Pecan Pie with Kahlua Whipped Cream
Mexico City-Style Quesadillas
Topolobampo Tortilla Soup
Oysters & Ceviche Platter
Classic Frontera Ceviche
Mole Poblano Enchiladas
Our Famous Tortilla Soup
Duck Breast Xico Mole
Dos Tres Cuatro Cake
Crispy Duck Carnitas

“We had the shrimp and the chicken dishes from the specials list. Amazing! Both were different. The shrimp was the best….chicken was okay…the sauce was a creamy white sauce - flavorful but not my favorite. Desert was delicious. For the flan and tres leches. Service is wonderful and ambiance cool!“

4.3 Superb186 Reviews
Iztatl Cocina Mexicana Mexican • $
4808 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Served with Rice
Tocos Ala Iztatl
Al Pastor Tacos
Asada Burrito
Chorizo Tacos
Chips & Guac
Carne Asada

“Fresh and good flavor. Not a big menu but burrito was outstanding.“

4.5 Superb82 Reviews
Kite String Cantina Bar & Grill • $
1851 W Addison St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Tomatillo Avocado Salsa
Elote Cheese Potato
Butternut Al Pastor

“Friendly staff, great place to be and the chips and salsa are so good!!!!“

4.7 Superb42 Reviews
Carnitas Don Pedro Mexican • $
1113 W 18th St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Costillita Cueritos Y Tacos De Sesos
Tacos De Carnitas Nopales Salsa
Carnitas Y Pico De Gallo
Carnitas Con Currito
Barbacoa De Chivo
Carnitas Surtidas
Barbacoa Special
Carnitas Plate

“I've eaten here so many times since 2010 when my brother moved to the area and it never disappoints! It was a lucky find as he was getting to know his new neighborhood and thank God he shared it with us. We've eaten in, gotten take out, but no matter which one we choose they always give great service. I've tried brain tacos from them (that surprisingly taste kind of like eggs), but our favorite is to order multiple pounds of the carnitas. It's SO good!! They give you fresh made tortillas, cilantro, onion, lime, and pico. Sometimes in the summer they have people right out front with different flavored Agua Frescas. If you're going to do carnitas be warned they do sell out, so try to get there early if you can. (Sorry my pictures aren't great this time)“

4.4 Superb64 Reviews
Lucido's Tacos Mexican • $
4147 W 26th St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Burrito De Carne Asada
Orden De Guacamole
Torta Milanesa
Tacos 20

“La comida sabrosa!!!!!! Taco toro, barbacoa, alambres! Todo súper delicioso y el servicio es excelente!!!“

4.5 Superb49 Reviews
Lonesome Rose Mexican • $$
2101 N California Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Fried Chicken Taco
Breakfast Burrito
Truck Stop Nachos
Taco Salad Bowl
Baja Fish Taco
Chips & Salsas
Vegan Queso
The Burrito
Shrimp Tacos

“This was our first time here and it was absolutely incredible! We didn't know it was happy hour (3-5PM, M-F) and it was a welcome surprise. The chips and dip plate was awesome. The vibe and decor is immaculate, every staff person we interacted with was attentive and kind, the food and drink were great, and they gave my husband free ice cream for his birthday. I truly can't wait to return!Dietary restrictions: My friend is a vegan and they had a lot of dishes to accommodate this.“

4.1 Good126 Reviews
Antique Taco Wicker Park Tacos • $
1360 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Steak Steak and Shrimp Taco
Crab and Shrimp Flautas
Potato and Poblano Taco
Chips and Guacamole
Pork Carnitas Taco
Mushroom Taco
Chicken Taco
Crispy Fish
Steak Taco
Elote Dip

“I stopped by this place for a quick dinner. Let me be honest, I didn't come with an high expectation and just went to have some food. But the tacos here are fantastic. Steak tacos are by far the most juicy and tasteful tacos, along with the fish tacos. Spicy pork and shrimp tacos are also great. I will definitely go to the place next time.“

4.2 Good73 Reviews
Don Churro Bakery • $
1626 S Blue Island Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Assorted Flavored Churros

“deliciosos churros y crujientes.“

4.5 Superb35 Reviews
Carnitas La Michoacana Mexican • $
2049 W Cermak Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Barbacoa De Res Beef Cheek
1 1 2 Pounds of Carnitas
Taco Dinner Carnitas
1 2 Pound of Maciza
Hand-Made Tortillas
Menudo Tripe Soup
Red Salsa

