Starbucks in Burbank

Starbucks - 2300 W Riverside Dr

Rating: 4.4 - 9 Reviews


2300 W Riverside Dr, Burbank CA 91506
(562) 460-5656


This location is on the studio lot so it's not open to the public. Always great service and they have the cutest drawings of Disney characters!

Starbucks - 1711 N Victory Pl

Rating: 4.1 - 68 Reviews


1711 N Victory Pl, Burbank CA 91502
(818) 843-3979


I love this Starbucks to work at and its employees are amazing but most times you need a winter jacket/sweater because they use the AC on high most the time

Starbucks - 4000 Warner Blvd

Rating: 4.1 - 17 Reviews


4000 Warner Blvd, Burbank CA 91522
(323) 303-8701


Nice friendly customer service! Fast! Best Starbucks experience! Got our drinks, and off to our premier! Much appreciated!

Starbucks - 1520 W Olive Ave

Rating: 4 - 75 Reviews


1520 W Olive Ave, Burbank CA 91506
(818) 558-6923


Had a really nice person take my order. Explained to me how much sugar is in a pump of sweetener, and knew enough about the drink to know how they should make it so I would enjoy it!

Starbucks - 2555 N Hollywood Way

Rating: 3.8 - 94 Reviews


2555 N Hollywood Way, Burbank CA 91505
(818) 565-0571


I've been coming to this Starbucks location for years and always get the black iced coffee. It's definitely the strongest around!

Starbucks - 4207 Riverside Dr

Rating: 3.8 - 68 Reviews


4207 Riverside Dr, Burbank CA 91505
(818) 563-9830


This Starbucks changed my life. Angelique was phenomenal. She made me feel special and like we've been friends for years. I DEF RECOMMEND THIS STARBUCKS. Can't wait to be back.

Starbucks - 347 N Pass Ave

Rating: 3.7 - 73 Reviews


347 N Pass Ave, Burbank CA 91505
(818) 841-8534

Phoebe, Sarah and Mathew, what can I say,these three are awesome as all get out! I'm in a rush ok and here comes phoebe calm as a cucumber come out from behind the counter and helps me with my Christmas shopping. Sarah as sweet as homemade apple pie helps me choose a gift card for for my 11 year old niece with the more

Starbucks - 300 N San Fernando Blvd

Rating: 3.7 - 89 Reviews


300 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank CA 91502
(818) 567-0630


You can get your drink fast in this store. My office is one block away from this store. I always order the drink by mobile app. Most of the time, when I arrive at the store, my drink is ready.

Starbucks - 10980 Sherman Way

Rating: 3.7 - 31 Reviews


10980 Sherman Way, Burbank CA 91505
(747) 333-9704

My favorite Starbucks to go!! My only complaint is that someone should control cars who cut in line by entering through the wrong side (loading zone only) or put better signals directing cars where to go make line, block that side of entrance, idk. But other than that service is always great and drinks on point. Love more

Starbucks - 113 E Alameda Ave

Rating: 3.6 - 83 Reviews


113 E Alameda Ave, Burbank CA 91502
(818) 567-4355

Each February, I visit Starbucks multiple times to pick up Coffee Travelers for early morning meetings all over the City of L.A. Rather than stop at the Starbucks nearby each meeting location, I now just go to this Starbucks location because they always have my coffee order ready to go when I arrive and are the more

Starbucks - 1800 Empire Ave

Rating: 3.6 - 51 Reviews


1800 Empire Ave, Burbank CA 91504
(818) 238-0132


This location was kind of loud, and not many tables were available only outside! The service was very fast and of course the drinks were well made! But the parking was so hard since is located by other major stores like target, steakhouse, Jamba Juice , etc.

Starbucks - 2600 W Victory Blvd

Rating: 3.5 - 63 Reviews


2600 W Victory Blvd, Burbank CA 91505
(818) 845-5914

The only reason why I'm not giving them a 5 star is because they don't sell their matcha powder. It is an Essential (medicine) in my household. And it isn't easy to find good quality out in the market. My email to their branch was ignored ?‍? Other than this little issue you can't go wrong with a freshly brewed more

Starbucks - 2130 N Glenoaks Blvd

Rating: 3.5 - 75 Reviews


2130 N Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank CA 91504
(818) 260-9610


My only complaint is this the service at this location is slow. I'd be great if management was able to increase staffing. I've waited up to 20 minutes for a drink. Seems pretty ridiculous. Other than that, it's the typical Starbucks quality you'd expect.

Starbucks - 1190 W Alameda Ave Suite G-2

Rating: 3.5 - 77 Reviews


1190 W Alameda Ave Suite G-2, Burbank CA 91506
(818) 557-6604


Good place to come and get a cup of coffee. The amount of people seems to fluctuate and quite unpredictable.

Starbucks - 3400 Riverside Dr

Rating: 3.4 - 41 Reviews


3400 Riverside Dr, Burbank CA 91505
(818) 977-3460


Inside the visitor section for Warner Bros Studio tours. You will go through a Security check as this is for the tour groups as well as used by WB staff.

Starbucks - 1001 N San Fernando Blvd #120

Rating: 3.4 - 100 Reviews


1001 N San Fernando Blvd #120, Burbank CA 91504
(818) 953-9817


The staff were very nice, followed all of the safety standards and got my order out suoer fast. Definitely recommend it as a morning thing only because of how busy it can get later on during the day

Starbucks - 301 N Pass Ave

Rating: 3.4 - 33 Reviews


301 N Pass Ave, Burbank CA 91505
(818) 848-9542


I love coming to this location because then I can do my shopping for the market go to Postal Annex in the dry cleaners, get coffee and get out all in one shot! Plenty of places to sit inside and out, friendly barista's, a gathering place for the movie industry. And they always get my order right!

Starbucks - 1110 W Alameda Ave

Rating: 3.3 - 43 Reviews


1110 W Alameda Ave, Burbank CA 91506
(818) 567-0257


Nathalie with an H hooked it up! Got a free drink cuz they were closed one time when I came it! Very friendly staff here at pavilions Starbucks! Thank you Nathalie with an H.

Starbucks - 761 N San Fernando Blvd

Rating: 3.1 - 82 Reviews


761 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank CA 91502
(818) 558-1383

This location is always busy when I come but luckily it never takes too long to get my drink. I love the Burbank mural on the outside of the store and really love the one on the inside too!! They have a good selection of the boxed lunches. There is a decent amount of seating but again it is a busy location so I had to more

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