50 Best Juice Bars & Smoothies in Honolulu

Fancy Fresh Food Shop Juice • $$
1092 S Beretania St., Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Cucumber Lime Ginger
Lots of Fresh Fruit
Pineapple Papaya
Mango Strawberry
Power Smoothie
Passion Fruit

“I went to a juice shop that I was interested in after hearing about it from a friend♪A juice shop...or rather a fruit shop? ?In addition to fruits, there are bottles like grandma's pickled plum juice, as well as all sorts of mysterious dried fruits, but juice seems to be overwhelmingly popular.The inside of the store isn't very large, but there are several people in line, and while you're in line, the person in front of you will give you a sample of the leftover drink you ordered in a small cup ❤︎They let me try it three times before it was my turn (lol)I ordered Power Green and my friend ordered Ginger Lemon Honey & Mint.When I asked about the difference, I was told that Power Green has the sweetness of mango and pineapple, while Ginger Lemon has the sweetness of honey.As a result, I liked the Ginger Lemon that my friend ordered, and she liked my Power Green?Both of these two have quite a Ginger effect.I'm a big fan of Ginger, so I'm happy about it, but my friend found it a little too strong.You can also adjust the amount of ginger when ordering.It looks like there are many other flavors to enjoy, so I'd like to come back a few times and try other juices ❤︎...While I say that, I always end up ordering only the things I like...?There are two sizes: small ($7) and large ($10), and the small one has plenty of volume, but if you bring a large jar , you'll get a $3 discount, making it the same price as the large one! !Next time I’m very excited to buy a jar ✨And when it comes to paying, it's better to pay in cash??Card fees will be charged for card payments.The staff are very nice and it's close to my home, so I think this will be my favorite.“

5 Superb103 Reviews
Little Sweet Dessert • $
756 Palani Ave, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Cheesy Mango Tea 芝芝 芒芒
taro mille crepe box
Taro Mochi Violet
Brown Sugar Bobba
Mango Pomelo Sago
Strawberry Sago

“Wanted something a "Little Sweet" and found it. The taro mochi violet was excellent. Not to sweet and just right. The guy that was working the front was very helpful and even gave us a sample of some amazing soon to come to the menu item. He was so happy when we told him we loved our items! Can't wait to go again.“

4.9 Superb83 Reviews
ALO Cafe Hawaii Juice Bar & Smoothies • $
159 Kaʻiulani Ave #105, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Cacao PB Banana Bowl
Chocolate PB Banana
Vegan Avocado Toast
Signature Acai Bowl
Vegan Banana Bread
Green Tropical
Mango Pineapple
Waikiki Bliss
Green Smoothie
Banana Toast

“Delicious acai bowl!! This was my first time trying acai and wow this place didn't disappoint. The acai was perfect with the fruit, and granola on top. Definitely check this place out. The price wasn't bad either for the portion size. My husband had a smoothie which was also great!“

4.6 Superb266 Reviews
Cafe Villamor Coffee Shops • $
825 Ilaniwai St, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Stairway to Heaven Acai Bowl
Midnight Makapuu Acai Bowl
Hibiscus Pineapple Lychee
Carrot Cake Muffins
Mango Banana Bread
Acai Blueberry
Avocado Toast
Turkey Pesto

“A great combo of a Cafe that serves food, drinks, and desserts and attached to a climbing facility, yoga studio. I highly recommend stopping by and eating at this cafe. The service was fast and friendly and the climbing wall area was fun for the entire family.“

4.8 Superb75 Reviews
3212 Monsarrat Ave, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

French Toast with Banana Chocolate
Chocolate Banana French Toast
Berry Berry Yogurt Smoothie
Mango Passion Smoothie
Classic French Toast
Berry Berry Smoothie
Berry French Toast
Mochiko Chicken
Garlic Shrimp
Acai Bowl

“You can enjoy a delicious, piping hot breakfast (so you have to wait about 15 minutes after ordering).The cost performance is also great.The main box and French toast are delicious, but the malasada (fried bread similar to Okinawan donuts) that you can eat for $2 each is also delicious and comes out quickly, so I recommend it.There is no parking lot, but you can park on the street nearby.“

