Soul Food Restaurants in Orlando, FL

Uncle Tony's Backyard Barbecue Barbeque • $
6807 S Orange Ave Ste. 110, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Brisket with Pulled Pork Combo Beans with Garlic Toast and Potatoes
Fall Off the Bone Beef Ribs with Collard Greens and Mac and Cheese
Ribs and Pulled Pork Combo w Beans and Mac & Cheese Side
Sliders Special- Pulled Pork Pulled Chicken Brisket
Chicken & Pulled Pork Combo
Brisket and Sausage Combo
Smoked Brisket Sandwich
Brisket Philly Cheese
Taco Sampler Trio
Mac Daddy Burger

“Uncle Tony's Backyard Barbecue offers a delightful dining experience. The restaurant serves delicious barbecue, including tender and flavorful brisket, as well as tasty sides like potato salad and green beans. The mac and cheese and candied yams are also popular choices. Friendly staff, including a kind and helpful lady at the front, ensure a warm welcome. Overall, a great spot to visit in Orlando, earning a well-deserved 10/10 rating.“

4.9 Superb225 Reviews
Sister Sister Soulfood Food Truck & Catering Soul Food • $
5511 Oakfield St, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Smothered Pork Chops Cabbage Green Beans Cornbread Banana Pudding
Southern Fried Catfish
Cheesy Mac and Cheese
Saucy Chicken Wings
Baked Chicken
Candied Yams
Baked Beans
Turkey Wings

“Sister Sister Soulfood Food Truck & Catering is a top-notch spot for soul food in Orlando, offering flavorful dishes that may cause drowsiness due to their deliciousness. Notable menu items include chitlins with collards and Mac and cheese, and the fish, shrimp, and wings dinner with cabbage and Mac. Generous portion sizes and delightful flavors make this food truck a must-try.“

4.6 Superb40 Reviews
Seana's Caribbean | Soul Food Soul Food • $
719 Good Homes Rd, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Seafood Mac and Cheese
Fried Pork Chops
Mashed Potatoes
Grilled Salmon
Sweet Plantains
Curry Chicken
Chicken Pasta
Fried Chicken
Jerk Chicken
Candied Yams

“Seana's Caribbean | Soul Food offers an authentic and affordable dining experience. The menu features a wide range of classic dishes, including the popular jerk chicken meal, yellow rice with gravy, baked beans, mac and cheese, and Jamaican beef patties. Customers praise the exceptional flavors, generous portions, and friendly service, making it a must-try destination for those seeking a taste of the Caribbean.“

4.2 Good104 Reviews
P & D Soulfood Kitchen Inc Soul Food • $
927 S Goldwyn Ave #120, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Baked Chicken and Collard Greens
Turkey Wings and Yams Cornbread
Smothered Pork Chops
Macaroni and Cheese
Fried Pork Chops
Lemon Pound Cake
Sweet Potato Pie
Red Velvet Cake
Peach Cobbler
Bread Pudding

“P & D Soulfood Kitchen Inc. offers flavorful dishes like oxtail, mac n cheese, collard greens, cornbread, potato salad, and red velvet cake. The turkey could be crispier, but overall, the food is pleasing. With no dine-in option, it's a takeout spot with great customer service. Considered a hidden gem, this restaurant provides soul food that tastes like a home-cooked meal, attracting regular customers who highly recommend it.“

4.2 Good95 Reviews
Kook’n with Kim Southern • $
307 W Kennedy Blvd, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Smothered Meatloaf with Yellow Rice Collard Greens N Mac N Cheese
Smothered Pork Chops
Pork Chop Sandwich
Hog Maws with Rice
Turkey Wing Dinner
Turkey Wing Lunch
Meatloaf Dinner
Black Eyed Peas
Red Velvet Cake
Chicken Dinner

“Kook’n with Kim is a must-try restaurant in Orlando, known for its delicious soul food. The menu includes favorites like baked/fried chicken, Turkey wing dinners, mac n cheese, string beans, and cabbage. Customers praise the flavorful food, huge portions, and affordable prices. The meatloaf and banana pudding are highly recommended. Ms. Kim, the owner, is welcoming and kind, making the dining experience even better. Ordering online for pickup is suggested to avoid the long lines. Overall, Kook’n with Kim is a top choice for anyone who enjoys mouthwatering meals in a friendly atmosphere.“

4.7 Superb152 Reviews
Nikki's Place Soul Food • $
742 Carter St, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Smothered Pork Chops Gravy Sauce Yellow Rice Mashed Potatoes and Greens Cornbread Muffin
Fried Chicken with Rice or Dressing with 2 Side Items
Chitterlings - Dinner with Rice and Two Sides
Nikki's Pig's Feet with Potato Salad or Rice
Smothered Wings 3 PC
Macaroni and Cheese
Fried Catfish 8 Oz
Smothered Rib Tips
Fried Pork Chop
Black Eye Peas

“Nikki's Place offers delicious food with reasonable prices and a friendly atmosphere. The customer service is exceptional, and the menu includes tasty options for various dietary preferences such as vegetarian and vegan. Notable dishes include their smothered steak and vegetable sides. Nikki and the staff provide great energy and ensure a pleasant dining experience.“

