Halal Restaurants in Scarborough, ON

Showtime Bistro Halal • $
2761 Markham Rd a5, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Full Rack of Ribs with Sweet Potato Fries
The Original Jerk Chicken Poutine
Showtime Rack of Ribs Top Seller
Mike Tyson Burger Top Seller
Chicken Shawarma Poutine
Tandoori Chicken Poutine
The Showtime Burger
Philly Cheesesteak
Pineapple Express
Angry Bird Burger

“Showtime Bistro offers phenomenal service with attentive staff, open late for convenience. The food is freshly made with large portions and delicious taste. Customers praise the comfort food and great service by the waitstaff like Bismeet, Manveer, Harry, and Masi. Perfect for office gatherings with tasty platters that leave everyone satisfied.“

4.7 Superb343 Reviews
Ghareeb Nawaz Restaurant Halal • $
1071 Danforth Rd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Tikka Biryani Boneless
Boneless Chicken Biryani
Chicken Biryani Bone-In
Chicken Boti Paratha
Chicken Boti Rolls
Tandoori Chicken
Mutton Biryani
Butter Chicken
Paratha Rolls
Beef Biryani

“Ghareeb Nawaz Restaurant is a beloved eatery known for its delectable vegetarian options, particularly their flavorful potato dishes. The restaurant also offers a range of meat-based dishes, including the popular Chicken Boti Roll and the acclaimed Chicken Tikka Biryani, which is praised for its aromatic and well-marinated chicken. Customers consistently highlight the exceptional hospitality and service provided by the staff, who are described as kind, generous, and attentive. Whether you're dining in or ordering takeout, Ghareeb Nawaz Restaurant promises a memorable culinary experience that will leave you with a smile.“

4.7 Superb183 Reviews
The Burger Alley Halal • $
51 Lebovic Ave Unit #B104, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Hey There Delicious - Single Fillet
Dementor Double Cheeseburger
Alley Fries with Masala
Butter Chicken Frenzy
Prisoner of Desire
New Chicken Burger
The Leaky Cauldron
Goblet of Fire
The Boogeyman
Dragon's Kiss

“The Burger Alley in Scarborough offers large, juicy burgers and incredible chicken dishes. The Butter Chicken Frenzy is a must-try, while the Dementor burger is packed with heat and flavor. The French fries are crispy on the outside and soft inside, fried to perfection. The garlic sauce is a standout, adding a delicious flavor. Despite a 20-minute wait, the food is totally worth it for the price. A favorite spot for locals, the friendly service from Walid adds to the welcoming atmosphere. A small burger shop that delivers big on taste, especially recommended for Harry Potter fans and those craving flavorful fries.“

4.8 Superb110 Reviews
Tandoori Feast Halal • $
670 Coronation Dr, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Karahi and Veal Qourma
Tandoori Chicken Boti Dinner
Naan and Butter Chicken
Fish Pakora with Fries
Tandoori Feast Combo
White Chicken Karahi
BBQ Platter for 2
Naan Kabab Wraps
Chicken Biryani
Mutton Curry

“Tandoori Feast is a popular restaurant that offers a delightful dining experience. Customers praise the excellent food, particularly the BBQ, naan, and tender chicken dishes. While the service and seating could use some improvement during busy periods, the overall experience is fantastic, with a budget-friendly menu and a welcoming atmosphere.“

4.7 Superb145 Reviews
Nadi Halal Kebab House Halal • $
65 Rylander Blvd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Tandoori and Kofta Kabob Mixed Kebab Platter
Tandoori Chicken with Rice Salad and Naan
Beef Tikka Ground Chicken Kebab
Tandoori Kofta Naan Salad
Chicken and Beef Kabob
Chicken & Kofta Combo
Chicken Tandoori Wrap
Tandoori Chicken Wrap
Chicken Breast Skewer
Chicken Breast Kabab

“Nadi Halal Kebab House is a must-visit Afghan restaurant in Scarborough, offering authentic dishes like tandoori chicken and lamb shank. The culinary masterpieces are bursting with flavor and expertly crafted, making every visit a memorable occasion. The attentive staff ensures a seamless dining experience, adding to the overall vibe and setup of the restaurant. While the tandoori chicken stood out for its delicious taste, the grilled meat could have had more flavor. However, the ambiance and sense of community during the holy month of Ramadan truly make dining at Nadi a special experience. Don't miss out on this gem for unforgettable Afghan food and Raps.“

4.8 Superb96 Reviews
Pizza Karachi Halal • $$
2761 Markham Rd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Karachiano with Cheese Stuffed Crust
Fajita not Fajita Pizza
Mirchi Sauga Pizza
Stuffed Qeema Naan
Afghani Feast Pizza
Influencers Pizza
Kabab King Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
Klassic Wings
Chargha Wings

