McDonald's in Toledo

McDonald's - 567 E Manhattan Blvd

Rating: 4.7

567 E Manhattan Blvd, Toledo OH 43608
(419) 729-9414

Went through the drive through for breakfast. Food was served fast and hot. I will visit this place again.

McDonald's - 5210 N Summit St

Rating: 4

5210 N Summit St, Toledo OH 43611
(419) 726-5535

Always super friendly and quick with my orders

McDonald's - 90 Main St

Rating: 4

90 Main St, Toledo OH 43605
(419) 691-8862

My sandwich was really good and their sign change at the drive-thru for mobile orders is cool.

McDonald's - 831 W Alexis Rd

Rating: 4

831 W Alexis Rd, Toledo OH 43612
(419) 476-5174

I asked 4 extra seasoning on the side & they gave it 2 me. They were switching toys so I got mine free. The service was fast and excellent. My order was accurate. Thank you.

McDonald's - 1520 Cherry St

Rating: 4

1520 Cherry St, Toledo OH 43608
(419) 244-5211

I have been to many McDonald's locations not only here in the city but throughout the USA & i have to give them credit for doing a excellent job with the staff as well as the fresh FAST hot food. Keep up the GREAT work Cherry Street location!

McDonald's - 3005 N Holland Sylvania Rd

Rating: 3.8

3005 N Holland Sylvania Rd, Toledo OH 43615
(419) 531-9081

I come here every Saturday morning and the service is always great they always get my stuff correctly made and everything that I ask for is in the bag the people who also work Saturday morning or always very nice and sometimes I come through during the week we try to cook most of the time so that's why we don't really more

McDonald's - 1560 E Alexis Rd

Rating: 3.8

1560 E Alexis Rd, Toledo OH 43612
(419) 726-5700

Best service I have ever gotten at a McDonalds before! Had my order just come out wrong but they were so quick and kind to fix it! They care about their customers!!

McDonald's - 7159 Central Ave

Rating: 3.5

7159 Central Ave, Toledo OH 43617
(419) 841-6210

Had the grand kids so was in a little bit of a hurry. The service was correct and the food was hot, which is better than most McDonald's.

McDonald's - 1405 S Byrne Rd

Rating: 3.5

1405 S Byrne Rd, Toledo OH 43614
(419) 385-1385

Some days good, some days not so good depending on the individual person waiting on you. Lately though the service is good, and the place (tables and floors have been cleaner). Why? A new young man has been taking the orders, he's listened and repeats the rder back to make sure he got it right. Very nice☺

McDonald's - 3138 Secor Rd

Rating: 3.5

3138 Secor Rd, Toledo OH 43606
(419) 535-7661

Hey so I'm a little bias because Micky D's is one of my favs. So it may go without typing but this place is clean and yummy. Nice handicap tables that light up! Real cool like that ya know. You get to order from a kiosk if that's your thing too. So all in all this one is not to miss$

McDonald's - 1225 Collingwood Blvd

Rating: 3.5

1225 Collingwood Blvd, Toledo OH 43604
(419) 255-9308

Everything is quality bro and i gained 35 pounds so im not giving 5 star but 4 is gud. My grandma died in your lobby by slipping on ice cream so im suing you, but your foods good.

McDonald's - 1540 Broadway St

Rating: 3.5

1540 Broadway St, Toledo OH 43609
(419) 255-1404

Its fast food but still hygiene is huge wash your hands you touch money

McDonald's - 3008 Monroe St

Rating: 3.3

3008 Monroe St, Toledo OH 43606
(419) 243-4443

It real good food i like

McDonald's - 2130 S Reynolds Rd

Rating: 3.3

2130 S Reynolds Rd, Toledo OH 43614
(419) 865-0001

I don't care what anybody says bad about McDonald's. It still is for me the best value around when it comes to fast food. And nobody matches the variety of they have.

McDonald's - 36 N Reynolds Rd

Rating: 3.3

36 N Reynolds Rd, Toledo OH 43615
(419) 535-1107

Went here as a rest stop as my 10 hour trip from Ohio to Alabama and the food was delicious and correct. Never saw a cleaner and nice staffed McDonalds ever. Their quarter pounder cheese bacon with a shamrock shake is a must have if its in season.

McDonald's - 5057 Monroe St

Rating: 3.3

5057 Monroe St, Toledo OH 43623
(419) 472-2801

The store has improved greatly. Fast, accurate, fresh. Vast improvement over a year ago

McDonald's - 1727 W Laskey Rd

Rating: 3

1727 W Laskey Rd, Toledo OH 43613
(419) 474-4676

The employees should say thank you or at least acknowledge you were in their drive thur.

McDonald's - 1205 W Sylvania Ave

Rating: 3

1205 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo OH 43612
(419) 476-8946

Cheap food at this place - very tasty. Great place to meet and catch up with friends. The bill was reasonable I would say.


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