50 Best Coffee Shops in Boise

Waffle Me Up Coffee Shops • $
204 N Capitol Blvd, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Strawberry Waffle with Nutella Along with Scrambled Eggs and Bacon
Original with Havarti and Bacon Waffle
Gluten Free Waffle with Strawberries
Original Waffle with Egg
Bobacado Delux Waffle
Waffle Me Strawberry
Chicken and Waffles
Deluxe with Avocado
Bob Avocado Deluxe
Waffle and Chicken

“Was looking for brunch to meet friends from out of town. This wasn't it, as they don't do brunch, but the waffles are amazing, just the right amount of sweet and savory. They have some selections already on the menu and of course some create your own. I highly recommend Waffle Me Up!“

4.8 Superb144 Reviews
Happy Boba Coffee Shops • $$
6932 W State St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Oolong Tea Salted Cheese
Black Tea Salted Cheese
Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberry Unknown
Vanilla Coffee
Mango Passion
Passion Fruit
Green Waffle
Foam Waffle

“I go every Sunday and the staff is amazing. The boba is wonderful and what's great. is that a lot of the drinks that contain milk? you can substitute it without milk and use a alternative milk such as coconut or soy or almond milk. The boba itself is very soft, but my favorite is the crystal boa. it has a texture like aloe. Every time I come in I'm always read it with a smile and catch up with them from the past week. sometimes I'll have them pick out their favorite drink for me to try and everything on the milk. tea is a wonderful. The taro. they make it in house. my personal favorite is the winter melon with half sweetness the mochi waffle is to die for. I love the matcha one and get that every Sunday as well“

4.9 Superb90 Reviews
Primal Coffee Boise Coffee Shops • $$
20 N Latah St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Breakfast Sammy on a Flaky Croissant

“Primal Coffee is a truly special place-- the best coffee shop I've been to in Boise, if not one of the best coffee shops period.-Service is excellent. There's not one bad employee-- forgive me for not knowing everyone's name. Amanda in particular knew my name and order after my fourth time in, and always makes sure to check in. Austin, the owner, works there frequently, which shows a real care for his business, employees, and customers.-drinks are delicious! I recommend the primal coffee or the chai. And it's a real gingery chai, instead of the sugary stuff most places serve.-great breakfast food. The breakfast sandwich on the ham and swiss croissant is my favorite, but they also have avocado toast and other bread options.-it turns into a kava joint after hours, making it a great alternative to bars after 5pm.Do yourself a favor and come through. The earlier the better-- it has, quite deservedly, become a popular spot.“

4.9 Superb88 Reviews
Mojo's Donuts & Ice Cream Donut Shops •
4622 N Eagle Rd, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Brownie Salted Carmel Banana Cream Oreo Huckleberry Cream Cheese Peanut Butter & Jelly Doughnuts
Salted Caramel Blueberry Filled Huckleberry Filled and Nerds Donuts
6 Classic and 6 Specialty Doughnuts
Cinnamon Roll Peanut Butter & Jelly
Chocolate Cruller Maple Bar
Apple Hand Pie Donut
Apple Fritter
Donut Holes
Soft Serve

“We are new to the area and these donuts are bomb! They are so fresh and delicious. Every single component is deliciously put together to make the most delectable donuts I've ever had. The service here was warm and friendly. The person who helped us was so kind and helpful. The shop is cute and inviting. I definitely recommend Mojo's for the best donut you've ever had!“

4.8 Superb96 Reviews
Sunshine Spice Bakery & Cafe Coffee & Tea • $
6911 Fairview Ave, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Dumplings with Latte Turkish Coffee Raspberry Tart and Pistachio Baklava
Pudding Flavored with Rosewater and Topped with Pistachios
Turkish Bagel with Cream Cheese and Honey
Saffron Latte and Saffron Cookie
Lemon Tart and Passion Fruit Bar
White Chocolate Raspberry Tart
Dumplings with Pistachio Latte
Jam Rolls & Nutella Rolls
Blueberry Lemon Tart
Traditional Soup

“2nd time there. My adult daughter enjoys a little father daughter time getting a coffee. Not only does this shop have a more diverse selection of flavors. Orange, lavender and cardamon to name a few, their pastries are to die for. Service is great!! Nice decor. It's well worth your time!!!“

