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Fuente De Soda Sandwich Shop • $
45985 Regal Plaza #130, Sterling

Customers` Favorites

Sucker Sandwich Sandwich De Lechón
Tamal De Pollo
Tamale Plate
Pan Con

“Chicharron sandwich was yummy (forgot to take pic bc I munched pretty fast). I thought it was expensive but the sandwich was a big boy and the pork was really tender. Owner's very friendly and they make their stuff daily. The place was clean (especially the bathroom). Will be back to try their house-made desserts“

4.5 Superb26 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
44844 Package Ct Subway C Gate, Sterling

“I had a long wait for my flight and wanted to eat something healthy. I almost didn’t find this Subway store tucked all the way down at gate C1 at Dulles airport. I’m glad I kept walking until I found it. My sandwich was so fresh- the wheat bread was tasty and chewy, and the spinach and other vegetables were fresh. What really impressed me was how friendly the woman and young man were. They greeted me as if they cared I was there. I sat at the little tables at the edge of the shop to eat, and I could hear the nice woman greet everyone, and the young man take an interest in each customer. He patiently explained the menu to those that needed it. It’s really a pleasure to hear kindness that comes from the heart. Most likely, the shop won’t get repeating customers since they are at an airport gate- so it impresses me even more that the people who work here are cheery.“

3.2 Average55 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
45985 120 Regal Plaza, Sterling

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“Now that Subway has changed the bread recipe, the restaurants don't have that weird wet wool smell they use to have. The service here is quick, and I don't have to keep repeating what I want. The bathroom is clean, but not well stocked. On occasion, the tables are sticky. The parking lot can get full at meal times because this Subway is with several different reastaurants. I think it's a problem with the shopping center rather than the Subway.“

3.2 Average11 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
Sf-Z Gates Post Security, 45020 Aviation Dr, Sterling

Customers` Favorites

Italian B M T

“One of my favorite restaurant interactions of all time happened in the Z Gate Subway at IAD (Dulles) today. The Sandwich artist working behind the counter, first of all, like if Johnny Tsunami had a baby with the dude from Brink. Great hair, chillest demeanor. Articulate. Very apologetic that they happened to have run out of roast beef (more on this later), and offered great alternatives to the missing roast beef, such as bacon. Ultimately I decided to switch to a cold cut combo (a classic, and an American treasure). The pre assembled cold cut trio was missing a piece of bologna, but Johnny caught this, commented that whoever made it should be fired, and took the extra time to grab a piece of bologna from another package, making sure mine was appropriately dressed. Next dude in line I won't spend much time on, other than to mention that the wildly heavy handed splooge of mayo was more aggressive than I'd normally recommend, but I still ate the Sammy. So as I'm filling my soda (I'm doing OK in life, I can afford to spring for the combo with a medium drink and some Doritos), I overhear the same comment about being fresh out of roast beef, along with a nice apology and a suggested change to bacon. But this new customer is having none of it. "You sure you're out of roast beef?"Yep"Can you check in the back?"There's more back there."Uh, can you get it?"If you want frozen beef on your sandwich.10/10 would visit this subway again. It's a sparkling diamond in the tiny, dirty, narrow, congested excuse of a terminal that are the Z gates of Dulles.“

2.9 Average10 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
23050 Pacific Blvd, Sterling

“This was the best subway sandwich I've ever had. I felt compelled to review because most of the time, subway sandwiches are fair (not horrible, just inexpensive food). First time at this location. I've eaten at subways for decades, all over the US. It was tuna, by the way.“

3 Average2 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
23070 Oakgrove Rd Unit 155, Sterling

Customers` Favorites

The Champ 6 Inch Regular Sub

“To me, I had a somewhat confusing order as well as wasn't ? percent prepared to present my request due to unexpected questions to customize the order. As I blundered thru, the staff was quite patient and made me feel valued as a customer and not someone there to "waste her time."“

2.6 Average5 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
156 Enterprise St Suite K, Sterling

“They had trouble in acknowledging and finding order. Ordered the chicken something and the chicken was minimalParking: It's on a hill and it's difficult to sometimes find a spot and if I were in a wheelchair it becomes extremely hard to get a handicap space and then lug someone up the incline.Wheelchair accessibility: Minimal and on an upgrade that would hard on person“

2.5 Average11 Reviews
Charleys Cheesesteaks Cheesesteaks • $
21100 Dulles Town Cir, Sterling

Customers` Favorites

Original Fries
Chicken Philly
Cheese Fries

“Definitely the best sandwich ever made. They always make it as it defines in the their customer service and very professional.. been eating there for over 14 years..????Vegetarian options: It would be nice if they had a separate pan to grill the vegetarian food so there is no mix of any meat in the same grill. Otherwise its all good“

2.5 Average20 Reviews
Jersey Mike's Subs Sandwich Shop • $
21031 Tripleseven Rd Ste. 160, Sterling

Customers` Favorites

The Original Italian Cold Sub
The Veggie Cold Sub
Club Supreme
Wheat Bread
Super Sub
Club Sub

“You guys are always really friendly here. And y’all actually read my note about substituting American cheese with provolone cheese, none of the other locations do!Very clean restaurant and again friendly staff, accurate orders. Thank you :)“

2.5 Average46 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
20789 Great Falls Plaza Suite 166, Sterling

Customers` Favorites

Meatball Sub

“This is my favorite Subway! They are always so friendly, and the food is always spot on. The owners always update the decor in accordance with the franchise, so everything stays fresh and clean! The owners are always incredibly kind and they take good care of customers.“

2.3 Poor27 Reviews

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