35 Best Cocktail Bars in Reno

DOPO Pizza & Pasta Pizza
18 St Lawrence Ave, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Superyummydelicious Pizza
Mixed Greens Salad
Caprese Salad
Fig Pig

“I have eaten here a couple times and highly recommend it for a sit down meal. The drinks are reasonably priced, and there is a good variety of Italian cocktails/wine.I highly highly highly recommend the burrata and focaccia appetizer.For pizza - The Tony's NYC, cherrypicker, and fig & pig are all great.I'm not a ranch person but I hear the ranch is very good and dill heavy, almost like tzatziki.Service is a little slow but not enough to drop down from 5 stars. It feels like you're in someone's home.“


4.8 Superb176 Reviews
Beer NV Bar
15 Foothill Rd #1, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Beer Flight

“Perhaps the biggest selection of beer on tap in Reno. Look for the exceptional blueberry and vanilla beers! They don’t have food but they make up for it in selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. The atmosphere is bright and open, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. If you love beer, and you love variety, you’ll love Beer NV.“


4.7 Superb302 Reviews
Rum Sugar Lime Bar
1039 S Virginia St, Reno

“Kind of weird vibe bar. Tiki drinks, Uber uptown decor, steampunk/brewmaster bartenders. Got there early enough that all the tables were still empty but still had to go to the bar to order. Then once it filled up the bartender came by and checked on our table. But then it took forever back at the bar to close out our tab. My co-worker wanted a different liquor in one of their standard drinks and they refused to make it. Although they were making lots of fancy complex drinks. That seemed odd. I'll go back but doubt my co-workers would. It was mostly filled with dates or groups of women. So they nailed it if they were going for that.“


4.7 Superb233 Reviews
El Adobe Cafe Mexican
55 W Arroyo St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Shredded Beef Chimichanga with Salsa Verde
Shrimp Cocktail
Rice and Beans
Bowl De Birria
Guacamole Dip
Mole Sauce

“So, I've been eating at El Adobe off and on for about 20 years. I recently went back after a long hiatus. One thing you can say about this restaurant is that it is consistent. The food and drink have all the pluses and minuses that I remember.For me, the sine qua non of Mexican food is a chile relleno. What could be more delicious? On this score El Adobe is an honorable contender. A delicious poblano chile stuffed with a copious (not gluttonous) amount of cheese and a nice ranchera sauce. I might have preferred a spicier sauce, but still quite delicious. Nicely battered, but not overly so. The chile is well cooked, so if you like your chile with snap, beware. But again, in my opinion, one of the better chile rellenos in town.Salsas are quite interesting. The red is smooth, not very hot, and contains a cold spice that I can't identify and which I have mixed feelings on. It makes for a very unique tasting red salsa, but do I like it? Well, ok, but I've had more traditional red salsas that I'd like better (how about a smokey fire roasted sauce?). However, any salsa recriminations disappear with the green salsa. I could drink this stuff by the gallon. Just delicious.Guess I have to talk about the chips that come complementary with the salsa (rare these days, thank you, El Adobe!). Pretty sure that they're homemade, but often definitely not right out of the fryer and a bit thick for an old guy with bad teeth. However, that didn't stop me from eating a whole basket. That frigging green salsa would be good on shoe leather.Drinks, you ask. For as long as I've been going to El Adobe, they make the best (and strongest) house Margarita in Reno/Sparks. I definitely suggest a designated driver if you intend to imbibe.The enchiladas and carnitas are good, but unfortunately, the rice and beans are the definition of bland. Filling and inoffensive, but nothing to write home about.The staff and owners are exemplary. They are really glad to see you and they take pride in their jobs. They're never too busy to stop and say hello.Is El Adobe the best Mexican restaurant you'll ever have the chance to go to? No, it's not, but if you want good Mexican food and superior drinks in Northern Nevada, you should have El Adobe on your list“


4.6 Superb520 Reviews


Mexcal Mexican
516 S Virginia St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Very Spicy Hogget Taco and Taco Al Pastor with Pineapple
Chicken Enchiladas Order of
Lamb Tongue Duck Confit
Guacamole and Chips
Short Rib Taco
Chips Salsa
Ahi Ceviche
Spicy Lamb
Carne Asada

