22 Best Dog Friendly Restaurants Corvallis

Corazón Wine Bar • $$
208 SW 2nd St, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Tinned Fish & Crackers
Bread & Olive Oil
Olive Bowl

“Great wine and food. A good place to have a little talk with friends.“

4.7 Superb63 Reviews
4 Spirits Distillery Distilleries • $$
3405 SW Deschutes St, Corvallis

“Great food. Awesome customer experience..“

4.6 Superb51 Reviews
Treebeerd's Taphouse Beer Gardens • $
201 SW 2nd St, Corvallis

“Best taphouse in the Corvallis/Albany area. There are always new beer selections and there are at least a few beers of each type (i.e. IPA, stout, lager, etc.). The staff is friendly and helpful. The new outdoor area is also well done and super cozy. 100% recommend stopping by for a drink. You can also bring in or order outside food.“

4.6 Superb46 Reviews
Little Morocco Middle Eastern • $
517 SW 2nd St #104, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Baklava Mix Pistachio and Walnut
Lamb Shawarma Plate over Rice
Baklava Walnut Box of 4
Moroccan Chicken Plate
Sandwich with Fries
Plates Lamb Shank
Lamb Shank Big
Baked Chicken
French Fries
Grape Leaves

“Excellent shwarmas. We tried the chicken, lamb, and 40 thieves shwarmas. All were delicious, but the lamb really stood out. Perfect blend of signature spit roasting with a tahini sauce that doesnt drown out the flavor of the meat. Will defintely be coming back here.“

4.4 Superb85 Reviews
Dutch Bros Coffee Coffee Shops • $
425 NW Harrison Blvd, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Caramel Pumpkin Brûlée Freeze
White Chocolate
Dutch Freeze

“Dutch employees are always friendly and ask how your day is and if you have any fun plans for the rest of your day. I can always count on a perfect sugar free Caramelizer. Delicious!Dietary restrictions: Several choices for sugar free flavors.“

4.5 Superb35 Reviews
Lupe’s Restaurant and Calavera Bar Bar • $$
2047 NW Monroe Ave, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Ensalada Merida with Carne Asada or Camarones
Carne Asada Taco
Pre-Mayan Tacos
Rice and Beans
Pollo Poblano
Ceviche Maya
Lupe's Plato

“What a pleasant surprise this place was! I started with the Lupe Margarita which was uniquely delicious and flavorful...your tastebuds were treated to a salted rim with a hint of cayanne, and the drink itself was complex and yummy. Five stars to start. For my entree, I ordered the only Peruvian dish on the menu...Aji Gallina. This was slow cooked gently spiced chicken over garlic potatoes and rice. It was fabulous. I like my food on the spicy side so our server brought over a cruet of home made spicy sauce. This was the real deal...hot...but complex and wonderful. I elected to put a dollop on my plate and grab a little with my fork on each bit. I will be back!“

4.4 Superb51 Reviews
Dutch Bros Coffee Coffee Shops • $
1765 NW 9th St, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Caramel Pumpkin Brûlée Freeze
Sugar N Spice Oat Milk Latte
Energize Now with Dutch Bros
Strawberry Lavender Frost
Chocolate Crunch Freeze
Snickerdoodle Frost
Pumpkin Pie Frost
Picture Perfect
Passion Fruit
Electric Berry

“I love Dutch BROS, but today the service was very poor. the lady working today was very passive-aggressive/ Hostile. I know the COVID has affected us all around. while we were getting our order taken, and dealing with her poor service, she ends up telling us they aren't taking cash, it would have been nice to know this as I left my debit in the house. well, she refused it and scoffed as I replied I didn't have any credit or debit with me. the order was then, canceled, sad day! we craved our DUTCH BROS!“

4.4 Superb50 Reviews
2 Towns Ciderhouse Brewery • $
33930 SE Eastgate Cir, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Bad Apple

