4 Best Cocktail Bars in Leesburg

“We arrived right on time; the restaurant was sparse with diners. We were seated immediately, with servers walking around and the two bartenders gabbing about between each other and the wait staff, but no one was paying attention to us. Finally, we went up to the bar to get our own drinks, and then shortly thereafter, a waitress came to us. We told her we already ordered our drinks. She seemed perplexed by this and then proceeded to the bar, neglecting to ask what we had ordered, and came back with one drink only. We waited, but she didn't return, so eventually, I had to call her over and ask for the other cocktail. The food order was taken, and the food was delivered very quickly. The meal, a hamburger, shrimp, and grits, was amazingly good; now, if the service can keep up, we may return.”

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“Why can't GooseCup open at 6am !??!?!?!☺️ Other than that, I always have a great experience here. Coffee ☕️, Wine ?, Food .Very peaceful environment, chill, good vibes... everything seems on point.My only complaint is just what time they open. Work starts at 5:59am ?You will enjoy yourself here. They have a spot for kids as well!”

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“We held our daughter's wedding luncheon in the Marshall room upstairs. Everything was perfect. We scaled down the menu to 8 entrees and at least one person ordered each of the entrees. We also ordered several appetizers. Everyone cleaned their plate which is a good testimonial to quality and taste of the food.We decorated the room and tables ourselves. Carrie (co-owner) was very helpful in helping us pick menu items and allowing us in the room early to decorate. We were very glade we picked a private room vs. just reserving 14 places in the main dinning room. The small room fee was well worth the money to have a private get together. Remmy (our server) did a great job of keeping on top of drink orders and getting all the entrees delivered to the right people. Our daughter and new son-in-law were very happy will all the food and arrangements.”

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“My favorite food was removed from the menu (crispy tofu) and I asked the waiter if it was just because it was a limited lunch menu or if it's actually gone and they came back and said that the chef offered to make it for me even though it's not on any of their menus any more. It was so nice of them to go above and beyond like that! The food is great and the staff is wonderful. Plus they actually have vegan/vegetarian options. Definitely recommend.”

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