“Pizza Karachi serves amazing and tasty food, including great wings, in a nice environment with friendly staff. The restaurant offers Pakistani-style pizza, vegetarian options, and halal meat, all at an economical price. With a convenient location and great service, it's a refreshing spot to enjoy a yummy pizza.“

4.7 Superb130 Reviews
Habibz Corner Halal • $
2761 Markham Rd, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Beef Steak on Rice with Salad
Chicken on Rice with Salad
Jerk Chicken on Fries
Double Cheese Burger
Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Milkshake
Jerk Chicken Poutine
Bottom Line Burger
BBQ Steak on Fries
Vanilla Milkshake

“Habibz Corner is a must-visit spot for delicious and saucy food in Toronto. With a great variety of drinks and reasonably priced portions, it's perfect for a family night out, a date, or a meal with friends. The Chill chicken rice and wings come highly recommended. While the food is top-notch, some customers have experienced issues with Uber Eats orders missing hot sauce, which is a crucial part of the meal's flavor. Despite this, the friendly and helpful service from Bismeet adds to the overall positive dining experience at Habibz Corner.“

4.6 Superb76 Reviews
Alleys Paratha Rolls & Chai Halal • $
41 Lebovic Ave Unit A110, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Green Chutney Roll
Chicken Red Chutney Roll
Chicken Garlic Mayo Roll
Beef Green Chutney Roll
Aaloo Garlic Mayo Roll
Aaloo Red Chutney Roll
Chicken Paratha Rolls
Beef Garlic Mayo Roll
Chicken Rolls 2 Pops
Nutella Paratha

“Alleys Paratha Rolls & Chai offers delicious chicken paratha rolls, with crispy parathas and flavorful beef boti kebab fillings. The service and food, including the paratha sandwich and egg and chicken parathas, are highly praised. Suggestions for improvement include introducing new roll options, improving sauces, and offering a spice level choice. Some customers prefer thinner parathas.“

4.6 Superb74 Reviews
Kroran Uyghur Cuisine (楼兰维吾尔餐厅) Halal • $$
1515 Birchmount Rd Unit 6, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

uyghur chicken large 3-4 portion 大盘鸡 大份 4-5人
烤羊肉串 4串 ziq kawap four skewers
lamb kawap 4 skewers 羊肉串 4串
unnche lengmen 丁丁炒面
samsa 4pcs 烤包子 4个
大盘鸡Uyghur Chicken
kazan kawap 炒烤肉
Lamb Shorpa 羊肉汤
Pan-Grilled Lamb Pies

“Kroran Uyghur Cuisine (楼兰维吾尔餐厅) offers a delightful Uyghur dining experience. The menu features popular dishes like Quruq Qorima, Lengmen, Mante, Manta, Lamb kawap, and Polo, all praised for their delicious flavors. The portions are reasonable, and the atmosphere is nice and quite with beautiful Uyghur-inspired decor. The staff, including the friendly Nepalese waitress and the polite owner, Rifat, provide excellent service.“

4.5 Superb115 Reviews
Patty Cake and Ice Cream Halal • $
2600 Eglinton Ave E, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Deluxe Jerk Chicken Pieces
Jerk Chicken Stuffed Patty
Regular Jerk Chicken Meal
Coco Bread Stuffed Patty
Deep Fried Mini Patties
Jerk Chicken Sandwich
BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Regular Oxtail Meal
Beef Stuffed Patty
Jerk Chicken Patty

“Patty Cake and Ice Cream in Scarborough offers the best patties and BBQ chicken sandwiches, always consistent and made fresh. Customer service is excellent, but it's best to call ahead for orders. A small spot with friendly service, it's a great choice for a quick and tasty meal in the East end of the city.“

4.6 Superb57 Reviews

B Boyz

B Boyz Halal • $
699 Markham Rd Unit 2, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Zesty Chicken Sandwich
Strawberry Funnel Cake
Zesty Chicken Burger
Fried Chicken Burger
Zesty Fried Chicken
Double Cheeseburger
Sweet Potato Fries
bb Classic Burger
Red Velvet Cake
Classic Double

“B Boyz is a cozy and clean restaurant with delicious food ready in a timely manner. The portion sizes are good, and prices are decent. Customers praise the Firefly burger and beef bacon poutine. Whether dining in or ordering through Uber Eats, the burgers, chocolate cake, and fries are a hit with everyone. With fantastic customer service, reasonable prices, and high-quality food, B Boyz has been a favorite spot for families for over 3 years. Highly recommended for a satisfying meal experience.“

4.4 Superb119 Reviews
Eggholic - Indian Veg & Egg Street Food Indian • $$
3478 Lawrence Ave E Unit C3, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Raja Da Chicken Kabob with Rice
Chicken Masala Sandwich
Paneer Butter Masala
Samosa Cheese Grill
Green Boiled Fry
Veg Cheese Grill
Paneer Tikka Wrap
Green Egg Curry
Australia Fry
Desi Omelette