“Great food … reasonable prices. One of your favorites“

4.4 Superb37 Reviews
Cruz Blanca Brewpub Mexican • $$
904 W Randolph St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

La Clasica Tlayuda
Avocado Tostada
Tlayuda Cubana

“What a fun little spot! We went in for drinks while waiting for a reservation and we were pleasantly surprised! The bar staff was especially friendly! I had a shot of tequila and the "Not Sangria" cocktail. I would definitely recommend this for people looking for a cute space with outdoor seating!“

4.1 Good78 Reviews
Old Pueblo Cantina Mexican • $$
1200 W Webster Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Al Pastor Tacos with Beans and Rice and Esquites
Blue Corn Enchiladas Queso or Chicken Tinga
Adobo Chicken Grilled Skewers
Chicken Tinga Enchiladas
Tacos Al Pastor Platter
Carne Asada Con Huevos
Taco Kit for Two
Spicy Guacamole
Refried Beans
Chicken Tacos

“Very good food. I highly recommend this place.“

4 Good89 Reviews
Sol de Mexico Mexican • $$
3018 N Cicero Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Ensalada De Nopalitos Y Camarones
Sopa Azteca Morfeo Azteca
Cazuelita De Mariscos
Lomito De Puerco
Tamales De Elote
Chips and Salsa
Chile Relleno
Guacamole Dip
Pumpkin Soup
Flan De Coco

“Excellent food! Menu is extensive and seasonal to a particularly high standard. Definitely fine dining. It can be pricey to some, but worth it and they do different deals on different nights so it’s worth checking them out. If this venue was in the #Pilsen area, you would def need a month or two reservations. The chef is #Michelin rated – say no more. Highly recommended. Next time in Chi-town I would def make this a stop. #exceptional #FineDiningMexican“

4.1 Good46 Reviews
Chilo Y Chela Restaurant Mexican • $
4213 W North Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Tamales De Pollo De Puerco De Dulce
Tamales from Chilo Y Chela
Orange and Carrot Juice
Tamales De Mole Poblano
Green Tamale
Salsa Verde

“Muy ricos y sabrosos los tamales rojos verdes y los de dulce también el champurrado“

4 Good58 Reviews
Early Morning Delight Breakfast • $
1924 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Creme Brulé French Toast
Cheesecake French Toast
Churro French Toast
Poblano Chilaquiles
Efrain's Benedict
Vegan Chilaquiles
Italian Benedict
Classic Benedict
Mole Enchiladas
House Potatoes

“Delicious food served by a lovely staff. Highly recommended.“

4.9 Superb115 Reviews
The Tamale Guy Mexican •
2934 W Diversey Ave, Chicago
4.3 Superb12 Reviews
Manchamanteles Mexican • $$
2009 N Western Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Pollo En Mole Teloloapense
Dobladas de Pollo Negras
Ceviche Manchamanteles
Sopes Surtidos Xilonen
Dobladas De Pollo Mole
Borrego En Mole Negro
Enchiladas Potisinas
Pollo En Mole Negro
Enchiladas Potosinas
Crêpes Con Cajeta

“Wow! This has entered my top five favorite Chicago restaurants. The flavors are so powerful because everything is home made and fresh. We had the Mexican hot chocolate, which came with a little concha. They grind the cacao beans in house and it was so delish. Also the red mole (pollo con mole teloloapense) was layered with so many flavors and subtle nuances. The chicken breast was a little dry, but I didn't mind because it made the sauce absorb better. I would say it was a high spice level. Then we had the pineapple upside down cake. I genuinely think this is the best dessert in Chicago. It was so soft and pillowy and packed with real pineapple flavor. The chunks of pineapple on top were grilled which added a smokey flavor. The sauce was a deep caramel flavor. Wow it was really memorable. Also a shout out to the tortillas which were soft and stretchy and very clearly fresh made. I can't wait to bring my friends and family.“

4.8 Superb117 Reviews
Gas Station Plaza, 1234 N Halsted St UNIT C Mobil, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Quesabirria and Birria Tacos
Al Pastor and Ribeye Tacos
Al Pastor Quesadilla
Vegetarian Burrito
Asada Skirt Steak
Al Pastor Burrito
Al Pastor Torta
Chips and Salsa
Tacos Al Pastor
Veggie Burrito

“Don't let the fact that its in a gas station fool you! Best Chilaquiles east of the Chicago River!“

