16 Best Bakeries in Flushing

Rico Pan Bakery Bakery
58-13 Woodside Ave, Flushing

Customers` Favorites

Beef Empanada Bunuelos
Baked Chicken Empanada

“A very modern and clean bakery. Ordered a couple of pastries for breakfast the next day and had a beef empanada to go which was still warm and delicious. In all, we spent less than ten bucks. We went in the evening where alot of the pastries items were already sold, so better to go in the morning when their is more variety to choose from.“

4.6 Superb139 Reviews
Continental Pastry Inc Bakery
6551 Grand Ave, Flushing

“The most amazing blueberry pie you've ever tasted. The presentation is top notch, the ingredients are quality and makes the best item to bring to any holiday or birthday party. 100% highly recommendYou can tell that these pies are made with kind thoughts and love.“

4.8 Superb37 Reviews
Glendale Bakery Bakery
6925 Grand Ave, Flushing

Customers` Favorites

Pretzel Roll

“Walked in here to see the display, and instantly had to buy my favorite cake of all time. Blackout cake isn't very common nowadays, so it's nice to see this long-standing bakery have an old Brooklyn classic on the menu. I will say, it's not the best blackout cake I've ever had (there's an odd taste at first bite), but it's still decadent and satisfying. They should just edit the recipe a little bit to make it have a more chocolatey flavor.“

4.3 Superb143 Reviews
One for the Road | Fusion Deli, Drinks, Desserts Cafe
40-25 150th St, Flushing

Customers` Favorites

Original Street Sandwich and Baconese
Chicken Sandwiches
Frenchdip Sandwich
Gyro Sandwich

“One for the Road is a really cool small spot. It’s like a Korean bodega that makes sandwiches. I’d recommend getting the Korean sandwiches, they taste great. They are filled with cabbage and eggs along with other fillings that you like, I think the cabbage adds a nice texture to them. They also have a variety of other sandwiches, breakfast and lunch platters, and different desserts, such as cookies, brownies, and even bingsoo. The options are limitless! There is a small inside table but plenty of outdoor seatings.“

4.3 Superb136 Reviews
Monreale Bakery Bakery
5928 Myrtle Ave, Flushing

“Ming! The best bread around hands down. The dedication to quality tastes in every bite. Come check out this staple in the community. The Semolina, marine! Multo bene. The staff is amazing. The sweetest girls manage the front of the house. Don't forget to tip or catch a Semolina to the head. The cheese puffs filled with Ricotta, mi madre! Delicioso!. Blessings to their family and much success. Thank you for always being on point.“

4.4 Superb78 Reviews
Beard Papa's Bakery
40-24 College Point Blvd Unit B - 1, Flushing

Customers` Favorites

Cookies and Cream Puff
Cream Puffs

“This small pastry shop inside Skyview Mall has such delicious cream puffs!! I ordered one with the cookies and cream. Very unique cream puffs, never seen them so huge!! The staff were friendly and the shop, although small, has a cute aesthetic. They have a wall with a cool story about the history of Beard Papa. This was a nice surprise find within the mall.“

4.3 Superb116 Reviews
San Cafe Cafe
56-34 61st St, Flushing

Customers` Favorites

Vanilla Donuts
Sweet Buns
Big Babka

“oh my goodness, for a small bakery they make the MOST DELICIOUS things. I will definitely be going back. Give them a try and get a smile ☺️Kid-friendliness: it's a bakery, if you're a kid you're going to love it lol“

4.4 Superb69 Reviews
JD Breakfast & Coffee Coffee Shops •
154-28 Northern Blvd, Flushing

Customers` Favorites

Healthy Soup Made Fresh Daily
Chipotle Chicken Panini
Bulgogi Egg over Rice
French Fries
Home Fries

“I was running errands and was glad I stopped to get a quick bite here! Menu is simple and diverse. Food is tasty and is good for on the go or to stay. There is seating inside and outside. Definitely coming here for lunch next time I’m in the neighborhood. Chicken panini was tasty, fries were crispy just how I like them. Generous portions. Staff was very nice and helpful.“