4.7 Superb90 Reviews
Tropical Tribe Acai Bowls • $
2161 Kālia Rd Suite 110, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Hawaiian Bowl with Tropical Topping
Hawaiian Acai Smoothie
Tropical Tribe Bowl
Iced Latte
Acai Bowl
Raw Cacao

“A friend of mine who is from the area said this is a must stop for the best açaí bowl on the island. So I had to try it. And he was right. The Tropical Tribe Bowl with the tropical topping and bee pollen was the way to go. It truly was the perfect bowl and everything about it was tasty. Plus, you can sit outside and soak in the beach vibes and watch the sunset. A solid experience overall and a place I recommend you visit.“

4.7 Superb86 Reviews
Andy's Sandwiches & Smoothies Sandwich Shop • $
2904 E Manoa Rd, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Ahi Melt

“Yum! What a great, but not something you can find everywhere kind of sandwich. I loved my eggplant melt. It was a lot more refreshing than I thought it would be (probably because when you hear the word "melt" you don't think super refreshing). This was my first order from Andy's and will definitely try more of their healthy but delicious sounding sandwiches and smoothies!“

4.6 Superb110 Reviews
Peace Cafe Cafe • $
2239 S King St, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Heart and Soul Bimbimbap with TVP
Katsu Curry Special
Avo-Veggie Sandwich
Tofu Katsu Curry
BBQ Tempeh Plate
Tempeh Katsu
Peace Plate

“Really great vegan food. We had the half tofu/ half tempeh katsu plate and the peace plate. Both meals were super tasty. It’s been hard to find vegan katsu, so I was excited to tried it and loved it, but it is super rich, so I was glad to have all the veggies in the peace plate to counter it. I especially liked the tempeh and the kale with peanut sauce. Nice service.“

4.5 Superb190 Reviews
Cafe KYRA Cafe • $
801 Kaheka St, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Hazelnut Latte

“Was early for Dr's appointments this morning and went on a search for a coffee place near by and found this little gem!Got the hazelnut latte for Mom,which she absolutely loved, and a yummy caramel macchiato for myself.Amazing customer service, got our drinks quickly and great prices!Will definitely drop by again for another coffee fix next appointment in town.Parking: It is a busy parking lot but we found a spot fairly quickly.“

4.9 Superb44 Reviews
Plant Based Paradise Kaimukī Vegan • $
3574 Waialae Ave, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Da Fried Rice Loco Moco
Big Breakfast Sandwich
Classic Avocado Toast
Chickpea Toona Wrap
Sesame Buddha Bowl
Thai Tofu Salad

“Hard to find, but delicious! I am not plant-based or vegan... I was accompanying a friend and ordered the Thai tofu sandwich which was absolutely delicious, perfectly balanced with several layers of flavor. I also ordered a Vietnamese coffee that was served in a cute tiki jar, all was super tasty! Preparation took a little long, but they only had two workers. This is a great place for a lunch meet up.“

4.6 Superb94 Reviews
1450 Ala Moana Blvd #1069, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

House Made Organic Tomato Basil Soup
Homemade Tomato Basil Garlic Soup
Pineapple Coconut 24oz Medium
The Chipotle Chicken Sandwich
Da Aloha Grilled Cheese
Coconut Mocha Frappe
The Nutella Fluff
The Pesto Deluxe
The Pastrami
Tomato Soup

“Yummy sandwiches! I really liked my Pesto deluxe sandwich. The gooey, melting cheese oozing out after a bite. Pesto was delicious and the sandwich was hot and crunchy and tasty! Friendly service and inside was very cutely decorated. A long table and several chairs looking outside, so I was able to see people passing by as I enjoy my food. Smoothies and drinks seem to be pretty popular too. People were swinging by for pickup or just to take out and eat at the Ala Moana Beach park.“

4.5 Superb143 Reviews
HUMU SANDWICH & SMOOTHIES Juice Bars And Smoothies • $
201 Merchant St # 102, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

California Club Sandwich
Roast Beef Sandwich
Turkey Club Panini
Mozzarella Panini
The Reuben

“We got the bulgogi beef and the chicken sun-dried tomato panini. The ingredients tasted fresh and the chicken was cooked well (not dry). If you’re in the mood for a quick and tasty panini then this is a great spot to go. Limited seating available so takeout is best.“

