15 Best Fast Food Restaurants in Lebanon

Jersey Mike's Subs Sandwich Shop • $
6650 Eastgate Blvd #103, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

Jersey Mike's Subs

“My wife ordered for me online. It was there waiting for me when I got there. The people were nice. The place was clean. The parking was tight. It was a large sandwich with the meat to bread ratio tilted towards the bread. It tasted just fine.“

4.3 Superb49 Reviews
Wendy's Fast Food • $
160 Hwy 109 N, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

Wendy’S Sausage Egg & Cheese Burrito Seasoned Potatoes and Sausage Biscuit & Gravy
Wendy’S Classic Chocolate and Vanilla Frosty Desserts
Wendy’S Taco Salad and Apple Pecan Chicken Salad
Dave's Triple Cheeseburger
Wendy's Fresh-Made Salads
Wendy's Hot & Crispy Fries
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Wendy’S French Fries
Parmesan Caesar Salad
Baconator Combo

“Great food fast service. The lady who took my order was running the drive through but still helped me at the inside counter. She was amazing and did a great job. I have had not so good service in the past here, so I have not been here in months. But the Rafaela who helped me today was amazing.“

4.1 Good57 Reviews
Pizza Hut Pizza Delivery • $
1645 W Main St, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Traditional Wings
Pepperoni Pizza
Cheese Sticks
Cheese Pizza

“Have had good food and experiences here. We mostly stick with the thick crust with pepperoni or meatballs. Staff is friendly and welcoming. Food is usually ready by the time I arrive. Only once it wasn't - they somehow failed to enter my order - but they got it ready right away and applied a generous discount. The store seems clean. Worth a try!!!“

4 Good50 Reviews
Jersey Mike's Subs Sandwich Shop • $
1315 W Main St, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

Chipotle Chicken Cheese Steak
Mike's Chicken Philly
The Original Italian
Ham and Provolone
Stubborn Soda
Club Sub

“Decided to go to Jersey Mike’s to get a sub to enjoy on my work break. I had never been before and was extremely nervous and hesitate on the process of creating my sub. When I had arrived I was greeted by sandwich artist named “Devin”. “Devin” was a muscular fella with handsome facial features, I felt very welcomed by his presence. I had decided on ordering the giant “Original Italian” from Jersey Mikes. When creating the sandwich I asked for extra oil, vinegar, and mayo. I’m a sloppy guy and I like sloppy sandwich. Devin was very efficient in making my sandwich and made sure it would be the sloppiest of sandwiches. Every time I took a bite I was creamed in the face with a sloppy mixture of oil, vinegar, and mayo. That sloppy concoction, mixed with the meat and veggies of the sandwich made for such a pleasurable experience. I highly recommend this location, as they will guarantee you a sandwich that is made perfect for you! This is the best place to eat in Lebanon without a doubt. Amazing customer service!!!“

4.2 Good29 Reviews
Krystal Fast Food • $
1423 W Main St, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

Bacon Cheese Krystal
Spicy Chicken Wings
Traditional Wings
4 Krystals Combo
Junkyard Fries
Double Krystal
24 Sackful

“The last few times we've been to Krystals here in Lebanon Mr. Bryson has been at the window. I just wanted to let you all know what a great job he's doing. He's always very polite and friendly. He has great customer service skills. Thanks for a great visit Mr. Bryson!“

3.7 Good69 Reviews
Wendy's Fast Food • $
1445 1/2 W Main St, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

Wendy’S Classic Chocolate and Vanilla Frosty Desserts
Wendy’S Taco Salad and Apple Pecan Chicken Salad
Wendy's Hot & Crispy Fries
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Wendy’S French Fries
Jr Bacon Cheeseburger
Honey Butter Biscuit
Chicken Nuggets
Sausage Biscuit
Single Burger

“As a means of communication and interviews, our job is to go from one place to another throughout Mexico and the United States and I would really like to recommend something that I loved when I tried it for the first time, it was chili beans, it is something that it has. What to try or just enjoy while visiting Wendy's. ? Recommended.“

3.7 Good67 Reviews
Whataburger Burgers • $
630 S Cumberland St, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Burger with Onion Rings
3 Triple Meat Whataburger
Medium French Fries
1 Whataburger Combo
Bacon Cheeseburger
Bacon Blue Burger
Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Fingers
Chicken Biscuit
Burger Combo

