13 Best Fast Food Restaurants in Waldorf

Chick-fil-A Fast Food • $
3710 Crain Hwy, Waldorf

Customers` Favorites

Chick-Fil-A Grilled Nuggets Meal
Hash Brown Scramble Bowl Meal
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Chick-Fil-A Deluxe Meal
Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Nuggets Kid's Meal
Mac & Cheese
Waffle Fries
Hash Browns

“Chick-fil-A is a restaurant known for its exceptional customer service, as staff handle difficult situations professionally and treat customers like family. The restaurant is particularly praised for its fries, always seasoned correctly, and for accurately fulfilling orders. It is a popular choice for customers, who are willing to travel farther distances to dine there.“

3.9 Good95 Reviews
Chick-fil-A Fast Food • $
3365 Crain Hwy, Waldorf

Customers` Favorites

Chick-Fil-A Waffle Potato Fries
Sausage Egg and Cheese Sandwich
Chick-Fil-A Chicken Biscuit
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Tender Meal
Chicken Noodle Soup
Strawberry Milkshake
4 Count Nuggets
Cobb Salad

“Chick-fil-A offers great food and excellent service. The new mobile thru lane makes ordering easy and quick. The manager and employees go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, even offering extra food when there was a mistake in the order. The indoor play area is perfect for children, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. Overall, this Chick-fil-A location stands out for its efficiency, delicious food, and top-notch customer care.“

3.9 Good89 Reviews
JEFF'S BURGERS Hamburger • $
St. Charles, 11110 Mall Cir, Waldorf

Customers` Favorites

Jeff's Bacon Cheeseburger Single or Double
Jeff's Hamburgers with Seasoned Fries
Triple Bacon Cheeseburget Medium Meal
Fish Sandwich with French Fries
Turkey Burger Single or Double
Chicken Cheesesteak
JB - Pinoy Pork BBQ
Kids Meal Nuggets
Philly Steak

“JEFF'S BURGERS serves great burgers made to order, with seasoned fries that are a must-try. Their food is delectable, rivaling notable restaurants, and their fruit punch and lemonade drink is a favorite. Despite its location, this gem of a restaurant offers a pleasant dining experience with friendly staff.“

4.7 Superb47 Reviews
Five Guys Fast Food • $
3233 Plaza Way, Waldorf

Customers` Favorites

Little Cheeseburger
Bacon Cheeseburger
Large Fries
Hot Dog

“Five Guys serves fresh and flavorful burgers and shakes, although some customers find the burgers to be small and overpriced. The restaurant's service can be inconsistent, with some locations providing quick and friendly service, while others may be lacking. However, some customers have reported exceptional service, with staff going above and beyond to ensure a positive experience. The fries are always packed to the brim, and the restaurant is often extremely clean. Overall, Five Guys offers a reliable option for a tasty burger and fries.“

3.8 Good39 Reviews
Hip Hop Fish & Chicken + KabobBQ Fast Food • $
2246 Crain Hwy, Waldorf

Customers` Favorites

6pc Fish Sandwich
Sweet Potato Pie
Catfish Nuggets
Chicken Wings
Mac & Cheese
Fish Special
Fried Okra
Cole Slaw

“Hip Hop Fish & Chicken + KabobBQ serves mouth-watering catfish nuggets cooked to perfection, along with macaroni and cheese as a customer favorite. However, attention to detail is lacking in online orders, resulting in incorrect drinks and sauces. It's recommended to order in person for a better experience. The waffle and fish are decent, but some desserts, like peach cobbler, may have overpowering flavors.“

3.7 Good45 Reviews
Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Fast Food •
3295 Crain Hwy, Waldorf

Customers` Favorites

Honey Mustard Sauce Texas Toast
Chicken Tenders and Fries
Chicken Sandwich Combo
The 3 Finger Combo
Fried Chicken

“Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers serves delicious chicken tenders that pair well with their sauce. The menu is simple, offering only chicken fingers and fries, but the quality is high. While service can be slow, especially during busy times, the staff is friendly and efficient. Enjoy their tasty sweet tea and lemonade with your meal.“

3.3 Good140 Reviews
Jerry Yum's Fast Food • $
185 St Patricks Dr, Waldorf

Customers` Favorites

Large Steak and Cheese
Shrimp Fried Rice
French Fries
Egg Roll

“Jerry Yum's offers some of the best Chinese food in town, with dishes like Shrimp and Broccoli standing out. However, some customers have noticed a decrease in shrimp size. Despite this, the fish sandwich and wings are highly recommended, especially with mambo sauce on the side. The personalized service and consistently good food make this restaurant a go-to spot for many customers.“