“Eggholic - Indian Veg & Egg Street Food is a delightful destination for egg enthusiasts. With a vibrant atmosphere filled with Bollywood quotes and songs, it's a fun spot to hang out with friends. The menu offers a variety of vegetarian options, including the popular Masala half fry and Lava pulao, and flavorful dishes like Hum-tum and pani puri.“

4.9 Superb294 Reviews
Pita Land Shawarma - Markham Rd Halal • $
3155 Markham Rd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Pita Box Chicken Shawarma Mixed - Rice & Fries Combo
Chargrill BBQ Chicken Kebab Potato Bowl
Chargrill BBQ Beef Kebab Large Wrap
Large Chicken Shawarma Wrap Combo
Chargrill BBQ Chicken Kebab Plate
Large Chicken Souvlaki Wrap Combo
Mixed Shawarma Saj Family Feast
Beef Shawarma Potato Bowl Combo
Falafel Potato Bowl Combo
Beef Shawarma Large Wrap

“Pita Land Shawarma - Markham Rd is a delightful Halal restaurant known for its fresh and delicious food. The staff is courteous, and the space is clean. While customers may wait a few minutes for their order, it's because the food is freshly made and served piping hot. The Shawarma Chicken on Fries, known as the PitaBox, is a popular menu item with excellent service and a tidy, well-managed atmosphere.“

4.4 Superb93 Reviews
Puff Samosa Halal • $
30 Bertrand Ave Unit-A3, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Uzbek Traditional Bread
Variety of Samosas
Savory Samosa

“Puff Samosa offers a delightful array of baked samosas in flavors like beef, chicken, veggie, and spinach, all filling and flavorful. The marinated paprika half-chicken with green chimichurri sauce is mouthwateringly delicious. Fresh baked goods like apple strudel and tea biscuits are made to perfection. Top-notch coffee and cappuccino are a real treat. The friendly service and kind owner make this Scarborough gem a must-visit. With ample parking and a clean store design, Puff Samosa is a great place to dine in.“

4.6 Superb26 Reviews
NAAN KABOB Halal • $$
300 Borough Dr, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Waziri Tandoori Kabob Box
Classic chk Breast Wrap
Classic Chicken Plate
Classic Chicken Wrap
Tandoori Mixed Grill
Chicken Kofta Plate
Chickpeas and Rice
Sultani Kabob Box
Paneer Kabob Wrap
Shish Kabob Box

“Naan Kabob is a popular restaurant that offers a delightful dining experience. The menu features a variety of vegetarian options, including chickpeas, potatoes, and salad, catering to diverse dietary preferences. The food is consistently praised for its great taste and generous portions, making it a satisfying choice for both adults and children. The restaurant is known for its cozy ambiance and exceptional customer service, with staff members like Yaman Dahanwal providing attentive and knowledgeable assistance. Customers have highlighted the restaurant's fairness in pricing and the availability of BOGO (buy one, get one) offers on platforms like Doordash. Overall, Naan Kabob is a highly recommended destination for those seeking flavorful and satisfying Middle Eastern cuisine.“

4.3 Superb128 Reviews
641 Danforth Rd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

New York Striploin 8oz with Mash Potatoes Grilled Vegetables and in House Steak Sauce
Striploin Steak and Mashed Potatoes
Alfredo Penne Pasta with Chicken
Striploin Steak and Fries
Blackened Tandoori Salmon
New York Striploin 10 Oz
Stuffed Chicken Breast
Classic Caesar Salad
Poterhouse Steak
Cheesecake Slice

“Ks2 The Halal Steak & Grill offers exceptional service and great food. The steaks are highly recommended, and the calamari is a must-try starter. The server, Ifty, consistently provides top-notch service, being knowledgeable, courteous, and accommodating, especially with families and kids. This restaurant ensures a memorable dining experience with attentive and friendly staff.“

4.8 Superb341 Reviews
Gate of Yemen بوابة اليمن Halal • $
3478 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Mix Oven

“Gate of Yemen restaurant offers a warm atmosphere, with beautifully decorated interiors and exceptionally kind and hospitable staff, including Ahmed, who provides excellent service. The restaurant serves deliciously prepared dishes, including chicken and lamb mandi, beef muqalqal, and other options, making it an excellent choice for dining with friends.“

4.5 Superb30 Reviews
Pizza Night (Halal) Halal • $
226 Markham Rd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Extra Large 3 Topping Each 24 Wings 2 Dips
Topping Large Pizza
Tandoori Chicken
Wings and Fries
Chicken Wings
Fried Chicken
Garlic Bread
Black Olives
Small Pizza
Mayo Ketchup

“Pizza Night (Halal) is a popular choice for takeout, offering delicious pizzas, chicken wings, and other options. Customers praise the restaurant's fairly priced menu, fresh toppings, and friendly staff. While the atmosphere inside may not be impressive, the food itself is good, with standouts like the halal bacon and poutine.“

