50 Best Bars in Reno

Beer NV Bar
15 Foothill Rd #1, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Beer Flight

“Perhaps the biggest selection of beer on tap in Reno. Look for the exceptional blueberry and vanilla beers! They don’t have food but they make up for it in selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. The atmosphere is bright and open, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. If you love beer, and you love variety, you’ll love Beer NV.“


4.7 Superb302 Reviews
Rum Sugar Lime Bar
1039 S Virginia St, Reno

“Kind of weird vibe bar. Tiki drinks, Uber uptown decor, steampunk/brewmaster bartenders. Got there early enough that all the tables were still empty but still had to go to the bar to order. Then once it filled up the bartender came by and checked on our table. But then it took forever back at the bar to close out our tab. My co-worker wanted a different liquor in one of their standard drinks and they refused to make it. Although they were making lots of fancy complex drinks. That seemed odd. I'll go back but doubt my co-workers would. It was mostly filled with dates or groups of women. So they nailed it if they were going for that.“


4.7 Superb233 Reviews
Ferino Distillery Distilleries
541 E 4th St, Reno

“Thank you Joe for the tour, tasting and history. We had a great night, and enjoyed all of the wonderful spirits made in house. We learned a lot about distilling, infusing flavors into spirits and the history of the Italian spirits made at Ferino.“


4.9 Superb97 Reviews
Press Start Arcade & Bar Bar
600 S Center St, Reno

“If you miss pinball and arcade games, this place allows you to have a blast from the past! Plenty of both, a bar and 1 pool table. Although on the smaller side, I was able to enjoy the place fully with beer at hand and nestolgia. I recommend visiting on times where it would be not so busy(mon-thurs), it can be packed on the weekend.“

4.7 Superb210 Reviews
The 395 Craft Beer & Spirits Reno Bar
1075 N Hills Blvd #220, Reno

“Great local bar that helps out the community. In November, they had a wildland firefighter foundation fundraiser. Lots of good raffle prizes and silent auction swag. They hold many events throughout the year, and a food truck some days of the week high recommend checking them out if you are out in the Valleys.“


4.7 Superb188 Reviews
1864 Tavern Bar
290 California Ave, Reno

“The atmosphere with chandeliers, small tables for romantic talks, or the comfy couch settings for larger groups is amazing. I had the Lavender Lemon Drop, which I highly recommend. It was delicious! The drinks we got had tiny, real dried roses, which added such a great touch! I was so impressed with the Tavern!“

4.7 Superb187 Reviews
Abby's Highway 40 Cocktail Bar
424 E 4th St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

10 Count Dumplings
1 BBQ Pork Bun
Chili Crisp

“We were travelers who wandered in on a warm summer day and were welcomed by a crowd of locals, a friendly staff, and great drinks - what more could we ask for! We are fans of a good local dive bar and this one was a perfect place to grab a cold drink. There were all the typical beverages you would expect beers, wells, and mixers - but this place had a surprising cocktail list too - my favorite was the "Kick Rocks" and raspberry lemonade drink with an explosive candied rim - pop rocks! A trick I will be using at my home bar from now on!“


4.8 Superb116 Reviews
Lounge - Reno Bar
770 S Meadows Pkwy #110, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Hot Artichoke Dip with Pita Chips
Bacon Deviled Eggs

“Wanted to find a sports-bar in South Reno to watch Chiefs v Eagles 11/20, but still be able to have a regular conversation without shouting over noise. This place has a nice feel to it - an upscale sports-bar without being pretentious. The highlight is the bartender, who is also a wine sommelier. We ordered a veggie flatbread and artichoke dip for appetizers - he recommended the rose to go with them. Wow! A sip before food, not impressed; after taking bite, amazing how it changed the flavor! Great experience.“

4.8 Superb99 Reviews
Pinon Bottle Co Bar
777 S Center St #101, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Flight of Beers

“This beer bar is a true gem! The selection of beers, both on tap and bottled, is incredibly diverse and caters to every taste. I love the indoor and outdoor seating options, both of which offer a cool and inviting atmosphere. The bartenders are kind and give great recommendations! It's the perfect place to unwind with friends while enjoying a wide range of quality beers. Definitely deserving of 5 stars!“


