McDonald's in Oklahoma City

McDonald's - 14001 N Pennsylvania Ave

Rating: 4.3

14001 N Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City OK 73134
(405) 749-1900

My kids had alot of fun with their kids meals. Also the employees were very nice and helpful and also interacted with the kids with kids meal toys and games. Unlike alot of McDonald's, I would highly recommend this one to anyone. Thankyou guys!

McDonald's - 501 E Reno Avenue

Rating: 4.3

501 E Reno Avenue, Oklahoma City OK 73102
(405) 272-5125

Nice, clean and open restaurant. Plenty of room for large crowds when ordering. Did not carry a few things we were looking for that are available at other locations (such as strawberry shakes and caramel or strawberry sundaes).

McDonald's - 100 E E Interstate 240 Service Rd

Rating: 4.2

100 E E Interstate 240 Service Rd, Oklahoma City OK 73149
(405) 635-9919

They treated me with respect. They serve me even know that there was a really long line when I went and they served me even after my order it and then make me send a line. It was fun for the kids and I it just didn't have a play area for the kids but if you want to go somewhere where they will treat you like one of more

McDonald's - 4418 S Shields Blvd

Rating: 4.2

4418 S Shields Blvd, Oklahoma City OK 73129
(405) 632-1483

It was pretty quick tonight this McDonalds is a very popular location the the guy who gave me my food was very sociable I liked feeling like I wasn't being pushed through the drive through on a timer he was very nice and personable thank you for that I think he said his name was DeMarcus and he told me to have a more

McDonald's - 201 S Council Rd

Rating: 4

201 S Council Rd, Oklahoma City OK 73128
(405) 782-0645

The employees are always super sweet at this location and they never mess up my order

McDonald's - 12216 N Pennsylvania Ave

Rating: 4

12216 N Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City OK 73120
(405) 286-9698

Asked for my food to be fresh wasn't fresh but it still tasted alright all I got was a hot n spicy mc chicken

McDonald's - 7401 S Choctaw Rd

Rating: 4

7401 S Choctaw Rd, Choctaw OK 73020
(405) 391-3305

While the food is normal McDonald's fare, the staff is very efficient and friendly. It is kept clean as well.

McDonald's - 2901 S May Ave

Rating: 3.8

2901 S May Ave, Oklahoma City OK 73108
(405) 681-4225

could b a lil faster service .. but to do that yu would have to replace the workers 1st...

McDonald's - 7525 S Western Ave

Rating: 3.8

7525 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City OK 73139
(405) 636-1583

This girl working there didn't let the short staff situation get to her. She tried her hardest and had to help us at both windows. Good customer service!

McDonald's - 6700 N May Ave

Rating: 3.7

6700 N May Ave, Oklahoma City OK 73116
(405) 842-3314

Stopped for a quick lunch and mocha frappe and decided to try the new cheese fries for $3.29. Wasn't impressed because it was a very small serving with hardly anything on it. Asked the cashier if this is what it always looks like and she commented "no" and took it back to get more cheese on it. It tastes more

McDonald's - 925 SW 134th St

Rating: 3.7

925 SW 134th St, Oklahoma City OK 73170
(405) 692-1333

Very clean store. Order was correct. Ice cream machine was working. Very friendly staff.

McDonald's - 5812 Northwest Expy

Rating: 3.7

5812 Northwest Expy, Oklahoma City OK 73132
(405) 721-9700

The one on lee and 11th is the best service...

McDonald's - 5815 N Martin Luther King Ave

Rating: 3.7

5815 N Martin Luther King Ave, Oklahoma City OK 73111
(405) 424-1141

Good food and patient folks in the drive thru:) Every granna needs a McD's stop after the zoo to settle little stomachs.

McDonald's - 401 S MacArthur Blvd

Rating: 3.7

401 S MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City OK 73128
(405) 789-2293

Management is totally sweet and nice very helpful it was very quick very warm of the phone customer service very kind overall very respectful

McDonald's - 2101 NW 23rd St

Rating: 3.7

2101 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City OK 73107
(405) 524-4100

Got ice cream cones. Enough said. 😃😃😃 their ice cream is soooooo yummy

McDonald's - 1501 SE 29th St

Rating: 3.7

1501 SE 29th St, Oklahoma City OK 73129
(405) 672-9785

Drive thru is fast and gets my order correct 99.9 % of the time

McDonald's - 1801 Belle Isle Blvd

Rating: 3.7

1801 Belle Isle Blvd, Oklahoma City OK 73118
(405) 879-6770

Every time I go to that Wal- Mart just to shop I have to stop by this place because awesome customer service and awesome food! You all should leave them a tip like me!

McDonald's - 3722 NW 39th St

Rating: 3.6

3722 NW 39th St, Oklahoma City OK 73112
(405) 943-0140

Typical McDonald's. Good food.

McDonald's - 9000 SE 29th St

Rating: 3.6

9000 SE 29th St, Oklahoma City OK 73130
(405) 736-6983

The food was above-average for McDonald's. The staff herded me to the kiosk to place my order. The staff could not get the kiosk to read my coupon, which I had downloaded on the McDonald's app. Recommend standing your ground when ordering as this is a very busy place.

McDonald's - 11000 N Rockwell Ave

Rating: 3.6

11000 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City OK 73132
(405) 721-2100

I deliver a lot of Uber Eats from here. Great customer service.


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