4.7 Superb61 Reviews
Sun Tea Mix Bubble Tea •
400 Keawe St #107, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Creme Brulee Souffle Pancakes
Strawberry Smoogurt
Tropical Lava Flow
Cheese Foam

“If you’re looking for those super fluffy Japanese souffle pancakes, this is the place to get ‘em. Aside from the pancakes, which are delicious on their own, they have creative toppings like Biscoff and Crème Brûlée and Brown Sugar Boba - those sauces will have you licking the wax off the plates lol.I also appreciate how you can order the drinks at varying degrees of added sweetness - for smoothies 25% is about right for me. They’re always coming up with new and seasonal flavors for the drinks as well - you’ll have a hard time deciding between a tea, milk tea, smoothie or milk shake.Parking is plentiful in the area; closest garage would be the Hmart one and you can get validation with a purchase in the market. On Sundays, street parking is free and the area is pretty safe during the day - just don’t go into the bathrooms at the park nearby.“

4.6 Superb81 Reviews
Irie jerk Jamaican • $$
1088 Bishop St STE 101, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Jerk Chicken Wings with Rice and Peas
Jerk Pork with Mac N Cheese
Mini Leg and Thigh Plate

“Located in The Heart of China Town in Honolulu, we stumbled across Irie Jerk, a Jamaican Restaurant. In about a month we must have visited at least five times. The Mash Potatoes are the best I’ve tasted anywhere, Finger licking Good. We also tried the Oxtail, Jerk Chicken, Curry Chicken and Curry Goat, all served with a choice of rice and peas ,cabbage, Mac and cheese, are all delicious. Not only is the food excellent, the owner Cadeen and the staff are pleasant and courteous. I look forward to my next visit.If you are in Honolulu, please stop by Irie Jerk, you won’t be disappointed.“

4.8 Superb44 Reviews
Vita Juice Health Food • $
1111 Fort Street Mall, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Acai Bowl

“Best acai bowl I've had on island! The location can be very deceiving but the quality of the Acai is amazing. It's not too sweet, you can taste the freshness, it's loaded with fruits and granola. I'm definitely going back! This place a good mine!“

5 Superb31 Reviews
Thắng's French Coffee & Bubble Tea Bubble Tea • $
1286 Kalani St Suite B108, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

With Pearls

“We used to come here a lot! Like every week at least once, but we hadn't been coming into town as much so haven't stopped here in awhile.I'm happy to say that Thangs is still awesome! I never remember how good Thangs is until I've eaten at other smoothie places for awhile. What I realize when I get to have Thangs again is their smoothies have more real fruit in them, you can taste the extra flavor. Their bobas are perfect, soft without being too soft. And the texture of their bobas is creamy.The family that runs it is very efficient and friendly as well.Thangs is awesome, do yourself a favor and go there! They always keep the place very clean as well, we've been going for many years.“

4.7 Superb52 Reviews
Leahi Health Kaimuki Juice • $$
3441 Waialae Ave, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Deep Green and Rainbow Tacos
Bacon Mustard Bowl

“Food was great even though I think we got the wrong order.Girl putting the order in was on her phone texting.Also I had to say “hi can I order?” Has she was on her phone at the tablet.There’s no “welcome in” or anything engaging.Food is great but service is so bad. Take the tip option off.Dined in 3/13 around 2:30pm. Girl with brown hair.Service is why you will close one day.“

4.7 Superb46 Reviews
Kai Fresh Cafe • $
120 Kaʻiulani Ave, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Waikiki Açaí Bowl
Waikiki Acai Bowl
Waffle Acai Bowl
Nutella Acai Bowl
Croissant Waffle
Drip Coffee
Acai Bowls
Shave Ice

“I stopped in for a quick bite for breakfast. There isn’t much seating so I suggest you plan for takeout and find somewhere near by to sit down to eat. I ordered the Waikiki Açaí Bowl and the Waikiki latte. The latte was more milk than coffee but it was still good. Açaí bowl was pretty big in size (two people could split it for a light breakfast) and had tons of fresh fruit. They are a little on the pricey side but you definitely get what you pay for.“