3.5 Good28 Reviews
Hangry Joe's Hot Chicken & Wings Chicken • $
3248 Crain Hwy A, Waldorf

Customers` Favorites

Soy Garlic Chicken Bites
Chicken Tenders
Chicken Sando Jr
Korean Nuggets
Chicken Sando
Loaded Fries
Mango Madness
Waffle Fries
Hangry Sauce

“Hangry Joe's Hot Chicken & Wings offers delicious chicken sandwiches, with the hot version being a popular choice. The tenders and waffle fries, while crunchy, may be too salty for some. The sweet dipping sauce helps balance the flavors. Customers appreciate the excellent customer service and unique food options. The boba tea and honey butter waffle fries are must-tries. Many customers, like the reviewer, have switched their loyalty from other restaurants to Hangry Joe's.“

3.7 Good95 Reviews
Taco Bell Fast Food • $
2200 Robert S. Crain Hwy, Waldorf

Customers` Favorites

Cheesy Gordita Crunch
Black Beans and Rice
Nachos Bellgrande
Crunchwrap Supreme
Breakfast Burrito
Cinnamon Twists
Taco Supreme
Nacho Fries
Power Bowl

“Taco Bell, located on Crain HWY, boasts fresh food and pleasant staff, as noted by one infrequent fast food diner. Management, led by Jen, is praised for their dedication and ability to promptly correct errors. However, some employees are criticized for lacking enthusiasm. Despite this, the location is highly recommended, particularly due to Jen's exceptional management. It is noted that door dash orders should ideally be stopped two hours before closing.“

3.3 Good42 Reviews
Roy Rogers Fast Food • $
2690 Crain Hwy, Waldorf

Customers` Favorites

Fried Chicken and Biscuit
Roy's Famous Fried Chicken
Strawberry Shortcake
4 Price Chicken Meal
Strawberry Milkshake
Double-R-Bar Burger
Roast Beef Sandwich
Roast Beef Sliders
Bacon Cheeseburger
Chicken Tenders

“Roy Rogers Restaurant offers a variety of delicious options, including a 20-piece chicken dinner. The mashed potatoes and gravy, as well as the barbecue beans, are excellent, while the coleslaw is also good. The fried chicken itself is decent, though not exceptional. The restaurant could consider offering a 20-piece dinner with side orders and biscuits included on the menu. Customers praise the fresh and hot food, as well as the superb customer service, with staff being prompt and polite. Overall, Roy Rogers is considered the best fast food option in the area, and customers are eager to return.“

3.2 Average60 Reviews
McDonald's Fast Food • $
2065 Crain Hwy, Waldorf

Customers` Favorites

Double Cheeseburger
McDonald's Big Mac
World Famous Fries
Chicken Mcnuggets
Chicken Sandwich
Large Fries SMH
Egg Mcmuffin
French Fries
Happy Meal

“McDonald's is a popular fast-food chain that offers a quick and convenient dining experience. The restaurant provides excellent service, with staff and management going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. The drive-through service can be efficient, but may sometimes require customers to pull into a designated spot before being attended to. The menu items, such as the hash brown, are available at a reasonable price, although the portion sizes have been decreasing over time.“

3.2 Average50 Reviews
Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop • $
2481 Crain Hwy, Waldorf

Customers` Favorites

Roast Beef Sub

“Jimmy John's offers a welcoming atmosphere with fast service and delicious sandwiches. Customers can enjoy a variety of options, including the popular Italian sub, Turkey Tom, and Italian Nightclub sandwiches. For those with dietary restrictions, a lettuce wrap is available as a substitute for bread. The fresh bread, large pickles, and Kickin Ranch sauce add to the overall tasty experience at this restaurant. Don't miss out on trying the recommended Unwich for a fulfilling and satisfying meal.“

3.9 Good40 Reviews
Checkers Fast Food • $
3002 Leonardtown Rd, Waldorf

Customers` Favorites

Fry Lover's Double Combo
Triple Baconzilla Combo
Mushroom Swiss Burger
Double Mushroom Swiss
Famous Seasoned Fries
Fully Loaded Fries
Chicken Sandwich
Buffalo Wing
Big Buford
Apple Pies

“Checkers offers hot and fresh food, with a convenient drive-through or pick-up option. The menu includes popular items such as Champ burgers, fish sandwiches, and milkshakes. Service is known to be quick, although some may find the location's busy intersection less appealing. The Baconzilla burger is a tasty option, but can be slightly salty due to the bacon. Their fries are a favorite among customers, standing out from other chain's offerings.“

3.1 Average73 Reviews