1015 S Broadway, St. Louis


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Not serving burgers or pies, "Only fried food!!" The gal yelled at us. Um aren't pies and burgers fried. She took quite an attitude with us when my Uber driver questioned why we couldn't get a burger or pie. She actually argued with the driver that pies are not fried food. Trust me, Rally's isn't baking pies. And if you don't have hamburgers, close and turn out the lights. Dont make me wait in line to find out Rally's is no longer serving hamburgers. We left and went to Nephew's,...read full review

Awful. I’m from Iowa and up there it’s called Checker’s. They always have quick service and I’ve never had any issues. THIS place however is incredibly SLOW. And not due to the number of customers in line. The employees just don’t seem to care. Very disappointed.

We had never been before today to a Rally's and if service is like this at all of the locations we will not probably return to another. We went through the drive through, the lady on the head set who I'm assuming was the same at the window was seemingly less then pleased to be taking our order. We order cones, they didn't taste very good and where falling over and sloppy. And we waited for a bit for our order to be taken and our cones. This girl kind of ruined the experience for...read full review

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