Arby's in Indianapolis

Arby's - 6801 W Washington St

Rating: 4.3 - 49 Votes

6801 W Washington St, Indianapolis IN 46241
(317) 244-7010

Yummy! A little on the expensive side but worth it for the quality of food. Love the Jamoca shake but not the cream and drizzle they put on top. Always great customer service. Overall great place to eat.

Arby's - 6421 E 82nd St

Rating: 4.2 - 52 Votes

6421 E 82nd St, Indianapolis IN 46250
(317) 842-4912

I never really thought about reviewing a fast food restaurant but I have to say I was very impressed. This place looks like it's closed most of the time. I went by and there was only one person in front of me in the drive through. The lady who helped me was so sweet. She told me there was a little bit of a wait on more

Arby's - 2130 E County Line Rd

Rating: 4.2 - 42 Votes

2130 E County Line Rd, Indianapolis IN 46227
(317) 882-1181

They had an off day yesterday, service was quick but my sandwich didn't have what I call my driving wrap! LoL! Love their smokehouse brisket though! It is a delicious protein pick-me-up! The staff at County Line is fabulous and friendly!

Arby's - 7030 Emblem Dr

Rating: 4.2 - 47 Votes

7030 Emblem Dr, Indianapolis IN 46237
(317) 883-2606

Arby's is one of my favorite fast food places. The vast selection of tasty sandwiches can't be beat. They are a little pricier than some of their other competitors, so make sure you grab the coupons they put out monthly.

Arby's - 5915 Madison Ave

Rating: 4.1 - 40 Votes

5915 Madison Ave, Indianapolis IN 46227
(317) 784-2729

Food seem to be improved a bit, and now the offer Coke vs. Pepsi products which is a plus. Arby's was one my favorites to eat 20 years ago, but quality seem to change and over all experience wasn't enjoyable. Seems Arby's to be shifting back to the better and I've been visiting more often. Thank you

Arby's - 801 W 10th St

Rating: 4.1 - 41 Votes

801 W 10th St, Indianapolis IN 46202
(317) 632-5409

Very fast.. food was ready before we got our drinks, it was fresh, the staff friendly. My only complaint is that it was FREEZING inside. I couldn't eat my food fast enough just to get back outside.

Arby's - 35 E 96th St

Rating: 4 - 52 Votes

35 E 96th St, Indianapolis IN 46240
(317) 818-0806

Marcus has amazing customer service. I had missed dinner so I was really hungry and even though it was close to closing he still took my order. You can really tell he's a man of the people. He easily could have said we're closing and not taken my order. Thank you for your service Marcus.

Arby's - 7002 Georgetown Rd

Rating: 4 - 46 Votes

7002 Georgetown Rd, Indianapolis IN 46268
(317) 293-3201

I came to this Arby's to run through the drive through on my lunch break. While taking my order, the woman let me know that the ordering system on her computer had gone down and she would need a minute to boot it back up. No problem, except I obviously wasn't paying enough attention to what she said and pulled around more

Arby's - 7415 W 10th St

Rating: 4 - 43 Votes

7415 W 10th St, Indianapolis IN 46214
(317) 271-5694

Very friendly staff. Food was made quickly and correct. Hot fries and sandwiches loaded with plenty of meat. Sit down area was very clean and one of the employees was coming around collecting trash from customers.

Arby's - 45 E South St

Rating: 4 - 63 Votes

45 E South St, Indianapolis IN 46225
(317) 423-1264

Arby's has plenty of space to move for mobility aids. It was well lit & clean. The staff was friendly & helpful. The food was... well, it is Arby's. When they are doing roast beef they are great. When they branch out into steak or gyros the results are mixed. Sometimes it is meh tasty like my steak sandwich today. The more

Arby's - 3487 Kentucky Ave

Rating: 3.9 - 39 Votes

3487 Kentucky Ave, Indianapolis IN 46221
(317) 240-3214

A lot of the Arby's in town either short you on meet or sauce. We drive across town to this location because they always make our food correct, it is never sloppily put together, always has the right amount of meat and generally has a good spread of sauce.

Arby's - 2079 Shadeland Ave

Rating: 3.9 - 63 Votes

2079 Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis IN 46219
(317) 357-6595

This place has the best food and customer service out of ANY of the restaurants on Shadeland Ave. They are consistently polite and very helpful. You don't find costumer service like this very often anymore. I greatly appreciate it!

Arby's - 3660 Vincennes Rd

Rating: 3.9 - 49 Votes

3660 Vincennes Rd, Indianapolis IN 46268
(317) 872-2979

Very quick drive thru service! Restaurant is kind of pricey overall but you DO get what you pay for!! Staff was friendly although they seem to rush you slightly it's only because they want quick drive thru times in sure

Arby's - 5607 W 86th St

Rating: 3.9 - 55 Votes

5607 W 86th St, Indianapolis IN 46268
(317) 879-0128

The general manager of this place is very helpful and funny too... I like how people are able to joke and have fun in a workplace so it's not so tedious. The food was good, as usual also!

Arby's - 7150 Pendleton Pike

Rating: 3.9 - 45 Votes

7150 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis IN 46226
(317) 545-1471

Fast, friendly, and fresh. They put cheese on my sandwich after I asked for it without and gave me the wrong type of soft drink. If still go here again, jusy make sure to check my order.

Arby's - 3832 Eagle View Dr

Rating: 3.7 - 43 Votes

3832 Eagle View Dr, Indianapolis IN 46254
(317) 388-1181

Yesterday I ordered a meal that was incorrect. I didn't get a receipt. I took a picture. I went in today and explained the situation, showed the photo. Terrance said "Oh. No.", then promptly replaced my order, free of charge. This was an unexpected delight and I feel the team needs acknowledged for this kind of more

Arby's - 3846 Lafayette Rd

Rating: 3.7 - 44 Votes

3846 Lafayette Rd, Indianapolis IN 46254
(317) 291-5685

I love this place it's cool and lay back and I like that they have that bell when your walking out the door so you can ring it for good service the music isn't loud you just have sensitive ears the music is fine in my opinion you guys should have rated it at least five stars

Arby's - 10877 E Washington St

Rating: 3.7 - 49 Votes

10877 E Washington St, Indianapolis IN 46229
(317) 897-0555

I love this Arbys. The staff who work here really work as a team. I enjoy seeing the local dedicated staff who have worked here for years! Prompt service. Great deals with coupons. Great food quality. Clean restrooms and pleasant dine in experience.

Arby's - 3314 S East St

Rating: 3.7 - 52 Votes

3314 S East St, Indianapolis IN 46227
(317) 783-1013

I wasn't happy with the staff didn't know what I was talking about so when I said it's on the window outside it says petite filet mignon sandwich then she went and looked and she saw yeah then she realized what I was talking about the $7 sandwich very good though tender meat and I got the garlic and butter there's more

Arby's - 4925 S Emerson Ave

Rating: 3.6 - 58 Votes

4925 S Emerson Ave, Indianapolis IN 46203
(317) 783-4278

The best option for hot sandwiches in the Beech Grove area. They are always fast, accurate, and extremely friendly. The atmosphere is pleasant and the workers are a step (or few) above the typical BG fast food worker.


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