“I have been here numerous times. Probably the best tacos I've had. Great portion sizes and worth the price. The service you get is amazing. Mango margarita is to die for. I recommend the Quesabirria taco, carnitas taco and the Octopus “


4.6 Superb507 Reviews
Arario Midtown Korean
777 South Center Street Ste 200 SECOND FLOOR, Reno

Customers` Favorites

DOL Sot Bibimbap Seafood
Beef Short Rib Galbi
Hot Pot Beef Bulgogi
Korean Beef Tartare
Chocolate Lava Cake
Whole Squid Salad
Chicken Bulgogi
Teriyaki Bowl
Bulgogi Pasta
Bulgogi Bowl

“This place always delivers. One of the only places in town I'm okay waiting an hour for a table, as it can he hard to get a reservation. Staff is always amazing and do their best to accommodate. Food is always great and the meals are large enough for a couple of different meals at home.Only feedback I would give is to get outdoor heaters, as they don't have a waiting area and it can he cold outside.Dietary restrictions: Very gluten free friendly“


4.6 Superb469 Reviews
Abby's Highway 40 Cocktail Bar
424 E 4th St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

10 Count Dumplings
1 BBQ Pork Bun
Chili Crisp

“We were travelers who wandered in on a warm summer day and were welcomed by a crowd of locals, a friendly staff, and great drinks - what more could we ask for! We are fans of a good local dive bar and this one was a perfect place to grab a cold drink. There were all the typical beverages you would expect beers, wells, and mixers - but this place had a surprising cocktail list too - my favorite was the "Kick Rocks" and raspberry lemonade drink with an explosive candied rim - pop rocks! A trick I will be using at my home bar from now on!“


4.8 Superb116 Reviews
Blind Dog Tavern Cocktail Bar
50 N Sierra St Suite 102 1A, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Fried Pickles and Fried Avocado

“The atmosphere is just brilliant here. First we just wanted to have a few drinks here, but we definitely did not regret to have snacks as well. All the staff was very friendly and helpful, we had a very good time here. No matter what you pick from the menu, it will be great, I can assure you that!Vegetarian options: Plenty of vegetarian options.Parking: Easy parking in the area.“

4.7 Superb141 Reviews
Chapel Tavern Bar
1099 S Virginia St, Reno

“Chapel is an industry hangout- the far corner of the bar is normally home to other bartenders. It is a wonderful place for people to hang out and grab a great beer or fantastic cocktail. The wine selection is limited, but it is a cocktail bar with unique and special release Scotches. If you go on the right day the owner is working the bar. I highly suggest you go on a quiet day like Tuesday and grab a drink, busy days like Friday and Saturday result in a bit of a wait for a drink. Be kind to your bartender and order a beer or a shot when it is busy. Their cocktail menu is also wonderful!“

4.6 Superb217 Reviews
The Z Bar Bar
1074 S Virginia St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Chicken and Waffles

“Popped in here on a Halloween weekend Saturday afternoon (dressed as Beetlejuice and Lydia), and we had been mostly having beers, but this looked like a place for cocktails, and indeed it was. Had some great seasonal concoctions, including a lychee one and a spiced apple one. The bartenders were cool, the atmosphere was nice, and the drinks were great (and reasonably priced.)“

4.6 Superb213 Reviews
The Lodge • Bar & Patio Wine Bar
17025 NV-431, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Up a Creek in Manhattan
Charcuterie Plate
Charcuterie Board
Grenache Syrah
Hummus Board

“Great, cozy atmosphere for coffee drinks and nice mix of alcoholic drinks. Good parking. Limited food menu (snacks or meal), but what they have is good. Super attentive, friendly staff. Hosts music and trivia events. Great place to hang with friends.“


4.7 Superb114 Reviews
DEATH & TAXES provisions and spirits Cocktail Bar
26 Cheney St, Reno

“Cozy and sophisticated space, well designed and perfected cocktails. This is Reno's best cocktail bar, hands down (aside from it's sister next door, Amari). They pride themselves on attention to detail and it shows in every drink. Best whiskey selection in midtown as well.“


4.5 Superb307 Reviews
Von Bismarck German
805 S Wells Ave, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Berliner Curry Fries
Smoked Fried Chicken
Bratwurst Sampler
Pig Ear Schnitzel
Grilled Cabbage