4.5 Superb83 Reviews
NIO Snow Ice & Tea Bubble Tea • $$
550 Halekauwila St #101, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Banana Snow Ice
Matcha Red Bean Snow Ice
Strawberry Shaved Ice
Strawberry Snow Ice
Mango Shave Ice
Mango Snow Ice

“I love to walk here when I'm taking a long walk. The service is great as are the drinks. I like to get the papaya smoothie and add boba and the boba is perfectly made. It also doesn't freeze with the drink, so it's delicious to the last sip. The atmosphere is cozy as it is just an ordering window, but there is a place to sit if you're looking for a reprieve from the sun or your walk.“

4.6 Superb56 Reviews
JJ SQUARED Bakery Bakery • $
1440 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Coffee Chiffon with Strawberries
8 Chocolate Chocolate Cake
8 Mango Mousse Cake
Black Forest Cake
Butterfly Cookies
Taro Cream Puffs
8 Vanilla Cake
Sesame Cookies
Coconut Roll
Tiramisu Cup

“I love the pork floss buns from here and their milk tea is one of the best on island! I like it a lot because the boba balls are consistently soft, the drink is sweet but not too sweet (I usually get 50% sugar though), and they don't put an overwhelming amount of ice into their drink! Their mango smoothie is also super Ono - not too icy ... more creamy! Can't wait to come back“

4.6 Superb52 Reviews
Summer Frappe Juice • $
82 N Pauahi St, Honolulu

“Great local place to get banh mi, smoothies, and sugarcane juice. Sugar cane juice should only be juiced immediately after ordering. Sugarcane juice is not tasty if pre-juiced. It seems only Vietnamese places make sugarcane juice this way. My favorite drinks from here are sugar cane juice, salty lemonade, avocado smoothie, iced coffee, coffee smoothie, and pennywort juice.“

4.9 Superb27 Reviews
Five senses Juice Bar & Smoothies •
808 Sheridan St unit 108, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Detox Green Smoothie
Vegetarian Wraps
Acai Bowl

“Visiting Hawaii from Canada and stumbled on this cutest place ever! The staff was so friendly and welcoming it felt like home. Not only did they think about every little detail in the decor, atmosphere, their food and drinks we had were amazing! I had the green detox smoothie and the açai bowl and absolutely love my order. It was so fresh and top quality ingredients. Wish we had something like this place in Alberta ❤️“

5 Superb22 Reviews
Fortune Tea Bubble Tea • $
1302 Pali Hwy, Honolulu

“Ordered a passion mango smoothie and I will say that I will make the sugar level higher next time. Overall, it was a very refreshing drink and I really liked the passion fruit seeds in the bottom.The drink was smooth, fruity, and delicious. The location is rather cute being around the corner of the street, but depending on when you come you may or may not find much street parking. The tea shop was clean, bright and simple. I actually appreciated that it wasn't too cluttered with items and their menu had options but not overwhelming. The people were friendly and fast with my order. To me, that's great service considering that you're only getting a drink! Definitely will come back again!“

4.8 Superb29 Reviews
Jewel or Juice (Kaimuki) Juice • $
3619 Waialae Ave, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Acai and Pitaya Bowl
Warrior Acai Bowl

“My daughter just brought home a Kale Smoothie from Jewel or Juice on her way home from U.H. It was the best smoothie I ever had! Healthy ingredients with a smooth delicious taste. Guarantee to return myself or ask my daughter to bring home for me different choices from the menu A.SA.P.“

4.7 Superb34 Reviews
Teapresso Bar Aloha Tower Cafe •
1 Aloha Tower Dr #1312, Honolulu

“Who knew there's a Teapresso Bar here in Aloha Tower Marketplace... One of the smallest Teapresso Bar that I've seen and their menu is displayed a bit different than the usual so I'm not sure if they do have all the teas that they usually brew fresh but do see my favorite Pink Dragon Hibiscus is available here though for some reason wasn't feeling that this visit. It could be seeing the ocean view just a short distance but something about this open outdoorsy air vibe just feels so refreshing and decided on a Slushie and with what seems to have five to choose from (Mango, Strawberry, Honeydew, Yeah, Lychee, Pineapple and Passion Fruit) it had to be Passion Fruit for me and though there is a couple of tables and a few counter seating strolling around outside seem like the vibe for me as this slushie had just the right sweetness and flavor. The staff here is just a patient and pleasant as I couldn't decide between several choice did help me narrow it down to my slushie...with a view. Thank you!“

