Fast Food Restaurants in Lake Oswego

Baja Fresh Mexican • $
17805 SW 65th Ave, Lake Oswego

Customers` Favorites

Pronto Queso 3 Oz and Chips
Chips and Salsa 8oz
Carne Asada Burrito
Chicken Quesadilla
Chips & Salsa
Diablo Burrito
Nacho Burrito
Street Tacos
Baja Burrito

“The workers are so nice! They always seem to be having a good time together in the kitchen. Service is always quick, the food is always great and the dining room is always well kept and decorated. We come every 8 weeks when the Red Cross blood donation bus is in the parking lot and we get a free taco. The manager Israel is awesome!Vegetarian options: My friend is a vegetarian and she had no problem finding something yummy to eat“

4.4 Superb36 Reviews
Burgerville Hamburger • $
15650 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd, Lake Oswego

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Crispy Halibut Sandwich
Walla Walla Onion Rings
Northwest Cheeseburger
Original Cheeseburger
Extremely Dry Burger
Double Cheeseburger
Sweet Potato Fries
Grilled Chicken
Chicken Tenders

“Much better than any of my most recent experiences at BV. Quick and friendly service and quality food (albeit a little heavy on the sauces).Parking: The parking is "around the corner" so follow the drive through lane to find it.“

3.6 Good115 Reviews
MOD Pizza Pizza • $
4811 Meadows Rd Suite 115, Lake Oswego

Customers` Favorites

Mod Pizza Customize Your Own
Create Your Own Pizza
Mod Pizza Salad

“I love everything but the chairs. They are not comfortable, too hard.I wish they had milkshakes.Vegetarian options: Many options are available, leaves, roots, fruit and mushrooms.Dietary restrictions: Gluten free is available.Plenty of veggies for the veggie eaters.Plenty of meat options for the meat eaters.Parking: Store front parking is available.“

3.9 Good38 Reviews
Next Level Clucker Lake Oswego Vegan • $
11 S State St, Lake Oswego

“I'm a vegetarian, and I'm always happy to see vegan restaurants. Next Level has an amazing variety of burgers, "chicken" sandwiches, and hot dogs, all including "cheese" and sauce - and it's all vegan! All the burgers and sandwiches taste great. I gotta be honest - I don't really care for the french fries, but they still have an unparalleled burger selection for vegans.“

4 Good3 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
17773 Lower Boones Ferry Rd d, Lake Oswego

Customers` Favorites

The Philly Footlong Regular Sub
Coca-Cola Classic
Supreme Meats
Titan Turkey
Subway Club

“Went there because chipotle was closed, only person was there manager. Dude was awesome. Loved him, though I wish I got his name. He had been working since 8:30 am and it was 9 pm. Said that he'd had 4 people call out. Food was great, though I wish that manager specifically had more support.“

3 Average29 Reviews
Panda Express Chinese • $
17799 SW 65th Ave, Lake Oswego

Customers` Favorites

Shaomin Camarón Con Vejetales Y Pollo Con Champiñones
Orange Chicken Kids Meal
Broccoli Beef Kids Meal
Honey Sesame Chicken
Chicken Chow Mein
Individual Sides
Bigger Plate
Family Meal

“I came in on 12/22/2023 and have been coming fairly consistently to this location since 2020. I noticed what seems to be a complete overhaul of the operations and quality of ingredients . The staff were super... friendly, efficient, and seemed like veteran Panda Express staff. Everyone seemed to be enjoying what they were doing and the food was some of the best I've ever had in the category of 'fast food'. Maybe there's an A-team that works Friday nights, or the regional manager was in the house (or they just stepped things up after a couple recent bad reviews). Whatever it is, this level of quality and service outshines every other experience I've had at a Panda Express (and most other places at this price-point in the LO/Tigard/Tualatin area).“

2.9 Average65 Reviews
Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop • $
4823 Meadows Rd #119, Lake Oswego

“Unwiches are amazing. I'm on a keto type diet and can not have all the carbs bread brings, so seeing the unwich on the menu was !!!!!! The sandwich was amazing, though the calories was low on the regular. I will order the giant next time.Parking: With all the shopping available parking can be a challenge at different times.“

2.5 Average18 Reviews
McDonald's Fast Food • $
16044 Lower, Boones Ferry Rd, Lake Oswego

Customers` Favorites

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Mcflurry with M&M's Candies
Quarter Pounder Hamburger
Mccafé Caramel Latte
Crispy Chicken Salad
Chicken Mcnuggets
World Famous Fries
Ice Cream Cone

“This McD is much much better than the other 2 in the Tigard area. The other 2 treat you as though you owe them for visiting. This McD acts as though they really appreciate your visit. From the food preparation to (the way you ask) to how you are treated all around. Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen.“

2.5 Average65 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
15630 Boones Ferry Rd Suite 3A, Lake Oswego

Customers` Favorites

B L T Footlong Pro Double Protein
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
Black Forest Ham for Kids
Fountain Beverage

“This is by far one of the best subways I have seen. It is do to a woman that works the day shift. She keeps it very clean and orderly on top of that she makes your sandwich the way it should be. "With care and attention to detail" for the owner she should be made manager if she isn't already..“

2.1 Poor31 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
363 S State St Building A, Suite A, Lake Oswego

Customers` Favorites

Oven Roasted Turkey

“Understaffed, new employee left alone to run store by themselves. He was doing amazing for being new and alone, but the wait was almost 25 minutesVegetarian options: Bread with veggies. Veggie patty. Or salad.Dietary restrictions: Not many gluten free options. Items not marked as gf and staff was not aware of what was or was not gf“

1.4 Poor18 Reviews