32 Best Japanese Restaurants in Fresno

Ginza Gourmet Teriyaki House Fast Food • $
5701 N First St, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Broccoli Beef over Pan Fried Noodles
13 Chicken and Beef Teriyaki
Salmon and Chicken Plate
Fried Chicken Teriyaki
Beef Teriyaki Tempura
Vegetable Tempura
Cucumber Salad
Shrimp Tempura
Spicy Chicken
Chicken Salad

“I found Ginza while out on business in the Central Valley looking for some deals on Upside. This place intrigued me as I was going to be in the area Friday and I needed meatless or fish items. This place can be a little tricky to find if it's your first time going here, but it's easy on and off.This store reminds me of places like Hibachi Express that are more quick-serve than full restaurant. That said, the atmosphere is nice for for a hole in the wall restaurant.The food was good, though it could use a few tweaks to make it awesome. I had the "scampi" shrimp with tempura shrimp and veggies plate and a bowl of miso soup. The soup came out piping hot a d freshly made and for the most part tastes as miso soup should. Service for the main plate had prompt, but also as if made to order. The plates come with a scoop of steamed rice and a small side salad. The rice was just right and fresh, the salad was nothing home to write about. It was good, bit didn't stick out. The tempura batter was light and crispy, but the sauce served with the tempura didn't add much for me. This might be a case where a different dip/sauce would come in handy. The other small critique is that I'd like to see at least two pieces of tempura shrimp for that particular plate. Felt like it was mostly tempura vegetables to me. The real highlight was the scampi-styled shrimp. The sauce they used was very flavorful (you can also request to adjust the spice level, too). The shrimp was cooked very well and the main dilemma was that I wanted more of it.Most folks will like spend at least $15 for a meal (entrée and drink); the cheapest dish is around $12-$13. If you want sides or eating with family, definitely expect about $15/adult. While a fast-service restaurant, I had a good experience with the service. The front of the house was attentive with my order and also took care of the soda refills. They were also very personable as well and an overall experience.If you're looking for a relatively fast-service Japanese restaurant in Fresno, Ginza is a good choice. I believe they just need a couple tweaks and they would be a great place to go.“

4.9 Superb55 Reviews
Kurotaka Ramen Japanese • $
5730 N First St #114, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Kurotaka Spicy Ramen with Extra Spicy Soup on Our Specialty Kurotaka Ramen
Kurotaka Karaage Curry Don Deep Fried Chicken Curry Bowl
Spicy Ramen and Karaage Don
Kurotaka Karaage Curry Don
Kurotaka Vegetarian Ramen
Chicken Small 5 Pieces
Chicken Large 8 Pieces
Kurotaka Curry Udon
Itoen Jasmine Tea
Tonkotsu Ramen

“Best ramen in Fresno! Delicious ?“

4.6 Superb121 Reviews
Teriyaki & More Fast Food • $
4190 N Cedar Ave, Fresno

“For a place that’s inside a gas station it’s really good. The teriyaki sauce was different but very delicious. The food was very fresh from the chicken and rice to the veggies to the salad. And the salad dressing is amazing. The guy who took my order was super friendly and they got the food out very quickly. I will definitely be going back!“

4.9 Superb39 Reviews
Hino Oishi Teppanyaki • $$
3091 E Campus Pointe Dr, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Dinner Special Shrimp Chicken Steak Fried Rice
Salad That Came with the Meal
Oishi Special Fried Rice
Golden California Roll
Vegetarian Teppanyaki
Chicken Teppanyaki
Golden Philly Roll
Salmon Sashimi
Hot Mess Roll
Hibachi Soup

“The best hibachi restaurant I’ve ever been to! 100% recommend. Had sushi, beer, steak, and chicken entrees for two people all for less than $100. High quality, super clean, great atmosphere! We’re saying we’re sad we live in another state because we’ve been spoiled now.Dietary restrictions: Took dietary restrictions very seriously.“

