26 Best Craft Breweries near Weaverville

Leveller Brewing Co. Brewery •
25 N Main St, Weaverville

“Leveller Brewing Co. offers an amazing selection of beers, with many lagers and Czech-inspired options. The farmhouse IPA and seasonal farmhouse ales are highlights. The brewery is kid and pet-friendly, featuring both indoor and outdoor seating. Visitors can enjoy fresh bread, cheese, and darë vegan cheese as snacks. With a chill patio, cute interior, friendly staff, and local events, it's a great spot for a relaxing visit.“

4.8 Superb61 Reviews
Zebulon Artisan Ales Brewery • $
8 Merchants Alley, Weaverville

“Zebulon Artisan Ales is a gem tucked away in an alleyway, offering a variety of amazing beers. The Tokyo gose with a strong ginger taste and the smoked porter with a hint of smokiness were highlights. The friendly bartender and cozy atmosphere make it a perfect spot to enjoy a cold one. While some visitors weren't blown away by the beers, others appreciated the true-to-history brews. The St. Patrick's Day special with cask Irish Stout and homemade Irish stew was a hit, ensuring a return visit from satisfied customers. Cheers to a great crowd and welcoming owners at Zebulon Artisan Ales!“

4.7 Superb27 Reviews
Eluvium Brewing Company Brewery • $
11 Florida Ave, Weaverville

“Eluvium Brewing Company offers a fun and friendly atmosphere, perfect for hanging out with friends and dogs on the porch. Their menu features delicious options like the steak salad with thinly sliced, high-quality steak, fresh greens, and crispy fries as croutons. Pair your meal with one of their craft beers, like their popular hazy IPA, and finish with a family-favorite ice cream sandwich.“

4.6 Superb46 Reviews
Outsider Brewing Company Brewery •
939 Riverside Dr, Asheville - 5.23 miles

“Outsider Brewing Company is a standout among the great breweries in the area. The friendly and knowledgeable staff love to give samples and talk about beer. The unique brewing system allows you to see the process in action. The transparent brewing system creates a wonderful smell upon entering. With delicious brews and a passionate owner, it's a must-visit spot in Asheville. Don't miss out on this fantastic beer experience!“

5 Superb90 Reviews
Highland Brewing Company Brewery • $
12 Old Charlotte Hwy #200, Asheville - 9.4 miles

“Highland Brewing Company is a fantastic spot for various activities and dining. It offers a great selection of beers, along with ciders and wine. Food trucks provide a variety of meal options. The location is perfect for families, with a kids' play area, sand volleyball, disc golf, and more. The brewery has hosted events for philanthropic groups and is known for its enjoyable atmosphere and helpful staff. It is highly recommended for trying Asheville's best beer.“

4.7 Superb113 Reviews
Ginger's Revenge Brewery • $
829 Riverside Dr #100, Asheville - 5.76 miles

“Ginger's Revenge is a brewery known for its flavorful ginger beer, with a taproom in downtown Asheville that offers live music. Their brews, particularly those with ginger, have been praised for their taste. The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is comfortable for chatting and playing games. Their Cranberry Herb beer is a popular choice, appreciated for its unique taste and natural ingredients.“

4.9 Superb75 Reviews
Hillman Beer Brewery • $
25 Sweeten Creek Rd, Asheville - 9.22 miles

“Hillman Beer is a great brewery with an impressive selection of beers, including the popular Hazy Half Back and Hillman IPA. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, such as Scott and Karen, ensure a warm welcome. The menu offers delicious options like the Cuban sandwich, which was praised by one reviewer. Overall, it's a pleasant stop for beer and food enthusiasts.“

4.8 Superb128 Reviews
The River Arts District Brewing Company (RAD Brewing Co.) Brewery • $
13 Mystery St, Asheville - 7.55 miles

“The River Arts District Brewing Company (RAD Brewing Co.) offers a cool taproom with a great beer selection and friendly staff. The beers are pretty darned good, and they also have other drink options available. The space has both inside and outside areas that are comfortable and inviting. Customers can enjoy live music, trivia nights, game nights, and open mic events throughout the week. An added bonus is the popcorn machine with a variety of seasonings available.“

4.9 Superb45 Reviews
Diatribe Brewing Co. Brewery • $$
1042 Haywood Rd, Asheville - 8.35 miles

“Diatribe Brewing Co. offers high-quality, well-crafted beer with a focus on German-style ales, appreciated by customers for its authentic taste. The brewery itself is clean and pleasant, while food options are available but limited. The owner and head brewer are commended for their knowledge and dedication. A local brewery with a personal touch, Diatribe Brewing Co. is a great place to enjoy a delicious beer and learn about its creation from the knowledgeable staff.“