4.7 Superb144 Reviews
Chapel Tavern Bar
1099 S Virginia St, Reno

“Chapel is an industry hangout- the far corner of the bar is normally home to other bartenders. It is a wonderful place for people to hang out and grab a great beer or fantastic cocktail. The wine selection is limited, but it is a cocktail bar with unique and special release Scotches. If you go on the right day the owner is working the bar. I highly suggest you go on a quiet day like Tuesday and grab a drink, busy days like Friday and Saturday result in a bit of a wait for a drink. Be kind to your bartender and order a beer or a shot when it is busy. Their cocktail menu is also wonderful!“

4.6 Superb217 Reviews
The Z Bar Bar
1074 S Virginia St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Chicken and Waffles

“Popped in here on a Halloween weekend Saturday afternoon (dressed as Beetlejuice and Lydia), and we had been mostly having beers, but this looked like a place for cocktails, and indeed it was. Had some great seasonal concoctions, including a lychee one and a spiced apple one. The bartenders were cool, the atmosphere was nice, and the drinks were great (and reasonably priced.)“

4.6 Superb213 Reviews
The Glass Die Bar
675 Holcomb Ave, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Jasmine Tea

“Friends invited us to play some games at The Glass Die. Didn't know much about the place, but we were up for it. We're so glad we did. While parking is a bit of a challenge, it was well worth the extra walk. When we got there the array of choices of what game to play is a bit overwhelming. I had no idea that there were so many board games in the world, much less in one place. Add to the atmosphere of tables and games surrounding you, they have a well stocked bar with lots of choices of beer, coffee, and tea. The tables are well maintained and suited for enjoying conversations with friends as well as playing a game or two. The staff was ever so helpful and pleasant. Makes for a fun time. My only quibble is that the games are not subdivided by the type of games, just the number of people who can play. Unless you're familiar with them, you spend a lot of time figuring out what to choose. Maybe a menu would help us neophytes.“


4.6 Superb201 Reviews
Brickies Tavern Bar
706 W 2nd St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Served with Country Gravy
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Bacon Cheeseburger
French Onion Soup
Chili Cheeseburger
Corned Beef Hash
Brisket Sandwich
Brisket Tacos
Chili Cheese
Big Brickie

“Great bar and great food. The staff are always attentive and caring.Last time I went here was after an allnighter for breakfast and the waitress met all of my groups accomodations. She even gave me some motrin when I asked nicely. Great place for a burger or breakfast.“


4.6 Superb193 Reviews
The Jesse Hotel & Bar Bars
306 E 4th St, Reno

“We were headed to my husband's holiday party across the street and decided to get a room at the Jessie last minute. Luckily they had a room available although it was a Sunday. It is such a charming place. I loved the brick walls and simple decor and art. The bathroom has a nice large updated shower. However there isn't really any counter space in the bathroom for getting ready. My only complaint is the mirror situation in the bathroom of our room. The mirror above the sink is pretty small round mirror but it is so high I could only see my eyes and forehead. There is a bigger mirror on the wall across from the toilet but there is no outlet there which made it very difficult when trying to curl my hair.After we got ready we wanted to check out their bar downstairs before we headed to our party. They have a pretty extensive line of spirits to choose from. We have a few signature drinks that were fantastic. Overall I would highly recommend this place to anyone!! Such a more homey feeling than your typical hotel!! Even if you don't need a place to stay I recommend checking out the bar!“

4.6 Superb185 Reviews
Reno Axe Bar
100 N Sierra St #105, Reno

“Have you thrown an axe? Well, you should! Might even be a good aim ? I can't Explain how fun this was. You can eat, drink and be competitive with your buddies. Don't be afraid to try because their employees( or should I call them pro axe yielders) are there to help you learn and have a great time! Prices are descent, so go out with your friends to this place next, you won't regret it!“


4.6 Superb169 Reviews
Ceol Irish Pub Bar •
410 California Ave, Reno

“My husband and I finally were able to go to Ceol's new location. It's beautiful inside and is such a better location then their last spot. The owner took the time to chat with us, nice guy. He even suggested a mix of two different beers, that I wouldn't have thought of mixing and it was very good! They have fresh popped popcorn and live music Saturdays. Looking forward to going back.“

4.9 Superb53 Reviews
Dead Ringer Analog Bar Bar
432 E 4th St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Coffee Shot

