Taco Bell in Milwaukee

Taco Bell - 230 W E Layton Ave

Rating: 4

230 W E Layton Ave, Milwaukee WI 53207
(414) 747-0580

Love this place it's been remodeled good service great food

Taco Bell - 6268 S 27th St

Rating: 4

6268 S 27th St, Milwaukee WI 53221
(414) 761-3335

Go o d fun but slow service

Taco Bell - 2200 E Kenwood Blvd

Rating: 4

2200 E Kenwood Blvd, Milwaukee WI 53211
(414) 229-4146

Loved the food it was really good and they come with premium tacos that have sour cream but that I am not sure with.

Taco Bell - 5630 W North Ave

Rating: 3.8

5630 W North Ave, Milwaukee WI 53208
(414) 871-9031

I loved it I will tell people to come everyone was friendly had smile & that speedy service amazing

Taco Bell - 3191 S 76th St

Rating: 3.7

3191 S 76th St, Milwaukee WI 53219
(414) 727-2226

I went on the 31st of Jan. When it was like a ghost town. Everything was shut down. I had one of the new $5 boxes and burrito and breakfast sausage burrito. The box was great, husband loved it. The burrito supreme was outstanding and the breakfast one I wasn't impressed. Still love the place. The woman behind the counter...read more

Taco Bell - 4143 N 76th St

Rating: 3.7

4143 N 76th St, Milwaukee WI 53222
(414) 527-1227

Great food and service.

Taco Bell - 3334 S 27th St

Rating: 3.7

3334 S 27th St, Milwaukee WI 53215
(414) 389-0405

Favorite snack spot I have loved it since I was a kid sad part is I love to cook and bake and I make exceptional tacos with homemade guacamole but I still go at least once a week

Taco Bell - 2210 W Wisconsin Ave

Rating: 3.7

2210 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee WI 53233
(414) 344-7778

The place is very mice n clean n employees were efficient n friendly when taking order n didn't take long at all. The food was good n neat. I really like Taco Bell on Wisconsin. Thank you

Taco Bell - 150 W Holt Ave

Rating: 3.5

150 W Holt Ave, Milwaukee WI 53207
(414) 383-6449

Couldn't use the drive through that day, which is fine, service was fast inside.

Taco Bell - 8030 W Brown Deer Rd

Rating: 3.3

8030 W Brown Deer Rd, Milwaukee WI 53223
(414) 365-6378

It was clean today,. With good fresh food and customer service 👌

Taco Bell - 5751 W Fond Du Lac Ave

Rating: 3.3

5751 W Fond Du Lac Ave, Milwaukee WI 53216
(414) 875-8562

Food was very fresh I would have given 5 stars but they always forget to put something in the bag which usually is my guacamole or Pico which makes enjoying my tacos so much harder. Customer service was fair.

Taco Bell - 5441 N Lovers Lane Rd

Rating: 3

5441 N Lovers Lane Rd, Milwaukee WI 53225
(414) 461-7500

Food is what you would expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to also have good customer service! Becoming uncommon in fast food these days.

Taco Bell - 7242 North Teutonia Avenue

7242 North Teutonia Avenue, Milwaukee WI 53209
(414) 351-4495

Love the tacos here.

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