4.9 Superb36 Reviews


DSSOLVR Brewery • $
63 N Lexington Ave, Asheville - 6.93 miles

“DSSOLVR is a brewery located downtown with a neat space, pinball, and a chill atmosphere. The service is friendly and it has a unique personality. Their New England and West Coast IPAs are highly regarded, and their homemade seltzer is flavorful yet not too sweet. The patio is a great place to spend time. They offer a variety of beers with the Hazy being a standout. It is worth another visit.“

4.7 Superb139 Reviews
New Belgium Brewing Company Brewery • $
21 Craven St, Asheville - 7.61 miles

“The New Belgium Brewing Company offers a great brewery experience with excellent beers, a beautiful setting, and friendly service. The space features indoor and outdoor seating, fire pits, and food trucks, catering to both adults and children. The brewery also provides informative and fun tours, including beer sampling and even a slide. This is a highly recommended destination for beer enthusiasts.“

4.7 Superb133 Reviews
Mars Theatre Brewing Co. Brewery • $$
70 N Main St, Mars Hill - 9.07 miles

“Mars Theatre Brewing Co. is a unique spot where you can enjoy a beer without worrying about ID checks. Set in an old theatre, it offers a friendly vibe, delicious beers, and entertainment for the kids. The place features a stage and movie screen, perfect for live bands on Fridays. The staff is accommodating and even thoughtful, as seen by the bartender's gesture towards a customer's twins taking drum lessons. It's a must-visit for a great brew experience.“

4.8 Superb52 Reviews
Cellarest Beer Project Brewery • $$
395 Haywood Rd, Asheville - 8.29 miles

“Cellarest Beer Project is a cozy and welcoming spot with a variety of German-style beers, often served in half-liter mugs. The interior is warm and adorned with plants, giving it a cafe-like atmosphere. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and engaging, making it a great place to bring family, friends, or a date. Cellarest also offers outdoor seating and occasionally features a food truck. While not every beer may be a home run, they are all fresh and unique to the area.“

4.8 Superb40 Reviews
Riverside Rhapsody Beer Company Brewery • $
995 Riverside Dr, Woodfin - 5.06 miles

“Riverside Rhapsody Beer Company is a welcoming local brewery with a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. They offer a variety of beers, including the Greenland Creek NEIPA, which features a pillowy soft mouthfeel and correct carbonation. The brewery also has a charming outdoor stage with live music and a seating area where you can enjoy food from the attached Iron and Oak BBQ company. The beer selection includes a range of options, including a crisp Czech Pils and a selection of non-alcoholic beers.“

4.8 Superb38 Reviews
Cursus Keme Brewery • $$
155 Thompson St, Asheville - 8.59 miles

“Cursus Keme is a beautiful brewery taproom with a peaceful atmosphere, thanks to its many plants. The large, heavy wooden community tables add to the lively ambiance. The knowledgeable staff, including brewer Jeff and Emma, provide exceptional service, happily sharing their expertise on the interesting beers, including Nitro options. A fun and lively spot, perfect for a visit.“

4.7 Superb66 Reviews
New Origin Brewing Company Brewery • $$
131 Thompson St, Asheville - 8.72 miles

“New Origin Brewing Company is a must-visit spot for delicious craft beer in a relaxed atmosphere. With a welcoming beer garden and friendly bartenders, it's a great place to enjoy a chat with locals. The IPA is amazing, and even though the parking can be tricky, the good beer makes it worth the visit.“

4.7 Superb62 Reviews
Archetype Brewing - West Brewery • $
265 Haywood Rd, Asheville - 8.25 miles

“Archetype Brewing - West is a popular destination in Asheville, known for its amazing beer and vegan food options. Customers can order from the neighboring Mamasita's Taqueria via QR code and have the food delivered to their table. The establishment also allows dogs indoors and offers daily beer specials ranging from $4 to $5. Reviewers praise the friendly atmosphere, great beers, and delicious food, making it a perfect spot for gatherings, whether large or small. The staff is attentive and welcoming, ensuring a memorable experience for all visitors.“

4.7 Superb59 Reviews
Salt Face Mule Brewing Co. Brewery • $$
450 Weaverville Hwy, Asheville - 2.34 miles

“Salt Face Mule Brewing Co. is a spacious restaurant and brewery offering both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a mini-golf course. The establishment is known for its wide variety of house-brewed beers and seltzers, with the West Coast Holler Atcha IPA being a popular choice. During brunch, customers can enjoy dishes such as a breakfast sandwich, which is described as a generous and flavorful option, served with home fries that are crispy and well-seasoned. The shrimp and grits, while having well-cooked shrimp and sausage, lacked in the cheddar and jalapeno flavor, as well as the expected cajun spice in the garlic cream sauce. However, the portion size was noted to be generous. The service is friendly and attentive, with staff such as Kyle contributing to a pleasant dining experience. The restaurant is suitable for various occasions, including family dinners and going-away parties, and offers additional entertainment options such as bocce and putt-putt golf. Overall, Salt Face Mule Brewing Co. is a fun and enjoyable spot for both food and drinks, earning an 8.5/10 rating.“