4.4 Superb43 Reviews


Zaitoun Halal • $
2270 Markham Rd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
Includes Cajun Fries
Waziri Grill Plate
Broast Chicken Only
Chicken Tandoori
Broast Chicken
Cheese Burger
Fried Chicken
Chicken Salad
Supreme Steak

“Zaitoun is a restaurant specializing in Afghani cuisine, highly recommended for its delicious and fresh food. The broast chicken is a must-try, known for its juiciness and delightful garlic sauce. Kebabs and spicy chicken broast are also popular choices, especially among children. The owner is friendly and welcoming, taking pride in cooking the meals. Desert is served complimentary, making for a memorable dining experience. The restaurant is kid-friendly, with kids enjoying fries, chicken broast, and a range of drinks.“

4.3 Superb58 Reviews
Amira's Hot Roti and Doubles Halal • $
4524 Kingston Rd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Hot Sauce on the Side
Fried Rice & Chicken
Potato and Channa
Pumpkin & Spinach
Boneless Chicken
Rice and Peas
Pepper Shrimp
Jerk Chicken
Stew Chicken
Veggie Roti

“Amira's Hot Roti and Doubles offers delicious and affordable food, with "doubles" priced at $6. Customers love the friendly service and hot, flavorful meals made with care. The "doubles" and "goat roti" are highly recommended dishes. Convenient parking makes it easy to enjoy West Indian cuisine in Scarborough at this restaurant.“

4.3 Superb56 Reviews
Chicken Kitchen Halal • $
2086A Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Loaded Chicken Bowl
Loaded Chicken Wrap
Chicken Combo
Fried Chicken
Cajun Fries
Spicy Mayo

“Chicken Kitchen offers a fantastic dining experience with incredibly friendly and helpful staff, making the ordering process smooth. Their crispy tenders boast a perfect crunch and juicy, flavorful meat, with generous portion sizes at reasonable prices. This restaurant serves flavorful fried chicken and chicken sandwiches that surpass expectations, making it a must-visit for those in the area.“

4.2 Good93 Reviews
Rose's Halal Kitchen Halal • $$
2602 Eglinton Ave E, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Jerk Chicken Sandwich

“I ordered from Rose's Halal Kitchen via Uber Eats. The Jerk Chicken and Goat Curry are truly the highlights of the menu. The taste is so home-like and the portion sizes are generous. Hats off for such incredible tasting food. My first time ever having Jamaican food and I am so glad I had it from Rose's.“

4.1 Good9 Reviews
The Bullger Halal • $
116 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

The Big Cluck Burger
Mushroom Cheeseburger
Bullfight Burger
Picador Burger
Cheese Fries
Mighty Bull
Onion Rings
The Bullger
Bulls Eye

“The Bullger is a restaurant known for its delicious and high-quality food, particularly its burgers such as the Big Cluck and Angry Bird Chicken Burger. Customers appreciate the ability to customize their orders and the friendly and polite staff. The restaurant is a bit on the pricier side, but many find it worth the cost. However, there have been issues with the cleanliness of the food, as one customer found a hair in their burger. The restaurant is encouraged to improve their handling of such issues to ensure a positive experience for all customers. Despite this, many customers recommend The Bullger for those seeking a new dining experience. It is important to watch your step when entering the restaurant as there is a small step that may cause tripping.“

4 Good79 Reviews
ROWDYS Indian & Hakka Halal • $$
4352 Kingston Rd Unit 9, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Hakka Chilli Garlic Chicken and Shrimp Noodles
Hakka Chilli Garlic Chicken Noodles
Triple Schezwan Fried Rice Chicken
Hakka Chili Garlic Chicken Noodles
Chicken Lollipop Dry or Gravy
Rowdys Veg Hakka Sizzler
Non Veg Kebab Platter
Chicken Tikka Masala
Tandoori Chicken
Vegetarian Momos

“ROWDYS Indian & Hakka offers amazing food options, whether Indian or Chinese. The staff is helpful and swiftly explains food ingredients. The restaurant has good ambiance, is clean, and offers a kid-friendly menu. Diners enjoy dishes like Chicken Lolipop, Hakka Noodles, momos, and soup. The portions are generous, and the service is excellent. The chocolate brownie with ice cream is a delightful dessert. With a large seating area and ample parking, it's an amazing place for families.“

4 Good103 Reviews
Bhai Biryani Sri Lankan • $
3859 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Sri Lankan Style Fried Chicken
Beef Biryani Rice with Egg
Beef Biriyani with Egg
Chicken Biryani Sawan
Roasted Chicken Kothu
Chicken Keema Samosa
Whole Chicken Fry
Beef Biryani Sawan
Green Peas Pulao
Beef Devilled

