McDonald's in Bakersfield

McDonald's - 35102 Merle Haggard Dr

Rating: 4.3

35102 Merle Haggard Dr, Bakersfield CA 93308
(661) 393-7402

Very informative map app. Tracks your speed of travel also shows the speed limit. Thx.

McDonald's - 3037 Niles St

Rating: 4.3

3037 Niles St, Bakersfield CA 93306
(661) 327-7017

They intend to push you to use the 'order here' devices. And those things can be a bit annoying, but they're also kinda cool. And the woman who was on register was very polite. I payed and got my meal to go, but a part of my order was missing. So I went back and they gave me my missing meal. I was quite satisfied with more

McDonald's - 1812 N Union Ave

Rating: 4.3

1812 N Union Ave, Bakersfield CA 93305
(661) 323-1115

They always get my order right.Clean and fast service

McDonald's - 5410 Stockdale Hwy

Rating: 4.3

5410 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield CA 93309
(661) 325-2263

Fast and coteous. Hot and ready to take out or dinne in.

McDonald's - 6225 Colony St

Rating: 4

6225 Colony St, Bakersfield CA 93307
(661) 834-4420

The manager there is super awesome! He let me purchase the Toy Story collection and made my daughter’s day! Great customer service! Thank you again! #goodkarma

McDonald's - 2601 Fashion Plaza

Rating: 4

2601 Fashion Plaza, Bakersfield CA 93306
(661) 871-3635

Great service clean

McDonald's - 4600 Ming Ave

Rating: 4

4600 Ming Ave, Bakersfield CA 93309
(661) 833-8706

Nice McDonald's. Has a placeplace for kids and one for toddlers. Unfortunately they only had 2.5 tables in the kids playplace area.

McDonald's - 11 S Chester Ave

Rating: 4

11 S Chester Ave, Bakersfield CA 93304
(661) 336-0372

I go to McDonald's for there fries and sweet tea there nuggets are good, I usually get the #3

McDonald's - 2310 F St

Rating: 4

2310 F St, Bakersfield CA 93301
(661) 327-1720

There always great especially when I pull up and say 22 sausage breakfast burritos and 22 hashbrowns

McDonald's - 5075 Gosford Rd

Rating: 3.8

5075 Gosford Rd, Bakersfield CA 93311
(661) 665-9700

Good food

McDonald's - 11150 Stockdale Hwy

Rating: 3.8

11150 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield CA 93311
(661) 663-7262

Little slow on getting order in and that's with only two people in line,food had no flavor & it was just alittle warm service slow.1-10 I give it a 4 1/2.

McDonald's - 5363 Olive Dr

Rating: 3.8

5363 Olive Dr, Bakersfield CA 93308
(661) 392-1201

Mc donalds is always good. I usually just buy a coffee around!!

McDonald's - 1000 Real Rd

Rating: 3.8

1000 Real Rd, Bakersfield CA 93309
(661) 324-0557

Come in and eat delicious McDonald's food, or just sit and watch the residentially challenged folks go about their daily routines. Please understand that while many people choose to live their lives on the streets, there are those who have had a bad hand dealt to them and nowhere or no one to turn to but themselves. more

McDonald's - 356 Weedpatch Hwy

Rating: 3.8

356 Weedpatch Hwy, Bakersfield CA 93307
(661) 364-0430

Their burgers were okay, but, could have been better.

McDonald's - 13003 Rosedale Hwy

Rating: 3.8

13003 Rosedale Hwy, Bakersfield CA 93312
(661) 587-0110

Depending on who's working your order may be wrong and the staff may not always be friendly. But all in all it's still a decent place to snack am grab a soda.

McDonald's - 7901 White Ln

Rating: 3.7

7901 White Ln, Bakersfield CA 93313
(661) 837-1572

The new chicken mozzarella sandwich is amazing!!!

McDonald's - 2699 Mt Vernon Ave

Rating: 3.7

2699 Mt Vernon Ave, Bakersfield CA 93306
(661) 871-8121

McDonald's is a good place to eat fast food. Your meals are prepared quickly and efficiently. They have a large assortment of burgers and they are tasty.

McDonald's - 4601 Coffee Rd

Rating: 3.7

4601 Coffee Rd, Bakersfield CA 93312
(661) 587-7284

Really kind employees in the drive thru. There's a consistent issue (every time I have been there) with getting the order correct but they're kind and quick at rectifying the order. The coffee is always fresh and food is always hot.

McDonald's - 2701 White Ln

Rating: 3.5

2701 White Ln, Bakersfield CA 93304
(661) 834-8560

On this particular daystaff was on point and courteous!

McDonald's - 1607 E Panama Ln

Rating: 3.5

1607 E Panama Ln, Bakersfield CA 93307
(661) 833-3866

Very clean, quiet and awesome customer service !


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