4.9 Superb22 Reviews
Mango Mango Dessert Dessert • $
1450 Ala Moana Blvd Unit #3710, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Strawberry Mango Juice Sago and Lychee Jelly
Mango Mille Crepe Cake 芒果干層
With Mango Ice Cream
Ube Frappuccino
Mango Mango

“Really chill place. The Taro Bubble Tea is delicious, real great little place, lady that served us looked like she would rather be doing anything else than being there.Packaging is unique and funky.The brown sugar boba is a wee bit too grainy for my liking, but overall nice bubble tea place“

4.3 Superb120 Reviews
Da Spot Health Foods & Juices Health Food • $
2469 S King St, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Moroccan Chicken with Zafron Rice
Coconut Lemon Herb Chicken Combo
Moroccan Roasted Chicken Combo
Sauteed Spicy Garlic Chicken
Egyptian Chicken Curry
Butter Chicken Curry
Coconut Fish Plate
Chicken Parmesan
Spicy Chicken
Combo Plate

“We had a great experience at Da Spot. I liked having the options right in front of us. I had the coconut lemon fish and subbed the Mac salad. Highly recommend both. My wife got the chicken parm I think it was also very good. The rice is great on its own but was even better with the sauces. Great prices for the amount of food as well!“

4.4 Superb67 Reviews
Sol & Mer Juice •
2055 Kālia Rd, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites


“Love this entire crew and their operation! A great product and an awesome way to support small business when visiting such a great place. We had a variety of their drinks and all were so good and packed a punch! Cannot recommend them enough and will be sure to tell friends and family visiting to keep an eye out on the beach and check out their website for deliveries around the island!“

4.8 Superb24 Reviews
Yomie's Rice x Yogurt Hawaii Bubble Tea •
1450 Ala Moana Blvd #1079, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread
Passion Fruit Purple Rice Yogurt
Ube Purple Rice Yogurt
Lychee Yogurt
Mango Yogurt

“Been here multiple times and they never failed me. I love their drinks here so much that I kept coming back. Prices are reasonable and the space is so cute. Almost every corner it's so artistic.Amongst my favorite drinks are mango purple rice yogurt, ube purple rice yogurt, dragon fruit yogurt & their peach yogurt. They have the best purple rice yogurt in my opinion.Customer service is good and they were nice in here. Waiting time for your drink varies. It also depends if they got lots of customer and most of the time they got a long line which form from the outside.The only thing that I don't like coming here is parking. There are many instances that I want to grab drinks here but didn't went through coz parking is so tough, like really challenging. They only got street parking and most of the time it is occupied but other than that their drinks are pretty competitive. Hope they'll open one in a mall or a foodcourt. That would be awesome!Mahalo for reading & happy juandering fellow Yeeps!“

4.3 Superb110 Reviews
Betty's Burgers Honolulu Burgers • $
1025 University Ave, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

French Fries and Onion Rings
Double Beacon Cheese Burger
Bacon Double Cheeseburger
Betty's Spicy Burger
Deluxe with Cheese
Teriyaki Burger
Bacon Burger
Small Fries

“Sorry I didn't take a picture of the food . I was too busy devouring the perfection on my plate.The fries are some of the best I've ever had at a burger joint.I got the regular cheeseburger and it was divine. The BB sauce was light and flavorful. I love that they didn't put too much on it. Crispy edges to the burger just like it should be. The bun was soft and fresh.“

4.3 Superb86 Reviews
Rabbit Rabbit Tea University Bubble Tea • $
2700 S King St, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Boba Paradise

“I don't understand why they had to change the main menu board. Nothing about adding milk or boba except on the counter or somewhere else and not convenient. Earl Grey wasn't as fragrant as I hoped as Earl Grey lover. Golden boba was good in my earl grey milk tea. They have nice seating area and that's nice. A worker sitting behind the counter to take a break with a drink wasn't looking pretty though. Make a space for workers to take a break properly if there's none.Shared parking spaces with other stores available but I would imagine it's often packed.“

