Cajun Restaurants in Philadelphia, PA

Ruby's Cajun Seafood Boilhouse Cajun • $$
2920 Roberts Ave, Philadelphia

Customers` Favorites

Seafood Boil with Snow Crab and Shrimp
Oyster PO' Boy
Shrimp Basket
lb Crawfish
Raw Oyster

“PLEASE READ : HONEST REVIEW..Only rated 5 stars so my bad review wouldn’t be hidden. I went to Rubys on Tuesday as I was in the plaza dropping of laundry and my 3 y/o was thirsty so I went to get something to drink. I politely asked the gentlemen at the counter for a lemonade and he said sarcastically “that’s all?” (As in “you’re not gonna buy anything else but one lemonade??”) he was frustrated and then told me $3.25. On the menu it says $3 and I was paying in cash (I understand theres sales tax but he literally just threw that extra $.25 on it because I didn’t get anything else .. I ordered seafood from them before and a juice and he only charged me $3. PA sales tax is only 6%.. FINALLY I gave him $4 and he huffed and puffed and said “you don’t have quarter?” And I said no.. he rolled his eyes, gave me $.75 in dimes and nickels back because he didn’t want to “lose his quarters” and when I received my lemonade he did not slice open a hole in the top. I asked politely could he poke a hole in the top so that my child wouldn’t spill it on himself (which is a common Philly thing to have a hole in the top of a homemade lemonade) and he literally SAID TO ME while demonstrating lifting up the side of my drink lid “just do it like this lift up top so you can reuse it” it was such a condescending gesture.. I replied “I have no intentions on reusing a plastic juice container” and he snatched it from me and sliced it open then slammed it on the counter and walked away.. “They” treat us very condescending and without respect and this experience will make me NEVER purchase from them again.. I had a large sum of money on me and could’ve bought anything in there.. yet I waited to see how the customer service would be and it was TERRIBLE. Is this truly the type of place you want to support in OUR community?“

4 Good39 Reviews
Beck's Cajun Cafe Cajun • $
51 N 12th St, Philadelphia

Customers` Favorites

Sausage Dine in: Yes Takeout: Yes
Fried Shrimp PO Boy Sandwich
Fried Mac and Cheese Balls
Alligator Sausage PO' Boy
Blackened Chicken Alfredo
Bourbon Street Breakfast
Trainwreck Sandwich
Blackened Catfish
Alligator Gumbo
Bread Pudding

“Came out with my wife for our Anniversary and the food was great.......actually it was more than great it really hit home for me and we loved it. Cornbread, chicken andilouille gumbo, red beans and rice, sweet tea!!!!!!! EVERYTHING WAS ABOVE PAR!!! Definitely will recommend to anyone. Servers and atmosphere was great too.“

4 Good102 Reviews
Krispy Krunchy Chicken Cajun/Creole • $
7830 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia
4.4 Superb19 Reviews
Ocean Crab City Ave Seafood • $$
7604 City Ave, Philadelphia

Customers` Favorites

1 2 lb Snow Crab Legs and Headless Shrimp Boil
Sweet Thai Wings and Fries
Fried Catfish Basket 4 pcs
Fried Catfish Basket
Fried Shrimp Basket
Lemon Pepper Wings
Corn on the Cob 3
Add Ramen Noodle
Seafood Platter
Seafood Combo

“good food and friendly atmosphere“

4.1 Good116 Reviews
Bob's Crab House Cajun/Creole • $$
301 W Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia

Customers` Favorites

Clams with Garlic Butter Sauce
Snow Crab Platter
A Dozen of Crabs
Sauteed Crabs
Garlic Shrimp
Fried Shrimp
King Crab

“Bob's Crab House is a hole in the crab spot that will never disappoint you on their delivery & presentation of their food & crabs. The crabs are always fresh, meaty & spicy.The lines tend to be long & the service is very slow. However, it's worth the wait. Bring a folding chair.“

3.5 Good53 Reviews
Newman's Grill Breakfast • $
5946 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia

Customers` Favorites

Silver Dollar Pancake with One Scrambled Egg Cheese Available for Additional Charge
Homefries Scrambled Eggs and Raisin Toast
Platter with Beef Scrapple
Platter with Beef Bacon
Chicken and Waffles
Shrimp and Grits
Turkey Sausage
Salmon Cakes
Beef Sausage
Turkey Bacon

“So I came in yesterday for Mother’s Day , My mom wanted to go somewhere else cause she never heard of the restaurant and it looked dim but when we was looking for restaurants the reviews said nope you gotta eat there and you must try the gumbo so after some convincing we went in not the most pleasing looking restaurant not dirty but more so outdated ,but in a fun kind of way they have a old school phone booth that we took pictures in non of the plates matched which was fine cause it reminded of a actual home I like the the owner came and introduced himself and ask to have a seat and made sure we got everything we needed I already ordered the gumbo but he suggested it and give the rest of my party a sample . When I tell you the gumbo was so good I called my best friend who never had gumbo and told her to come and she was amazed I can honestly say we loved everything the home feeling the comfort food , the prices it was a party of 4 we had aloooottt of food cause we wanted to try everything and it was only 75 dollars or so with drinks and laughter and nostalgia included will worth glad I convinced my family to give this Philly hidden gem a try also No pork for all my non pork eaters in Philly give this place a try . When I come back to Philly to visit definitely going back

Dietary restrictions: Doesn’t serve pork

Parking: Street parking

Kid-friendliness: Not sure didn’t have kids“

4.4 Superb34 Reviews