4.8 Superb89 Reviews
Alchemist Coffee Downtown (Idaho St) Vegan • $$
620 W Idaho St Suite 200, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Jackfruit BBQ Sandwich
Fried Kalamari
Phish Tacos

“This is my go-to study place. I'd say it's the quietest coffee shop in Boise, so it's perfect if you wanna get some work done. They have THE BEST breakfast burritos here. Better than the coffee in my opinion. That said, the Coffee is pretty good, with fun, funky, seasonal drinks to choose from as well as traditional drinks. The service is what you'd expect and hope for. I'd give 4.5 stars if it were possible, so I highly recommend“

4.6 Superb72 Reviews
Constellation Coffee Coffee Shops •
5015 Bond St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Drip Coffee with 1 Quasar Shot

“I'm so happy I found this place!! I got the lavender oat milk latte and it was delicious. Momo was so friendly, he told me all about the domes and community center. I even got to take my dog into the dome to explore the plants and koi pond. Really cool what they have going on there. I will be coming back often!! Do yourself a favor and go ?“

5 Superb40 Reviews


Nomad Coffee Shops • $
603 S Capitol Blvd, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Filled Beignets with Powdered Sugar on Top
Blood Orange Cardamom Cream
Croissant Cinnamon Roll
Eggs Benedict Burrito
Roasted Strawberry
Iberico Sandwich
Breakfast Burrito
Avocado Toast
Drip Coffee

“I don’t know where to start! The decor was very unique and welcoming! We had beignets and 3 different breakfast choices! OMG! SO GOOD! Muddled basil lemonade and roasted strawberry lemonade with fermented honey! The food looked so good we failed to take pictures! Presentation matched the pics on the website! This little gem has not been discovered yet!“

4.7 Superb83 Reviews
Flying M Coffee House Coffee Shops • $
500 W Idaho St #100, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Caramel Latte and Butter Croissant
Ham and Cheddar Egg Bake
Ham and Cheese Turnover
Savory Turnovers
Monster Cookies
Cheddar Biscuit
Coffee Beans
Italian Soda
Fresh Brewed
Drip Coffee

“Love to stop in whenever I'm in the area! I live in Eagle and will happily drive 30 mins and past dozens of coffee shops just to come to flying m! Thank you for creating and maintaining such a safe, creative space! Not to mention the gift shop! If you're ever running late on time and energy but need a last-minute gift? Flying m has you completely covered from caffeine to shrinky-dink making kits!“

4.7 Superb82 Reviews
Slow by Slow Coffee Coffee & Tea • $
405 S 8th St suite 155, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Croissant with Latte
Pour over Coffee
Oatmilk Latte
Jade Needles
Cosmic Rose
Batch Brew

“I stopped by Slow Coffee Bar while visiting Boise for Treefort. The building was in was so so cool, right in the center of Downtown and the coffee was fantastic! There were only two small seats out front which was a bit of a bummer with five of us and how nice it was but we were understanding.“

4.6 Superb102 Reviews
Bare Beans Bikini Coffee Coffee stand • $
10249 W Fairview Ave, Boise

“This place is awesome. All the girls there are genuine down on earth. They are amazing. Coffee is fantastic not too expensive Great atmosphere each gal there are amazing. Marley gives Our amazing vibes jokes with you has great conversation with you. Kylie Also does a great job with her business hiring awesome women and loves the joke around also with regular customers. Kc Does great work also will have great conversations and all the girls there truly make my day either. It’s morning afternoon they make my day highly recommend people to go check them out. Have Great coffee and a great conversation with all the gals there“

4.8 Superb51 Reviews
Neckar Coffee Coffee Shops • $
117 S 10th St, Boise

Customers` Favorites


“They weren't able to do the pour over due to an issue with the grinder, so they gave me an espresso on the house which was some of the best espresso I have ever had!Also the sparkling water with an espresso is a nice touch.Definitely will be back to try some of their different varieties in the future!“

4.7 Superb65 Reviews
Certified Kitchen and Bakery Coffee Shops • $
1511 N 13th St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Roasted Turkey Sandwich
Criminal Carrot Cake
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Breakfast Sandwich
Brisket Sandwich
North End Club
English Muffin
Bread Pudding
Avocado Toast