4.6 Superb153 Reviews
Hi-Wire Brewing RAD Beer Garden & Distribution Center Brewery • $$
284 Lyman St, Asheville - 7.91 miles

“Hi-Wire Brewing RAD Beer Garden & Distribution Center offers a great selection of delicious beers that exceed expectations. The indoor and outdoor spaces provide a fun vibe, with indoor bocce ball and a South Park pinball machine adding to the entertainment. Visitors can enjoy unique brews like the Marg sour and pickle sour while receiving excellent service from the friendly staff.“

4.6 Superb114 Reviews
Mad Co. Brew House Brewery • $
45 N Main St, Marshall - 9.82 miles

Customers` Favorites

Buffalo Chicken Pizza on GF Coliflower Crust
Fig & Caramelized Onion
Cheesy Garlic Sticks
Jumbo Soft Pretzels
Cheesy Garlic Stix
Southwest Chicken
Mad House Salad
Caprese Salad
Meat Lovers
Greek Salad

“Mad Co. Brew House offers a wonderful experience with a fantastic view, good service, excellent food like pizza, and cold beer. With 8 years of experience in brewing, the place also offers vegan options and welcomes furry friends. Karaoke nights make it a fun spot to visit multiple times, highly recommended for a great night out.“

4.6 Superb91 Reviews
One World Brewing Brewery • $$
10 Patton Ave, Asheville - 7.09 miles

“One World Brewing in Asheville is a cozy underground brewery with a fun vibe and a wide variety of beer options. Visitors praise the amazing service and the Dutch shuffleboard game. The place has a somewhat unfinished look due to the lack of light, but the decent brews and overall experience make it worth a visit. Server Jules and his dog Rolo, along with the great playlist, add to the charm of this establishment.“

4.6 Superb89 Reviews
White Labs Brewing Co - Asheville Kitchen & Tap Brewery • $$
172 S Charlotte St, Asheville - 7.35 miles

“White Labs Brewing Co - Asheville Kitchen & Tap is a welcoming restaurant with a simple menu featuring pizzas and handhelds. The atmosphere is pleasant, with seating available both inside and out. The staff is friendly, and the service is generally prompt. However, there may be occasional delays due to the staff taking the time to answer customers' questions. The food is reportedly good, with the burger being a highlight. The beer selection is extensive, with knowledgeable staff happy to answer questions and provide recommendations. The restaurant has a nice, modern look and is conveniently located with both small and large parking options available. Overall, White Labs Brewing Co - Asheville Kitchen & Tap is a great spot for a meal or drink, offering a pleasant experience with good food and beer.“

4.6 Superb78 Reviews
Wedge Brewing Company Brewery • $
37 Paynes Way, Asheville - 7.66 miles

“Wedge Brewing Company is a cozy and relaxing spot located by the river's edge in Asheville's hipster area. The brewery offers a variety of tasty brews, including hoppy IPAs and unique stouts with flavors like cocoa and chile. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxing, with a cavelike interior and outdoor seating available. The service is friendly, and the location is convenient in the RAD district. It's a great place to hang out and enjoy a cold beverage, making it a must-visit spot in town.“

4.6 Superb49 Reviews
Wedge Brewery at Foundation Brewery • $
5 Foundy St #10, Asheville - 8.26 miles

“Wedge Brewery at Foundation is a neat brewery taproom located close to the river, with a cool layout and a connection to a famous local restaurant. The establishment offers a delightful outdoor seating area, as well as a good selection of beers that cater to various tastes. Visitors can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, whether they choose to sit inside or take advantage of the scenic outdoor space. The proximity to 12 Bones, a popular local restaurant, adds to the convenience and overall experience. While parking can be a challenge during busy times, the shared hallway between the two buildings makes the transition seamless.“

4.6 Superb31 Reviews
TRVE Brewing Co. Brewery •
255 Short Coxe Ave, Asheville - 7.66 miles

“TRVE Brewing Co. is a metal-themed brewery with a unique atmosphere. The interior features dark walls and imagery, creating a cool vibe. The beer selection is excellent, with standouts like the Cold Kellerbier. With both inside and outside seating, including dog-friendly areas, the brewery offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The bartenders are friendly and welcoming, making it a great spot for beer lovers.“

4.7 Superb11 Reviews
Dirty Jack’s Brewery •
23 Buxton Ave, Asheville - 7.5 miles

“Dirty Jack's, a tasting room of Green Man Brewery, offers a fantastic experience with a great indoor space and outdoor seating. The friendly and knowledgeable staff serve a range of beers, from basic lagers to breakfast porters. This dog-friendly and soccer fan-friendly spot has a wonderful vibe, making it a local charm amidst the big breweries. With two dartboards and a welcoming atmosphere, Dirty Jack's is a must-visit for a great time.“

4.6 Superb16 Reviews