35 Best Ice Cream Shops in Miami

“Very cute popsicles shop! Well decorated! Have tons of flavor to choose from and the staff are so friendly and nice. We got vegan coffee latte favor and fruity favored - kiwi raspberry as well as watermelon. Really like the design of the popsicles holder! So thoughtful as it will catch anything dripping without getting the hands dirty. If they get to read my comments I wanna suggest them to have a black sesame flavor!!!”

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“New Times- Best of Miami! 2023Best Gelato In Wynwood!This is by far the most flavorable Gelato I've ever had! <3Beautiful open environment with air conditioning and interent available. Gluten free & dairy options ?The staff are & owners Namyi & Eric are super generous with there samples! 10/10 service and gelato ??There home made chocolate waffle cones paires so well with the chocolate fudge & pistachio! The Affogato Latte with the new cherry chocolate flavor and the banana caramel combination is also delightful!”

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“I LOOOOVE midtown creamery. This is the closest to true ice cream in Miami. Rich flavors, cool toppings and combos and amazing surprise menu items. My favorite is the cinnamon bun sundae. It's surprisingly more affordable than expected and offers a very cozy spot for a late night snack”

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“I had a wonderful experience at this charming low key ice cream shop. The flavors were incredibly rich and delicious, and the ambiance gave off a cozy thrift store vibe. The staff were exceptionally friendly, making it an all-around delightful visit.”

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“Literally the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted. I dare say it’s the best in the world. The ambiance was exquisite and the workers went above and beyond their duties. Especially the pink haired girl. She deserves a raise. She was insanely nice and accommodating. She completely made my ice cream experience worth it. Thank you so much! Her name was kelly and I feel like my tip didn’t do her work justice. Definitely check this place out and tip the workers!!!”

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“I love the setup of the place. I went to the one in Hard rock and the one in the design district, I love the bar setup like if you are having some drinks. We tried about 7 different flavors. The agave dulce de leche (I believe) , the jack and chocolate and the piña colada were my favorites. I was expecting something better from the tangerine mimosa, I think you can only taste the alcohol, is not as sweet or tangy as I was expecting.”

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“This place is considered a "must try" by some sites so I had to try it. I think what I was most intrigued by was their commitment to making flavors that feed into the cuban culture on the strip. They had cafe con leche, abuela Maria, Celia, platano, and many more. I ordered the abuela Maria which has guava, cream cheese, and Maria cookies since it was the #1 seller. I'm not sure if their cones are homemade but they're good, not too sweet. The ice cream itself was very creamy which I loved. It wasn't too sweet so it brought out the fillings like guava and Maria cookies. I would've liked if mine had a little less cookies just because they were taking up space that could've been for ice cream, but I'm sure you can request more or less depending on your preference. I accepted the guava sauce drizzle and it was a good choice. It added a sweet and fruity flavor for the first few licks. The staff was very nice and I loved the big ice cream cone decoration outside the building.”

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“Super cute gelato spot on the corner of Calle Ocho and 10th Ave! We were met by a nice employee who let us taste a few flavors. I ended up going with:Dark Chocolate- vegan, just chocolate and water & no milk so it is very decadent! If you love rich flavors, you'll definitely enjoy. I liked having other creamy flavors to balance it out. Guava Mascarpone- SO good. It's my favorite for its creaminess. Plus, they use real guava piecesPistachio- strong, nutty flavor, with chocolate crackle and pistachio pieces Small gets 1 flavor ($4.50), medium gets 2 flavors ($7.50) , large gets 3 flavors ($9)I definitely want to try the tiramisu next time. It looks so delicious with cake pieces inside!Street parking is all over & this part of Calle Ocho doesn't get too busy. There is limited indoor seating and a cute outdoor area with more seating.”

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“Please update your hours!!! I tried to order twice online on two different occasions and both times you were closed.Edit:Ordered yesterday around 7 and they were open. The crepes are delicious. Just as good as getting one in Paris. It’s gotta be one of the best crepes in Miami”

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“Visited Below Zero recently and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The flavors are unique. The owner makes the ice creams with fresh ingredients he purveys himself. Amazing customer service. I'd choose Below Zero over Salt and Straw, Freddo's any day.”

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“Stopped by last minute to grab some ice cream with my boyfriend and oh my god! This was our first time here and we will definitely be returning. We were a little confused on how the menu worked initially but the girl who helped us out was so sweet. She was extremely patient explaining the menu, she’s an amazing asset to your team. Thank you so much Sweet Melody! Definitely the best ice cream in Miami!”

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“I’d had little experience with something so delicious before I walked into a place I would soon come to desire to be in every waking moment. At first I’d come to no conclusion as to how something could taste so good. But true courage is the ability to embrace what we don’t understand. As I tasted life itself, it’s like the majesty of the universe unfolded before me and utterly, I was silent… like the wind.”