“My best friend and I spent a week in Boise and went here every day, for breakfast and lunch. The food is amazing, coffee too, staff very friendly and after every meal we were already thinking about the next one. Have to say I really miss Boise because of them!“

4.6 Superb90 Reviews
Hyde Perk Coffee House Cafe • $
1507 N 13th St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Medium Roast Drip Coffee
Blue Berry Muffin
Artisanal Scones

“I love Hyde Perk! I always leave happy. The baristas are so nice and the whole vibe just makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Their monthly specials are fun and delicious plus they have sugar free flavors. All the baked goods are top notch too. If you're not a coffee drinker, they have kombucha and energy drinks. Parking: street. Busy: almost always. Fast: yes! Gluten free options: yep. Seating: small indoor, some outdoor in summer.“

4.7 Superb60 Reviews
Moon's Kitchen Cafe Cafe • $
712 W Idaho St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Moon's Breakfast Burrito
Stuffed French Toast
Gluten Free Pancakes
Biscuits and Gravy
French Dip Sandwich
Country Scramble
California Beni
Classic Moon
Moon Babies
Hobo Beni

“We entered Moon's Kitchen Cafe ?. The atmosphere was amazing as I enjoyed the decorations around the cafe. The wait time was extremely backed up to about an hour to an hour and a half wait. Our sever was okay. She did communicate about the kitchen being backed up. I just didn't enjoy that my order was still placed wrong after all the wait, and she sure enjoyed swearing a lot. I did appreciate the complimentary orange juice ? and they topped off our coffee's as we'll ☕️. Next time I go in, I would rather get an omelet rather than their Monte Cristo (too dry and wasn't found of the fried corn flakes).Willing to try anything twice ?“

4.6 Superb85 Reviews
Push & Pour Coffee Shops • $$
13 S Latah St Suite 2, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Super Avocado Toast
Breakfast Sandwich
Mozzarella Toast
Super Avo Toast

“Excellent coffee. I always get an Americano so I can’t comment on the specialty drinks. There is some seating inside but tables outside which make it a place to hang out with your dog.Parking: May be busy at times and you’ll have to park and walk but not far“

4.6 Superb78 Reviews
Jitters By Jayne Cafe •
208 N 9th St, Boise

“Jitters by Jayne is a gem of a place, and I’m so glad I stumbled on it a few weeks ago! I’m convinced it’s the best coffee in the area. Their flavor combos are perfect and balanced. The coffee never tastes burnt or acidic which is the #1 thing I notice anywhere I go. The staff is always so friendly, and any of their flavor recommendations have been spot on! They’ve also made things I typically wouldn’t order some of my favorite go to drinks now. Go check them out, you won’t be disappointed!“

5 Superb26 Reviews
Janjou Pâtisserie Bakery • $
1754 W State St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Plain Croissant
Croque Monsieur

“Amazing little find. Great couple running the place too. Interesting history as well. The coffee is superb and roasted in Idaho. The cheesecake is fabulous. I'd tell you more but that was enough for a single visit. Will definitely be back and will encourage others. Worth the wait even if the lines out front. And it was.“

4.5 Superb93 Reviews
Happy Life CBD & Bubble Tea Coffee Shops •
1537 N Milwaukee St, Boise

“Went in looking for some guidance for what to take for anxiety- Randy went above and beyond to help educate me on their products and ended up selling me the product that was BEST for ME! I left feeling confident in what I ended up purchasing and excited to try it.Thank you so much Randy.“

4.7 Superb39 Reviews
Food Land Market Mediterranean • $
710 N Orchard St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Food Land Breakfast Left Zaater
Lamb Shawarma with Fries
Chicken Tikka Sandwich
Chicken Tikka Plate
Baklava Pistachios
Shawarma and Eggs
Rice Seasoning
Meat Shawarma
Hummus & Bread
Fresh Produce

“My daughter and I enjoy trying new places and new things to eat. This s a delight! Highly recommend getting the Falafel Plate. Come with salad, pita bread, hummus and falafel. The falafel were warm and crisp and that salad and dressing was Heavenly. We also purchased some Turkish Delights to take home and try. We WILL be going back!!!!!“