“This bar is great! If you love electronic music and well crafted cocktails, this is the place for you. Staff is super friendly, the outdoor area is very spacious and artistic, and the music is really good. Dare I say this may be the best bar (atmosphericly) in Reno!“

4.7 Superb90 Reviews
Mixers Bar Bar
2900 Clear Acre Ln, Reno

“My go to, I love so close to my home.. All my friends love to meet, have a cocktail, play alot of pool, laugh, and laugh at the customers,,,, they are so cool, real great people, most crazy like me. I feel older than them, which is an issue for me in the new places in Reno, but I can bet I can out drink ya , try to anyway! I feel comfortable at MIXERS. Dan the owner makes the best Margritas, MY favorite blondie chicky babe,, and all the girls will make sure you have a great time, even if your nut-o's or not.“

4.7 Superb77 Reviews
Marcolino's Italia Italian
254 W 1st St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Fettuccini Alfredo with Shrimp
Marcolino's Mushroom Ravioli
Scampi & Fettuccine Alfredo
Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo
Cheesecake with Raspberry
Nana's Eggplant Parmesan
Mama's Rigatoni Meatball
Benny B's Garlic Bread
Calamari Fritti
Chicken Marsala

“This was our second dining experience at Marcolino’s.We were lucky to be seated at the one and only bar type table facing the window with a view of the Truckee river and snow covered park.The service is personal and attentive.Most importantly the food is exceptional! The sauces are varied and complimentary to each dish.The rib eye steak melts in your mouth.What’s Italian about steak?The mushroom sauce and the creamy garlic potatoes!My husband thought the chicken piccata was the best he has had.It is pricy at Marcolino’s, but last night we splurged. You can easily split entrees and salads. The portions of both are generous. But, the choices make it a difficult decision for two people to agree upon.“


4.7 Superb76 Reviews
The Emerson Cocktail Lounge Bar
955 S Virginia St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Charcuterie Plate
Mixed Olives

“This place is such a vibe! Everything about this place is! First time I came, it was for a drag brunch. Everything about the event from the drinks, to the service to the food truck was incredible!Post this, it's always a great place to go, hear a smidge of music, enjoy the ambience and enjoy a great expresso martini!This is one of my favorites for a chill night out whether date night or out with friends.“

4.5 Superb201 Reviews
Floyd's Fireside Bar
698 Kietzke Ln, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Bud Light Bottle
Chex Mix

“Floyd’s is an institution. The place is small and attracts a regular crowd of dive bar weirdos. But then man running the place keeps everyone in line, and makes even the newest face feel like they are a part of the family. Every time I’m in Reno, I stop in and just talk to anyone and everyone. You’ll have a great time, and maybe learn something new.Parking: Small lot but you’ll be ok“

4.7 Superb60 Reviews
Wonder Bar Bar
1195 S Wells Ave, Reno

“This bar is HANDS DOWN my favorite in Reno. We stop here every time we're in town. I love the owner Kathy. Chris and TJ are awesome!! They are usually tending bar when we come in. The regulars welcome us wholeheartedly and I appreciate that in a dive bar. Dive bar etiquette is pretty simple. Don't be an A****** . thank you W for all the fun times!!“

4.6 Superb88 Reviews
Liberty Food & Wine Exchange American
100 N Sierra St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Wood Roasted Cauliflower
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Three Little Pigs
Brussels Sprouts
Bee Sting

“Liberty Food & Wine was the perfect choice for our rehearsal lunch. Their team worked with us to create a delicious menu that catered to our group of about 25 people, providing excellent service even during a busy lunch hour. The staff was accommodating and responsive to our inquiries leading up to the event, making sure everything ran smoothly and within our expected budget. The atmosphere and quality of food and wine added a special touch to our rehearsal day, leaving us and our guests thoroughly impressed and satisfied. It was a pleasure to work with them, and I'd recommend Liberty Food & Wine to anyone looking to host a similar event.“


4.6 Superb87 Reviews
Royce Burger Bar Bar
115 Ridge St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Pork Belly Bites and Portobello Fries
Grilled Cheese and Chips
Royce Burger and Chips
Shishito Peppers

“Heard about this place on reddit and my partner and I were craving a burger. We are so glad we stopped by. The burger is one of the best I’ve ever had. Portobello mushroom fries were also delicious. Place had a very trendy relaxed vibe. Probably not the kid friendliest but we didnt want a “kid friendly”place anyways.Don’t leave Reno without coming here!“