4.8 Superb116 Reviews
Chicago’s Tacos Market Mexican • $
5759 W Division St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Guacamole De Aguacate Grande 32 Oz Guacamole Avocado Dip Large 32 Oz
Guacamole De Aguacate Chico 16 Oz Guacamole Avocado Dip Small 16 Oz
Burrito Con Arroz Y Frijoles Burrito with Rice and Beans
3 Tacos Con Arroz Y Frijoles 3 Tacos with Rice & Beans
Chicharrón En Salsa Verde Chicharrón In Green Salsa
Torta Con Arroz Y Frijoles Torta with Rice & Beans
Huevos Con Chorizo Eggs & Mexican Sausage
Huevo Con Chilaquiles Eggs & Chilaquiles
Chiles Rellenos Cheese Stuffed Peppers
Huevos Rancheros Eggs Ranchero Style

“The BEST CHEF ON THE TOWN!!! I'm so happy to have Mexican food in this area! They have best tacos burritos tortas and omg delicious bowls!!! Ey bro u just try it! Is amazing family owner!! VIVA MEXICO ?? la mejor comida Mexicana en Chicagoland!“

4.9 Superb85 Reviews
Birrieria Zaragoza Mexican • $
4800 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Quesadilla and Small Birria
Small Birria Bowl Bone In
Quesabirria and Consommé
Large Birria Plate
Small Plate Birria
Large Bowl Birria
Handmade Tortillas
Taco Surtido

“The best birria I have ever eaten in my entire life. I've just been there for the first time and it's simply incredible. From the first place, I was involved in something difficult to explain, so many years passing and never having given them a chance or knowing the goodness of their food.“

4.7 Superb141 Reviews
Broken English Taco Pub Mexican • $$
75 E Lake St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Fried Chicken Tacos Carne Asada Shrimp Brisket Carnitas
Nacho Momma’S Nachos Supreme
Borderland Brisket Tacos
Al Pastor de Pollo Tacos
Chips & Salsa 4 Trefills
Chips & Chipotle Queso
Cauliflower Al Pastor
Pork Belly Al Pastor
Quesadilla La Gringa
Guacamole and Chips

“Great taco restaurant, great food and service. Edil, thank you for the great service, very kind and timely service. The best.“

4.5 Superb414 Reviews
Kie-Gol-Lanee Mexican • $$
5004 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Cheese and Chorizo Stuffed Pork Chop
Enchiladas de Pollo Con Arroz
Arrachera a La Parrilla
Camarones a La Diabla
Black Beans and Chips
Tlacoyos De Frijoles
Pollo Con Mole Rojo
Tlayuda Con Chorizo
Tamales Oaxaqueños
Ceviche De Camaron

“The margarita and Bloody Mary really good drinks, we also order a huitlacoche quesadilla, garnacha and queso panela. The taste of frijol molido with chips is like the one you can find in Oaxaca city. For sure we’ll back for the tlayudas, we just went for a drink to wait for a friend and end it tasting more that a drink.“

4.7 Superb135 Reviews
Bocaditos Chicago Mexican • $$
1140 W Madison St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese
Oysters Rockefeller
Chips and Salsa
Mashed Potatoes
Enchiladas Maya
Cochinita Pibil
Chips & Salsa
Passion Fruit
Salmon Azteca
French Fries

“We got the chips and guac as an appetizer and they both were really good! Great flavor in the guac and the chips were really crispy!I ordered the Salmon Azteca which a was salmon and potato ring. The menu did not do it justice and I was pleasantly surprised when it came out! Awesome presentation and delicious!My spouse got the carne tacos which were really good too! The sauce that came with it was really flavorful and good spice!“

4.8 Superb82 Reviews


Tacombi Tacos •
126 N Peoria St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada Quesadilla and Pastor Quesadilla
Baja Crispy Fish Taco and Asada Taco
Black Bean & Sweet Potato Taco
lg Guacamole Con Totopos
La Chihuahua Quesadilla
Al Pastor Quesadilla
Guacamole and Chips
Pollo Yucateco Taco
Sinaloa Shrimp Taco
Consome De Birria

“Loveeeee Tacombi! It’s space, ordering system, exposed kitchen setup, vibe and brilliant ambiance is so fun but it also transport me to my time in Mexico City. Food is excellente, juice is fresh, and makes a good time for an afternoon bite or a cool early evening out. -Liz from “

4.5 Superb181 Reviews