4.5 Superb72 Reviews
Broadcast Coffee Coffee Shops • $
Facing Cherie-Buckner Webb Park, 1100 W Idaho St Suite 105, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Pastry Display
Mocha Latte
Drip Coffee

“Without a doubt, this is my favorite coffee shop in the Boise valley! The Carmello is my sweet (not over sweet) caffeine fix of choice, but I have tried several other drinks and have never been disappointed. Their coffee has consistently top-notch flavor and temperature, the atmosphere is comfortable and neat, and the staff maintains the right balance of helpful/friendly but not annoyingly bubbly or coffee-snobbish. Food options are a bit limited, but if you're looking for quality coffee, you will not be disappointed.“

4.5 Superb57 Reviews
Dutch Bros Coffee Coffee Shops • $
2272 S Vista Ave, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Hazelnut Truffle Mocha w Soft Top Caramel Drizzle
Caramel Pumpkin Brûlée Freeze
Strawberry Lavender Frost
Chocolate Crunch Freeze
Green Apple Mango
White Chocolate
Double Torture
Og Gummy Bear
Golden Eagle

“I’m going to head to Madeline and Bailey these two kids sister coffee crushers nailed it when I needed a blended drink and something called “the kicker “this place offer is very quick drive-through service. They even have a walk up area with seating where no smoking is of course the requirement I have to say the flavor of the kicker it was incredible but they told me if you really needed to wake up… Then I must try what’s called “the 911 “… Since I am middle aged the idea of drinking, a heart attack wasn’t quite appealing, but I will be coming back to try that out during my visit to Boise the city of my birth. The flavor was incredible again I just have to hand it to those girlsThey know what they were doing and they had everything done in less than two minutes what a nice shot or a double shot!“

4.5 Superb55 Reviews
The Human Bean Coffee & Tea • $
4213 W State St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Irish Cream Breve
Java Chip

“The minimalist express coffee shop simplified. The added bean (or 2) is a nice touch, the cookies muffins-phenomenal. Drinks all day long special variations/recommendations. Health smoothie they can do that too. A potato was in the tip jar funny. Great to cheer up in bad weather.“

4.6 Superb38 Reviews
Treasure Valley Coffee INC. Coffee & Tea • $
11875 W President Dr, Boise

“I was visiting Boise from Vancouver Canada. As soon as I pulled up to the cafe, I looked at the building amd knew this cafe was different, and I was eager to go inside.Atmosphere inside is incredible. I was hit with a wave of various coffee scents that pleasantly got me curious about all the different coffee bean options.I ordered a coconut milk latte with the bean of my choice and it honestly was the best coffee I've ever had in a long time.Historic place with a separate lounge where you can sit with others to hang and drink coffee.I'd come here again 100%.“

4.8 Superb24 Reviews
The Roosevelt Market Cafe • $
311 N Elm Ave, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Adult Grilled Cheese
Greek Salad
Soft Serve

“Perfect in every way! Sweet staff, great coffee (they house make their syrups which is so yum), cozy and elegant feel, and my favorite aspect is that they have a play area for children. It's extremely convenient and is such a healthy space for the community!“

4.5 Superb49 Reviews
Caffeina Roasting Company - Overland Coffee Shops • $
6575 W Overland Rd, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Breakfast Burritos
Chicken Burrito
Breakfast Bowls
Veggie Bagel

“Cute coffee shop in otherwise boring strip mall. We were just passing through on the interstate and stumbled upon this. We just got coffee, but the lunch menu looked way better than the fast food I scarfed down just before this. Wish I had eaten here too! Good ambiance without trying to be too hip.“

4.4 Superb75 Reviews
Good Times Bagels Coffee & Tea • $
2422 W Main St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Build Your Own Bagel
The Egg Sando
Dozen Bagels
Egg Sandwich
Mean Green
Lady Bird

“Very friendly staff. Laid back atmosphere in industrial modern digs. I had a London Fog and the Mean Green bagel with bacon. Visually beautiful and so delicious. By far the best bagel I’ve ever had. Will most certainly be returning and will recommend this place to anyone who is craving a bagel.Parking: Parking is funky but that’s not on the business whatsoever. Just park in the neighborhood and walk. So worth it.“