4.5 Superb132 Reviews
Ho Ho Kafe Chinese • $
926 F St, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Steak and Eggs Plus Onions Side of Pancakes
Stir Fry Shrimp and Vegetables over Noodles
Pancakes Bacon Eggs 14
Scrambled Eggs
French Toast
Fried Chicken
Hash Browns
Chop Chop

“Went here on a Saturday morning. Place was busy and parking not too hard to find.Nestled in a mostly-rundown area of DTF is this hole-in-the-wall establishment that serves American (and a few Mexican) plates, Chinese and Japanese plates and soup. A very unusual combination, but it works well here because the place was consistently busy while we ate.Someone comes by and quickly asks what you need and promptly brings you the food. I had their huevos con chorizo plate with pancakes on the side. You can immediately taste the oil from the griddle they've had for the last 15 years. The grease is so prominent and delicious AF! Looking at the cooks, they are very efficient because they have a tray with plates ready to be served.Overall, such a unique place. The prices are very low for the deliciousness you get. Cash only! All walks of life come here and I highly recommend you come as well!“

4.7 Superb54 Reviews
Takumi Japanese Restaurant Teppanyaki • $$
3486 W Shaw Ave, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Steak Teriyaki Shrimp Tempura Bento Box
Filet Mignon Teriyaki Side
Bacon Fried Rice Side
Teppanyaki Fried Rice
Spicy Tuna Chop Chop
Teriyaki Chicken
California Roll
Chicken Teriyaki
Mochi Ice Cream
Soup and Salad

“Great fresh food. Prepared in a timely manner.“

4.5 Superb86 Reviews
Sake Japanese Cuisine Japanese • $
4462 W Ashlan Ave, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Bento Box D Teriyaki Salmon
Fried Salmon Tempura Roll
Cherry Blossom Sushi
Bacon Fried Rice
Assorted Sashimi
Chicken Teriyaki
California Roll
Rainbow Roll
Dragon Roll
Spider Roll

“This has changed owners and names from Oishi’s to Sake. The service has not faltered and the food although different retains quality. I recommend “Ron’s” special. It’s got fresh buttery garlic, lightly breaded shrimp and rice. Enjoy food so you enjoy life.Kid-friendliness: They don’t mind kids as long as you don’t let them run around everywhere.Wheelchair accessibility: Flat area. O stairs or obstacles.“

4.5 Superb62 Reviews
Sushiyaki Japanese • $
1234 N First St, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Teppanyaki Chicken Steak and Shrimp with Chicken Fried Rice
Sushiyaki Special Roll
California Roll
Dinner Special
Teriyaki Steak
Lunch Special
New York Steak
Dragon Roll

“This place is our feel good food. You know we're having a good day or about to have one if we're eating this food. Their plates with fried rice and sautéed carrots are our go-to. We usually get steak or scallops but also enjoy their chicken and shrimp plates. Their sushi rolls are also simple and delicious. You have to try this place if you haven't yet. On top of all of that, the staff are also super friendly and quick.“

4.4 Superb89 Reviews
Shobu Japanese Cuisine Japanese • $$
6640 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Combination Fried Rice
The Bulldog Roll
Sashimi Appetizer
Earthquake Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll
California Roll
Shrimp Tempura
Dynamite Roll
Dragon Roll
Rainbow Roll

“i loooovvee this place!! you have to try the jalapeño poppers as well as the ramen. my go to is the miso ramen medium spicy and it’s perfect amount of spicy if you can handle it. i’ve tried many ramen restaurants in fresno and none compare to the ramen here. it has much more flavor than the broth at other ramen restaurants. the servers here are kind and the owner always welcomes us back and asks how things are. definitely check this place out.“

4.4 Superb75 Reviews
Sushi Day Japanese • $
7745 N First St, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Avocado Bomb and Super Rainbow Roll
Shrimp Tempura Crunch Roll
Spicy Hamachi Roll
Green Dragon Roll
Philadelphia Roll
Vegetable Tempura
Chicken Teriyaki
California Roll
Red Dragon Roll
Spider Roll