“Guys. This food is amazing. I had the Vogel Jagerschnitzel, the Spatzle with cheese, and the wood fire grilled sauerkraut. So so good!The Spatzle tasted like the best ever German Mac and Cheese, the Schnitzel was nice and crisp and the gravy was excellent. Whoever decided to grill sauerkraut has my deepest gratitude. Plus, you can watch your food being grilled!A great experience, I can’t recommend this place high enough. Dinner and a show! ?“


4.5 Superb273 Reviews
Alibi Lounge Cocktail Bar
125 Casazza Dr, Reno

“This is an amazing bar! If you are looking for great service from friendly bartenders this is the place to go. I was in early morning killing time and got to meet Ross who was going off shift, then Pete took over and they were both great. The owner Julie came in to start her day and we visited for a while. Their whiskey/bourbon selection is top notch at great prices. Will definitely be back with friends!“

4.6 Superb99 Reviews
Cosmo’s Snack Bar Pizza •
253 E Arroyo St, Reno

“Probably going to become a local here. The pizza was fantastic, the restaurant is beautiful, and the service was 10/10. Could not think of a better place to eat on a Saturday night and I am already itching to go back. Thank you for the wonderful experience!“

5 Superb29 Reviews
1114 E 4th St, Reno

“My bartender young as not only beautiful she mad a mean Long Beach. It’s a Sunday night and it quiet but people are friendly. There is the option to show off your voice with karaoke!! Definitely will come back next time I’m up to see my grandson who is the reason I’m here ! He was just born and I’m having a drink to celebrate his coming into this world!Thank you for the hospitality!Definitely stop bye if you have a chance“


4.6 Superb91 Reviews
The Emerson Cocktail Lounge Bar
955 S Virginia St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Charcuterie Plate
Mixed Olives

“This place is such a vibe! Everything about this place is! First time I came, it was for a drag brunch. Everything about the event from the drinks, to the service to the food truck was incredible!Post this, it's always a great place to go, hear a smidge of music, enjoy the ambience and enjoy a great expresso martini!This is one of my favorites for a chill night out whether date night or out with friends.“

4.5 Superb201 Reviews
Cold Springs Crossing Bar & Grill Bar & Grill
18705 Village Center Dr Suite 101, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Teriyaki Chicken Strips with Cheese Tots
White Cheddar Garlic Cheese Curds
Carne Asada Fries & Side Salad
Mushroom Swiss Burger
CSC Burger and Fries
CSC Cheeseburger
Chips and Salsa
Chicken Tenders
Pepperoni Pizza
Prime Rib Dip

“We ordered to go for the first time and got stuck in a traffic jam coming home. Although running behind our server Meagan went the extra distance and called up back when our order was ready and then put the food under the heat lamps until we could get there. We enjoyed everything we ordered, fish and chips, chicken club, meatball sub, fried and tots! We will be back soon for sure!“


4.6 Superb88 Reviews
Ole Tyme Saloon Cocktail Bar
1505 Geiger Grade Rd, Reno

“Fun casual bar with a jukebox, pool table and cold beer. My only concern was that it was cash only. I understand the decision of an owner to operate in this way but I do not have cash typically like many folks. Paying a fee to withdraw cash is a bummer in 2022.“


4.6 Superb87 Reviews
The Polo Lounge Cocktail Bar
1559 S Virginia St, Reno

“Probably one of Reno's favorite "dive bars" for the older crowd, the music, dancing, and overall atmosphere here make for a fun spot. It has that kind of tacky, old school charm. The only drawback is that seating for more than four is at a premium.“


4.6 Superb87 Reviews


Amari Bar •
32 Cheney St, Reno

“This is a cozy little European inspired social spot for amateur mixologists. There's only 4 small tables with bench seating inside, so probably best experienced as aperitif or digestif around your meal. The area gets a little sloppy with college kids later in the evening.The venue is small enough that your server and your bartender are one and the same. The drink menu is eclectic and interesting. Highly recommend giving it a shot one night! The quaint, tucked away location along with the quality drinks offer an experience other local venues can't offer.Only suggestion would be to dial the music down about 25%. The music works with the environment, but the volume overwhelms the conversation that would pair nicely with this intimate setting.“


