8 Best Japanese Restaurants in Montclair

“Definitely make reservations ahead of time, this place gets busy on weekends. Overall, great place with amazing service. I ordered ramen and it was delicious. My wife ordered Boston roll and kamikaze roll. The kids ordered avocado cucumber roll and everyone was super happy. Definitely recommend this place. Great staff and great sushi.”

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“Very consistent place! I have been a client for over 6 years, and they kept high quality, even during lockdown times. Sushi/sashimi are better options than heated dishes. Dinner bento boxes offer you multiple options to try a little bit of everything at a fair price. Go for it!”

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“We love eating out. Yesterday we arrived in this fine restaurant which we didn’t know before. We spent a delightful evening there with delicious food and a well-trained stuff and a talented chef. We added this venue in our list and we will certainly visit again soon. We highly recommend.”

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“Excellent!Nami Nori manages to stay consistently good over the years and across their locations. Everything on the menu is creative and well executed, including desert. The staff is super friendly and professional. And the ambiance is the right balance between cozy and modern.Highly recommended!”

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“Toro changed my life. It was back in 2022 that I had entered into a coma. The doctors tried everything. It was Toro’s spicy Kani salad and Congo roll that woke me up from my coma. Life changing. Toro sushi is an excellent restaurant with a comforting atmosphere. Arianna was a phenomenal waitress as well.”

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“This is probably one of the best sushi places I've been too. They have lots of vegetarian options! The place has a nice Japanese feel. It also has ample parking in the back. It's byob and there's a wine store literally 1 block away. As for what we got. Unfortunately they don't have the lunch menu on the weekends but that is no where written in there menu. We got the vegetarian tempura. It came with different fried vegetables like broccoli, mushroom and onion. It was ok. We ordered 4 rolls and I will present them in order of my favorite. The mango potato was the best. I loved the sauce and the texture of the fried sweet potato. Next was the pineapple. I loved the sweetness without any needed added sauce to top it. Then was the bugs bunny. It has lots of veggies and a nice Chipotle sauce on top. My least favorite was the Nori jade. I felt the Avocado was too mushy. The service was good but I felt it could have been a little better being that there were only 2 other tables being served.Vegetarian options: Lots of vegetarian sushi options”

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“Aozora is one of those places that you'll walk pass and miss a fortune. The food here is phenomenal. Atmosphere and ambience are fantastic. Great place for any type of celebratory lunch or dinner. Staff is very attentive and service is great. We enjoyed the miso soup, followed by Vegetable Fried Rice - Philadelphia rolls, Fire Dragon, Red Spider, Salmon Lover and Omakase Sushi & Sashimi Combo's. To satisfy your sweet tooth after the all that soy sauce, try the Mango Mousse Cake and Cheese Cake. Finished it off with cappuccino's and an expresso. I highly recommend this place. You won't be disappointed.Vegetarian options: You can't go wrong with fish.”

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“This is my favorite restaurant in Montclair, as someone who works from home and orders food for lunch. Takara is consistently delicious, consistently well-packaged, and provides consistently good service with a friendly delivery person as well.It can be challenging to find a dependable place to get food you cannot make yourself, and I am so thankful that I am privileged enough to be able to get food from this restaurant often. Although an expectation of any restaurant, Takara's consistency is a standout for me in terms of NJ sushi, of which I have had plenty. It is a joy to eat their food, and I hope they're able to continue far into the future. I wish them the best of success as I eat my lunch today.Pictured is the "Montclair Roll", which is shrimp tempura, spicy crab, topped with avocado and crab salad, with some tempura crunch. It's awesome. Please try it.”

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