“Great, fresh, sushi! Love their outdoor patio ❤️“

4.3 Superb68 Reviews
On A Roll Sushi Sushi • $
1306 Van Ness Ave, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Teriyaki
Seaweed Salad
Avocado Roll
Beef Gyoza

“The place is a gem. Their tempura batter is excellent. A combination of flaky, sturdiness, and flavor. Gyosa were full of flavor and cooked to perfection. We came on a Tuesday and the place was sadly empty. Also, the service and attention to detail was just right. Our needs were met while allowing us to enjoy our meal. This is worth a drive from our home in North West Fresno.“

4.4 Superb28 Reviews
Umi Sushi Fresno Sushi • $
2321 Kern St, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Vegetable Udon Noodle Soup
Deep Fried Dragon Roll
Vegetable Tempura
Kamikaze Roll
Umi Sushi

“The sushi was delicious! Both the Dragon Roll and Booty Tempura Roll werena delight to the senses. Unfortunately, the Grilled Unagi Teriyaki Bowl my girlfriend had was disappointing. The Grilled Unagi, despite being delicious, was riddled with bones that ruined not only the texture but the experience. Although the bones are safe for consumption it was unpleasant. Finally, the restaurant was cozy. We arrived 10 minute's after their 4:30pm dining hour and it was a full house. Our food took nearly an hour to arrive at our table just before we were going to flip a coin to determine if we should leave. Although the rolls were phenomenal after waiting for so long I finished my roll within 5 minutes and although I was still hungry we decided not to order desert or anything else out of fear of the wait time. A 30 minute wait time I feel is acceptable but an hour is too much for so little food. We shall return but with deep consideration and definitely staying away from the grilled Unagi.“

4.2 Good83 Reviews
Toshiko Ramen & Sushi Bar Japanese • $
1112 Fulton St, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Build Your Own Ramen Vegan
Tonkatsu Tonkotsu Ramen
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl
Tantanmen Ramen
California Roll
Tempura Roll
Dragon Roll
Tiger Roll
Shoyu Ramen
Fried Gyoza

“Great food and nice atmosphere“

4.2 Good69 Reviews
Kikku Japanese Food (Downtown) Japanese • $
2336 Tulare St, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Downtown Spicy Chicken
Grilled Chicken Salad
Vegetable Tempura
Spicy Crab Roll
California Rolls
Teriyaki Chicken
Teriyaki Salmon
Crispy Chicken
Tempura Shrimp

“Love there food is so amazing“

4.2 Good65 Reviews
Sakura Chaya Japanese • $$
690 E Nees Ave, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Sakura Chaya Fried Rice - Vegetable Chicken Beef or Shrimp
Hibachi Filet Mignon
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Yo Mama Roll to Go
Hibachi New York
Bacon Fried Rice
Hibachi Chicken
Tempura - Shrimp
California Roll
Red Dragon Roll

“We ordered the dinner for two teppanyaki. We thought we were supposed to get a shrimp appetizer and ice cream but nobody at the table got the shrimp appetizer and only the kids got ice cream. No big deal but when your meals $95 without tip you expect everything“

4.1 Good138 Reviews
Tamari Robatayaki & Whisky Bar Japanese • $$$
6731 N Palm Ave, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Lollipop Pork Chops Appetizer
Sweet and Spicy Sushi Roll
Chef's Choice Sashimi
Vegetable Tempura
Stuffed Mushrooms
Johnny Walker
Magma Roll
Lamb Chops
Miso Soup

“Great atmosphere, great service, excellent food. I try and go at least once a week.“

4.1 Good84 Reviews
Sakanaya Japanese Restaurant Japanese • $$
9447 N Fort Washington Rd #116, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Kona Coffee Mochi Ice Cream
Chicken Teriyaki Entr
Shrimp Tempura Udon
Fried Rice
Spicy Mayo
Miso Soup