4.1 Good140 Reviews
Taste Heaven Soul Food •
2100 W Washington St, Orlando

“Ooommmgggg. I finally caught up with the one and only Taste of Heaven food truck. I've been following her for a while and I'm so glad I caught up with her today. Babbbyyyy. That loaded potato with cheese crab spinach and shrimp was everything to my taste buds and definitely tasted heavenly. Thank you so much Queen and keep doing what you are. Newest forever customer. Oh and my favorite drink is the pineapple sweet tea. I agree with the Chef. However the customer favorite the pineapple lemonade was bussin' too. Y'all check her out“

5 Superb5 Reviews
Taste of Tonia’s Soul Food • $
2015 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Fried Chicken

“Taste of Tonia's is a local restaurant that offers a variety of home-cooked meals. Customers praise the delicious fried chicken, meatloaf, yams, and cabbage, which are reminiscent of traditional home-style cooking. However, the restaurant's hours can be unpredictable, and the quality of certain dishes, like the macaroni and cheese, may vary. Overall, Taste of Tonia's provides large portions of flavorful, homemade meals at reasonable prices.“

4.1 Good28 Reviews
Big D's Diner Soul Food • $
906 S Ivey Ln, Orlando

“Great food! The chef put her foot in that food! The customer service was awesome! Check this spot out you won't be disappointed. Prices were very good also, found me a new spot“

4.2 Good5 Reviews
Boomerang Bbq & Bistro Barbecue • $
4081 Columbia St, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Rib Dinner with Mac and Cheese and Potato Salad
Chicken Ribsonly Mac & Cheese
Small Chicken Ribs Only
Large Rib Sandwich
BQ Pork Spare Ribs
Chicken Dinner
Side of Sauce
Baked Beans
Smoked Ribs
Grilled Ribs

“Boomerang BBQ & Bistro offers an exceptional dining experience with its delectable BBQ dishes and generous portions. The service is praised as top-notch, and the restaurant is highly recommended by satisfied customers. The ribs, mac and cheese, baked beans, and collard greens are standout menu items, with the ribs being described as "perfection" and the mac and cheese as having the "perfect texture." Overall, Boomerang BBQ & Bistro is a must-try destination for BBQ enthusiasts.“

4.8 Superb54 Reviews
King Of Soulfood Soul Food • $
1208 Bruton Blvd, Orlando

“King Of Soulfood serves delicious and fresh meals, including meat on the oxtails, collard greens cooked with turkey, dressing, and Mac n cheese. The food is pretty good despite the unassuming appearance. Promotions will be available on the website soon. This is the spot for satisfying soul food cravings.“

3.4 Good17 Reviews
Eat N Wash Seafood • $$
1723 Rio Grande Ave, Orlando

“Hands down the best seafood I have had in a very long time. I was lucky to try this great food at a food truck Friday. The chicken and shrimp, my wife and 3 year old enjoyed. I went with the shrimp and crab. It was amazing. Fresh cooked to order. It came with potatoes, sausage and an ear of corn all smothered in this amazing homemade butter.I could go on and on about how great this meal was. And normally I don’t write about food, but this deserves 5 stars and more.I hope they are back in my town again next month because I really want to try the lobster.Great customer service and great people all around. Give them a try and you will not be disappointed.“

4.8 Superb18 Reviews
The Licking Orlando Soul Food • $$
1117 Florida Mall Ave, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Red Velvet Waffles and Fried Chicken Wings
Fried Chicken & Red Velvet Waffles
Grilled Shrimp and Grits
Fried Turkey Wings Combo
Lobster Mac and Cheese
Fried Chicken Tenders
Fried Snapper Dinner
Chicken Wing Dinner
Turkey Wings Dinner
Fingalickin Sauce

“The Licking Orlando serves delicious food and drinks, with standout dishes like snapper and seafood rice. Despite mixed service reviews, the staff is attentive and accommodating, making diners feel welcomed and cared for. Guests appreciate the hot, fresh meals and friendly service, ensuring a return visit for more great food.“

3.6 Good128 Reviews
Knali's Kitchen Caribbean • $
419 S Parramore Ave, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Wings with Fries
Oxtail Platter

“Knali's Kitchen is a Caribbean restaurant known for its delicious and amazing food. Their curry goat, cabbage, cornbread, rice & peas, and mac and cheese are customer favorites. The owner prioritizes customer service and quality, resulting in excellent dining experiences. Generous portions are offered, making it a great place for satisfying meals.“

4.4 Superb25 Reviews
Jesse’s Rib Shack Seafood • $
2202 W Pine St, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Rib Tip

“I ordered the rib&shrimp and the rib&chicken with macaroni on the side. It tasted like grilled goodness and the shrimp was garlicky and so good. The Mac was a lil dry but had a good taste still. And their yummy sauce is AMAZING. Definitely will go back and highly recommend!“