“Bhai Biryani is a popular destination for those seeking authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. The restaurant is known for its flavorful dishes, including the delicious chicken biryani, which boasts fragrant rice cooked to perfection. The curry chicken khoti is another standout dish, with its spicy and savory flavors. The Kothu Roti is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, with large servings and quick preparation making it an excellent choice for takeout or event catering. The restaurant also offers a range of meat-filled rolls and other halal options, making it a solid choice for everyday meals and special occasions.“

4.8 Superb91 Reviews
Amazing Hakka Halal • $
1734 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Manchurian Chicken w Fried Rice
Chicken Wing Chow Mein
Honey Garlic Chicken
General Tao Chicken
Chicken Fried Rice
Bombay Chicken
Hakka Noodles
Chicken Hakka
Chili Chicken
Bombay Beef

“Amazing Hakka is a highly recommended restaurant known for its delicious and generous portions of Hakka cuisine. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes, including flavorful chicken and well-received Hakka noodles, though some customers suggest the noodles could be less oily. The staff are described as friendly, and the dining space is pleasant.“

3.9 Good68 Reviews
Cluck Clucks Chicken & Waffles - Scarborough Halal • $
41 Lebovic Ave A112, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Clucker and Fries
Clucking Little Waffles
Spicy Chicken Slider
Cluck Yeah Sandwich
Fried Chicken
Son of a Cluck
Hot as Cluck
Cluck Fries

“Cluck Clucks Chicken & Waffles is a great spot for fried chicken lovers. The waffles are delicious, although some wish there was syrup. The staff provides quick and phenomenal service. The daily comfort food includes the popular "cluck yeah" dish. The kitchen maintains high-quality food, with a special mention for employee Basith. Alishan provides excellent service, helping customers choose dishes and sauces. Sweet crew and good food make it a must-visit place.“

3.9 Good72 Reviews
Sultan BBQ & Grill Halal • $$
3452 Kingston Rd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Chicken BBQ Platter for 2 and Fish Tandoori
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Fries
Tandoori Chicken
Chicken Tanduri
Butter Chicken
Kabab Platter
Chicken Wings
Chicken Kabab
Non Veg Thali

“Sultan BBQ & Grill is a restaurant that serves perfect food in a friendly and courteous atmosphere. The patio is a great place to relax during the day or night. Popular dishes include chicken Biryani, halwa puri, naan haleem, chicken tandoori, and Chapli kebab. The service is outstanding, and the daily specials are a great option. Be sure to try their delicious desserts, especially the soft and juicy gulab jamun. Overall, Sultan BBQ & Grill provides an amazing dining experience that is highly recommended.“

3.9 Good78 Reviews
Delicious Shawarma and Falafel Halal • $
2950 Birchmount Rd #10, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich
Chicken Shawarma Platter
Chicken Shawarma Plate
Chicken Shawarma Wrap
Chicken Platter
Shawarma Poutine
Chicken Tikka
Beef Shawarma
Potato Wedges
Falafel Wrap

“Delicious Shawarma and Falafel offers a great deal on falafel wraps and the best chicken shawarma plate in town. The chicken is tender, perfectly seasoned, and served with classic toppings on basmati rice. The garlic sauce is delicious, and the hot sauce can be customized to your preferred heat level. The portions are generous, and the falafel is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The family-run restaurant has an authentic flavor, with the owner hailing from Iraq and one of the servers from Afghanistan. The comfortable seating and friendly service make it a great dining spot. In addition to their signature dishes, they also offer chicken tikka and baklava for dessert. Don't miss out on this gem of a restaurant!“

3.9 Good85 Reviews
Biryani Boss Scarborough | Best Biryani Restaurant Indian • $
55 Lebovic Ave, C106-C107, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Biryani and Chicken Seekh Kabab
Small Tray-Chicken Biryani
Chicken Tikka Boti Wrap
Paneer Tikka Masala
Butter Chicken
Tandori Chicken
Paneer Tikka
Biryani Rice
Veal Biryani
Lamb Biryani

“Biryani Boss Scarborough | Best Biryani Restaurant offers a delightful dining experience with its amazing food, including Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, Naan, and Palak Paneer. Customers praise the quality, quantity, and price of the dishes, as well as the friendly staff and well-maintained take-out-only establishment. The Chicken Dum Biryani is described as subtle and simple, making it a good choice for those seeking a less spicy biryani.“

3.9 Good105 Reviews
Burger Factory Halal • $
41 Lebovic Ave unit A106, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Glutenfree Cheeseburger
Crispy Chicken Burger
Double Cheeseburger
Sweet Potato Fries
Juicy Lucy on Fire
Utility Sandwich
Burger Factory
Chicken Fillet
Tornado Fries
Funnel Cakes

“Burger Factory is a beloved restaurant in Scarborough, serving up delicious burgers and more. Their menu boasts crispy fries and a variety of flavors to try, including their delectable milkshakes. Friendly and knowledgeable staff provide top-notch service, making every dining experience exceptional. From takeout to dine-in, Burger Factory is a great choice for families and individuals alike, offering something for everyone.“