“After traveling to multiple Waterburgers from Alabama to Tennessee, we realized not all Whataburgers are created equal. We were incredibly impressed with this location. Chris and his staff were welcoming, knowledgeable and very friendly. The cooks made an outstanding burger and the dining area was clean and spotless. Our food came out quickly and were the best burgers we have had throughout our trip. Hot food, clean atmosphere and nice employees. You will not regret stopping here for a delicious meal. Thank you for leaving us with a wonderful experience at Whataburger on Cumberland street in Tennessee.“

3.5 Good152 Reviews
Chick-fil-A Fast Food • $
706 S Cumberland St, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap Meal
Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich
30 CT Chick-Fil-A Nuggets
Chick-Fil-A Chick-N-Minis
Chick-Fil-A Nuggets Meal
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Chick-Fil-A Nugget Meal
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Spicy Chicken Biscuit
Chick-Fil-A Sauce

“I'm giving you five stars because you got some awesome people that work there and usually always without a doubt top-notch service Love this location but there's a first time for everything on my receipt it says three ranch and two Chick-fil-A sauces But now I'm almost to work and realize there ain't none in there sad I was :(“

3.5 Good121 Reviews
Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings Chicken • $
638 S Cumberland St, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

Kickin Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Finger Plate
Chicken Salad Zalad
Chicken Salad
Extra Sauce
Zax Sauce
The Cobb

“Really like the food service is good very polite and helpful.!I am rating this post for the new fish dinner they are having now. It should get a 1 rate. First, it was a kids meal not adult. I should have purchased three to even start to fill my husband. I asked were is the hush puppies that you advertise comes with this tiny fish meal. The reply I got, it's on the fish.“

3.6 Good62 Reviews


Wendy's Fast Food • $
807 S. Cumberland_Street, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Wendy’S French Fries
Jr Cheeseburger
Double Stack

“Wendy's has very good food and is well managed. I quit going to another fast food place because it was not well managed and didn't keep tissue in their men's room. I've never had a problem at Wendy's and it is well managed. More people go to Wendy's also I noticed so it must be that a lot of other people like it as well.“

3.6 Good59 Reviews
Whataburger Burgers • $
439 Hwy 109 N, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Salade De Fruits

“My favorite fast-food burger joint and one of the many things I missed about Texas. Thank God they started building them in Tennessee. Not your typical burger spot with the standard-issue burgers. There are lots of options to choose from and the best spicy chicken sandwich I've ever had consistently, fukk chicken fil-a (ill go in depth on my review for that).And that Dr Pepper milkshake, what??“

3.5 Good84 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
1129 Franklin Rd, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

White Chip Macadamia Nut
Veggie Delite
Cookies Fresh
Tuna Salad

“This was the first subway for grandkids they liked the idea of selecting what to put on there Sub and the young man was most patient with them thank youVegetarian options: There a wide variety of veggies to put on I do them all with italian bread and Chipotle sauce toastedKid-friendliness: Wide variety of meat and veggies it will be hard for the kids to chooseParking: Off on a side road and into the parking lot that is used for other businessesWheelchair accessibility: Has a wheelchair accessibleDietary restrictions: I like that you see the calories of the Subs“

3.9 Good20 Reviews


Arby's Fast Food • $
813 S Cumberland St, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Classic Roast Chicken Sandwich
Roast Turkey & Swiss Sandwich
Roast Chicken Entrée Salad
Arby's Signature Sandwiches
Mozzarella Sticks - Large
Triple Chocolate Cookie
Chicken Cheddar Ranch
Loaded Curly Fries
Kids Curly Fries

“Man this has to be the cleanest Arby's in the state of Tennessee or the country, absolutely great place to eat, they scrub this Arby's from head to toe, can say enough about the cleanliness, 5 star all day and very friendly workers!!“

3.5 Good53 Reviews


Arby's Fast Food • $
1457 W Main St, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

Arby's Signature Sandwiches
Double Wagyu Burger
Roast Beef Double
Loaded Curly Fries
Large Size Fries
Jalapeno Bites
Apple Turnover
French Dip
Greek Gyro

“Wonderful lady helped me at the drive through. Not only was my food fresh, hot and delicious, but she was fun and friendly and cheerful. I had a roast beef slider and crinkle fries. I wish I could think of her name.Parking: Plenty of parking, Arby’s is in front of Tractor Supply Store.“

3.5 Good52 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
1150 Sparta Pike e, Lebanon

Customers` Favorites

The Philly

“Stopped in here yesterday for a quick bite. I was craving meat, but at 9:30 in the morning there aren't too many steak houses opened, so O settled for a Steak and Cheese sub. Like all Subway restaurants, you get the same product no matter which location you go to. It was good and checked the box for my craving“

3.8 Good19 Reviews
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