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Crispelli’s Bakery & Pizzeria - Berkley Pizza • $
28939 Woodward Ave, Berkley

Customers` Favorites

Detroit Style Deep Dish Pizza
Wild Mushroom Pizza
Mediterranean Salad
Detroit Style Pizza
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Margherita Pizza
Pizza Margherita
Crispelli Salad
Antipasto Salad
Grilled Cheese

“Stopped here for a bite and a meeting. The place is clearly a hot spot for locals who like a good meal. The place has a retro feel to it and has a lot of charm with the decorative decor.Once you’re seated, you look over the menu to which you then go up to the counter to order. The food is then brought to your table. The plates and silverware are near the pop machine, which is all self serve.The staff were all friendly and attentive to your needs with some additional light banter. They certainly add to the atmosphere and experience.The food was made fresh and delicious. The Mediterranean pizza was made with fresh materials and with just enough topping to make it very filling the other dishes also looked very fresh being the chicken sandwich and salad along with a pepperoni and mushroom pizza.This would be a stop for me again. The only odd thing is parking and that is easily overlooked once you understand the method of getting there.“

4.4 Superb162 Reviews
BT'S BAKERY Shop Bakery • $$
25294 Greenfield Rd, Oak Park

Customers` Favorites

Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake
Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes
Strawberry Cheesecake Crunch
4 Personal Cakes Serves 1-2
Pineapple Upside Down
Jumbo Cupcake 12 Pack
Lemon Chocolate Chip
9 Cakes Serves 15-20
Funfetti Cake Slice
Cookies Cheesecake

“First, there were warm cupcakes placed into the display case as we pulled up. Enough said! The helpful counter attendant explained it was Tuesday which meant the cupcakes were 2 for $6. She then began to chronicle each of the delectable confections. Finally decision time. The lemon cheesecake cupcake delivered, absolutely lemony scrumptious but the chocolate fudge brownie cupcake was smooth, dark, and the unexpected fudge pudding center was delicious. The $6 cupcakes is the best "2 for Tuesday" experience in Metro Detroit❣OAN the pound cake disappears like magic, soooo worth it?“

4.1 Good32 Reviews
Elwin & Company Bakery • $
2971 Coolidge Hwy, Berkley

“I grew up in royal oak not far from Elkins bakery. They make the best scones I've ever had (they are the best directly from the bakery). My mom has been helping me after a recent surgery and she just brought me a bag of scones from here this morning and it put a big smile on my face. It's the taste of my childhood!“

3 Average15 Reviews
Elaine's Bagels Cafe • $
2847 Coolidge Hwy, Berkley

Customers` Favorites


“Definitely an old school bakery feel. I have no complaints with how I’ve personally been treated - I’ve only had very polite and nice experiences. Coffee has always been hot for me and I was even offered more bagels because it was slow today! I usually get bagels and cream cheese once a week in the mornings and have never had an issue, they are very delicious… but duh, it’s a bagel! It’s a go-to bagel place for me and a must try if you’re in the neighborhood. So glad I started coming here.“

3.4 Good61 Reviews
Tous Les Jours Troy Bakery • $
1699 Crooks Rd Ste 200, Troy

Customers` Favorites

Spinach Feta Danish and Sausage Onion Pastry
Green Tea Cake Slice with Strawberries
Curry Croquette Frank Pastry
Strawberry Cream Croissant
Strawberry Cheesecake
Mango Cloud Cake Slice
Iced Tiramisu Latte
Strawberry Frappe
Assorted Pastries
Spinach and Feta

“We had the mango cloud cake slice, blueberry cloud cake slice, tiramisu latte, and the honey lavendar latte. All were amazing and 10/10. The cake wasn't too sweet but instead a more subtle taste (my favorite), tasted like the actual fruit in its name, and had the fruit in it. The honey lavendar has a stronger taste of sweetness and lavendar. Get it iced. The tiramisu latte we got hot and it was also not sweet and a more subtle tiramisu taste. The cake slices were $6-$7 a slice. The lattes $5-$5.50. Reasonable prices. The service was great. There is a nice seating area inside and outside. Our favorite cafe/bakery place in Troy. Will come again.“

4.6 Superb130 Reviews
Artisan Buttercream (fka: Caren's Cakery) Bakery • $$$
Southfield Rd, Lathrup Village

Customers` Favorites

Sugar Cookie Platter
German Chocolate
Pound Cake Bites
Banana Pudding
Birthday Cake
Wedding Cake
Unicorn Cake
Baby Shower
Crunch Cake

“My 11 year old daughter requested custom cupcakes with her favorite clothing companies as the theme. Karen delivered outstanding cupcakes and exceeded our expectations! They taste just as good as they look! I highly recommend Artisan ‘s Buttercream for an awesome custom bakery experience!“

5 Superb72 Reviews
Kitty's Cheesecakes & More Dessert • $
681 E 8 Mile Rd, Ferndale

Customers` Favorites

Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake
Slice Layer Cake Cheesecake
Strawberry Shortcake
Superman Cheesecake
Banana Pudding
Peach Cobbler

“I hard a five star experience all around. I called my order in on a Thursday for Superbowl Sunday. The phone conversation was very pleasant with the lady who answered the phone.I ordered a classic strawberry cheesecake and a pineapple upside down cheese cake. I got there on Saturday and my order was complete and ready to go.The gentleman behind the counter (Ed) was personable, pleasant and we had a conversation about the Detroit Lions.I had a great experience and the cakes were delicious. I do recommend this place.“

4.9 Superb74 Reviews
Beirut Bakery Bakery • $
25706 Schoolcraft Ave, Redford Charter Twp

Customers` Favorites

Mediterranean Protein Salad
Chicken Shawarma Sandwich
Chicken Lemon Rice Soup
Mediterranean Platter
Falafel Grape Leaves
Falafel Sandwich
Fattoush Salad
Lebanese Pizza
Beef Shawarma
Cabbage Salad

“This place is the absolute best. The shawarma, OMG so good ! Bring a friend it's so huge. Split a cucumber and tomato salad are the lentil salad. Add some falafel into your mix. And oh my gosh the hummus. And make sure you save room for a little piece of sweet heaven.The only thing I wish they would do is get their loyalty card back !Brian and Jerry and StaceyVegetarian options: You can't go wrong with homemade falafel, and the world's best hummus. Throw in some tabouli salad and your set“

4.8 Superb93 Reviews
Good Cookies Cafe •
19007 W McNichols Rd, Detroit

Customers` Favorites

Double Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Mix the Cookies

“Upon entering the establishment I was greeted by the young lady?. There was a regular customer whom conversed with me about his favorite. The cookies are a nice size and delicious. The decor is warm and welcoming. I highly recommend and we must support our own people and Community ,keep our money in the neighborhood . The prices are good. Good Cookie be prosperous and thank you.“

4.9 Superb40 Reviews
Le Choux Bakery • $
3730 Rochester Rd, Troy

Customers` Favorites

Buttery Croissant

“The Vietnamese Mocha is FANTASTIC! So creamy and not too sweet. The macarons are the best I’ve ever had. They were out of the teddy choux but I asked and the woman was so sweet to go finish one for me! Came back the next day for more. Don’t miss this spot!“

4.9 Superb66 Reviews
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