3.8 Good64 Reviews
6ixside Burger (Scarborough) Hamburger • $
777 Warden Ave. #3, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Liberty Burger with Onion Rings
Spicy Mayo Garlic Fries
Casaloma Burger Combo
Grilled Cheese Buns
Honey Garlic Wings
Caramelized Onion
Chicken Sandwich
Steak on Fries
Fried Chicken

“6ixside Burger (Scarborough) is praised for its tasty and fresh food, with phenomenal beef and chicken burgers named after Toronto street names. The Eatonville and Riverdale burgers are standout choices, known for their juicy, tender beef and excellent seasoning. The 6ixside aioli adds to the delicious experience. The service is super friendly and supportive, making custom orders like spicy burgers and fries on demand. The restaurant offers a completely hand-slaughter halal menu and has a good ambience. It is also noted for being very economical, though there is a suggestion to improve the quality of the buns.“

4.8 Superb65 Reviews
Northern Smokes Barbecue • $$$
371 Old Kingston Rd #12, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Apple Chipotle Brisket Sandwich
Rack of Ribs Brisket Short Rib
Spicy Pulled Brisket Sandwich
Smoked Brisket Sandwich
Beef Brisket Sandwich
Jerk Chicken Sandwich
Jerk Chicken Poutine
Corned Beef Sandwich
Smoked Meat Platter
Peri Peri Chicken

“Northern Smokes is a smokehouse that offers amazing customer service and delicious meals. The menu features tender and flavorful meats, including corned beef sandwiches and Jamaican-style beef brisket patties. The brisket Mac and cheese is a standout dish, packed with large pieces of brisket and serving 4 people at a great value. While the service can be slow during quiet periods, the friendly staff are happy to explain menu options and provide recommendations. Overall, Northern Smokes is a must-visit destination for meat lovers.“

4.5 Superb228 Reviews
Shawarma Zorona Middle Eastern • $
3227 Eglinton Ave E unit 125, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Mix Shawarma Beef Chicken
Chicken Shawarma Plate
Arabic Chicken Plate
Beef Shawarma Plate
Mix Shawarma Plate
Beef Shawarma Wrap
Falafel Sandwich
Lentil Soup

“Shawarma Zorona is a gem! The customer service is amazing, accommodating random requests with a smile. The garlic sauce is a must-try. The beef shawarma wrap is a unique explosion of flavors, and the fattoush salad is fresh and delicious. While slightly pricier, the quality and quantity make it worth every penny. The staff is friendly and helpful, making it a top choice for shawarma poutine and sandwiches. Once you try Shawarma Zorona, you won't want to go anywhere else!“

4.6 Superb107 Reviews
Darbari restaurant Halal •
212 Markham Rd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites


“Darbari Restaurant offers an amazing experience with humble and friendly service. The food is delicious, especially the "Do Piyaza" dish, and the vegetarian spinach broth is also a highlight. It's a great place for kids with chicken tender and fries option, and it's wheelchair accessible. The ambiance and customer service are exceptional, making it a great spot for small parties and catering. It's a gem in the Toronto restaurant scene.“

3.6 Good45 Reviews
Afghan Bbq & Pizza Afghan • $
4379 Kingston Rd Unit 4, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Afghan Classic Platter for 6
Chicken Breast Kebab Dinner
Afghan Mixed Platter for 11
Afghan Chicken Breast Wrap
Small Cheese Pizza for Kids
Afghan Chicken Kofta Wrap
Afghan Chicken Kofta Kebab
Afghan BBQ Platter for 4
BBQ Chicken Salad Salad
Afghan Tandoori Fish

“Afghan BBQ & Pizza is a restaurant that offers fresh and delicious food, praised for its high quality and great value. Their menu includes vegetarian options, kababs, rice dishes with chicken and beef, and freshly baked naan. The atmosphere is welcoming for families, with excellent customer service. It's a perfect spot for a satisfying and enjoyable meal.“

4.7 Superb63 Reviews
Pita Land Shawarma - Scarborough Middle Eastern • $
Morningside Crossing 4543 Kingston Road #3, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

The Cheesecake Factory Cheese Cupcakes
Large Chicken Shawarma Wrap
Chicken Shawarma Plate
Garlic Potatoes
Beef Shawarma
Lentil Soup
Wrap Meat

“Pita Land Shawarma serves succulent and scrumptious falafel shawarma and other fresh, great-tasting food. The welcoming owner and hardworking employees provide generous portions in a kid-friendly environment with wheelchair accessibility. Favorites include the well-seasoned chicken Shawarma wrap and salad, making Pita Land a top spot for delicious shawarma.“

