McDonald's in St. Louis

McDonald's - 6100 N Broadway St

Rating: 4

6100 N Broadway St, St. Louis MO 63147
(314) 389-2803

Just like all McDonald's they are all good. Good value meals. Nice staff just a typical McDonalds.

McDonald's - 10431 Page Avenue

Rating: 3.8

10431 Page Avenue, St. Louis MO 63132
(314) 428-4425

Great fast service! Nice team here!

McDonald's - 4979 MO-115

Rating: 3.7

4979 MO-115, St. Louis MO 63115
(314) 381-1328

You know the name, you know the symbol, you know the prices, you know the menu. the golden arches baby. Take Your kids one time and they'll be hooked for life. just like you are. that's why you're reading this review even though you already know everything that they serve. LOL have fun and enjoy. This particular more

McDonald's - 9915 Watson Road

Rating: 3.7

9915 Watson Road, St. Louis MO 63126
(314) 965-0815

Fast and Friendly and Accurate. One of my fave locations to frequent. Keep up the good work TEAM!!!

McDonald's - 7171 Natural Bridge Rd

Rating: 3.5

7171 Natural Bridge Rd, St. Louis MO 63121
(314) 381-3295

Well I dont like this but my grandbaby loves this she asks me every Sunday grandma can we go to mc Donald's and I will say yea

McDonald's - 5537 Telegraph Road

Rating: 3.5

5537 Telegraph Road, St. Louis MO 63129
(314) 892-1310

I work at this particular mc donalds and I love it. The workers are great. The food is good.

McDonald's - 1919 South Jefferson Avenue

Rating: 3.5

1919 South Jefferson Avenue, St. Louis MO 63104
(314) 771-2575

The food and service is always good at this location. However, be weary of the homeless population in the area. I go here often and have never been threatened, but there are a couple of men who have approached my car and just stared at me while I was in the drive through waiting to order. I usually shake my head no more

McDonald's - 4407 Lemay Ferry Road

Rating: 3.4

4407 Lemay Ferry Road, St. Louis MO 63129
(314) 892-0550

This location always has good service and the employees are always friendly. They even give me lunch food 5 minutes before lunch time unlike any other McDonalds I’ve been to!

McDonald's - 11111 Bellefontaine Rd

Rating: 3.3

11111 Bellefontaine Rd, St. Louis MO 63138
(314) 741-7552

Decent service. I went after the lunch rush, so there wasn't a long wait. Food was hot. No complaints

McDonald's - 1119 North Tucker Boulevard

Rating: 3.3

1119 North Tucker Boulevard, St. Louis MO 63101
(314) 241-4402

When it comes to a McDonald's drive thru I have to say this one moves pretty quick. I have never been there and had my order wrong either. But, it's not 5 star, simply because there is the occasional super long wait for no apparent reason.

McDonald's - 13050 Tesson Ferry Road

Rating: 3.3

13050 Tesson Ferry Road, St. Louis MO 63128
(314) 843-7112

Its fast food. There isn't much to say here other than the order was actually accurate and the food is what you expect. The staff was nice

McDonald's - 25 West Port Plaza Drive

Rating: 3.3

25 West Port Plaza Drive, St. Louis MO 63146
(314) 275-9999

McDonald's are usually all the same, but this one in particular is great! We ordered big macs and fries and they were hot, fresh, and delicious. Some of the best McDonald's burgers I've had in ages. The service was fast and friendly. It was also very clean and modern!

McDonald's - 4011 Bayless Avenue

Rating: 3.3

4011 Bayless Avenue, St. Louis MO 63125
(314) 544-5151

We stopped at this McDonald's for a snack during a long trip. Fast, friendly service. Good food to keep us going on a long trip. Everything looked clean and friendly.

McDonald's - 4620 South Kingshighway Boulevard

Rating: 3.3

4620 South Kingshighway Boulevard, St. Louis MO 63109
(314) 481-6715

This restaurant is a clean environment it has wheelchair parking and this wheelchair accessible and all of the employees were pretty nice

McDonald's - 7259 Watson Road

Rating: 3.3

7259 Watson Road, St. Louis MO 63119
(314) 832-1869

I really enjoyed my visit to McDonald's today. They have lots of choices, and I had the bacon smokehouse burger. Yum! And the fries were perfect. Service was great. Glad I stopped by.

McDonald's - 5904 South Lindbergh Boulevard

Rating: 3.2

5904 South Lindbergh Boulevard, St. Louis MO 63123
(314) 487-3548

went inside. Busy but realitively clean and fast getting my order taken AND to me CORRECTLY. Burgers and tea were good, fresh etc. Crew was quick.

McDonald's - 4006 Lindell Boulevard

Rating: 3

4006 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis MO 63108
(314) 534-3276

As expected. A Macdonald restaurant with pretty everything you need to dine.

McDonald's - 3282 Telegraph Road

Rating: 3

3282 Telegraph Road, St. Louis MO 63125
(314) 487-1075

You know what you're gonna get. good food and service. the place is well organized and clean. I like the WiFi so make sure you take your IPAD. Good location with access at the entrance and ok parking. the food was warm and coffee very good.

McDonald's - 1420 Hampton Avenue

Rating: 3

1420 Hampton Avenue, St. Louis MO 63139
(314) 781-8032

The staff is very respect full one of the best McDonald’s restaurants been to in a long time and they keep the shake machine up past 10 o’clock

McDonald's - 9131 West Florissant Avenue

Rating: 3

9131 West Florissant Avenue, St. Louis MO 63136
(314) 524-4366


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