Ramen Restaurants near Setauket East Setauket, NY

Ichi Sushi & Ramen Japanese • $$
700 N Country Rd, Setauket- East Setauket

Customers` Favorites

Tonkotsu Ramen Spicy Tonkotsu
Spicy Toro Hand Roll
Spicy Chicken Ramen
California Roll
Karaage Chicken
Sashimi for Me
Samurai Roll
Avocado Roll
Fried Rice
Miso Ramen

“Ichi Sushi & Ramen is a popular local restaurant that offers a wide range of delicious Japanese dishes. Reviewers praise the restaurant's great value, friendly service, and fresh, high-quality ingredients. The menu features a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, and entrees, including sushi, ramen, and teriyaki dishes. Customers enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and recommend trying the green tea mochi for dessert. While the parking lot is small, there are handicapped spots available. Overall, Ichi Sushi & Ramen is a highly recommended spot for authentic and tasty Japanese cuisine.“

4.4 Superb60 Reviews
Yume Ramen and Cake Ramen • $
350-4 Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove - 4.79 miles

Customers` Favorites

Japanese Fried Chicken Bento
Double Crispy Chicken Bun
New Crispy Chicken Wing 5
Spicy Miso Pork Tonkotsu
Spicy Miso Chicken Ramen
Homemade Mayo for Karage
Original Pork Tonkotsu
Spicy Vegan Ramen
Kara-Age Chicken
Crispy Gyoza 4

“Yume Ramen and Cake is a cozy spot serving delicious ramen. The owners are super friendly, offering free samples and accommodating allergies. The service is incredible, with free dango dessert and crunchy chicken better than Chic-fil-a. The bento box is a great value, and they go the extra mile to ensure all guests are happy. It's definitely worth a visit for a warm bowl of ramen and delightful service.“

4.7 Superb152 Reviews
Meet Noodle Ramen • $
2166 Nesconset Hwy, Stony Brook - 4.02 miles

Customers` Favorites

Vegetable Spring Roll 2
Karaage Chicken 炸鸡
Pan-Fried Pork Gyoza 6
Classic Tonkotsu Ramen
Kara-Age Chicken Bowl
Karaage Chicken Bowl
Tonkotsu Ramen Spicy
Spicy Tantanmen Ramen
Spicy Tantamen Ramen
Karaage Shoyu Ramen

“Meet Noodle is a restaurant known for its delicious chicken katsu and pho. The chicken in the katsu is both tender and crispy, and the curry has a hint of spice with a touch of sweetness. The pho is not overly salty and has good flavor. The ramen has good noodles, but the broth is described as a little thin. The restaurant has unique decoration and friendly servers. It is a popular spot for regulars and is recommended to others. The staff is nice and attentive. The restaurant is located in a suburban strip mall and has been described as a decent noodle shop.“

4.6 Superb113 Reviews
Iron ramen Ramen • $
2350 Nesconset Hwy, Stony Brook - 3.82 miles

Customers` Favorites

Kara-Agé Don Sauce on the Side
Kara-Age Shoyu Ramen
Seafood Shoyu Ramen
Iron Tonkatsu Ramen
Braised Pork Belly
Kakuni Bun 2 Pieces
Tonkatsu Miso Ramen
Chicken Katsu Bun
Chicken Kara-Age
Vegetable Ramen

“Iron Ramen in Stonybrook, NY, offers delicious and fresh meals, including orange passion tea with bubbles, mango tea, sunrise passion tea, strawberry banana smoothies, bao buns, and Japanese chicken curry. The service is friendly and the atmosphere is cozy. This local business is a must-visit for anyone looking for tasty meals in the area. The restaurant is clean and the service is exceptional, making it a great spot for a cozy dinner.“

4.4 Superb58 Reviews
Slurp Ramen Ramen • $
109 W Broadway, Port Jefferson - 2.08 miles

Customers` Favorites

Fried Chicken and Rice Bowl
Slurp Classic - Tonkotsu
Kara-Agé Chicken Bowl
Slurp Spicy Ramen
Spicy Vegan Bowl
Hawaiian BBQ Bowl
Tonkotsu Ramen
The Veggie Bun
The Pork Bun
Chicken Bun

“Slurp Ramen in Port Jefferson is a must-try for ramen lovers. Despite the parking challenges, the delicious food is worth it. The Slurp Ramen with karaage chicken is a popular choice, perfect for a cold evening. While the service may be just okay, the quality of the food and simple atmosphere make it the best ramen spot around. Even if you have to make a drive from Smithtown, it's highly recommended for any ramen enthusiast looking for a satisfying meal.“

4.4 Superb74 Reviews
Rakkii Ramen Ramen • $$
97 E Main St, Smithtown - 6.85 miles

Customers` Favorites

Noodle Wrapped Shrimp
Osaka Beef Noodles
Karaage Calamari
Mochi Ice Cream
Tonkotsu Ramen
Vegetable Gyoza
Chicken Ramen
Pork Bao Buns
Beef Bao Buns
Spicy Miso

“Rakkii Ramen offers a delightful dining experience. The minimalist decor is clean and inviting, while the friendly and helpful staff provide exceptional service. The menu features delicious ramen, bao buns, and calamari, among other options. The restaurant's unique concept includes a robot serving food and drinks, adding to the fun atmosphere. With easy parking and wheelchair accessibility, Rakkii Ramen is a great spot for a meal out.“

4 Good82 Reviews

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