Taco Bell in Portland

Taco Bell - 7415 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Rating: 4.2

7415 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland OR 97211
(503) 283-2137

Had to huge order and made it very quickly! Best service ever!

Taco Bell - 7710 SW Barbur Blvd

Rating: 4

7710 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland OR 97219
(503) 977-6271

Good, inexpensive food. Fast.

Taco Bell - 12605 SE Division St

Rating: 4

12605 SE Division St, Portland OR 97236
(503) 760-8451

Quick-service.hot food. a great experience. I suggest eating here if you're hungry for Taco Bell. make a run for the Border. LOL

Taco Bell - 1946 NE 122nd Ave

Rating: 3.8

1946 NE 122nd Ave, Portland OR 97230
(503) 251-7474

Fast service. hot food.excellent quality. I recommend this Taco Bell. make a run for the Border. HEHEHEHE

Taco Bell - 8181 SE Johnson Creek Blvd

Rating: 3.7

8181 SE Johnson Creek Blvd, Portland OR 97206
(503) 775-9661

This may sound like a backwards compliment but for some reason out of all of the fast food restaurants that I have been to over the years, Taco Bell has been the most notorious for getting my order wrong. At this particular Taco Bell I have always had speedy, efficient service no matter how long the line has been and not...read more

Taco Bell - 2247 NE 82nd Ave

Rating: 3.7

2247 NE 82nd Ave, Portland OR 97220
(503) 257-1018

Great service there ! The employees there got along and worked together very well and the food tasted better than any other t. B. That I have been to . I hate fast food but I would definitely go back there .

Taco Bell - 4616 N Interstate Ave

Rating: 3.7

4616 N Interstate Ave, Portland OR 97217
(503) 493-8518

Hands down gotta say this Taco Bell experience was the best experience I've ever had at a Taco Bell. Food was hot, the order was made correctly not missing anything. But most importantly the manager work was a delightful person who truly enjoys their job and has curated a team of humble hard workers! The overall staff...read more

Taco Bell - 12017 NE Glisan St

Rating: 3.6

12017 NE Glisan St, Portland OR 97220
(503) 408-1486

One of the better taco bells out there. You actually get what you ordered it doesnt feel like a bunch of angsty teenagers arbitrarily throwing random items in and saying "here ya go!" Like the rest of them seem to.

Taco Bell - 725 NE Weidler St

Rating: 3.6

725 NE Weidler St, Portland OR 97232
(971) 229-4183

I had a quick visit at this Taco Bell. Got a 7 layer burrito and a Crunchwrap Supreme. The service was excellent and the people working there were very nice.

Taco Bell - 12237 N Jantzen Dr

Rating: 3.6

12237 N Jantzen Dr, Portland OR 97217
(503) 285-9893

Clean and prompt. Perfect for a quick refuel.

Taco Bell - 4852 NW Bethany Blvd

Rating: 3.5

4852 NW Bethany Blvd, Portland OR 97229
(971) 317-0142

Love the XXL Chicken Grilled Stuffed Burrito! Fast service nice improvement!

Taco Bell - 9350 SE Stark St

Rating: 3.5

9350 SE Stark St, Portland OR 97216
(503) 255-7116

Taco Bell has it down when it comes to consistent food. The $5 boxes are a favorite at my house.

Taco Bell - 4933 SE Powell Blvd

Rating: 3.5

4933 SE Powell Blvd, Portland OR 97206
(503) 777-9662

Great service tonight. Also quick. The steak combo bowl was wonderful.

Taco Bell - 2079 W Burnside St

Rating: 3.5

2079 W Burnside St, Portland OR 97209
(503) 224-0805

Look, this isn't a gourmet restaurant, it's fast food. But, I've had no problems with service, and the menu is varied and as delicious as it is unhealthy. Really, it's one of the best options when you've got a late night case of the munchies. It's Taco Bell, I give my experience five stars.

Taco Bell - 6560 SW Beaverton Ave

Rating: 3.3

6560 SW Beaverton Ave, Portland OR 97225
(503) 297-5840

Good quality food..... Clean and organized!

Taco Bell - 13480 NW Science Park Dr

Rating: 3.2

13480 NW Science Park Dr, Portland OR 97229
(503) 350-0302

Love the food it's great I think it's better than taco Time.

Taco Bell - 4909 N Lombard St

Rating: 3.2

4909 N Lombard St, Portland OR 97203
(503) 963-7965

Long wait but they gave us free drinks and were nice

Taco Bell - 3908 SE 82nd Ave

Rating: 3

3908 SE 82nd Ave, Portland OR 97266
(503) 774-7523

Taco bell is a fast food restaurant specializing in Mexican style entrees . They have a for e through that's open late, but the dinning room closes at 10pm. The service is friendly and prompt

Taco Bell - 18510 SE Stark St

Rating: 3

18510 SE Stark St, Portland OR 97233
(503) 665-1555

Love their cheesy nachos plate. Plenty of fixings on them. I prefer the beef. Very good.

Taco Bell - 8163 NE Air Cargo Rd

8163 NE Air Cargo Rd, Portland OR 97218
(503) 282-5636

Fast service near cell phone waiting lot by PDX. Order kiosks available. Value menu items always a good deal.

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