4.7 Superb12 Reviews
Claude's bbq Barbecue • $$
Rio Grande Ave &, 29th St, Orlando

“Claude's BBQ is a restaurant that serves a unique blend of BBQ and Caribbean cuisine. The jerk chicken is a standout dish, known for its delicious sauce and tender meat. Other popular menu items include the turkey, cabbage, Mac n cheese, and black-eyed peas. The meatloaf is also noteworthy for its smokey flavor. The restaurant is praised for its fast and fresh food, as well as its friendly service. The staff is described as being nice and polite, creating a great vibe for customers. The restaurant offers a variety of side options, and while they don't serve alcohol, the food is said to be so good that it doesn't matter. Overall, Claude's BBQ is a must-visit spot for anyone looking for delicious and flavorful BBQ or Caribbean food.“

4.3 Superb22 Reviews
The Licking Orlando Soul Food • $$
4706 Millenia Plaza Way, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Fried Chicken & Red Velvet Waffles
Chicken Wings Dinner
Fried Chicken Wing
Fried Shrimp Dinner
Fried Turkey Wing
Fingalickin Sauce
Mystery Lemonade
Red Velvet Cake
Chicken Dinner
Chicken Tenders

“The Licking Orlando is a restaurant that offers a mixed dining experience. While the food is generally well-seasoned and served in generous portions, with affordable prices and a sweet lemonade, the service and overall atmosphere have received varied reviews. Some customers have reported a "terrible" service, with staff rushing customers to order and inaccurate wait times. The Haitian security guard has also been described as not knowing his role, trying to dictate the waiting process to customers. Additionally, the menu has been deemed "deceptive," with a fried chicken dinner not matching the actual wings served. However, other customers have had a more positive experience, with an "amazing" server and an overall "amazing" experience. The decor and sound system have also been praised, and the presence of a security guard is appreciated. In summary, The Licking Orlando offers a mixed dining experience, with both positive and negative reviews regarding the food, service, and overall atmosphere.“

3.5 Good179 Reviews
Smoke N Spices BBQ Caribbean • $$
18 N Dollins Ave, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Barbecue Chicken Wings

“YOU MUST TRY THIS PLACE. You will not regretted it. Trust me!!The food was amazing. I ordered Conch Lanbi with rice and beans/ salad and Chicken Wings with french fries and macaroni salad. It's alot of food. ???? It fed me, my son and my parents. Everything taste FRESH. I mean Fresh. The salad was firm. Macaroni salad taste perfect. It was enough of the dressing where it is not too much. I wanted more. (I am not a fan macaroni salad ????, but macaroni salad was just right.)The conch Lanbi is not dry where it is over cooked or hard. It taste perfect and tender. My parents are picky eater. They enjoyed it as much as I did. They were very satisfied. Thanks again. We will be back for more!“

5 Superb2 Reviews
Rooted Garden Caribbean • $
419 S Parramore Ave, Orlando

“This is a very trendy enviornment,with game facilitys for kids,delivery options,and special food items that fit the sea food lover,catering scv........if there is a problem mgm't caters to the situation in which the custmer will be satified of its out come...very military friendly and offer all types of speacialty virgin island food,prepared by athentic carriebian che'fe......just ask for chef bomalle'e...Mr.B for short....breakfast che'fe:che'fe steve...try his home made biscuits and crape's susette with the island flavor.......THE SSRGE“

5 Superb2 Reviews
Oley's Kitchen & Bar B Que Caribbean • $
2700 Rio Grande Ave, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas Mac & Cheese
Jerk Goat Curry White Rice and Cabbage
Smothered Pork Chops
Sweet Potato Pie
Rib Tip Sandwich
Fried Dumplings
Liver & Onions
Fried Chicken
Curried Goat
Potato Salad

“Oley's Kitchen & Bar B Que is a restaurant known for its flavorful dishes, including fried catfish, oxtails, and cabbage. While the chicken wings with jerk sauce received mixed reviews, the restaurant quickly addressed the issue, providing a fresh order without the sauce. Vegetarian options include greens, string beans, pinto beans, corn, and black-eyed peas. The staff is praised for their politeness and friendliness. However, parking is limited, and the restaurant is not wheelchair accessible. Other standout dishes include the fish, turkey, and mac n cheese.“

3.9 Good76 Reviews
Maryland Fried Chicken Chicken • $
9710 E Colonial Dr, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

2 Piece Dark Meat with Baked Beans and Macaroni Salad
Fried Chicken with Collards & Mashed Potatoes
Fried Chicken Livers
Hot Wings and Fries
Chicken Wings
Piece Breast
Fresh Chicken
French Fries
Piece Wings

“Maryland Fried Chicken is a family-owned restaurant that has been serving delicious fried chicken since 1972. Customers praise the restaurant's classic Maryland fried chicken taste, which they remember from their childhood. The sides are also described as great, and the service is reported to be polite and efficient.“

3.7 Good59 Reviews
Antille Cuisines Haitian • $
2340 W Oak Ridge Rd, Orlando

Customers` Favorites

Black Rice Djondjon Platter
Side of Rice and Peas
Brown Rice Dirikole
Fried Goat Tassot
Poule with Side
Rice and Beans
Large Oxtrail
Lambi Conch
Fried Fish
3.2 Average41 Reviews