12 Best Pizza Restaurants in Humble

Chuck E. Cheese Pizza • $
124 Farm to Market 1960 Bypass, Humble

Customers` Favorites

Half Pepperoni Half Cheese Pizza and the App Sampler Appetizer
A Topping to Your Large Pizza for 2
Homestyle BBQ Chicken
Mozarella Sticks
Pizza and Salad
Collectible Cup
Chicken Nuggets
Unicorn Churros
1 Large Pizza
Chuck E Cheese

“We came early so wasn't a crowd. I liked that u can buy time to play for an hour and we ordered food. What they forgot to inform us is that ur time starts when u buy it. Not when you start playing. Which would be helpful if your feeding kids for bout 3p minutes. So, take right what was wrong they did gv us another 30 minutes. So, my only complaint is customer sv. Telling people the rules as well as how you could save with coupons online. If I didn't ask.. we would hv not known. Overall a good time. Go early!!!!“

4.6 Superb67 Reviews
Brooklyn Pizzeria Pizza • $
9467 Farm to Market 1960 Bypass Rd W, Humble

Customers` Favorites

Extra Large Meat Lovers Pizza
Extra Large Pepperoni Pizza
Brooklyn Special Pizza
Mozzarella Sticks
Brooklyn Special
Pizza and Wings
Slice of Pizza
Buffalo Wings
Garlic Knots
Greek Salad

“This was one of the best pizzas I have ever had. And we eat alot of pizzas. We ordered peperonni with a cheese garlic bread n marinara sauce. It was ate up so fast I didnt even get to take a picture. lol. Cheese garlic bread was cheesing hot and very yummy.“

4.4 Superb64 Reviews
Marco's Pizza Pizza • $$
21636 Aldine Westfield Rd, Humble

Customers` Favorites

Pizza with Pepperoni and Extra Cheese
Old World Pepperoni
Meat Lovers Pizza
Deluxe Pizza Bowl
Parmesan Cheese
Pepperoni Pizza
Grilled Chicken
Banana Peppers
Black Olives
Medium Pizza

“My family and I have been ordering from this location since it opened a few years back. They have never disappointed us and pizza is always hot. But, tonight has to be the best order we have ever had and to top it off we used the 50% discount they were offering! Thank you very much to everyone working tonight, you all did a great job making these pizzas.“

4.3 Superb75 Reviews
Godfather's Pizza Pizza • $
8650 N Sam Houston Pkwy E #110, Humble

Customers` Favorites

Large Specialty Pizza on Golden Crust Big Chocolate Chip Cookie
Pepperoni Cheese Pizza
Garlic Parmesan Wings
Meat Lovers Pizza
Godfathers Pizza
Cheese Sticks
Taco Pizza

“We had a godfather in East Houston what probly lead to there down fall no delivery thy use to make a stuffed pizza pie if you could eat more than 3 pieces your over eating 2 slice equal to 4 of a regular pizza that i can remember was very good large pieces toppings lots cheese and soce but godfathers stupidity closed loved there pizza need godfathers pizza in channlview tx 77530“

3.8 Good59 Reviews
Marco's Pizza Pizza • $
14954 Mesa Dr Suite 103, Humble

Customers` Favorites

Pepperoni Magnifico Pizza
BarBQ Chicken Pizza
Chicken Wings
Meatball Bake
Buffalo Wings
Meat Pizza

“Marcos is always fresh and delivery is always fast. They are a little higher but the quality and freshness of the food makes up for it. We used to order Pizza Hut before Marcos showed up. Can’t tell you the last time we ordered from them.“

3.8 Good53 Reviews
Schlotzsky's Sandwich Shop • $
18228 US-59, Humble

Customers` Favorites

Schlotzsky's Potato Chips
Turkey & Cheese Sandwich
Beef Bacon Smokecheesy
The Original Sandwich
Angus and Cheddar
Pepperoni Pizza
Cinnamon Roll