4.5 Superb37 Reviews
Nalu Health Bar & Cafe Juice Bar & Smoothies • $
226 Lewers St, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Ahi Tuna Sandwich
Tropical Blast
Avocado Toast
Lean & Green
Kale Salad
Acai Bowl

“A great spot to grab a quick bite. I got their açaí bowl which was very delicious. I always love when there is an option to add bee pollen to my bowls. The açaí was sweet yet soft, and the fruit atop it was fresh. The service is fast, and it's a nice space. There is an inside and a slight outdoor space, but Nalu is so close to the beach that I recommend to just take the bowl with you and lay in the sand and enjoy the beautiful weather.“

4.3 Superb67 Reviews
MOMO TEA Bubble Tea • $
320 Ward Ave #116, Honolulu

“Best matcha boba on the island (and I’ve tried a lot). Matcha has excellent flavor, especially for matcha enthusiasts like myself haha. Boba is well cooked, chewy, and sweet but not overtly sweet. My friend likes to get the potted milk tea.Honestly my favorite boba shop on the island!!Such a nice place, cute vibes, and free parking (but if you have a big car it’ll be a bit tight… also right now there’s construction to the adjacent parking lot so this one can get crowded/full at certain hours).Parking: Free lot but spaces are tiny“

4.6 Superb25 Reviews
1425 Liliha St Ste #10, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Taro Smoothie

“Cute little gem that had a nice variety of choices. The menu was robust and organized well. I opted for the non caffeinated taro milk tea with boba and lychee jelly. I loved that you could choose the level of sweetness. I went with 25%, and it was perfect - sweet but not too sweet. A nice refreshing afternoon stop.“

4.5 Superb31 Reviews
Hawaiian Sun Products Juice Bars And Smoothies • $$
259 Sand Island Access Rd, Honolulu

“I had the best experience working with Loyce green! She started managing my account with my first deposit of $1000 and made over $12,000 in less than 2 weeks! Thank you for making the process stress free! Highly recommend Loyce green to anyone regarding their account managing needs!“

5 Superb13 Reviews
da Cove Health Bar and Cafe Health Food • $
3045 Monsarrat Ave #5, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

アサイーボール ラージ
Diamond Head Cove Veggie Wrap
Almond Butter
Veggie PO Boy
Da Cove Bowl
Açai Bowl
Hapa Bowl

“Hidden gem. I really enjoyed my açai bowl. I got the Pā’ina Boat, it came in a papaya (technically wasn’t an açai bowl). It was super refreshing. Wish we tried more bowls here. The mango smoothie was nice and creamy. I wanted to try the Hawaiian ‘Awa (Kava) drink “known for its relaxing and calming effects” but I was driving. Highly recommend dropping by.“

4.2 Good105 Reviews
Honolulu pineapple co Ice Cream Shop • $

“We walked from Waikiki Marriott to Diamond Head Park and then climbed it, and walked back. We stopped on the way back! And thank God for them, because it is lunch time and we are hungry. We got the hamburger steak and gravy bento box and the beef stew bento box. Both for $5. They were great. The hamburger steak, I would highly recommend. The beef stew had too fatty of meat for me. But I know a larger amount of people prefer it that way. The most expensive item was the açaí bowl. $14. It's a hulled out 1/2 or a pineapple filled with all kinds of fruit it could feed a family. We got the pineapple whip for $6.50 and then an up charge of $1 for diced pineapples to be added. It was beautiful and delicious. I wish I would have waited until after I finished my meal to order. But that's on me. People wander why we walk with hydration packs on our backs. Well, several reasons. I don't like to carry a water batter. Plus my H2O bladder holds 2 liters. And our pack holds personal items, so we can stop places like this along the way. I prefer to explore new areas on foot. Just miss to much in a car. And the truck is positioned near a public restroom!“

4.3 Superb54 Reviews
Olena Cafe Vegan • $
1631 Kapiolani Blvd Suite #2, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Vegan Carrot Lox Bagel
Olena Bowl & Acai Bowl
Olena Avocado Toast
Breakfast Wrap
Mac-Nut Pesto
Olena Waffle