4.5 Superb173 Reviews
The Brewer's Cabinet Production Facility Bar
8565 White Fir St, Reno

“Oh wait, my following review is for their restaurant and brew pub: Super casual, great Tahoe-rustic decor. Party room that's really open anytime. Tap room next door, outdoor patios, good brews and food. My one and only wish...better fries. They use a sweet seasoning that disappoints every time. We don't go there for fries, but we go less because of them.“


4.6 Superb85 Reviews
Ryan's Saloon & Broiler Bar & Grill
924 S Wells Ave, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Nevada Burger and Fries
Bacon Cheeseburger
Cheese Curds

“Came in on a slow Wednesday afternoon. Had the cheese curds and we split a large cheeseburger and fresh cut fries. I saw her cut them. Nice lunch, will come in again, but mostly for those fries and curds. Burger was very good, but messy to eat.“


4.5 Superb172 Reviews


Amari Bar •
32 Cheney St, Reno

“This is a cozy little European inspired social spot for amateur mixologists. There's only 4 small tables with bench seating inside, so probably best experienced as aperitif or digestif around your meal. The area gets a little sloppy with college kids later in the evening.The venue is small enough that your server and your bartender are one and the same. The drink menu is eclectic and interesting. Highly recommend giving it a shot one night! The quaint, tucked away location along with the quality drinks offer an experience other local venues can't offer.Only suggestion would be to dial the music down about 25%. The music works with the environment, but the volume overwhelms the conversation that would pair nicely with this intimate setting.“


4.7 Superb56 Reviews
Midtown Spirits Wine & Bites Bar
1527 S Virginia St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Charcuterie Board
Estate Pinot Gris
Brought Cake

“Discover the ultimate relaxation spot! ?✨ Despite its cozy size, the menu is more than enough for delightful snacking. Live music, special events, and a warm ambiance make it a great gathering spot. Unwind and savor the moments. #RelaxationStation #LiveMusicVibes ??️“


4.5 Superb142 Reviews
The Office Bar
248 W 1st St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Four Roses

“Dark woods, low lighting, comfy chairs, and "fireplaces" encourage curling up with a tasty cocktail and good conversation. Delicious concoctions and top shelf spirits available and served by friendly and prompt bartenders. Cards accepted for ease and convenience. "Secret" passage to access the building's facilities adds to the ambiance. Parking can be a little tricky so be sure to give yourself a little extra time if you are meeting up with friends.“

4.6 Superb69 Reviews
Shim's Surplus Supplies Speakeasy Bar
125 W 3rd St, Reno

“This is a cool little place tucked just outside the exit of the El Dorado parking garage. Came here for a kitty burlesque show (fundraiser for the local cat cafe) which was entertaining. Drinks were decent and priced well, the bartender was efficient but didn't have much personality.“

4.5 Superb120 Reviews
Roxy's Restaurant & Bar at Eldorado at The ROW Bar
345 N Virginia St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Flash Fried Calamari with Lemon-Pepper Aioli and Cocktail Sauce
Wild Mushroom-Truffle Mac & Chez
Half Tail Lobster Special
Cedar Plank Roast Salmon
Seared Day Boat Scallops
Wedge with Blue Cheese
Chocolate Chunk Souffl
Braised Short Ribs
French Onion Soup
Mushroom Ravioli

“The only reason this place gets 4 stars is because our service was phenomenal. Clark was fantastic as well as the hostesses. Sadly it took over an hour past our reservation to get sat and the food was okay at best. But again the service made it worth it. Thank you Clark!“


4.4 Superb734 Reviews
Archive Wine + Beer Bar
148 West St, Reno

“Amazing place! Well placed, welcoming, warm, different microbrews and a passionate bartender.The place is quite beautiful with huge windows that can open on the street. Next to the bar you can enjoy great meals thanks to the unique food court that tries to provide quality choices.There is even tables and seats outdoor so you can enjoy the weather during the night ^^. Have fun!“


4.9 Superb26 Reviews
RedRock Studio and Bar Bar
241 S Sierra St., Reno

“LOVE Red rock! It's a cute 2 story bar that has personality. There is provocative local art on the walls for sale, and I always want to buy one. The best fear of Red Rock is its downstairs pool and dart room. I've met fine friends and new acquaintances hanging out at Red Rock. Give it a try!“