“The cashier was very nice, friendly, and attentive to my order. She suggested but also listened to what I wanted and just so kind. I didn't feel rushed or out of place when ordering like at other food places. They were remodeling or had maintenance people in the building, but that didn't stop them from having a fast and accurate service.Parking: It's a shared parking lot with a continent store.“

3.9 Good41 Reviews
MOD Pizza Pizza • $
7011 Farm to Market 1960 Rd E, Humble

Customers` Favorites

Create Your Own Mod Pizza with Hamburger Pineapple Tomatoes and Mushrooms
Pepperoni Garlic Salami Mushrooms Jalapenos Onions Spicy Red Sauce
Cauliflower Crust and Dairy Free Cheese Pizza
Create Your Own Pizza

“Generally good, but I've had mixed experiences. I can only speak on this location, but I'm a little disappointed they do not have a warmer for pizzas that are picked up to go. They just sit on a rack getting cold. On one occasion I had, The employee working that day chose not to use words but rather head nods or gestures that my pizza was " over there". I walked out feeling like a Karen that I had to say something about it, but in a day and age where we get asked to tip before service is even rendered, it feels like there's a degradation of service in the service industry.“

3.8 Good44 Reviews
MOD Pizza Pizza • $
9509 Farm to Market 1960 Bypass Rd W Suite 400, Humble

Customers` Favorites

Pepperoni & Spinach Pizza
Create Your Own Pizza
Mad Dog

“I had a fantastic experience at MOD Pizza recently. The pizza and Caesar salad were excellent, with fresh ingredients and good portions. The staff was nice and efficient, and the service was timely. The lemonades were delicious as well. Overall, a great visit!“

3.6 Good81 Reviews
Korner Slice Pizza Delivery • $
5326 FM 1960, Humble

Customers` Favorites

Pizza Wings
House Salad

“We are here for Track regionals and staying at the Hampton Inn across the street. Four of us went over for dinner. My daughter and I shared the “small” salad and each got a personal pizza. Everything was so good! The salad was fresh cut romaine with a whole sliced tomato, almost half a green pepper and cheese. Pizza was amazing! Fresh mozzarella, delicious sauce and pepperoni. The other pizza was the Hawaiian- bacon, ham, pineapple and cheese. Delicious!“

3.8 Good37 Reviews
Domino's Pizza Pizza Delivery • $
1006 Farm to Market 1960 Bypass Rd E, Humble

Customers` Favorites

Thin Crust Bacon Pizza
Pepperoni Bacon Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
Chicken Wings
Supreme Pizza
Lava Cake

“Whoever made order 138 on 6/8, YOU PUT YOUR HEART AND SOUL INTO THIS PIZZA. it was the best Alfredo pizza I've ever ordered from yall. It was just the right amount of sauce and cheese, and it seemed like it had more fetta chunks than usual? But it might not idk but one thing I do know is you are amazing. Thank you for your service“

3.7 Good32 Reviews
Domino's Pizza Pizza Delivery • $
20617 Aldine Westfield Rd, Humble

Customers` Favorites

Pepperoni Pizza

“Worked a 14 hour shift today and was super hungry. Called them 20 min before closing (working in service, I understand how aggravating that can be) but they answered the phone kindly and seemingly happy to serve me. I ordered a buffalo chicken pizza and currently eating it right now. It's super good and tasty....perfect place for a first date/wedding ceremony.All the people are attractive and the gas station next door makes it easy to buy Four Lokos.“

3.8 Good24 Reviews
Marco's Pizza Pizza • $
7203 Atascocita Road, Humble

Customers` Favorites

Pepperoni Magnifico
Chicken Wings

“I posted a negative review yesterday that I need to delete, recall, change. It was a total miscommunication, and I am more than half at fault.Marcos made it right today with EXCEPTIONAL FOOD, SERVICE, AND COURTESY. KUTOS TO MARCOS!!!Apologies for negativity yesterday, these folks make the Best pizza in Atascocita!“

3.5 Good42 Reviews