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“I had the most amazing time at this spot! The flavors were incredible and the fish was unbelievably fresh. The toppings and sauces created a flavor explosion in every bite. Not to mention, the portion sizes were generous and left me completely satisfied. The friendly and attentive staff added to the overall fantastic experience. I highly recommend this place to anyone craving a top-notch poke bowl. It's a true culinary gem that shouldn't be missed! Can't wait to come back for more!”

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“Excellent customer service! I came in on thanksgiving day looking for an ice cream cake. The owner and his wife greeted me with such kindness. You can tell they sincerely care about their business and enjoy what they do. Their staff is friendly as well.”

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“Some of the best ice cream in Miami! And prob the only one that I’ve been to that has so many options - soft serve, ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, cookies EVERYTHING IS SO GOOD! Staff is so friendly and nice and if you also live in the neighborhood it will quickly and easily become a family favorite. I can’t recommend it enough!!”

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“The Carvel Ice Cream Shop on Miller Drive has been a staple of the community since 1971, and it's a beloved destination for tasty ice cream and sweet treats. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and the products are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you wanting more.Currently, the location is setup for takeout only, as there are no tables or chairs to sit and enjoy your ice cream within the store. However, this shouldn't discourage you from paying a visit - the ice cream is just as delicious to enjoy at home or on the go!Whether you're in the mood for a classic ice cream cone, a creamy soft-serve treat, or a custom cake for a special occasion, Carvel has you covered. The diverse menu and customizable options make it easy to find something for everyone.So, if you're in the neighborhood and are thinking of picking up a delicious and creamy treat, look no further than Carvel Ice Cream Shop on Miller Drive. With a wide variety of flavors and options to choose from, it's the perfect place to indulge your cravings. Go ahead and treat yo'self - you deserve it!”

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“I enjoyed the gelato very much! I’ve had a lot of different gelato places in the U.S. and in Italy. This shop would certainly be in my Top 5! The staff were incredible and you can taste the fresh flavors and dedication made each day fresh. Highly recommend 10/10 and a must try!!”

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“This is some of the best ice cream in Kendall. The ice cream is soft and creamy and there is a wide variety of toppings available. They also have a very diverse selection of pre-made Carvel cakes and ice cream sandwiches available. The customer service here is great as well and the boss is very welcoming and amiable. I come here often and he's always very easy to talk to and very hard-working. Highly recommend coming here to satisfy any ice cream craving!”

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“There is a reason why I don't live near this place - it would have been my serious addiction. Their flavors are insane and the waffle sandwich... My favs: hazelnut chocolate with oreo sprinkle inside a waffle and pistachio with nutella spread isnide a waffle...”

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“Amazing service & great food. I was looking for a new spot for tacos and I finally found the one. I ordered 3 tacos Al pastor & 3 asados they were 10 out of 10. Also ordered a chicken quesadilla which was to die for. The ladies that helped me out were extremely nice. This spot also has a lot to offer with snacks, ice cream and cultural Mexican goodies. Will be back for more”

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“The best smoothie I have ever had! LNB Grovestand is an absolute treasure. I highly recommend going on Sunday's where you can grab a smoothie, turmeric everything bagels, and the best cream cheese to ever touch your lips. This is always the best part of my weekend.”

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“I was craving something sweet so I Decided to try this little food truck it has sells ice cream in it gelato and cake soul I always say I'm gonna get something different but I got coconut and inside of it had dulce the leche on the side I had a flan quesillo the bomb the Grl is very attentive and clean”

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“The rainbow flight will always keep me coming back.If you have trouble picking an ice cream flavor come to dasher and crank where their rainbow flight offers a taste of up to 5 flavors of your choosing. I selfishly cannot get enough ice cream and particularly enjoy their more unique flavors such as laggy taffy, ube, and best of all the key lemon pie. This little hideaway is a nice break from the harsh wynwood sun. I appreciate the stage like multi tier seating which offers a lot of space.”

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“Really good paletas if you get the right flavors! I had the greek yogurt with berries dipped in cookie butter - UNBELIEVABLE FLAVOR. Same with their passion fruit with condensed milk. I also tried the pistachio, and it was difficult to taste the pistachio. If you check into yelp, you should get 1 free topping or dip. When I came on a Monday, they honored the offer. My husband went the following Sunday, and they wouldn't accept. his check-in offer. Some to think about if you try to use the check-in offer!”

