17 Best Pizza Restaurants in Springfield

“Staff is fantastic. Lively, very attentive without hovering. Food was delicious are reasonably priced. Just a little loud, as there were a large number of regulars greeting and catching up.Parking: Parking can be tight, but we have always found a place on the side street. I've been told you can park in the Jewelers' lot when they are closed.”

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“Today we were fortunate to lunch at Red Rose Pizzeria. Located just outside the MGM Casino, we stopped by for a bite to eat before we headed home.The atmosphere was pleasant, our server,Jamie was attentive and very personable. The lunch menu was a broad range from sandwiches, Apizza and full meals at very reasonable prices. If at the MGM take the time to walk over to the Red Rose and grab a bite to eat.”

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“We recently had the immense pleasure of dining at Leones, and I must say, it was an unforgettable experience that exceeded all of our expectations. We live far from Springfield, and it was a special event that we needed for 15 of us. We ran late as the event was delayed but they still allowed us to dine at the restaurant. Picking a restaurant that you have never been to was a risk for us. They did not disappoint us.From the moment we stepped in, we were greeted with warm hospitality and a charming ambiance that set the stage for a remarkable afternoon.The appetizers were a perfect prelude to the culinary journey that awaited. The main course was an absolute delight.What truly stood out was the impeccable service. The staff at Leones were not just attentive; they were passionate about ensuring that every diner had an extraordinary experience. Their knowledge of the menu, coupled with their genuine enthusiasm, elevated the afternoon to new heights. I felt like a valued guest rather than just a customer.I cannot praise Leones enough for delivering a dining experience that goes beyond just a meal. It's a destination for those seeking not only exceptional cuisine but also an atmosphere that fosters relaxation and enjoyment. Thank you for making our special day even better.”

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“Very generous serving of food, so much I had to bring some home. Friendly waitress took our order and we were served quickly. Will go back to try other items on the menu.Vegetarian options: Order the salad or vegetarian grinder or pizza.Parking: Also parking across the street from restaurantWheelchair accessibility: Restaurant is on ground floor.”

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“I love this place. The owners are nice and very pleasant. Their food is great!! We always order grinders and pizza from here, the crust has the perfect amount of a doughy crunch. Best mom and pops pizzeria in town, hands down!Parking: You can park on the street in front of the store or in the back where they share the lot with the business next door. Can be a tight squeeze when they're busy.”

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“Our 1st time going here, OMG Very great Pizza!!! the owner she was amazing very friendly, just wish she had more help, she does EVERYTHING by herself, everything is made by hand. At end of our visit I treat my self for a late dessert for home, cannoli and trumasu. We will definitely be going back to visit the owner and more food!!! Very decent prices”

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“I use to live in the area 20+ years ago and haven't eaten there since. I was in the area and my wife I decided to stop in and get some pizza. Not only am I glad, they're still in business, but the pizza is still great, if not even better than what I remember. As I left my wife told me we should make coming out here a regular thing. I'll definitely be back, not just for the nostalgia but for the great pizza! 10/10 Guys!”

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“We came in relatively late and the owners wife was nothing but kind and left us with nothing short of an amazing time dining out after a long day. Anyone in the area definitely needs to consider this place for amazing food and service. Pizza is heavenly!”

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“Pizza was exceptional. Wings not as crispy as I like em but good. overall a decent experience. No blue cheese,ranch or celery sticks with my takeout order of wings. Don’t know if it was forgotten or just not an option. Definitely will eat here again tho!”

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“Nice little spot for hard and soft serve ice cream, located on the side of Frankie and Johnny's Pizza. I believe they serve Hood brand ice cream, rather than making their own, but it is pretty good. Seating is all outside on a few benches on the edge of the parking lot, which is better than nothing, but could be a whole lot better. Staff are friendly and portions are generous for the reasonable prices.”

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“We got a cheese, a pepperoni and a chicken broccoli pizza. The crust and bottom were so buttery and thick. 2 slices really fills you up.I also got an Italian pita. The pita pocket bread was so light and tasty.My only regret was that we didn't try this place earlier.We will definitely be ordering again.”