“Best Açaí bowl on the island! Plenty of toppings, amazing açaí mix and their granola is just fabulous. I bought 3 packs before I moved back to the mainland. I have tried many açaí bowls on Oahu and Kauai in the past 6 months. This is the best açaí bowl that is truly healthy and tasty. I have also tried their lox bagels. I don’t really like carrots but this was delicious.“

4.2 Good92 Reviews


Drinks Juice •
Left Space, 2463 Kūhiō Ave., Honolulu

“Coming from Arizona this was super great to see as we have tons of juice shops in Sedona - what I really like about this place was that you didn't really have to deal with anyone. You just serve yourself and it could not be cooler. Super tech wins and I think this is the start of something great, juices are incredible as well.“

5 Superb12 Reviews
Aunty Gigi's Cafe Acai Bowls •
1020 Ke’eaumoku St, Honolulu

“Following super Yelper Nadine, I was in the Ala Moana area and decide to stop in on Aunty Gigi's Cafe. They are located on the corner of Keeaumoku and Young Streets, on the Ewa/Makai corner. You enter the parking from Young street. Nadine had glowing reviews of her purchases and I have to concur with her thoughts about Aunty Gigi's. They have been open for about a month and are in sort of a soft opening. Their smoothies and Acai bowl offerings/pricing are prominently displayed on the wall. The savory offerings, musubis and bentos are not yet listed but some are available. On this day the spam/egg musubi and the Kimbop were available as well as the meat Jun bento. This is a small operation so I had a chance to try the savory orders made as ordered. It was fun talking to Aunty Gigi as she prepared my order. She is very friendly and easy to converse with. Her "cafe" is compact, very clean as she totally gutted out the space brought in new equipment and fixtures. I took home the Kimbop, meat Jun and acai bowl, and also brought home one of the musubi to try, compliments of Aunty. The savory offerings are on the counter. When I went the first hour they were open Aunty was in the process of making the savory offerings. The smoothies and acai bowls are of course made to order.Delicious offerings close to Ala Moana shopping center.“

5 Superb12 Reviews
Topped Waikiki Korean • $
333 Royal Hawaiian Ave, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Teriyaki Chicken Salad
Kalbi Steak and Egg
Chicken Bibimbap
Kalbi Bibimbap
Chicken Mayo

“Wow!✨✨!! Highly recommend! Delicious food & outstanding customer service. ? ? ?Open late, perfect location & comfy tables & chairs on Royal Hawaiian Ave. I’ve lived here 3 years & had never tried it before, now I’m gonna eat here every day?I am a very happy customer!! Everything about this place is amazing I had the Kalbi Steak & Egg & it was the BOMB!!????. Give love & support to local businesses. Love & Light, Mahalo??“

4.1 Good215 Reviews
Honolulu Coffee Experience Center Coffee Shops • $
1800 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Fried Rice with Portuguese Sausage and Egg
Raspberry Lemon Thyme Scone
Breakfast Sandwich
Almond Croissant
Oreo Matcha Cake
Pour over Coffee
Almond Milk Latte
100 Kona Coffee
Quiche Lorraine

“It's about a 10-minute walk from Kuhio Avenue or Rakaua Avenue, with the statue of King Kalakaua in front of you.Just after crossing the Ala Wai Canal bridge.The inside of the store was bright and the sunlight was shining in from the sky, creating a very nice and comfortable atmosphere.If you sit at the counter, you can watch the roasting being done right in front of you.We had a relaxing time eating cafe latte, Banana Bread, and Chia pudding Parfait.On the wall are large pictures and explanations that explain the history of coffee, and in the shop, coffee beans, cups, soap bags, etc. are neatly displayed for sale.I first purchased Honolulu Coffee's Banana Bread when I stayed at the Luana Waikiki Hotel, where they sold Honolulu Coffee's bakery products at the Fish Hook Cafe on the 1st floor. All of the breads were delicious, but the Banana Brea was not too sweet, fluffy and had a nice banana scent, and I remember buying several pieces during my stay.At the Honolulu coffee shop, it was the last one, so it was safe.Chia pudding parfait is a chewy dessert cup filled with chia seeds, cacao nibs, and blueberries. It was chewy and had a delicious faint cocoa flavor.“

4.1 Good200 Reviews
Planet Smoothie Juice • $
1120 Vickers Ave, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Breakfast Burritos
Chocolate Elvis
Basil Chicken
Feta Chicken