4.7 Superb56 Reviews
Chihuahua's Cantina & Grill Mexican
7111 S Virginia St ste C1, Reno

Customers` Favorites

House Chimichangas
Chicken Enchiladas
Tres Leches Cake
Fried Ice Cream
Shrimp Fajitas
Chicken Fajitas
Chile Relleno
Chips & Salsa

“The best of the best when it comes to good service, Brenda is serving you & 10 other people at the same time at the bar!! she's the best at what she do!! The food is incredible and the beers are super cold!!! LOVE IT!! Thank you Brenda!!!!!!“


4.5 Superb190 Reviews
The Brewer's Cabinet Production Facility Bar
8565 White Fir St, Reno

“Oh wait, my following review is for their restaurant and brew pub: Super casual, great Tahoe-rustic decor. Party room that's really open anytime. Tap room next door, outdoor patios, good brews and food. My one and only wish...better fries. They use a sweet seasoning that disappoints every time. We don't go there for fries, but we go less because of them.“


4.6 Superb85 Reviews
The Loving Cup Cocktail Bar
188 California Ave, Reno

“Cannot say anything about the drinks, we went to the pizza place connected to it.While we were waiting for the pizza, we went to the back patio which is a beautiful place to sit with the creeping vines creating a shaded roof.There were some classy couch seats inside.Tuesday night love music was good as well.Would definitely come back again to chill out.“

4.5 Superb160 Reviews
Midtown Spirits Wine & Bites Bar
1527 S Virginia St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Charcuterie Board
Estate Pinot Gris
Brought Cake

“Discover the ultimate relaxation spot! ?✨ Despite its cozy size, the menu is more than enough for delightful snacking. Live music, special events, and a warm ambiance make it a great gathering spot. Unwind and savor the moments. #RelaxationStation #LiveMusicVibes ??️“


4.5 Superb142 Reviews
The Office Bar
248 W 1st St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Four Roses

“Dark woods, low lighting, comfy chairs, and "fireplaces" encourage curling up with a tasty cocktail and good conversation. Delicious concoctions and top shelf spirits available and served by friendly and prompt bartenders. Cards accepted for ease and convenience. "Secret" passage to access the building's facilities adds to the ambiance. Parking can be a little tricky so be sure to give yourself a little extra time if you are meeting up with friends.“

4.6 Superb69 Reviews
R Town Pizza Pizza
180 W Peckham Ln #1100, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Panapoulos Pineapple Pizza
Cast Iron Meatballs
Garlic Cheese Bread
Calabrian Shrimp
PO Boy Sandwich
Pepperoni Pizza
Everyday Salad
Jojo Potatoes
Caesar Salad
Turkey Wing

“Took my family here and the food was amazing. Sandwiches are bomb and the garlic bread and mostly the pizza. The vibes were definitely there. We had an amazing server Mackenzie Cherti he was awesome and made my family and I feel so welcome . We definitely needs more servers like him. I would definitely recommend this place. And the cocktail drinks were delicious.Kid-friendliness: They have games that entertain the kids. My kids enjoyed it and had fun.“


4.5 Superb101 Reviews
Poor Devil Saloon Bar
820 S Virginia St, Reno

“Rowlan? Roland? Ro was awesome. We came in early on a casual Wednesday evening. He was very hospitable, fun, polite, friendly, and prompt. It’s bartenders like these that make a really good impression. We will definitely be bringing our business back to Poor Devil Salooon. Thank you Ro!“

4.8 Superb25 Reviews
Washoe Public House New American
275 Hill St Suite 100, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Sticky Thai Chicken Wings
Pork Belly Egg Rolls
Liberty Duck Breast
Wild Boar Schnitzel
Venison Patty Melt
Venison Carpaccio
Double Elk Chop
Irish Nachos

“First visit. Staff was very attentive and helpful. We went with recommend appetizers. Delicious! Their specialty cocktails were fantastic. The entrees are unique in Reno. They were fantastic. The portions are generous, we all took home boxes. The leftovers were equally as great. We will definitely be going back. Highly recommend this restaurant.“


4.4 Superb473 Reviews
Fat Tuesday Grand Sierra Resort & Casino Bar
2500 E 2nd St, Reno

“Omar is the best!!!!!! I heard about Fat Tuesday from Tik Tok and was so excited when I saw it in the casino at GSR. Omar gave me samples and suggestions and was so friendly and personable. So was his manager! This drink and the entire experience chatting with them and trying drinks made my whole day!“