4.5 Superb112 Reviews
Playfield 76 Bar •
150 N Arlington Ave, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Cauliflower Nachos
Fried Cheese Curds

“The cauliflower nachos are my favorite. The pickle chips and potato chips were overly saltly. Not a fan. They have daily drink specials. Love the vibes, but it can be pretty loud with all of the games. Its a younger crowd that attends so keep that in mind too.Parking: Unless you want to pay for parking in the attached parking lot, you will need to find street parking. Depending on the day/time it can be metered too unless you park a few blocks away.“


4.5 Superb109 Reviews
Forest St Station Bar •
100 California Ave, Reno

“We needed a place to watch the SeaChickens play and we didn't have the game at home. We didn't want to go to a place where we would over eat while we watched the game so we decided to check out Forest St Station.I ordered up a delicious bloody mary and my wife got some sort of cider I think. My second drink was a beer and shot combo. Normally I don't do these but my wife took the shot and I sipped at the beer.They have 4 TVs behind the bar so they kindly put our game on in front of us and let the 49er fans take the other 3 TVs and the audio.This is a REALLY bar with a local bar feel. Sort of like a Cheers type of place.We will definitely go back because the bartender Tiana was super friendly and made a fantastic bloody mary.“

4.7 Superb41 Reviews
The Club at Rancharrah Bars
6100 Rancharrah Pkwy, Reno

“This food is amazing! I have been here a handful of times and everything I have ever gotten is truly amazing. For example we had some brussel sprout thing and I know what you're thinking, "Eeew brussel sprouts." Well lemme tell ya, these were the best brussel sprouts I have ever had. Perfectly tender and a great sauce or whatever was on it. Who woulda thought that brussel sprouts could be THIS delectable. I mean I have had good brussels sprouts before, but I've never had great brussels sprouts before. Now me personally, I don't have any vendetta against brussels sprouts, nor will I seek them out when preparing a dish, so take with that what you will. But when I say that you could probably throw a dart at the menu and get a delicious meal, I am being completely serious.This is one of those restaurants that I wish you could give more than 5 stars. Service is always top notch, shout-out to them. If you have the chance to eat here I would highly recommend it. In terms of food and taste it's one of the best and most unique spots in town. Full marks!“

4.7 Superb41 Reviews
Lo-Bar Social Bar •
445 California Ave, Reno

“I stopped here on Monday night and I was the only person in the place as it was right before closing… the bartender was super friendly and made a good drink, the place is very roomy and comfortable as well as clean and well put together. Prices were good for craft cocktails… great place to stop to have a drink, highly recommend!“

5 Superb20 Reviews
Bighorn Tavern Reno Bar
1325 W 7th St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Wings Above Side not Included
Bighorn Burger
Hummus Platter
Chicken Sammy
Veggie Wrap
Onion Rings
Side Salad
Beet Salad
Scotch Egg

“We had dinner at the Bighorn Tavern--the Wednesday special fish and chips and the Cobb salad (the latter was a pleasant surprise for a pub, with egg, bacon, avocado, pickled onion, beets, and chicken). On another day, we had lunch. The variety of burgers is very good with a noticeable heft, and the buns remained intact without falling apart: no mean feat for a fat burger and all the toppings. The onion rings are huge, dipped in tempura batter. Nice high, airy ceiling and big windows. Trophy heads abound. Totally planning return trips to investigate further!Parking: Typical strip mall parking.“


4.4 Superb317 Reviews
The Hideout Lounge Bar
240 Park St, Reno

“There's one pool table, a good size bar and seating adjacent the bar. I've met several cool people here. I was even picked up once by a nice female. I go here often, once or twice a week.Parking: Parking is either on S. Virginia or there's a lot next to the bar.“

4.6 Superb46 Reviews
Poor Devil Saloon Bar
820 S Virginia St, Reno

“Rowlan? Roland? Ro was awesome. We came in early on a casual Wednesday evening. He was very hospitable, fun, polite, friendly, and prompt. It’s bartenders like these that make a really good impression. We will definitely be bringing our business back to Poor Devil Salooon. Thank you Ro!“

