8 Best Donuts in Boston

“Dining method: Counter-serve and sat at the tables outsideItem(s) ordered: Apple Cider gluten-free donut and small iced coffeeService: Fast!Value: Sadly expensive for some items, especially for the gluten-free option. My doughnut was over $5. The review: I always say that I'm willing to pay, as long as the food is quality. This rings true when shelling out for a Kane's donut at this cute and humble counter-serve spot. Dense and flavorful, even the gluten-free options will render you mute with happiness. The only drawback was their iced coffee, which was less than drinkable. But I was there for the donuts! Highly recommend.”

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“They sell good donuts at a reasonable price. We went to several different shops today on a donut safari, and Mikes was my favorite. The selection wasn't awesome and what they had weren't always clearly labelled, but they were good, honest donuts. The breakfast sandwiches looked tasty and were at the cheap end of the spectrum. If I lived in the neighborhood I'd eat here on a regular basis.”

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“Love this place! They're open 24/7 which is great for people who work late nights! If you go around 11pm/12am they usually have just made a fresh batch of all their donuts so you will have your pick of all their flavors. I like they're butterfinger flavored iced coffee and their vanilla buttercream donut. From their deli side, their cheese pizza is really good and they sell by the slice and they're huge slices. I've also gotten their thanksgiving sub multiple times.”

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“Really delish food but they're way better when they're fresh compared to when they've been sitting out for a little. maybe ask to warm them up a little. the service is really fast as well, everyone is kind and it's a great place to stop for a quick sweet.”

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“Finally got to this place their doughnuts are fresh and da bomb. There cinnamon buns are cash money especially right out of oven. This specific location is situated with sallys sandwiches and the breakfast sandwiches are awesome, their lunch sandwiches also legit.”

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“Walked in 15 minutes before closing time today, and they had decent availability with friendly staff! We ordered 4 donuts to share, and my favorite was the strawberry basil. I would definitely recommend this one for anyone like me who loves fruit-flavored desserts. Also notable was the ice cream cake donut, which is actually not a cake/old-fashioned donut, but it does have an ice cream filling. The ice cream seemed to be coconut-based and perhaps vegan. It didn't have the greatest taste, but I was surprised to find the filling actually cold. We also got the birthday cake and chocolate old fashioned - both were decent. The store itself is fairly small and takeout only, but our donuts came in a cute pink box.”

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“Located in the Boston Public Market, USD features freshly made inventive and delicious donuts. They also feature a vegan donut or two on any given day. I enjoyed some sort of vegan Pina Colada donut thingie that was like a little pineapple upside down cake. It was yummy. If i lived in Boston I would eat too many of these donuts. But as a visitor, I do like to drop by for a little bag. Too bad they never make it back to the hotel room.Recommend.”

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“They just totally redid this place and it's now nice it used to be small and terrible to go into now it's nice and big and cleanParking: There's literally 5 spots in this tiny tiny sloped parking lot and people park like idiots here taking up more than 1 spot so there's never really parking in the lot I park right after the location on the right side of the road even though it says no parking if your just running in and out of dunkins real quick your never going to get a ticket or get towed”

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