“I was in portland oregon just down the road from the Ronald house on water front. One of the sales man seen me and my son out side a coffee place waiting on my wife we had been life flighted to portland do to our son having a serious disorder. So we where in no way prepared for the wind the gorge brought. This sales man came up and gave my 2 year old son a hat and gloves and some ciders for us adults btw where pretty good ( very unexpected as i like cider but am picky ). But I wanted to come on here and thank the guy for hat and gloves my kiddo still wears the hat on a daily bases.“

4.4 Superb45 Reviews
Block 15 Brewing Co. Brewpubs • $
300 SW Jefferson Ave, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Sweet Potato Fries
Bleu Cheese
Block 15

“The fish and chips were fresh and they were beer battered! All though I don't eat French fries and having a salad instead was great but costs more.. never understood that? They also have great salad options for your meal! People were nice all the staff! If I didn't have to pay more for switching fries for salad I would have gave 5 stars!“

4.3 Superb82 Reviews
Benny's Donuts Donut Shops • $
116 NW 3rd St, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate with Sprinkles and Cookies and Cream
Chocolate Glazed Donut with Sprinkles
Gluten Free Chocolate Marion Berry
Peanut Butter and Jelly
German Chocolate Donut
Dozen Mixed Donuts
Half Dozen Donuts
Cinnamon Sugar
Seasonal Dozen
Bennys Donuts

“Had a great experience at the happy valley location. Donuts were delicious and loved that they also offer gluten free. My daughter had a great time picking her own donut and watching it be made“

4.3 Superb67 Reviews
Common Fields Food Trucks • $
545 SW 3rd St, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Pollo Tamal and Zucchini and Cheese Papusa
Falafel Wrap from Kalamata Bistro
Hummus Plate and Chicken Shwarma
Local Cider Mead Seltzer Wine
Upright Beer Selection
Terra's Tasty Treats
Taps of Local Beer
Chicken Shawarma
Cucumbers Salad
Pita and Hummus

“We had their soup special, tomato artichoke. It was amazing. Served with warm pita slices. It’s are favorite place to eat. Staff is always so nice and friendly. All the food carts serve authentic style food. Fun to try something new, not just typical burgers and fries. Beer is amazing and you can’t beat the price. Staff is a wealth of information on the beers they serve. Highly recommend!!“

4.3 Superb62 Reviews
Dutch Bros Coffee Coffee Shops • $
1855 SE 3rd St, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Sugar N Spice Oat Milk Latte
Snickerdoodle Frost
White Chocolate
Double Rainbro
Double Torture
Golden Eagle
Shark Attack

“I'm conflicted. Dutch Bros has the best drinks, hands down. But I *hate* the aggressive conversation style and the soliciting for tips. It really is a deterrent to me spending so much money on frankly kind of overpriced drinks, which I guess is a good thing. But yeah. They have the best drinks.“

4.3 Superb26 Reviews
Tried & True Coffee Company Coffee Shops • $$
160 SW Madison Ave, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Cortado and Old Fashioned Donut
Cappuccino & Mocha Latte
Croissant Coffee

“Simply the best coffee! Great atmosphere too!“

4.2 Good43 Reviews
The Downward Dog - Campus Bar & Grill • $
2305 NW Monroe Ave, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Beer Battered Fries with Ranch
Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sando
Garlic Parm Fries or Tots
House Made Mac N Cheese
Hangover Cure Burger
The Dirty Burger
Carne Fries
Tater Tots

“Great lil spot. Great food and service“

4.2 Good38 Reviews
Dutch Bros Coffee Coffee Shops • $
661 SW 26th St, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Hazelnut Truffle Mocha w Soft Top Caramel Drizzle
Chocolate Crunch Freeze
Golden Eagle
Dutch Soda

“The “freeze” coffee was great. Because it was our first time at Dutch Bros’ is was for free. The waitress was very friendly. When we’ll visit the States next time, we will definitely pay them a visit again.“

3.8 Good19 Reviews
Dutch Bros Coffee Coffee Shops • $
1500 SW 53rd St, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Hazelnut Truffle Mocha w Soft Top Caramel Drizzle
Double Torture
White Chocolate
Golden Eagle