“Fantastic dining experience! We got the table to ourselves (they will typically group you with other parties of people). Our server was fantastic and our chef was outstanding. The filet was cooked perfectly to my liking. The lobster was delicious. One of the better teppanyaki restaurants in the Fresno / Clovis area. They do cook their fried rice with bacon as an FYI. You can also order sushi rolls if you're sitting for teppanyaki.Dietary restrictions: One of our dinner guests has a very strict diet and they accommodated that diet. This person only wanted the fried rice with nothing else just the fried rice itself. No vegetables no meat.Parking: We went on a Sunday around 5:30 and there was plenty of parking“

4.1 Good53 Reviews
S 21 Sushi & Sake Bar Bar • $
5754 N First St, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Katsu Bento Box
Japanese Fried Chicken
Chicken Teriyaki Plate
Spicy Tuna Chop Chop
Gyoza Dumpling Soup
Green Dragon Roll
Red Dragon Roll
California Roll
Rock Star Roll
Tempura Udon

“Comparable prices, clean, kind and professional staff, huge variety, easy to find, will go again for sure.Vegetarian options: Can tailor your order to be without items you don't wantParking: Shared parking lot with various other businessesWheelchair accessibility: Wheel chair accessible.“

4.1 Good45 Reviews
Zeni-Ya Japanese Fast Food Japanese • $
7712 N First St, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Chicken Donburi
Vegetable Tempura
Tempura Vegetable
Teriyaki Chicken
Terimaki Sauce
Teriyaki Beef
Chicken Salad
Rice Bowl

“Love everything here. Family ran and their pride is in their food and service. Highly recommend.“

4 Good48 Reviews
Brothers Ramen and Japanese Eatery Japanese • $
132 W Nees Ave Ste. 108, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Tonkatsu Ramen with Added Seaweed Softboiled Egg Extra Noodles and Chile Sauce
Tonkotsu Ramen Original
Teriyaki Chicken
Karaage Chicken
Brothless Ramen
Soft Boiled Egg
Tonkotsu Broth
Chicken Ramen
Bao Buns
Tri Tip

“The broth is very flavorful. Everything we ordered was just tasty! This small eatery surprises me ..“

4 Good51 Reviews
Sushi N Pop Sushi • $
1788 E Barstow Ave, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Crunchy California Roll
Vegetable Tempura
Crouching Tiger
Spicy Tuna Roll
Sexy Cowboy
Dragon Roll
Miso Ramen
Miso Soup

“Came during lunch. It wasn't as busy as I expected, the service was great and the food came out pretty quickly. The shrimp and veggie tempura was good and the roll I got was ok. Probably just not the best selection on my end but I'll be back to try other things on the menu.“

4 Good69 Reviews
Yoshino Japanese Restaurant Japanese • $$
6226 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Sashimi Combination
Spicy Seafood Salad
Fried Rice Chicken
Dynamite Appetizer
Udon Combination
Chicken Teriyaki
Spicy Tuna Roll
Fried Calamari
Cucumber Salad
Onion Volcano

“Very delicious food and great service❤️“

4 Good90 Reviews
Wassabi On Fire Japanese • $$
2920 E Nees Ave, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Cherry Blossom Roll
Chicken Teriyaki
Salmon Bento Box
California Roll
Hibachi Shrimp
Onion Volcano
Shrimp Tempura
Cowboy Roll
Nigiri Mix
Miso Soup

“Great employees/service and great food“

4 Good99 Reviews
Kikku Kitchen Japanese • $
7785 N Palm Ave #101, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Teriyaki Salmon
Crispy Chicken

“Have gotten to-go from here a handful of times since moving to Fresno. Really high quality food with good portions for a reasonable price. I've gotten the crispy chicken (katsu chicken) with rice and a salad or mixed veggies. Have also gotten the ginger steak dish. Also highly recommend. The sauces and salad dressing are fantastic. Definitely a great spot for quick Japanese food in my opinion.“