4.4 Superb71 Reviews
Alia's Coffee House Coffee Shops • $
908 W Main St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Latte and Homemade Cookies
Death by Hot Chocolate
Breakfast Sandwich
Western Sandwich
Honey Maple Ham
Smoked Salmon
Single Bagel

“Alia's Coffee House is a gem in downtown Boise. The atmosphere is charming and cozy, the food is delicious (those bagels--yum!), and the service is friendly and quick. They offer a large variety of fresh bagels (I think there were 10 flavor options, which included both savory and sweet flavors). If you aren't a coffee drinker, dont cross this place off your list! You also have a large selection of coffee, tea, and hot chocolat to choose from. And I can't forget the sweets! I had a cookie dough brownie and would definitely buy it again. The serving is huge--big enough to share!The seating is comfortable and not cramped. You will have plenty of elbow room to enjoy your break in Alia's Coffee House.“

4.5 Superb44 Reviews
Zero Six Coffee Fix Coffee Shops • $
404 E Parkcenter Blvd, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Butter Beer

“The staff here is always friendly and they cheerfully accommodate large orders! The cafe itself is decorated so whimsically, and they always have cute and affordable gift items for sale. This is always my go to place for delicious drinks, try the Butterbeer!“

4.4 Superb65 Reviews
Alchemist Coffee 27th St. Cafe • $
2701 W Stewart Ave, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Bfast Sandwich
Cinnamon Roll
Drip Coffee

“Went multiple days in a row while in the area. Coffee was good, and the staff were friendly. It is very modern and trendy, but seems to be popular with all ages. Lots of people came in to work on school/work, to read, or just to sit and chat. Somewhat busy, but we also went in the late morning, but it was never a long wait to order, at most about 3 to 5 minutes.Parking: Parking is streetside in front of multiple apartment complexes and can be difficult to find a spot close by. It is all parallel parking, so if that scares you, you may have a short walk (less than a minute or two).“

4.4 Superb65 Reviews
Brewed: A European Coffee shop Coffee Shops •
3157 E Barber Valley Dr Suite 101, Boise

“Very lovely spot for coffee with good seating. Personable and helpful staff. Great views of the foothills. The - truly best Ham and Cheese Croissant I've ever had and I've had many. Their parking is a bit smaller however I parked on the street (free). I'm going back today just 3 days after I went the first time. It's about 15 minutes away from me but it's worth it to me.“

4.4 Superb60 Reviews
Bikes and Beans Coffee Shops •
1350 S Vista Ave, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Coffee Shop

“What a rad place! I was just passing through and pleased to come across a core shop only interested in carrying quality stuff and quality service.Andrew and crew made a mean cup of coffee and were generous in pointing me in the right direction to get some good riding in.“

4.4 Superb56 Reviews
Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters - Downtown Cafe Coffee Shops • $
219 N 8th St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Nutella Filled Croissant
Guatemala El Tambor
Root Beer Float
French Roast
Banana Bread
Mocha Latte
Drip Coffee
Matcha Lat

“This is one of my go to Downtown Boise coffee shops. They've got great service and are pretty quick at getting your order out even during busy rush times. Their food is very standard, nothing special there, but their coffee is pretty decent regardless of how you take it. It can get crowded, so if you're going there to drink coffee and get work done, it might not be the best.“

4.4 Superb53 Reviews
Rooted Coffee Co. Coffee Shops • $
W Hidden Springs Dr, Boise

“Can you spell AMAZING?! I am not a coffee drinker but I went here the other day with the hubs. He had a cup of coffee (just black, but he said it was very good) and a frittata. He LOVED the tomatillo salsa that came with it. So much so that he would have purchased a jar if they sold it. I had the avocado toast (absolute best I have ever had!) and I told her to make me a sweet and blended coffee drink that a non coffee lover would like. She made an iced mocha and it was so yummy! I will definitely go back!“

4.8 Superb17 Reviews
The Roastere at Treasure Valley Coffee Coffee Shops • $
11875 W President Dr, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Coffee Cup--- Don't Eat

“Love going here. It's very popular. Very busy especially around mid-morning. Plenty of seating. Places to kickback, visit with friends and enjoy your coffee or drink of choice. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They have bagels, muffins etc. I haven't eaten there. Large variety of coffee.Kid-friendliness: Have children's books available.“