“One of my favorite stops when traveling. Good coffee and friendly service.Parking: This location has a long drive through and a couple of parking spots. There is also a great covered walk up area with a few chairs to chill and enjoy your favorite drink.“

3.9 Good33 Reviews
Coffee Culture Kings Coffee Shops • $
1195 NW Kings Blvd #2507, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Avocado Bagel with Feta Cheese
Mocha Latte by Brooks
Latte Art with Scone
House Made Quiche

“I live near the 9th St. location and metolius chai is outstanding so is the young man who is there usually on Saturday am possibly Latino and a super professional!!! Give him a raise! However I wish I could compliment others as much. In particular a 20 something female blonde hair who has now on 2 occasions asked me again for my order at the window after giving my order previously at the drive up speaker. Also she’s not attentive to the process and has to repeat questions such as the size of the beverage. Better training needed or better employees.“

3.9 Good47 Reviews
Odd Bird Cafe Pet Friendly • $
101 NW Jackson Ave, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

House Made Pop Tart
Smoked Salmon Hash
Seasonal Benedict
Breakfast Sando
Avocado Toast
Quinoa Salad
French Toast
The Standard
French Press
Fancy Toast

“Great service and food options. Really good atmosphere. We appreciated the great communication from staff about how long the wait would be and menu items they were out of. The cocktails were wonderful and creative! Food was delicious, we’ll definitely be back!“

3.9 Good80 Reviews
Delicias Valley Cafe Mexican • $
933 NW Circle Blvd, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Fresh Squeezed Mango Orange Juice
Chilaquiles Poblanos
Chilaquiles Verdes
Huevos Rancheros
Chicken Burrito
Beaver Burrito
Barbecued Ribs
Halibut Taco
Home Fries

“I had a college womens basketball team to feed (30+ people) and it was in the middle of a snow/ice storm and they stayed open to help our team out. Every other place in the city was closed or could not do our order. The food arrived on time and was delicious! I will be ordered from here when we return! Thank you again! (The carne asada plate add shrimp was my favorite with the refried beans, rice, and tortillas)“

3.7 Good51 Reviews
McMenamins Corvallis Pub Brewpubs • $
420 NW 3rd St, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Soft Pretzel Sticks with Cheese and Ale Fondue
Diablo Burger w Cajun Tots Terminator Pint
Ale Battered Fish and Chips
El Diablo Chicken Sandwich
Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese
El Diablo with Cajun Tots
Cheeseburger & Cajun Tots
Ale-Battered Fish & Chips
Beer Cheese Pretzels
Regular Tater Tots

“We came to celebrate two birthdays. Our server was very nice. The food we picked was very tasty. Great location on a nice day. We liked the food so much thst I forgot to take pictures of it all. Sliders, burger and French dip are missing from my photos because we dug right in.“

3.8 Good97 Reviews
Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room Brewery • $$
3415 SW Deschutes St, Corvallis

“Block 15 delivers a very fine beer! I enjoyed them in the past but the one I had lately was excellent! The Golden Canary Wild Ale is what we (Steve and myself) enjoyed. We always love Wild Ales and feel like we don't come across them enough. Great flavor features with this Wild Ale are sour, tart, fruity, clean and sweet. The other beers we liked pretty well in the past but the Golden Canary has definitely become our favorite!“

3.5 Good42 Reviews
American Dream Pizza Downtown Pizza • $
214 SW 2nd St, Corvallis

Customers` Favorites

Hand-Rolled Pizza Crusts
Rat Pack Special Pizza
Dreamtime Pizza
Mary's Peak
Edward Abbey
The Bent

“First time here and what a great experience! Fun atmosphere and friendly staff. They were super busy, but never faltered on being upbeat, positive, attentive and efficient. Not a long wait for our appetizer and pizza. Food was so good!!! Will be back for sure.“

3.5 Good77 Reviews