4.8 Superb25 Reviews
Shanty Dolan's Bar •
211 Keystone Ave, Reno

“The service here is amazing. The people have the greatest vibes. I feel like when you're here, you supporting people that want to make a difference in the world. True family people cowboys and know how to drink whiskey have a good time and take care of each other. There ain't no place like shanty Dolan's for all the real people that feel like they don't fit into this fake world. Come hang out with the realest bar and all of Reno“

4.6 Superb45 Reviews
Fat Tuesday Grand Sierra Resort & Casino Bar
2500 E 2nd St, Reno

“Omar is the best!!!!!! I heard about Fat Tuesday from Tik Tok and was so excited when I saw it in the casino at GSR. Omar gave me samples and suggestions and was so friendly and personable. So was his manager! This drink and the entire experience chatting with them and trying drinks made my whole day!“


4.5 Superb66 Reviews
Woodrow's Tap Room Bar
4755 N Virginia St, Reno

“If your looking for the perfect local dive bar, this is definitely the place. Every Friday night they host a pool tournament, which seems to have a great turnout. The drinks are typically strong and the service is always friendly and welcoming. Both Billie and Jessica are always so very happy to see you and welcome you in! Saturday night is typically karaoke night with a great variety of much to choose from, which is always fun. They also have a jukebox with an incredible variety of music. Overall, this is a great place to just be and enjoy a cocktail or two at a great price with wonderful service. It is also worth mentioning the bathrooms are always exceptionally cl“

4.5 Superb65 Reviews
Sierra Tap House Pubs
253 W 1st St, Reno

Customers` Favorites

Rogue Hazelnut Brown

“I didn't actually eat here, but the people around me that did, their food looked amazing. I went in to have a couple of beers and they had a good selection. My bartender's name was Ian and he is a very personable guy and makes you feel right at home. All the staff were very friendly. I highly recommend it!! If you're an IPA person, I recommend the Big Little Thing by Sierra Nevada.“

4.4 Superb157 Reviews
Whisky Lounge Reno Bar
711 S Virginia St, Reno

“Came in with some friends right at open on a Saturday afternoon so we had the opportunity for Russ to give us extra time and detail in giving us recommendations on various whiskeys to try and some education on the topic as well. Wonderful place. Wednesday is half price happy hour so it's a great time to try a greater variety of whiskey and save a dollar or two. From here on out anytime I'm in Reno, the Whiskey Lounge will be a party of my entertainment plans.“

4.4 Superb157 Reviews
Village Well Bar •
7600 Rancharrah Pkwy Suite 100, Reno

“Absolutely love this place! The beer selection is always unique and different. They rotate their kegs, so the selection is always different. The music and staff are wonderful. If you prefer the sound for any game the staff is happy to turn it on the main TV for you (which is the biggest TV in Reno). If beer is not your thing they have a full bar for cocktails as well. Definitely recommend!“


4.6 Superb33 Reviews
Alturas Bar Bar
1044 E 4th St, Reno

“Just went to a show last night at this Venue. It is a cool, small bar with a small music venue in the basement. All Staff there seemed nice. It could use a deep-cleaning, but that's minor when it comes to bar scenes. Sketchy side of town, but a cool place for shows.“

4.4 Superb131 Reviews
Davidsons Distillery Bar
275 E 4th St, Reno

“I I'm not biased but I do know the owner so I have to give it a five star hey Dave muskin looking forward to buying that 1960 Corvette Melvin said it was his car any minute and it was mine too to be now that I have that 19 million coming just on the one and that's not including all the other ones I'm adding 5,000 to it I know your people have talked to you tell the fry Brothers I said hello when they come throughBlessings SentMight even have a couple more pictures of Melvin for you“

4.4 Superb126 Reviews
40 Mile Saloon Bar
1495 S Virginia St, Reno

“Great bar with amazing cocktails without the cost of midtown cocktail prices. Definitely recommend this place. Also, has a pool table and outside seating. We recently went when they had live music. I can't remember the name of the band. But they were awesome. The place was packed.“

4.4 Superb112 Reviews
Pinon Bottle South Bar •
15415 Wedge Pkwy #100, Reno

“Great addition to South Reno. Same great selection of beers that we're used to at their other locations. Nice open seating, patio and very dog friendly - at least five others here today. Bring in whatever food you'd like, and there is plenty to choose from in Meadow Creek. Cheers!“

4.6 Superb25 Reviews
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