4.3 Superb81 Reviews
JK Bakery Bakery
2914 Union St, Flushing

Customers` Favorites

Everything Bagel

“Bagels taste greatI live in L.A., and when I go to New York, I always buy a lot of bagels from this place.Since this is a To Go home, let’s be thankful that they consistently make delicious food that will make your back bend more than the service.The hospitality of the Bagel Dim is also very nice.Please keep making it delicious.“

4.2 Good120 Reviews
Kissena Cafe Bakery
6004 Kissena Blvd, Flushing

“My must-eats:+ Beef pan-fried udon noodle with an egg ?+ Any of their breakfast combos ?+ Chicken and corn rice w/ white cream sauceMy must-drinks:+ Honey lemon tea+ Milk tea/ HK Style Milk Tea / Coffee Milk TeaNot a lot of seating but they definitely get packed because it's very well loved.“

4.2 Good84 Reviews
Bakery De Paris Inc Bakery
4235 162nd St, Flushing

Customers` Favorites


“It has a very calming and relaxing atmosphere. It is always very clean, and is a great place to chat, or study. The workers are very respectful, and the food is overall great. Only thing is that there is limited parking space and it may be difficult to find one.“

4.2 Good75 Reviews
Apollo Cafe & Bakery Bakery
4102b Delong St, Flushing

Customers` Favorites

scallion floss eggroll

“Amazing Taiwanese bakery!Probably one of the best bakeries in flushing! Hands down! The breads from here has an amazing texture! It's springy, moist and most of all tender! What's most special is that they sell "su(酥)" which is a moon cake like type of flakey pastry with different types of fillings like green bean, red bean and even salted egg yolk!You'll always see a line here so be sure to go early because most of the good breads sell out before noon!“

4.6 Superb24 Reviews
J’s Confection Dessert
6008 Kissena Blvd, Flushing

“Wanted to order a birthday cake for my partner. They were very helpful in clarifying what sizes make sense for how many people, and the cake itself was one of the best I've ever had! Very friendly and accommodating, and negotiating pick-up time was not a problem. Cake was prepared on time and overall a 10/10 experience - I believe it was the salted caramel crunch cake, and I'm not even a fan of caramel ? will go back again next time I need a cake! I've been a few times for their bubble tea and it is also on the money ??????“

4.1 Good83 Reviews
Miracali Bakery Bakery
7604 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing

“In the state of NY there is a new law that came out of not giving napkins, straws, sauces without the customer asking for it and if there are notices in English and Spanish throughout the business, that has been our rulers because of climate change, we will have citizen awareness thank you“

4.1 Good82 Reviews
Bistro New York Bakery
21902 Northern Blvd # 2D, Flushing

“It's convenient and the WiFi is good. Their outdoor seating is very cute. Sometimes the lady who works the cashier is a bit rude and you can feel a vibe if you're not Korean Shes annoyed that you can't speak it and gets snappy. The old man is very nice though he's friendly. If it wasn't for him I would just not come back. Doesn't matter if your customers aren't Korean treat everyone with respect. We are helping your business survive.“

4.1 Good73 Reviews
Canaan Bread | Bakery Flushing Cafe
160-13 Northern Blvd, Flushing

Customers` Favorites


“I've waited way too long and I wish I haven't wasted all those years of just driving by. Canaan Bread has crossed my mind when I get the cravings...but like all loyal customers of Canaan Bread, when you know, you know. My better half took me here for a bite right before our road trip. The seating is limited so don't expect to sit to eat...but if there's a seat, grab it and enjoy Korean blessed diner style offerings. I had their avocado toast sammich and it was Babe Ruth. Yes, that means it's a homerun for me. As full as I was, I shoveled the rest of sammich (and my wife's chicken katsu) in my mouth. The best part was the prices are all very reasonable with the amount of food and quality of food offered. 15 minutes later, we walked out very happy and our clothes reeked of food which would normally bother me. But I was so satisfied with our brunch, I wore my food cologne proudly to our next destination (a small bookstore).“

4 Good110 Reviews
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