Things You Didn't Know About Sushi

Even if you are an avid lover of sushi, there are some things you probably didn't know about it. Here are some interesting facts about this favorite raw Japanese cuisine.

There's more to uni than you know

With uni, there is no in between. You either love sea urchin or hate it. And if you love it, you might be interested to know that uni is actually the genitals of this creature.

Salmon is really a white fish

With its bright color, you'd never know it. But salmon is actually a white fish. The coloring comes from its main diet of crustaceans.

It was originally fast food

Sushi is seen as more of a high-end dining experience these days. But once upon a time, it was served as a type of fast food lunch to the merchants during the Edo period in Japan.

You should be eating it light to dark

When you order sushi, you should eat the lighter colored items before the darker ones. The darker pieces of fish have a stronger flavor that will leave an aftertaste. The only exception to this rule is when you enjoy the chef's choice. You should then eat each piece in the order it is presented to you as the chef has designed the order best for your palate.

Flip it over

Next time you dine out for sushi, flip your nigiri over when you eat it. This way, the fish side touches your tongue so you will get the best flavor and texture of the fish.

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