Taco Bell in Orlando

Taco Bell - 5503 S Semoran Blvd

Rating: 4.3

5503 S Semoran Blvd, Orlando FL 32822
(407) 658-2508

Jonathan has great customer service skills and is quick and friendly

Taco Bell - 7853 E Colonial Dr

Rating: 4.3

7853 E Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32807
(407) 277-7543

It's has tacos, quesadilla, nachos, etc. fast food restaurant.

Taco Bell - 2600 Orlando W Dr

Rating: 4.2

2600 Orlando W Dr, Orlando FL 32808
(407) 292-6072

Pretty consistent for take out. Friendly staff. Very efficient.

Taco Bell - 10005 University Blvd

Rating: 4.2

10005 University Blvd, Orlando FL 32817
(407) 679-2551

Service here is typically pretty good. They serve a college crowd so the line is usually pretty long late night. The staff is nice but in no particular hurry. Food is average for Taco Bell. I've never been over the moon with my meal, but I've never had a traumatic experience either. Cleanliness is what you would...read more

Taco Bell - 5960 Central Florida Pkwy

Rating: 4.2

5960 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando FL 32821
(407) 370-6606

Stopped for quick bite before our flight. Its taco bell, but personal people at counter. Not a fast food person, but we'd visit again.

Taco Bell - 2474 S Orange Ave

Rating: 4.1

2474 S Orange Ave, Orlando FL 32806
(407) 481-9341

I've always enjoyed Taco Bell I never have let me down and all these years thank you

Taco Bell - 2403 S Hiawassee Rd

Rating: 4

2403 S Hiawassee Rd, Orlando FL 32811
(407) 292-9803

I don't know who the manager is but he is top notch.

Taco Bell - 6065 S Goldenrod Rd

Rating: 4

6065 S Goldenrod Rd, Orlando FL 32822
(407) 249-2102

Probably the best prepared taco bell food I have had. Management is doing a good job on training people in not only customer service but making the food well, like you care what you're doing.

Taco Bell - 6611 W Colonial Dr

Rating: 4

6611 W Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32818
(407) 298-7241

Hawaissee Road Store....good food..... manager is excellent

Taco Bell - 576 S Alafaya Trail

Rating: 4

576 S Alafaya Trail, Orlando FL 32828
(321) 235-9536

Sometimes the service isn’t the best, but at least the food is good.

Taco Bell - 11893 E Colonial Dr

Rating: 4

11893 E Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32826
(407) 382-6681

This Taco Bell location is the best I have ever had. Most Taco Bell locations are hit or miss but I really liked the food here. I had the Chalupa Box. Every item was stuffed like I made it myself. AND, it was clean and the people were nice.

Taco Bell - 12555 FL-535

Rating: 3.9

12555 FL-535, Orlando FL 32836
(407) 827-8226

Food is good, but they take too long to give you your order

Taco Bell - 5109 International Dr

Rating: 3.9

5109 International Dr, Orlando FL 32819
(407) 226-9843

Long line but they got everyone through quick. Food was hot and made to order. Nothing to complain about so five stars.

Taco Bell - 5147 S Kirkman Rd

Rating: 3.9

5147 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando FL 32819
(407) 352-7517

Amazing service, extremely quick service, and the food was some of the best taco bell I've had. Honestly 10/10 would recommend.

Taco Bell - 5400 N Orange Blossom Trail

Rating: 3.8

5400 N Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando FL 32810
(407) 295-1016

How was taco bell you ask? Delicious.... Nuf said.

Taco Bell - 1500 McCoy Rd

Rating: 3.8

1500 McCoy Rd, Orlando FL 32809
(407) 888-1067

Fast and friendly can't go wrong at that restaurant and I had to wait a little bit cuz they were busy and they gave me free cinnamon twists free is always good

Taco Bell - 4225 E Colonial Dr

Rating: 3.7

4225 E Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32803
(407) 896-7940

Ok, it is Taco Bell, but consistantly tasty food, very reasonably priced, and everyone at this location on Colonial in Orlando was very pleasant and helpful. Hard to beat.

Taco Bell - 2050 S Semoran Blvd

Rating: 3.5

2050 S Semoran Blvd, Orlando FL 32822
(407) 273-9669

Lines can be long but they move quickly. Always have good service at this location

Taco Bell - 12151 S Orange Blossom Trail

Rating: 3.5

12151 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando FL 32837
(407) 816-4934

I'm going to have this location a Huge 4 Stars! I've been coming to this Taco Bell since they open and I must say they are just amazing. Great food for a cheap price and amazing customer service!

Taco Bell - 16880 E Colonial Dr

Rating: 3.5

16880 E Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32820
(407) 568-9114

Always good Mixican food...

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