“Overall it is good. Very convenient location. It is located in the Hickam Gym, so easy to access after a workout. Also easy to make the trip here on a break from work, if you work on JBPHH, near or on Hickam side.My favorite smoothie is Java the Nut. Second favorite is Chocolate Elvis. Third favorite is PB&J. To be honest I think those are the only ones I have tried. I like chocolate and peanut butter a lot.“

4.6 Superb17 Reviews
Hawaiian Cane Juice Juice • $
2201 Kalākaua Ave A-305, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Pineapple Canece

“The spot was a little difficult to find even we use the map. We got lost but it was a fun experience. However, the sugar cane juice was really fresh. We can see when they are making it. It was refreshing and perfect for the hot weather. It was my first drink in Hawaii“

4.2 Good56 Reviews
The Sunrise Shack Coffee Shops • $$
2335 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Monkey Bowl Acai Bowl
Traditional Acai Bowl
Tropical Smoothie
Jungle Matcha Bowl
Blue Dream Bowl
Coconut Flakes
Coconut Bullet
Classic Bullet
Smoothie Bowl
Vegan Sandwich

“I only went for coffee and I’m happy to say it was worth it. I missed ordering any food, but I can imagine it will be as good as the service. Oh and the coffee.As seemed to the case all around the area, I had to search for a cafe in the morning that didn’t have a line out the door. For instance, the hotel next door that a whole bunch of suckers were waiting in a couple doors down to the left was out the door and seemed to wrap around a corner. This little gem was tucked back at the end of the entrance ramp to a hotel and no line. Best kind of results.They should expect a visit tomorrow.“

4.1 Good135 Reviews
Leahi Health Aina Haina Juice • $
820 W Hind Dr, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Surfer Bowl

“Went there today and ordered the bacon mustard taco. This is my first time there. The workers were so pleasant and patient. The bacon mustard taco was crazy delicious!! I thought about adding tofu as the protein but glad I didn’t. It was huge and so filling. Can’t wait to go back and try another menu item!!Vegetarian options: Menu is plant based.“

4.3 Superb33 Reviews
Aloha Sugarcane Juice Juice Bar & Smoothies •
Waikiki Beach Walk, 226 Lewers St 1st Floor, Honolulu

“At the University of Hawaii rainbow warrior spring football game I happened to see this booth with LOCAL Oahu, Hawaii, fresh sugarcane, and assorted fruits that they were juicing fresh I tried the sugarcane with pineapple and mango, and also with the LOCAL, miniature citrus fruits Absolutely delicious refreshing healthy excellent service large 20 ounce glass for eight dollars and its farm fresh Thank you Khang and your team for the excellent service Aloha and Mahalo“

5 Superb9 Reviews
Lemon Supply Breakfast •
1170 Auahi St, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Raspberry Lemon

“When life gives you lemons, add Li Hing on it! Never thought to add a little spice to some lemonade until after visiting Lemon Supply. With this high quality service and prime time spot in the South Shore Market nothing else could beat the heat on a warm afternoon with a cool drink inside a mason jar. I even brought my own reusable straw for this moment knowing that they offer even a promotion for a future visit when you bring back your jar :)“

4.2 Good47 Reviews
HiBlend Health Bar & Cafe Health Food • $
1481 S King St #134-A, Honolulu

Customers` Favorites

Hiblend Acai Bowl
Farm Gone Wild
Balt Sandwich
Smoked Salmon
Dragon Bowl
The Balt

“Idk what they’re putting in their açaí (according to the menu, it’s açaí/strawberries/blueberries/banana) but it’s deeeelicious. Smooth texture and great taste. The granola is crunchy and addicting! The addition of bee pollen is great.There isn’t wifi, so not a good working space, but there are some tables outside to enjoy the sun.Parking: Parking is $2.50/hr“

4.1 Good91 Reviews
Spill The Tea Cafe Cafe •
1034 Queen St 2Nd Floor, Honolulu

“This is me and my Alex.adopted out of Russia age 15 months of age ro prevent dying...now I am in love with him forevah and will accept who ever he loves. Family Connections are really important and this TeaRoomplace to meet up is ideal idea.“

4.9 Superb9 Reviews
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