4.5 Superb151 Reviews
Pizza On Fire Pizza • $
880 Ellesmere Rd Unit 10, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Tandoori Chicken Pizza
Large Hawaiian Pizza
Philly Steak Pizza
Mediterranean Pizza
Meat Lovers Pizza
Chicken Wings
Honey Garlic
Smoked Salmon
Small Pizza
Garlic Bread

“Pizza On Fire is a highly-recommended spot for delicious pizza lovers. The owner is known for being super nice and accommodating, often going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. The pizzas feature high-quality ingredients, including fresh toppings and gooey cheese. Vegetarian options, like the popular Garden Vegetable pizza, are also a hit.“

4.6 Superb83 Reviews
Ruposhi Bangla Restaurant Halal • $$
2680 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Mashed Items in Bengali Called Vhorta
Chicken Biryani Bone-In with Raita
Iftar Only During Ramadan
Tandoori Chicken Leg
Desserts Fruit Salad
Veggie Samosa 2 PC
Lollipop Chicken
Veggie Singara
Mughlai Paratha
Chicken Tikka

“Ruposhi Bangla Restaurant serves delicious Indian cuisine. Their butter chicken, mutton rogan josh, and naan are popular dishes. The restaurant offers a variety of flavors, including tehari, kala bhuna, and kachchi biryani. The staff is friendly and well-mannered, providing great service. The restaurant is clean and has a good atmosphere.“

4.5 Superb123 Reviews
Burger Factory Halal • $
2030 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Steak and Cheese Sandwich
Tornado Potato Chips
Juicy Lucy on Fire
Compressor Burger
Juicy Lucy Burger
Funnel Cakes All
Utility Sandwich
Crispy Chicken
Burger Factory
Factory Sauce

“Burger Factory is a must-visit restaurant that offers an exceptional dining experience. With its outstanding service, impeccable cleanliness, and culinary excellence, it sets a standard of excellence that is hard to match. The in-house made patties and mouthwatering burgers have become the benchmark for all others, making it a true delight for burger enthusiasts and casual diners alike.“

3.7 Good108 Reviews
Hyderabad Palace Halal • $
4810 Sheppard Ave E #208, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Buy 1 Small Tray of Biryani
Rice Kheer Rice Pudding
Tandoori Chicken
Double Ka Meetha
Chicken Biryani
Osmania Biscuit
Butter Chicken
Mutton Biryani
Mutton Haleem
Lamb Biryani

“Hyderabad Palace offers a variety of dishes like zabardast biryani, haleem, Nihari, and chicken 65. While some find the prices high and taste not satisfying, others appreciate the good service. The environment might not be the best due to customers littering. The Mutton Biryani takeout is a hit or miss - some find it lacking in flavor and freshness, while others enjoy the tender meat and nice flavor at a different restaurant.“

3.7 Good112 Reviews
Al'deewan Bakery (Manak'eesh) on Lawrence Ave East Lebanese • $
2067 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Spinach & Cheese Thin Crust Pizza Lebanese Style
A Bag Full of Fresh Baked Cheese Pies
Shawarma Chicken and Cheese Pizza
Mix Shawarma and Cheese Pie
Chicken Shawarma Manakeesh
Halal Beef Thin Crust
Zaatar Manakeesh
Spanish Faytar
Beef Mashrooha
Chiken Shawrma

“Al'deewan Bakery (Manak'eesh) on Lawrence Ave East is a top spot for authentic Lebanese pastries. With high-quality food served round the clock, their mixed cheese and spinach pies are must-tries, prepared fresh on order. Offering a wide variety of pies, the dine-in service includes two large tables and free parking. Although some customers find the prices a bit high, the overall dining experience at this location is highly recommended.“

4.4 Superb121 Reviews
Nirala Sweets and Restaurant Halal • $
2818 Markham Rd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Tandoori Chicken Breast
Chicken Tikka Boneless
World Famous Nihari
Chicken Seekh Kabab
Lahore Chana Masala
Lamb Brain Masala
Halwa Puri Channa
Extra Till Naan
Chicken Karahi
Butter Chicken

“Nirala Sweets and Restaurant is a popular spot for breakfast and lunch. Upon arrival, guests may have to wait for a table, but the service is quick and attentive. The menu offers a variety of Pakistani dishes, including Halwa Puri, Nihari, and naan bread. The Lamb Paya and Nihari are notable mentions, with a taste reminiscent of Lahore. The Mango Lassi and Tea are also excellent. Visitors praise the generous portions and flavorful food, making it a gem in Toronto.“

3.7 Good131 Reviews
Pizza Land Halal Pizza • $$
1801 Lawrence Ave E #4, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

One X-Large Pizza & Sixteen Wings
Garlic Honey Chicken Wings
Garlic Bread with Cheese
Build Your Own Poutine
Meat Lover's Pizza
Sheesh Tawook
Shish Tawook
Turkish Pizza
Cheese Pizza
Honey Garlic