4.7 Superb18 Reviews
Java Hyde Park Coffee Shops • $
1612 N 13th St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Coffee and Breakfast Sandwich
Java House Eggs Benedict
Turkey Breast
Avocado Toast
Eggs & Toast

“The coffee and tea and pastries are fantastic. However, the food is seriously lacking. We ordered Huevos rancheros and received a small portion of scrambled eggs and beans with a tortilla on the side. Not huevos rancheros. Worst of all it cost $12. I was so disappointed. I hear their eggs Benedict is wonderful so maybe it's just a case of sticking to what they do well and taking the sub par items off the menu entirely.“

4.3 Superb56 Reviews
Java | Downtown Boise Cafe • $
223 N 6th St # 110, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Fresh Whipped Cream
Breakfast Croissant
Bowl of Soul
Drip Coffee

“I was recommended this coffee house while looking to meet someone for an interview. The location was easy to get to. Ample parking near Java. It has a comfortable interior atmosphere and the staff were friendly. I only had coffee, but the food they were serving looked good.“

4.3 Superb49 Reviews
Form & Function Coffee Shops • $
511 W Broad St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Avocado Toast with Poached Egg

“Such a great coffee shop! I was passing through Boise for a day and had to find somewhere for coffee. I tried the sister store to this one and it was ok, but I wish I would’ve come to Form & Function sooner! They do close a little early but understandable for a coffee shop. I had the Sesame syrup in an Oat Milk Latte. It’s a really nice environment to work in as well, so make sure to come through.“

4.3 Superb49 Reviews
Replenish Juice Bar & Smoothies • $
7072 W State St, Boise

Customers` Favorites


“Allie is the BEST and her smoothie and hydration beverages are very nutritious. While visiting Boise it was our very favorite place to frequent. We thought the hydration beverage + meal replacement smoothie was such a killer option for the hot summer days we spent on the water and biking around town. This is a place where love and attention goes into all beverages and it seems she has a ton of returning customers - no doubt why! 10/10 recommend!“

4.8 Superb13 Reviews
R C Bigelow Inc Coffee & Tea •
315 N Benjamin Ln, Boise

“I delivered a load at RC Bigelow this morning. The lady who unloaded my truck was very polite and professional, I feel sorry I didn't get her name. It took her less than an hour to unload. I wish every company would treat the drivers like Bigelow does. Thank you lady!PS. Make sure you shut down your engine while on their property.“

5 Superb10 Reviews
Alchemist Coffee Overland Coffee & Tea • $
10650 W Overland Rd, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Avocado Toast with Tomato Slices
Breakfast Sandwich
Breakfast Burrito
White Chocolate
Cinnamon Roll
Drip Coffee

“Had stopped for an 11a.m. coffee and a treat. Very very busy. Hard to find a place to sit for 4 people. What we had was good. I think we would go back. Parking was an issue. But, it seemed to be a popular place for people that live or work near by.Parking: Just very very crowed that day for parking.“

4.2 Good92 Reviews
Mountain Timber Coffee Coffee Shops • $
2596 N Bogus Basin Rd, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Alternative Milk
Sausage Burrito

“My husband and I stopped here after a morning hike in the foothills. We grabbed a couple iced coffees and breakfast burritos. My drink (the Aspen) was a nice blend of vanilla, honey and lavender, however I do think there could have been less lavender. My husband's cold brew was fine, but nothing spectacular. The breakfast burritos (one sausage, one egg) were alright. They are pre-made in house and stuck in the microwave to order. I shouldn't complain about them being piping hot, however they were definitely overheated as the tortilla was tough on the ends. They were good, nicely stuffed with eggs and loads of cheese. They come with sour cream and/or salsa. The barista was very sweet and gave me an extra salsa free of charge. The total for two medium drinks and two burritos was $24.75. IMO, that's a little steep, especially since the only "specialty" item really was my drink. For the price, the burritos could have been way better. I'll definitely stop by for coffee again, but probably not for food.“

4.4 Superb28 Reviews
Coffee Mill Coffee Shops • $
4979 E Warm Springs Ave, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Ham and Swiss Croissant
Freshly Brewed
Club Sandwich
Macadamia Nut

