Sandwich Shops in Gaithersburg

Wow Deli Sandwich Shop • $
9029 Gaither Rd, Gaithersburg

Customers` Favorites

Turkey Avocado Sandwich
Cheesesteak and Fries
Philly Cheese Steak

“Really good food! I just moved to the area and I was looking for some good local food spots to check out, came across Wow Deli and decided to give them a shot. I came in and ordered the Washington Cheesesteak and man was it good! Plenty more of meat and veggies, large portion of fries, and not overly priced! I will definitely be back soon!“

4.5 Superb31 Reviews
Java Junction Sandwich Shop • $
5 S Summit Ave, Gaithersburg

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Breakfasf Spicy Burrito
Cobb Salad Wrap Turkey
The Breakfast Sandwich
Java Junction
Garden Salad
Egg & Cheese
Iced Latte
Egg Salad

“Didn’t feel like I was in MOCO! The bulgogi sandwich & BLT were delicious. And I loved my chaispresso/dirty chai…I know this can’t even compare but I had just gotten a hot chai from Panera the other day and even when I asked for ‘less sweet,’ it tasted so sweet and off. But drinking Java Junction’s chaispresso made up for that experience/wasted money by 10-fold!I also adore how it’s in a charming, old structure in Old Towne Gaithersburg next to the MARC train tracks & outdoor locomotives on display. The train sounds made me nervous bc they’re so close but visually appealing & lovely nonetheless (and that’s not the business’s fault, of course).“

4.5 Superb22 Reviews
Charleys Cheesesteaks and Wings Cheesesteaks •
405 N Frederick Ave C, Gaithersburg

Customers` Favorites

Watermelon Strawberry Lemonade
Old School Cheesesteak
Cheesesteak Sandwich
10 PC Classic Wings
Bacon 3 Cheesesteak
Philly Cheesesteak
Original Fries
French Fries

“I had the old skool cheese steak that comes with cheese sauce? with extra provolone(because I'm a cheese wore lol). Added lettuce n tomatoes for a little razzle dazzle and I was sent steak n cheese heaven?. Fries are always made fresh for the perfect crunch and their toasted bread should be shouted about from the mountain tops “

4.1 Good31 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
853 Russell Ave, Gaithersburg

Customers` Favorites

6 Pack Cookie Box

“Short version - Taken our business around the corner to Jimmy Johns. Voting with our dollars.Long version:"So long and thanks for all the fish."The service at Subway is just simply excellent. It's amazing that just two people work so hard for so little money.One can tell by the quality of the food here.This Subway no longer sails and instead it sinks. Not everything fails to float...The FRESH BAKED cookies and bread are a good draw, even the sandwich toppings look better than they taste.However the 'deli meats' look and feel fresh but tasted just disgusting. Some of those maybe freshly sliced, but the two 12-inch turkey and roast beef subs we brought home each tasted like bad fish - those poor animals sacrificed their lives to be ground down, then pressed and formed along with flavor enhancing filler ingredients, then cooked into a low quality protein, sliced, portioned and served all very pretty like however attractive to the eye, tolerable to the wallet just to be repulsed by the tongue (and even though both of us being famished) we both still had our gag reflexes activated.[Think cheap chocolate covered Marshmallows* made with gefilte fish oil, find them on sale, then on the discount rack usually in spring after the Easter/Passover Holiday, just gross. (*Kosher)Two Subs 12 Inch subs, six cookies, taxes and tip* that's was over TWENTY DOLLARS.Thanks Subway Corporate we are holding you responsible for greed and neglect.The independent owner... The Subway Franchisee is equally at fault for pissing on their two hard working Angels and paying them the same part-time low hourly rate regardless be it on a weekday/weeknight/weekend/Holiday, why would you honor coupons.Before you moved into Bureau Drive there was a Baskin Robbins we were partial to, Times were tough and premium ice cream was and is available in our grocers freezer.Unlike Jerry's your Subway was 'Fresh & New' so We loyaly frequented your establishment weekly for almost two decades, As you cut corners and corporate cut quality we dropped back to biweekly, then monthly, then annually.Thanks for the real life lesson in local fast food economics, we get it, it's not easy being a SubWay Franchisee especially "when what little money there is that little bit of scratch is in the multiples" and obviously we no longer fit your demographic.If you need us for now we will l be around the corner at Jimmy John's.Parking: Ample free parking, Sufficient handicap parking.Wheelchair accessibility: Montgomery County Maryland, Mandates ADA compliance.“