4.5 Superb66 Reviews
Woodrow's Tap Room Bar
4755 N Virginia St, Reno

“If your looking for the perfect local dive bar, this is definitely the place. Every Friday night they host a pool tournament, which seems to have a great turnout. The drinks are typically strong and the service is always friendly and welcoming. Both Billie and Jessica are always so very happy to see you and welcome you in! Saturday night is typically karaoke night with a great variety of much to choose from, which is always fun. They also have a jukebox with an incredible variety of music. Overall, this is a great place to just be and enjoy a cocktail or two at a great price with wonderful service. It is also worth mentioning the bathrooms are always exceptionally cl“

4.5 Superb65 Reviews
Atlas Landing Wine Bar
772 S Virginia St, Reno

“Artown brought me to this surprising new bar in the midtown district of my favorite city. They had great patio seating with the afternoon sun casting wonderful shade on the East side of the building. The bar tender explained the recent change in ownership and offered us some drink specials a tad before they were pasted. Though the menu was limited, we enjoyed some snacks while watching the dancers perform in the street.I'd like to see a solid food menu for this location going forward. It doesn't have to be much, but it leaves this place wanting“

4.5 Superb55 Reviews
Whisky Lounge Reno Bar
711 S Virginia St, Reno

“Came in with some friends right at open on a Saturday afternoon so we had the opportunity for Russ to give us extra time and detail in giving us recommendations on various whiskeys to try and some education on the topic as well. Wonderful place. Wednesday is half price happy hour so it's a great time to try a greater variety of whiskey and save a dollar or two. From here on out anytime I'm in Reno, the Whiskey Lounge will be a party of my entertainment plans.“

4.4 Superb157 Reviews
Biggest Little Steakhouse Cocktail Bar
1401 S Virginia St Ste 175, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Honey Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts
Chocolate Chip Cookie Warmed
Ribeye Steak and Mushrooms
Red Wine Braised Mushrooms
Flank Steak with Brussels
Honey Balsamic Brussels
Truffle Parmesan Fries
Parmesan Truffle Fries
Potatoes Au Gratin
Sauteed Veggies

“I recently had the pleasure of dining at Biggest Little Steakhouse, and I must say, it was a truly exceptional experience from start to finish. From the moment I walked through the doors, the impeccable service, cozy atmosphere, and unforgettable flavors left a lasting impression.The service was simply outstanding. The staff welcomed me with warm smiles and genuine hospitality, instantly making me feel like a valued guest. They were attentive yet unobtrusive, ensuring that every detail was taken care of. The waitstaff's knowledge of the menu was impressive, as they expertly guided me through the options, offering insightful recommendations tailored to my preferences.The interior featured tasteful decor, creating an ambiance that was both inviting and sophisticated but also providing a relaxed feel.Now, let's talk about the star of the show – the food. Each dish showcased the mastery and skill of the talented chefs in the kitchen. The steaks were cooked to perfection, with a beautiful sear on the outside and juicy tenderness within. The flavors were sensational, with every bite bursting with rich, savory goodness. The Porkchop was cooked perfectly and was moist and not dry, the complimenting sauces in every dish was delectable.What truly made this experience stand out was the commitment to consistently delivering outstanding flavors in every dish. The attention to detail and passion for culinary excellence was evident in each plate that arrived at my table. It was evident that the chefs took great pride in their creations, resulting in an unforgettable dining experience.In conclusion, if you are seeking a culinary paradise where service, atmosphere, and flavor come together in perfect harmony, this steakhouse is a must-visit. From the moment you step inside, you will be transported to a world of culinary bliss. Impeccable service, a captivating atmosphere, and flawlessly cooked dishes will leave you with lasting memories. I wholeheartedly recommend the steakhouse to anyone looking for an extraordinary dining experience. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5 stars)“


4.4 Superb111 Reviews
Tiger Tom's Cocktail Bar
196 Gentry Wy, Reno

“My history at Tiger Toms goes back to the 80's. Lots of great memories there. Tom and Ray and all the parties, Need someone to go on a beer run? I buy what's on sale. ?Met some awesome people. Remember me Tom? I was Bond back then. Hope you are well.“

4.5 Superb33 Reviews
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