“I live close to the mill and every Friday morning I take my kids to get smoothies and hot chocolate while I get coffee. My daughter absolutely loves her smoothie. It tastes like a real fruit smoothie and not syrup. I always change up my coffee and I haven't been disappointed. We love the drive-thru option.“

4.3 Superb41 Reviews
Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters Coffee & Tea • $
1035 S Lusk St, Boise

“Dawson Taylor is my absolute favorite coffee shop in town, their baristas and coffee are absolutely amazing. I just heard that they are planning to get rid of the mosaic art that I absolutely love in their coffee shop! Please don’t do it! KEEP THE MOSIAC AND MURAL OUT FRONT!!!“

4.8 Superb11 Reviews
The District Coffee House Coffee Shops • $
219 N 10th St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Avocado Toast
Pour Over

“I walk 4 miles everyday to get here. Been coming here for great coffee and food for 130 straight days. Better than the food and the coffee are the great employees and the owners…every person that works here are all great people and my friends. They treat me like family and I’m so blessed to be able to come here everyday. Luv you all. Brian“

4.2 Good64 Reviews
Cup O' Jo Cafe • $
12274 W Overland Rd, Boise

“Wow is all I can say - this place is now my go to coffee stop! Just had a cup of standard coffee - was excellent flavor, not too hot and super inexpensive! And, she has lots of fancy coffee drinks too, and all the flavors my daughter loves. Highly recommend!“

4.7 Superb12 Reviews
Teal Magnolia Gifts Coffee Shops •
7609 West Overland RdSuite 130, Boise

“Always a pleasure to shop and have hot beverages.Lisa is a wonderful host and we could talk for hours about anything .If you have not yet been to Teal your missing out .They have so many items to choose from for gifts .I"m a bit supporter of family owned businesses .Its a total different atmosphere where you feel more like family rather then just a customer.I"m happy to partake with Teal also as a vendor .This allows me do what I love and that's serving the community a with Rescue Packs ( Therapy hot and cold pillows).That work absolutely amazing to get folks feeling better.Happy Holidays to everyone and thank you for your time reading this review .God Bless.“

5 Superb8 Reviews
Blue Bench Brunchette Brunch • $
4218 W Overland Rd, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Bowl Sweet Potato and Bacon Smash
Sweet Potato and Bacon Mash
Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs
Traditional Eggs Benedict
Huckleberry French Toast
Chicken Fry Steak & Eggs
Classic French Toast
The Stuffed Tortilla
Classic Pancakes
Chorizo Omelette

“Service was great. Christian was personable and responsive. Nice guy. Food was great. According to the wife, best oatmeal she’s ever had. Loved the food. Only con… your “wait list” wasn’t a good experience for us. Jumped on the wait list at #10 and got to the restaurant 25 mins later. Checked in with the hostess and told we were last on the list. Checked back about 20 minutes later (after about 5 parties were seated) and told we were second to last on the list. Online it said we were #4, but your iPad showed up 8 parties back. The hostess asked our name again (after another long wait) and she told us she would sit us next, because we had been there waiting. She actually sat 4 more parties before us. All told, we probably waited an hour and 20 minutes since we checked in online. I probably won’t consider your restaurant again in the future, but your food and service were great.“

4.1 Good168 Reviews
The Human Bean Coffee & Tea • $
9162 W Emerald St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Medium Roasted Beans
Caramel Mocha

“I took a chance a while back to get some morning coffee. Originally expecting it to be the same bland coffee you can get from Starbucks or dutchbros. I was seriously taken a back by not only how good the coffee is, but how great the people that work there are. I'm a consistent regular almost daily to this location now. Hailey, Sage, and everyone else who works there, have always been such a pleasure to talk to while waiting to get my coffee. Even early in the morning, this crew is ready to greet everyone and shows that they enjoy what they do.“

4.2 Good49 Reviews
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8205 W Rifleman St, Boise

Customers` Favorites

Pineapple Passion Smoothie
White Chocolate
Peppermint Tea
Brewed Coffee
Latte 16oz

“Best cup of coffee available in Boise Idaho!!! Black, blended, doesn't matter the do all of it well. They roast their beans perfectly, not burnt like other places. You can enjoy the taste of the coffee, with a hint of your favorite flavorings. My favorite: 6 shot Latte with SF Butter Rum, Heavy cream.“

4.2 Good47 Reviews
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