3.9 Good36 Reviews


Ichiban Japanese • $
4863 E Butler Ave, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Top Shrimp Crunchy Roll Bottom Ichiban Roll
Chicken and Beef Teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki Roll
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl
Teriyaki Chicken
Chicken Ramen
Chicken Katsu

“The food here is absolutely delicious i have had different dishes and all are great there sauce is out of this world you want great taste friendly atmosphere go to Ichi Ban !!!!“

3.9 Good37 Reviews
Namikaze Asian Fusion • $$
1134 E Champlain Dr #108, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Sukiyaki Style Beef Bowl
Spicy Garlic Edamame
Caterpillar V Roll
Namikaze Nachos
California Roll
Chirashi Sushi
Lunch Special
Dragon Roll
Kimono Roll
Ninja Roll

“It was decent sushi. Not as many choices as most local sushi places. Still good. This is a strange review to write. There was nothing wrong with the place but I'll probably go to others instead. Oh but did not like garlic edimame, tasted sweet.“

3.9 Good57 Reviews
Sarku Japan Japanese • $
645 East Shaw Avenue Space #FC04, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Teriyaki

“Was scrolling on Doordash and noticed that Sarku Japan had a 4.7 star rating, so I decided to give it a try. For $11, this was a great amount of food! The chicken was flavorful and cooked well, and the rice was also really, really good. The veggies had no flavor but topped with the teriyaki sauce they tasted great. I had no idea that this was located in Fashion Fair, but will buy from them again when I happen to be shopping in the area! Bonus: I really liked the to-go containers. It's sturdy plastic and has a little compartment for the sauce container to sit on top!!“

3.8 Good27 Reviews
Banzai Japanese Bar & Kitchen Japanese • $
609 E Olive Ave Suite C, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box
Cherry Blossom Roll
Red Dragon Roll
California Roll
Mushroom Bombs
Tofu Bento Box
Starfish Roll
Spider Roll
Poke Nachos
Miso Soup

“Great shrimp tempura roll!“

3.9 Good63 Reviews
Mika's Japanese Restaurant Japanese • $
2745 W Shaw Ave ste 126, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Teriyaki Chicken Bowls
Grilled Chicken Bowl
Vegetable Tempura
Broccoli Tempura

“Very unassuming, and honestly, doesn't look like it'll add up to much, BUT I was pleasantly surprised. The staff was friendly and the food quite delicious. I got the chicken stir fry and spring rolls - both were great. And the best part - the prices! Very happy with the decision to try this place out!“

3.8 Good31 Reviews
Wassabi Off the Hook Japanese • $$
752 W Shaw Ave, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Box Lunch with Chicken Katsu and Salmon Sashimi
Booty Booty Tempura Roll
Deep Fried Green Beans
Nigari Sampler Platter
Blonde Bomb Shell Roll
Spicy Yellowtail Roll
Cherry Blossom Roll
Sashimi Flights
Caterpillar Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll

“Great employees/service and great food“

3.9 Good80 Reviews
Spicy Mayo Hibachi Japanese • $
2088 W Shaw Ave, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

Combination Plate Shrimp and Steak Teriyaki
Bacon Fried Rice
New York Steak

“We had take out tonight! The food was fresh and delicious. This is a real winner. The steak was tender and perfectly cooked. Chicken just as enjoyable. Bacon fried rice to delight for sure. We will be back very often.“

3.9 Good92 Reviews
You Me Sushi Japanese • $$
389 E Shaw Ave, Fresno

Customers` Favorites

White Dragon Roll
Gyoza Pot Sticker
Four Seasons Roll
Spicy Fried Rice
Chicken Teriyaki
Season Roll
Golden Lion
Super Good
Nemo Roll
49ers Roll

“Good price for the all you can eat.“

3.8 Good70 Reviews