Bakeries in Jackson Heights

La Noventa Bakery Corporation Bakery
37-06 90th St, Jackson Heights

“A staple in this neighborhood. It’s exactly what a Latin bakery should be. Friendly service, tasty prepared food and treats, inexpensive, reliable. My mom and I like to come after church or before grocery shopping. We’ve never had a bad experience. Everything is tasty and the workers are so kind. I highly recommend stopping by.“


4.4 Superb44 Reviews
La Montaña Bakery Y Empanadas Bakery
3308 90th St, Jackson Heights

“The empanadas were delicious as well as the sauce that comes with it. We ordered a platter of them for a party and everyone commented on how delicious they were. The woman who had them ready for us even heated them up so they'd be nice hot and for the guests to eat right away.“


4.5 Superb24 Reviews
Buzzanca's Bakery & Cafe Bakery
37-49 90th St, Jackson Heights

“Buzzanca's is a good place.I am still trying to get a fix on it.They sell Italian breads and Neapolitan flans and pastries.Everyone speaks Spanish and they stream Salsa music on the TV.The ladies who work there are nice.There are more breads for sale than anything else.I have no idea how the breads areAlthough other Yelpers say this is THE place to get Italian bread in Jackson Heights.I went with the cookies. There is one cookie, a chocolate covered tricolor number, steeped in amaretto, that is to die for.The others are pleasant enough.You are not there for the coffee, unless you just gotta have coffee.They let people sit there a long time.Families and other neighborhood people do just that.You listen to Billo's Caracas boys, you eat really good cookies, the afternoon goes by.You can do a lot worse.“


4.4 Superb32 Reviews
Max Bakery & Restaurant Coffee & Tea
37-37 90th St, Jackson Heights

“Posting an updated review. Come here often to Max Bakery for it is a family favorite. Reasons why? -it's near the train station. Grab your bun and go up the stairs to the 90th Street train station to take the 7 train. -Reasonable prices.-Fish sandwich are currently $3 bucks. Size has not changed like some of other shops.-Lots of buns have gone down in price. Now $1.25As you walk in door. You are greeted by friendly staff. There is an area that you can sit and eat after purchase.Will be back here again for sure.“


4.2 Good10 Reviews
Delicias Caleñas Colombian
3568 73rd St, Jackson Heights

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada Especial de Miércoles Wednesday Special Carne Asada
Carne Asada Especial de Viernes Friday Special Carne Asada
Ensalada de Frutas Fruit Salad
Pollo Al Horno Sabado Special
Pechuga A la Plancha
Ensalada de Pollo
Arroz Con Leche
Desayuno Caleno
Arepa Huevo
Tres Leches

“This casual Columbian bakery and restaurant with great coffee is a walk away. Whether you want it with milk cream sugar or black, they can caffeinate you in all 3 sizes. Service is super quick, I went with a medium black coffee hot with one sugar.Empanadas in chicken, beef, and cheese are available. The sauce choices are red or green, I went with green just to be safe.The steam table section has stewed and baked chicken for quick lunch options.“


3.7 Good59 Reviews


Capy Bakery
88-17 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights

“I discovered tres leche cake after my manager made some. Ever since discovering tres leche cake, I've been on the hunt for one that's just as delicious. Capy makes a light tres leche cake that has a good balance of fluffiness, moisture and sweetness. I got the pina colada tres leche slice for $5.50. It was real delicious.“


3.6 Good52 Reviews
Azoguenita Latin American
91-23 37th Ave, Jackson Heights

Customers` Favorites


“Great that they have a dinner special.Usually Ecuadorian restaurants have only lunch choice of soup and a second plate like chicken with rice or something else. So, the dinner special is the same.However, there is always a lack of service in Ecuadorian restaurants. I think the servers should be trained and learn about customer service.“


3 Average45 Reviews

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