Taco Bell in Orlando

Taco Bell - 7853 Colonial Drive

Rating: 4.3

7853 Colonial Drive, Orlando FL 32807
(407) 277-7543

I came home from vacation. Drove 11 hours and was really crappy. I got to this Taco Bell and was surprised, the workers where so friendly. Made my night

Taco Bell - 5503 S Semoran Blvd

Rating: 4.3

5503 S Semoran Blvd, Orlando FL 32822
(407) 658-2508

Taco Bell has very good food but it is very bad coming out. What I mean is good coming in bad coming out. It's bad coming out because when it comes out it comes out as diarrhea. But the food tastes very good.so if you are hungry and have nothing to for the next hour eat Taco Bell...

Taco Bell - 2600 Orlando W Dr

Rating: 4.2

2600 Orlando W Dr, Orlando FL 32808
(407) 292-6072

Shantia was amazing and doing great for her first day and the food was awesome

Taco Bell - 5960 Central Florida Pkwy

Rating: 4.2

5960 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando FL 32821
(407) 370-6606

Drive through took a long time. Order was correct and fresh/hot. Sauce provided as requested.

Taco Bell - 2474 S Orange Ave

Rating: 4.1

2474 S Orange Ave, Orlando FL 32806
(407) 481-9341

Okay, so there's this worker, Tyrese. He is very high spirited and a fast worker. Wonderful smile. Thanks for saying hi to me and asking if I was enjoying my Nacho Bell grande. Sorry if I spelled his name wrong.

Taco Bell - 11893 E Colonial Dr

Rating: 4.1

11893 E Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32826
(407) 382-6681

My daughter and I have been doing late night runs to this Taco Bell a few times. Only one time the burrito was substandard oh, but the food is usually really good at this Taco Bell. The only reason I am rating this Taco Bell is because the workers are always extremely courteous, plus they load me up with Taco Bell sauces!!!

Taco Bell - 5109 International Dr

Rating: 4

5109 International Dr, Orlando FL 32819
(407) 226-9843

Thank you to Christie P. For taking our party of 29 gracefully and with ease!!! We came in and her and her team got all our orders correct and had great attitudes!! She was very professional and had such positive energy !!! I thought she was manager with the way she carried herself! Also her team deserves merit! : Raphael...read more

Taco Bell - 2403 S Hiawassee Rd

Rating: 4

2403 S Hiawassee Rd, Orlando FL 32811
(407) 292-9803

I don't know who the manager is but he is top notch.

Taco Bell - 6065 S Goldenrod Rd

Rating: 4

6065 S Goldenrod Rd, Orlando FL 32822
(407) 249-2102

They now have Baja Blast Zero Sugar!

Taco Bell - 10005 University Blvd

Rating: 4

10005 University Blvd, Orlando FL 32817
(407) 679-2551

Got my order right and food was just as expected for Taco Bell. Can't count how many times Taco Bell messed up my order asked for no lettuce. Got lettuce, got tacos with lettuce left overs where it looked like they scraped it off....oops...

Taco Bell - 6611 W Colonial Dr

Rating: 4

6611 W Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32818
(407) 298-7241

The food we got was fantastic. Accurate and delicious. The staff was friendly and I'd definitely choose this location over there one closer to my home next time.

Taco Bell - 576 S Alafaya Trail

Rating: 4

576 S Alafaya Trail, Orlando FL 32828
(321) 235-9536

Great tasting fast food. Quick service and outstanding menu selection. I also love the fact around 10ish when I went I could order breakfast or lunch. My furbaby Sophie Elizabeth also loves their food a paws up approval. Lol

Taco Bell - 5147 S Kirkman Rd

Rating: 3.9

5147 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando FL 32819
(407) 352-7517

Basic TB experience, but the dining room was cleaner than most, so that was a definite plus. First time to try Nacho Fries, and they were pretty good.

Taco Bell - 12555 FL-535

Rating: 3.9

12555 FL-535, Orlando FL 32836
(407) 827-8226

Really liked this I usually eat healthy food this isn't too bad for me but it tastes like it is I'm def a convert

Taco Bell - 4225 E Colonial Drive

Rating: 3.9

4225 E Colonial Drive, Orlando FL 32803
(407) 896-7940

Taco Bell is always great drunk or munchies food. But this Taco Bell is FULL of personalities! The staff is very entertaining and make it rather worth the judgement later.

Taco Bell - 5400 N Orange Blossom Trail

Rating: 3.8

5400 N Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando FL 32810
(407) 295-1016

Taco Bell service up here is very good and actually the food little bit more up here they give you to eat and not like PA they don't give you as much as one up here does

Taco Bell - 1500 McCoy Rd

Rating: 3.7

1500 McCoy Rd, Orlando FL 32809
(407) 888-1067

Really quick for how long the line was. Got my order right every time.

Taco Bell - 2050 S Semoran Blvd

Rating: 3.7

2050 S Semoran Blvd, Orlando FL 32822
(407) 273-9669

I love this place cause it closes late and it has good deals.

Taco Bell - 16880 E Colonial Dr

Rating: 3.6

16880 E Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32820
(407) 568-9114

They messed up my order but fixed it without hesitation and everything was perfect!

Taco Bell - 7601 S Orange Blossom Trail

Rating: 3.5

7601 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando FL 32809
(407) 240-0025

I love the taste of the food. The prices are affordable. They keep the facility clean and the employees are professional.

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