3.4 Good49 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
108 Old Town Ave Suite #5, Gaithersburg

“Went in after work on a monday, and the place was remarkably clean, the staff were quick, kind and very attentive. I ordered a #2 and they double checked with me about what was on it, and asked if there was anything I wanted to add to it. I waited maybe 5 minutes behind 3 people, and the whole sandwich and checkout process was maybe 3 minutes. The sub was tasty, and I left feeling really satisfied with the whole thing. Compared to a lot of subways I've been to, this one definitely stood out to me.“

3.5 Good21 Reviews
Potbelly Sandwich Shop • $
544 N Frederick Ave, Gaithersburg

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Pot Pie Soup
Turkey Club
Clam Chowder
Roast Beef

“Food was delicious. It was my first time going to Hook n Reel. I enjoyed the seafood boil. I got the snow crab boil with potatoes and corn on the cob. I haven't had a seafood boil in a long time. The service was impeccable. Our waitress was very attentive. The ambiance gave Crusty Crab vibes lol. But I loved the theme. I would 100 % recommend.“

3.3 Good28 Reviews
Jersey Mike's Subs Sandwich Shop • $
249 Kentlands Blvd, Gaithersburg

“We order from the location at least once a week. We normally order more than 1 sub, the subs are very good, no complaints at all about the subs. My only complaint, they can't seem to put the number of the sub on the packaging of the subs. Every time we get the subs back, we have to open each and every one to determine who's is who's. Other than that, the place is great. Maybe management might be able to do something about this.“

3.2 Average35 Reviews
Potbelly Sandwich Shop • $
128 Boardwalk Pl, Gaithersburg

Customers` Favorites

Lemon Cheesecake Cookie
Chicken Club Sandwich
Potbelly Whole Pickle
San Pellegrino
Clam Chowder
A Wreck

“The tuna bacon sandwich and spicy chicken sandwich are an absolute delight. The tuna-bacon is well-seasoned and flavorful, while the spicy chicken is juicy and tender. The combination of flavors is unique and delicious. The sandwich is served on a fresh bun, making it even more enjoyable. Overall, this sandwich is a great option for anyone looking for a tasty and satisfying meal.“

3.1 Average34 Reviews
Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop • $
523 Quince Orchard Rd, Gaithersburg

Customers` Favorites

Tuna Salad Sandwich
Dry Roast Beef

“I was in Gaithersburg for an appointment and wanted to get something to eat before I returned home. I found Jimmy Johns while I was going to Starbucks. Upon entering, I was warmly greeted by the owner. As a first time customer, he gave me a free brownie. When I got home and started to eat my sandwich, it was so good that I had to call to express my gratitude and satisfaction. I spoke to the manager on duty to tell him about my experience. Kudos to Jeff the owner Drew, and the young lady who made my wrap sandwich.(I didn’t get her name)I will be sure to visit again the next time that I am in the area.Thank you so much!“

3.1 Average31 Reviews
Kenny's Sub Shop Sandwich Shop • $
288 N Frederick Ave, Gaithersburg

Customers` Favorites

Wonton Egg Drop Soup
Shrimp Egg Foo Young
Roast Pork Egg Roll
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken Chow Mein
Pork Fried Rice
Pork Chow Mein
French Fries
Spring Roll
Wonton Soup

“It is a takeout restaurant. Due to COVID, the layout changed for the better. Food is great and you can call in order. Menu is available online.Vegetarian options: Parking is available but can be tight.Parking: You may not get a space right at the restaurant, but you can get a park.“

2.8 Average30 Reviews
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