Taco Bell in Kansas City

Taco Bell - 6350 NW Barry Rd

Rating: 4.3

6350 NW Barry Rd, Kansas City KS 64154
(816) 746-1969

Love it food was freshly maid customer service was super great food was hot and wait time was only 2 or 3 minutes and seating area and counters top was very clean

Taco Bell - 2825 NE Vivion Rd

Rating: 4.2

2825 NE Vivion Rd, Kansas City KS 64119
(816) 452-2848

I called to make a complaint about a wrong order. I talked to DeAndre regarding the order. It turns out they made the order correctly. I want to give a hats off. The person I talk to, remembered my order and asked me to check it again. I had to unwrap everything but, the order was nearly perfect. The only thing that I was...read more

Taco Bell - 7337 State Ave

Rating: 4

7337 State Ave, Kansas City KS 66112
(913) 334-6047

Was out an about ad wanted to grab a quick bite. This is close to home and food is always fresh and hot! This location is my go to for The Bell!

Taco Bell - 7201 NE Parvin Rd

Rating: 4

7201 NE Parvin Rd, Kansas City KS 64117
(816) 453-4169

Love this store. The employees are the best. Will not go into details why on here.

Taco Bell - 4017 Blue Ridge Cutoff

Rating: 4

4017 Blue Ridge Cutoff, Kansas City KS 64133
(816) 924-0151

One of my tacos were completely crushed but other than that everything made us full

Taco Bell - 3651 State Ave

Rating: 4

3651 State Ave, Kansas City KS 66102
(913) 321-6680

Love this place my order is prompt good customer service.

Taco Bell - 123 E Linwood

Rating: 3.8

123 E Linwood, Kansas City KS 64111
(816) 753-3640

This location is incredible no matter the time of day employees are so accommodating and pleasant. It's not often you come by establishments like this these days. Truly blow away by every experience I've had especially in compared to other Taco Bells in the area.

Taco Bell - 635 S 7th St

Rating: 3.8

635 S 7th St, Kansas City KS 66105
(913) 281-4109

Mmmmmm, 4th meal!

Taco Bell - 1310 Cleaver II Blvd

Rating: 3.8

1310 Cleaver II Blvd, Kansas City KS 64110
(816) 756-1621

The new dollar menu is the best for those of us on a budget. Each food product is very feeling.

Taco Bell - 5925 Independence Ave

Rating: 3.7

5925 Independence Ave, Kansas City KS 64125
(816) 920-7789

Love the ppl foods always hot and fresh.

Taco Bell - 10540 Parallel Pkwy

Rating: 3.6

10540 Parallel Pkwy, Kansas City KS 66109
(913) 328-1203

Food Is awesome just get better service

Taco Bell - 8215 Wornall Rd

Rating: 3.6

8215 Wornall Rd, Kansas City KS 64114
(816) 361-4606

If your in the mood for tacos, Taco Bell has tacos, plus a lot of othrt tasty treats. Stopped in again. They have 5.00 deals. Perfect for 1 person. Get a lot of napkins ( or maybe I am just a mess eater )

Taco Bell - 3948 Rainbow Blvd

Rating: 3.3

3948 Rainbow Blvd, Kansas City KS 66103
(913) 384-5133

Food was great. The help was amazing.

Taco Bell - 4401 Shawnee Dr

Rating: 3

4401 Shawnee Dr, Kansas City KS 66106
(913) 236-7590

Fresh and hot food. Service is nice and fast.

Taco Bell - 6350 N Lucerne Ave

Rating: 3

6350 N Lucerne Ave, Kansas City KS 64151
(816) 741-9299

This Taco Bell has gotten a lot better over the course of the past year. Used to dread coming to here due to the service and mistakes with my orders on a regular basis. I'm glad management has stepped in and made this location better. So far I've been happy with them lately.

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