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“This ice cream try out is FABULOUS (; Wonderfully friendly staff, unique and creamy flavors, and cool atmosphere. Highly recommend this ice cream shop if your in the area!!! I had the Caramel Latte & Mint Chocolate Chip they were so flavorful I haven't had ice cream this good in a while haha. Three sizes small (one scoop), medium (two scoops), large (three scoops). Waffle bowl $2.00 extra Regular cone $0.50 extra Waffle cone $1.00 extra Toppings $1.00 extra P.S - They sale pints and ice cream cakes as well ^.^”

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“Vayla's Shaved Ice is a must-try for anyone looking for a refreshing treat on a hot summer day. The ice is perfectly shaved, creating a light and fluffy texture that melts in your mouth. The flavors are bold and delicious, with a wide range to choose from. The staff is also friendly and accommodating it for you. The portions are generous and the prices are reasonable. Overall, I highly recommend Vayla's Shaved Ice. It's a perfect way to beat the heat and enjoy a tasty treat”

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“Always love heading over to Top That Yogurt when I get a craving for something cold and sweet. I have to say that for some reason it seems they there yogurt is much better than some of the other yogurt shops in the area, such as Menchie's for example. Not sure what it is but definitely tastes much better and always plenty of flavor options to choose from. Additionally if you are looking for a "No Sugar Added" option, they always seem to have at least one flavor that fits the bill. On this occasion, it was Strawberry Shortcake I can vouch for it as it was really good. As usual, they were very busy but no worries as things move pretty quickly and plenty of room to sit down and enjoy your frozen desert as well. This is a family owned business and not a chain store so I think that has a lot to do with the quality and service that is provided. All the staff are super friendly and always willing to to take care of any issues that may arise. Plenty of parking available as well so no need to sweat that either. So if you are in the mood for some great frozen yogurt and don't mind taking a drive, you should definitely give them a shot. Hope all goes well with your outing, Enjoy and Bon Appétit!”

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“Soon as you walk in the wall art and table decor is so captivating! Batter Choice is more than just an ice cream parlor! They had a variety of sandwiches, shakes, ice cream/ gelato and even breakfast to choose from. Best of all there’s a clean and inviting playroom for the kids in the back! Oscar was attending to us tonight and his customer service was above and beyond! His expertise in the menu helped us make the perfect selection. Will definitely be returning with more family and friends????.Kid-friendliness: Clean and inviting playroom in the back!Wheelchair accessibility: Space enough to bring in a wheelchair.”

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“I like it. The lady who served me is friendly, but there was a language barrier. It was a bit difficult to know what was what on the menu. Also, when paying with a card, there is a minimum of $10. I didn't know this, but I ended up getting something else to add on so I could pay with my card. I got a brownie sundae, but the brownie wasn't very good. Tasted like boxed brownies, which I do enjoy, not the best of quality though. My son and I came in the afternoon on a Tuesday. Not full and didn't take long at all. Parking is a little difficult to find, nothing crazy for the day/time.”

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“If you're in Wynwood and want to cool down after seeing beautiful art this is the place. I've cream, popsicles and different types of unique drinks. They have a luluada straight from Cali-Palmira Colombia a drink made from lulo, lime, and chunks of lulo with ice and codensed milk. They have an ice cream version of a maracuyada- an ice cream drink with passion fruit. Their popsicles are made from actual fruit and not processed chemicals. The ambiance is very artísticPara los colombianos, y aún más los vallunos .. este lugar es riquísimo”

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“This place is so cool! We walked in with our kids and not only do they have great gelato flavors- different than ones you would normally find but they have gelato infused with alcohol! Mariano behind the counter is very helpful & patient. Definitely will come back! They also have 5 locations.”

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“I love Churromania! Last time I came to Miami I went to one in the mall and I promise you I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was going to get some the next time I came! I ended up coming both days of my trip and getting a 10 piece and getting on the road with a 20 piece! The 20 piece is also affordable and delicioso! ? only 1 problem! The parking is horrendous, not that accesible! The street is usually filled so you’ll have to park down the street to access the Churro awesomeness!Kid-friendliness: Super kiddie friendly environment!”

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“I love it!!! I got the black vanilla with lavender in the black vanilla cone. Staff was super friendly and patient with me when I was really indecisive so they helped me pair some flavors together. It was so good. Would recommend and come back again :)”

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“This boba place is so cute! I got the roasted taro sugar pearl and a matcha tiramisu, SOOO GOOD! The tiramisu was honestly the best I’ve ever had, I definitely wanna come back and try more from the menu. Jozie was super helpful when I had questions on the menu :) The atmosphere here is super chill and there’s even board games to play with friends”

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“I went searching for new ice cream places on google and saw this one pop up saying it was located here in Miami! I begged my boyfriend and we visited last night. It was SO good. Loved how the waffle was made fresh right in front of you. The customer service was great and quality of the product even better. Will certainly be back!!”

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