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“⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I’ve been going to Jackie’s pizzeria for a long time. it has always been my go to pizzeria. I heard they changed owners. But I still wanted to go and check it out myself. Well,the new owner and management treated me with the outmost respect.They brought out the silver wear their finest dishes. I was impressed. Not only that their service skills, and communication skills toward my family was outstanding. Very kind and attentive. If you haven’t tried their combination pizza , you must try it’s so delicious. I order a party size pizza for 7 of us ,and we still had pizza left to take home.It was so good . we all ate 4slices. Ooooh and sauce flavor was amazing talk about true authentic pizza. Thank you for your kind services. If I could give them 10 stars I would.”

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“I’ve been ordering from best pizza for years now and they are truthfully and honestly in the top 3 of all time pizza places I’ve ever ordered from. The calzones are amazing, the wraps are so good and are massive as are the grinders to. The boneless wings are amazing. Even the salads are huge that can feed three people and they are always fresh with plenty of any topping or whatever type of salad you order. Plain and simple the portions are massive and they truthfully have one of the most accurate and fastest delivery times ever out of anywhere hands down. Very nice people who take pride in what they do. Highly recommend. My favorites are the steak and cheese wrap and pastrami and cheese wrap. So many good choices though. Thank you best pizza.”

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“I order pizza from different places that I have never tried before. I came across Bella Gusto and lord and behold, it is delicious! I am a pizza lover and finally found my spot. Please DO NOT change your ingredients like others are doing. ?”

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“Golden Pizza has been serving up whole entire pies of greasy golden deliciousness since I lived here back in 2008. I don’t even know how far back it goes. Maybe even to ancient times. But the pizza has never even once been bad. You also tend to get more than you expected.”

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“Not for nothing I love this place. But for the the last 5 times ive ordered from here I have gotten my food supper cold .... Biting into a piece of celery is warmer then biting into my wings, pizza, onion rings or French Frise with my nacho cheese.I have been needing to warm up my food in the oven or microwave which I hate. But when ur hungry. Ur hungry. .... .Ordered some teriaky wings they taste so sour .. Geezzz. So sour. It isnt the first time. But I keep ordering because the first 2 times they were so good. Im just trying to get that servise again.Im not sure if its the days ive been ordering but they have been slacking.From the delivery time to the way the food taste and how cold / hot the food is.Update:: last couple times i ordered from here Ive asked for extra cheese and have been charged for it but i have not gotten the extra cheese. They must have a new cook. Because that was one thing i never had a problem with.”

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“Once upon a time, there was joy in the world. There were marvelous community social events, at a gorgeous old apartment building, which could be anthropomorphised, and compared to a genteel Great Aunt, who, even though she's a bit down at heel these days, is still rather grand. "And how does this relate to pizza?" one might ask. Patience, youngling. IT DOES. At these social events, Primo's Pizza was always served. The people in charge of the events took up a collection from the neighbours who had confirmed their attendance, and gigantic, fresh, delicious hot Primo's Pizzas always arrived, zippy quick, to sate even the most voracious appetite, adding greatly to the general festivities and cheer, all around. Two years later, in a desolate world, where joy is sparse, and the murderous virus continues to stalk the unwary, clutching the skeletal hand of its best friend, The Grim Reaper, the Grand Dame no longer is the scene of social events. But Primo's is still here. They weathered the plague-storm, and after two bleak, pie-less years, the horrible covid has subsided to the point where I was feeling courageous enough to make the call. I could have chosen some other place, but I did not. Primo's has awesome pie. I got a personal sized combo, and it's no skimpy little disc, I'll tell ya. The ingredients are fresh, as always, and they aren't scanty with them, either. Mushrooms, peppers, hamburg, and....pepperoni....Oh yum. Yum, yum. Add in the thin, delicious crust, tangy tomato sauce and flavourful cheese, and you'll get a very happy JD, who has been slogging for way too long, through a grim and cheerless world, without any pizza. It was even better than I remembered it being. And that was pretty danged good. May the Pizza Gods bless them forever. They deliver. Huzzah for Primo's!”

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