Chipotle Mexican Grill in San Jose

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 1 S Market St #40

Rating: 3.7 - 89 Reviews


1 S Market St #40, San Jose CA 95113
(408) 938-0919

Chipotle Mexican Grill
Let me start of by saying the first time I walked in this place, I was in a rush and pressed the employees. In-spite my fiery attitude I gave off, this Chipotle team handled it very well. They were understanding, had great customer service, and most importantly, they were fair about the amount of guacamole they put more

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 361 N Capitol Ave #30

Rating: 3.5 - 87 Reviews


361 N Capitol Ave #30, San Jose CA 95133
(408) 457-6347

Chipotle Mexican Grill

This Chipotle was the best they actually had the rice i could eat so i won't be back to the one on Capitol and Tully so sorry to bad to lose a customer

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 1566 Monterey Rd Ste 10

Rating: 3.2 - 70 Reviews


1566 Monterey Rd Ste 10, San Jose CA 95110
(408) 286-3371

Chipotle Mexican Grill
I always come to this Chipotle because they always fill my order just how I want it when I ask and they're always so speedy while being efficient. They're so helpful and willing to accommodate whether it be walking in without a mask and taking my order for me curbside, or forgetting my wallet. Appreciate these guys more

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 540 Newhall Dr Ste 10

Rating: 3.1 - 73 Reviews


540 Newhall Dr Ste 10, San Jose CA 95110
(408) 418-4500

Chipotle Mexican Grill
What a nice and very clean location.staff was welcoming and made you feel welcomed i don't feel like i will get sick and theres clean tables and their work station clean..unlike the location on el camino & scott blvd where staff was rude and disgusting dirty every time i have gone there but that's more

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 1095 E Brokaw Rd #70

Rating: 3.1 - 86 Reviews


1095 E Brokaw Rd #70, San Jose CA 95131
(408) 703-2871

Chipotle Mexican Grill

I love Chipotle! But the service here from Sam and John was EMACULANT!!!! I love coming here

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 1645 Saratoga Ave #10

Rating: 3.1 - 97 Reviews


1645 Saratoga Ave #10, San Jose CA 95129
(408) 777-8902

Chipotle Mexican Grill
I never leave reviews, but this chipotle has the best tasting burrito bowls out of any I've been to... and their consistent with their quality! Their bowls are NOT soggy and the food tastes VERY fresh. Also this location has adapted well with COVID-19 and is extremely quick with processing and completing orders (order more

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 4180 N 1st St UNIT 60

Rating: 3.1 - 79 Reviews


4180 N 1st St UNIT 60, San Jose CA 95134
(408) 520-4827

Chipotle Mexican Grill
I just wanted to take a minute to give a Cheers to Serena and her wonderful staff!!! They make sure everything is fresh everyday for their customers!!! The BEST CREW is here for you!!! They go 100% over the top for their Manager Serena to ensure all of the Teamwork that they put out is a hit out of the ball park for more

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 369 S Winchester Blvd

Rating: 3 - 105 Reviews


369 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose CA 95128
(408) 213-2935

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Good burritos, not as greasy as real taqueria, depends on what you're going for at the time you're feeling hungry.

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 975 The Alameda #10

Rating: 2.8 - 104 Reviews


975 The Alameda #10, San Jose CA 95126
(408) 288-9172

Chipotle Mexican Grill
We love this place! My kids love it most of all. I ordered online for take out tonight. Called a few minutes later to customize my kids meals. Everyone was so kind, calm, professional and patient with our changes to the kids meals. And when I picked up the food, everything was very clean and organized inside. Thank you!

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 2007 Camden Ave #50

Rating: 2.5 - 95 Reviews


2007 Camden Ave #50, San Jose CA 95124
(408) 369-8163

Chipotle Mexican Grill
We got takeout here today during the COVID-19 pandemic and I have to say this Chipotle really delivered, not only in getting more order done in a timely manner, but they were adhering to the strict safety protocols set by the state shelter in place lock down. We'll definitely be back and a big shout out to these more

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 5670 Cottle Rd #30

Rating: 2.5 - 102 Reviews


5670 Cottle Rd #30, San Jose CA 95123
(408) 300-5186

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Amazing customer service, as soon as you step in it feels like such a friendly environment. Employees will greet you and take their time taking your order, which is a problem I've been getting frequently with people just rushing you out. Gabe, Avery, and the whole staff are doing a great job thank you chipotle!

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 2990 E Capitol Expy #40

Rating: 2.3 - 109 Reviews


2990 E Capitol Expy #40, San Jose CA 95148
(408) 300-5114

Chipotle Mexican Grill
I stop by this location once or twice a week and the food is always fresh and tasty! I've tried everything on their menu. This place is always nice and clean. The customer service at this location is out of this world! A big shout out to Jasmine, Valentino and their night crew! You guys rock! Every visit I always see more

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 1110 Blossom Hill Rd #30

Rating: 2.2 - 120 Reviews


1110 Blossom Hill Rd #30, San Jose CA 95118
(408) 724-5272

Chipotle Mexican Grill

My wife and I came here a few weeks ago. Nothing out of the ordinary. Good food. Good service. Will come again :)

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