“Pizza Land Halal is a longtime favorite spot for many customers, offering incredibly delicious halal pizzas and wings. The shish tawook sandwich is a standout item, full of flavor and juicy chicken. The menu is detailed with plenty of options, including many vegetarian choices. The restaurant provides a great atmosphere for dining in, with friendly staff and a family-friendly environment. Customers appreciate the free parking available at the plaza. Overall, Pizza Land Halal is a warm and welcoming place to enjoy fantastic pizza and wings with family and friends.“

3.6 Good96 Reviews
Boardwalk Fries Burgers Shakes - Scarborough Hamburger • $
4543 Kingston Rd, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Boardwalk Classic Burger
Mushroom Swiss Burger
Crispy Chicken Burger
Spicy Chicken Burger
Chili Cheese Fries
Cookies and Cream
Chicken Sandwich
Sriracha Burger
Boardwalk Fries
Chipotle Burger

“Boardwalk Fries Burgers Shakes offers a variety of delicious burgers, including halal, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. Customers praise the simple yet flavorful burgers, the fresh produce, and the friendly service. The restaurant is known for its high-quality, well-presented meals that cater to diverse dietary needs.“

3.5 Good72 Reviews
Aldiwan Yemeni Restaurant Family •
3478 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Lamb & Chicken Mix Mandi
Quarter Chicken Mandi
Arika Dessert
Tandoori Fish
Whole Chicken
Half Chicken
Lamb Piece
Lamb Mandi
Baked Fish

“Aldiwan Yemeni Restaurant offers amazing and delicious food, including a mixed lamb and chicken plate, foul, and shahi tea. The service is exceptional, with the owner personally ensuring customer satisfaction. The location has a parking lot behind the restaurant.“

4.3 Superb145 Reviews
Chinese Halal Express Chinese • $$
668 Silver Star Blvd unit 201, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

special lamb soup 招牌羊肉汤
Deep Fried Large Lamb Leg
Steamed Shaomai Lamb Soup
Stir Fried Beef
BBQ Beef Tendon
Spicy Chicken
bbq lamb meat
BBQ Lamb Leg
Lamp Hot Pot
Potato Noodle

“Chinese Halal Express offers a unique blend of Halal Chinese and Uyghur cuisine, serving dishes that are both authentic and flavorful. The stir-fried beef and lamb hot pot are must-try items, with tender meat and rich flavors. The restaurant's ambiance is welcoming, with decor inspired by the Silk Road. The staff provides impeccable hospitality, ensuring a enjoyable dining experience. With generous portions and a dedication to quality ingredients, this establishment is a must-visit for those seeking genuine Halal and Uyghur cuisine.“

4.4 Superb56 Reviews
Grande Burrito Burrito • $
824 Warden Ave. Unit 4, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Spicy BBQ Steak Quesadilla
Supreme Fries Regular Size
Regular Burrito Special
Steak and Chicken Bowl
Cheese Quesadilla
Chicken Grande
Steak Tacos

“Grande Burrito offers delicious Halal options, including chicken burrito, chicken bowl, tacos, supreme fries, and churros. The food is fresh, tasty, and less greasy. The staff is friendly and courteous, although some tables could be cleaner. Portions are generous, and the service is amazing. Highly recommended for Halal dining.“

4.4 Superb54 Reviews
Nugget Halal Pizza and Wings Pizza Delivery • $
4830 Sheppard Ave E #10, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

BBQ & Honey Garlic Chicken Wings
Honey Garlic Wings
Philly Cheese Steak
Steak on Fries
Veggie Pizza
Meat Lovers
Large Pizza

“Nugget Halal Pizza and Wings offers a wide range of halal fast food options, including delicious pizzas, wings, and sides. Customers praise the restaurant's best-in-town pizza, rapid service, and reasonable prices. The menu features vegetarian options, and the food is customizable with a variety of spices to suit individual preferences.“

3.4 Good66 Reviews
KarachiXpress - Scarborough Pakistani • $$
69 Lebovic Ave UNIT D-111, Scarborough

Customers` Favorites

Xpress Chicken Karahi Single Plate
Daigi Chicken Biryani
Burns Road Fry Kabab
Xpress Poori Paratha
Chicken Malai Boti
Beef Behari Kabab
Masala Mayo Fries
Beef Bihari Boti
Malai Chicken
Chicken Tikka

“KarachiXpress is a restaurant that offers excellent food and service, making it a great dining option. The staff and owner are wonderful, and the atmosphere is inviting. The Karahi and Malai Boti dishes are highly recommended, as well as their garlic naan. They have options suitable for everyone, and the servers are attentive and knowledgeable, providing great recommendations. The restaurant also features a beautiful decor, ambiance, and plays Pakistani music, creating a pleasant dining experience. It is located in Scarborough, Toronto, and is worth a visit.“

4.3 Superb109 Reviews