Taco Bell in Indianapolis

Taco Bell - 3902 S Post Rd

Rating: 4.3

3902 S Post Rd, Indianapolis IN 46239
(317) 862-2802

Was pretty busy but they got it done fast 4 stars only because of the cashier.

Taco Bell - 6327 E 82nd St

Rating: 4

6327 E 82nd St, Indianapolis IN 46250
(317) 842-7081

Unbelievable job on this one. The guy in the window, WALTER, was awesome. Made this experience. If he is working I will continue to come back here time and time again. Over enthusiastic to help and my orders are not easy, because I get things removed from the items. Confirmed everyone and made it to the T. Awesome experience,...read more

Taco Bell - 2401 N Meridian St

Rating: 4

2401 N Meridian St, Indianapolis IN 46208
(317) 923-2014

Having products from Taco Bell and KFC on the same receipt makes my stomach happy

Taco Bell - 5407 E Thompson Rd

Rating: 3.8

5407 E Thompson Rd, Indianapolis IN 46237
(317) 791-0528

They are always quick to get my order done. Everyone is nice and polite. It's my fav on the South side.

Taco Bell - 3502 W 16th St

Rating: 3.8

3502 W 16th St, Indianapolis IN 46222
(317) 631-4604

Double Chalupa.....Mmmm good

Taco Bell - 5302 W Washington St

Rating: 3.8

5302 W Washington St, Indianapolis IN 46241
(317) 241-1530

This taco Bell seems to have an edge on all of the others. This place is always on point whenever I visit. They are always fast in the Drive-Thru, they are very polite and listen very well when you make your order. The food is always fresh and I consider that a gratuity compared to most of my other visits at other locations....read more

Taco Bell - 3842 S Emerson Ave

Rating: 3.7

3842 S Emerson Ave, Indianapolis IN 46203
(317) 784-1382

This is one of the better Taco Bell. The order is usually correct, the staff is friendly, and the service is fast. My go to Taco Bell if feasible.

Taco Bell - 49 W Maryland St

Rating: 3.7

49 W Maryland St, Indianapolis IN 46225
(317) 687-0327

Food wasn't too bad and service was fairly okay.

Taco Bell - 3910 Madison Ave

Rating: 3.7

3910 Madison Ave, Indianapolis IN 46227
(317) 787-3137

I go during the noon rush and it's one of the faster taco bells I've been to... friendly staff

Taco Bell - 2390 E Stop 11 Rd

Rating: 3.7

2390 E Stop 11 Rd, Indianapolis IN 46227
(317) 881-0449

Food is sooo amazing and I've never had a bad time, vibe or in counter here definitely recommend

Taco Bell - 444 E Thompson Rd

Rating: 3.6

444 E Thompson Rd, Indianapolis IN 46227
(317) 222-3827

The order was spot-on, quick and easy BUT it's like I keep discovering less and less cheese every time I open my tacos!

Taco Bell - 3601 Kentucky Ave

Rating: 3.6

3601 Kentucky Ave, Indianapolis IN 46221
(317) 248-0406

What's not to love? Great selection, good food, sure it will ruin your pants but its delicious so who cares. Drinks are overpriced, stop by a Circle K for a polar pop before you go.

Taco Bell - 5010 E County Line Rd

Rating: 3.6

5010 E County Line Rd, Indianapolis IN 46237
(317) 888-1124

Awesome service. Staff cares and it shows. From the clean lobby, polite and friendly service and the food being deliveries quick and without errors, it's truly the best Taco Bell. You will also find the world famous chilly cheese burrito at this location. Spoke with the new General Manager of the store, Brian. He definitely...read more

Taco Bell - 11805 Pendleton Pike

Rating: 3.6

11805 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis IN 46236
(317) 826-0164

Great food, service good. But I don't like the furniture layout. Wooden benches, whose dumb idea was that? The new layout is awkward, always feels crowded. Just my opinion.

Taco Bell - 6990 E 10th St

Rating: 3.5

6990 E 10th St, Indianapolis IN 46219
(317) 352-0558

The staff keeps getting better every time I come back

Taco Bell - 5721 W 86th St

Rating: 3.5

5721 W 86th St, Indianapolis IN 46278
(317) 872-1534

All good food! I ordered online and everything came out correctly. Thanks

Taco Bell - 5662 Georgetown Rd

Rating: 3.5

5662 Georgetown Rd, Indianapolis IN 46254
(317) 388-7625

Taco Bell - 7650 Brookville Rd

Rating: 3.4

7650 Brookville Rd, Indianapolis IN 46239
(317) 351-0730

This TBell was friendly and fast and the food was piping hot. The staff were actually courteous. I'd eat here again for sure.

Taco Bell - 6501 E Washington St

Rating: 3.3

6501 E Washington St, Indianapolis IN 46219
(317) 353-1761

Not real busy. Did take awhile to get our food. They are usually short staffed.

Taco Bell - 7275 W 10th Street

Rating: 3.3

7275 W 10th Street, Indianapolis IN 46214
(317) 248-9079

Like any Taco Bell the food is just okay. The personality and friendliness of the employees here is what sets this location apart. If I could suggest anything to the management it would be to turn up the temperatures on the food. The pintos should melt the cheese in a pintos and cheese yet often times the cheese will not...read more
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